Thursday, January 28, 2016

Democrat "Secret Weapon"

At least, they THINK he is. With Hillary coming nearer and nearer to being charged with several felonies after e-mails that have a HIGHER than “Top Secret” classification on her server, so secret that even some members of Congress don't have high enough clearances to read them, they're ready to provide a replacement. They don't want Bernie any more than we do. And they don't want “Whosis,” either. Bernie and Whosis were just “pretend candidates,” anyway (in the beginning). No, if Hillary is charged, which seems more likely every day, “Ol' Joe” is “waiting in the wings, ready to take over her followers. If that's not good enough, they're thinking about running Chelsea! They really think he will be a suitable candidate, and they KNOW he will be loyal to Obama and not get rid of a single one of his abominations. Actually, that's the worst thing they could do (from the view of human beings), beyond continuing to support Hillary, in spite of her being charged with several crimes. If they think he can beat Trump (or anybody else strong enough to beat Trump, if there ARE any), they have several other thinks coming. The pressure to indict her is becoming tremendous. They may not be able to continue to resist it. “Ol' Joe is an obvious FOOL and all of America knows it. If they try to run him, you can count them out, for sure. But they're too dumb to know that. (Town Hall)

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