Sunday, January 3, 2016

Losing Cops Apace

It shows in Washington, DC, and it shows elsewhere. I'm sure it will be news soon, as cops find other work. Work that doesn't put targets on their backs. In DC, the number of cops on their force has dropped by more than 200 since Ferguson and Baltimore. And I'd bet the same thing is happening in Baltimore and even Chicago. You can't put targets on the backs of people who must go about in well-marked police cruisers, wearing uniforms with another shiny target on their chests. You just can't ask people to go out among the citizens when many of the citizens have ILLEGAL guns and will shoot you in the back as you go about your duties. It's illogical for HONEST people to want to get rid of the cops. Only those with criminal leanings would, and that's who is pushing this “Black Livers Matter” farce, and the KILLING of all cops. Having no cops will only cause anarchy, and even more people will get killed. Only criminals will benefit. It's already happening in DC, where, even though they boast that crime is at it's lowest in years, it is RISING. Fast. As are burglaries. DC Police Chief Cathy Lanier says that soon HALF of the “command staff” will be eligible to retire, and hiring is WAY down. Meanwhile, MURDERS are UP 50%. Hopefully, some of those murdered are among those pushing the idea of “no cops.” (Town Hall)

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