Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Proved Wrong. So What?

That's Obama's opinion. He uses previously DEBUNKED figures to back his ILLEGAL action to use powers he does not have to further limit our gun rights. He uses false figures all the time to back up all his ILLEGAL acts. This is the most LYING president, in history, and that takes a lot of lying. Especially with people like Bill Clinton on the list. For instance: one phony anti-gun outfit said that “seven kids are killed every day by gun violence.” That might be true if you define kids up to age 26 and include shootings between gang members with ILLEGAL guns. They said that there had been “100 school shootings since the “Sandy Hook killings.” Problem was, they included many shootings OUTSIDE of schools, NEAR them. Others were LEGAL guns being ACCIDENTALLY discharged. They also included “shootings” that never happened. That's how they got their “alarming statistics.” (Breitbart)

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