Saturday, January 16, 2016

Watch Them Closely

Every day it seems, we hear of yet another case of an Islamic terrorist gunning people down or blowing them to smithereens somewhere in the world. And liberals politicians deny the evidence of their eyes and ears and say “It's not Islamic.” The latest, at this writing, is in Burkina Faso, Africa. But with Obama bringing hundreds of thousands of “Syrian refugees” in., many of whom ARE Islamic terrorists, even paying their way with OUR tax money, it's going to begin happening more often here, too. As witness the shooting of that cop in his squad car. If you can't remember where, it's because it has happened so often all over the country.

From New York to Las Vegas, and California. cops have been murdered in their squad cars everywhere. And Muslims all over wonder why we should be “watching them closely.” That's easy. It's because they're rushing to live among “unbelievers” (Infidels) even though the Koran tells them not to. Why? Because they want to make as much trouble for us as possible by suing us for imagined “slights” that they manufacture, even if they don't want to kill us themselves. And it's impossible to tell the “good Muslims” from the killers until they KILL somebody, and then it's too late. The only way to “get ahead” of them is to keep them under INTENSE scrutiny Let them whine all they wish, keep it up. It's NOT “religious intolerance” or “racism,” it's COMMON SENSE. (CBS News)

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