Sunday, January 31, 2016

"Oscar Boycott Is Racist"

Academy Award nominated actress Charlotte Rampling is “telling it like it is” when she says the black actor's boycott of the Oscars is “racism against whites,” by people who are jealous because maybe no black person gave a performance that was WORTH an Oscar this year. That white against black racism had nothing to do with it. As with the liberal complaints about there being more black people in prison than whites, THAT may be just because more black people commit crimes than white people. Every time I see a news item on TV about a crime, and they put up a picture of the perpetrator, he (or she) is black, almost ALL the time. They got to prison because they EARNED it. Of course, the black racists will call what I say here racist. That's their “cover accusation” to hide what I'm saying, and attempt to discredit it. I'm not saying black people aren't good enough to merit Oscars, only that none did THIS YEAR. And their exclusion is because of their lack of a display of talent, not racism, and a boycott IS racism, and JEALOUSY on THEIR part. They might try working harder to EARN one, rather than gripe about not getting one and blaming others for their failure.. Boycotting the Oscars is ADMITTING the shortcomings of blacks in giving performances WORTH an Oscar this year. I know of many black people who merit Oscars--and have won them, but apparently none of them did it this year. (Yahoo)

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