Saturday, January 9, 2016

Obama "Ended Two Wars?"

Obama likes to brag that he “ended two wars,” but he didn't. He RAN from two wars, but people keep dying there. There were 575 deaths in Afghanistan while the war was going on, under Bush. After Obama “ended two wars,” 1,663 people were killed in just Afghanistan, alone. THIS is “ending wars?” I don't THINK so! This is deluding yourself and attempting to fool the nation. That is the “legacy” that will be left by Obama. The practice of telling the world just the OPPOSITE of what is true. Lying to make yourself look better. But it “ain't workin'!” It might have worked back before the Internet, but real information is too free today. He can't get away with lying to us like politicians in the past. There isn't a thing a president does; not a thing he says, that isn't on video somewhere. That's why we have Obama himself talking about “my Muslim heritage,” and are able to know his narrative on the Middle East wars is PHONY. (Front Page Magazine)

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