Sunday, January 10, 2016

'Not Entitled"

The Supreme Court has ruled (in 1969) that seniors are “not entitled to Social Security." What? What IGNORANCE contributed to that decision? We're FORCED to pay into it at the point of a gun (You think that “gun thing” is wrong? You try and NOT pay in and see how quick the guns come out), but we're “not entitled” to get our money back (even without interest? They only pay you “out of the goodness of their hearts"). What damned fools are RUNNING things in the Supreme Court? Oh. I forgot. Many of them are liberals. The recent liberals in the white House have seen to that. I guess we're lucky for ANY decisions to go our way. I'm sure their decision is based on some “fine print” nobody noticed when the original law was passed, that politicians have only now revealed. (Just common sense)

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