Tuesday, January 12, 2016

When's the FBI Gonna Move?

Every day I hear a new revelation about Hillary's crimes, both as Secretary of State, and otherwise. But no charges. What is it going to take for them to actually MOVE against this criminal masquerading as an “honest politician?” (If there is such a thing, at least in the Democrat Party.) Her numbers of ILLEGAL e-mails are now in the THOUSANDS, and it is now KNOWN that she accepted “donations” (bribes) from people for whom she worked assiduously to benefit as Sec. Of State. She apparently ordered a staffer to strip the “classified” label from e-mails that WERE “classified” (that poor fool will probably go to jail before she does—IF she ever does!). What's holding them back? The fact that the Democrats really, really, want her to be their nominee? Is Obama himself holding them back to avoid a “stain” on the Democrat Party? Will they wait until she becomes president (doubtful)? If those crimes don't rob her of enough votes to allow the GOP to defeat her, I give up! The electorate will have proven themselves to be as “dumb as rocks” and deserve to get what they want. The only problem is that I, and others like me have to live through the stupidity. (Town Hall)

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