Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Turning the World Upside Down

That's what's happening today. Ignorant people are doing things that are completely AGAINST their own interests. An ILLEGAL alien wants to violate the Constitution he doesn't understand (because his country doesn't have one) by making it ILLEGAL to use the WORD “illegal” to refer to ILLEGAL ALIENS. The bad part is, he may find some liberal politicians willing to do it for him, and a liberal judge willing to penalize some people for using it. An ADMITTED socialist is giving HIllary FITS in the presidential race, while she remains either the front-runner or close, while fighting THREE congressional “investigations” and an FBI criminal investigation.

And in at least one place, people are wearing hijabs “in solidarity” with Muslim women while Obama is PAYING to import hundreds of thousands of Islamic terrorists disguised as “refugees” so they can get together and kill us for not believing in their “religion.” They call us paranoid for saying that, while they continue to KILL innocent people world wide. You're not paranoid if people are really out to kill you. Meanwhile, Obama releases many convicted Muslim terrorist MURDERERS in exchange for a few INNOCENT hostages held by Iran while giving them back hundreds of BILLIONS of dollars to use in sponsoring even more terrorism. Are we STUPID, or what? it has become obvious to me that many of us ARE. The list of STUPID things we (not me) have done is long, but I just have neither the room, nor the time to list them all. (Twitchy)

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