Friday, January 22, 2016

Why Bernie?

Why is Bernie Sanders, an admitted, dedicated SOCIALIST, who wants to sponsor giveaway programs that will cost $18 TRILLION, leading the Democrat lists, even once? It isn't because of anything he offers. It is because nobody really wants Hillary, and he's the only known NAME candidate on the Democrat side besides her. It's only because so few really want Hillary to be their nominee that Bernie is “surging ahead.” He's all they've got. He wasn't supposed to be any competition, at all. He was supposed to be there only to make it LOOK like Hillary actually had some opposition. That gave Whosis inspiration to enter himself, and that has proven a money-waster. And he wasn't any competition at all, until Hillary's crimes became so obvious. If his supporters really want socialism, they're ignorant. Socialism (and communism, another form of collectivism) has proven itself to be nothing but governmental THIEVERY and those who like it simply want a “free ride” at somebody else's expense. It failed in Russia and other places, because it does not produce any new wealth, and only leeches off the producer of new wealth. (Just common sense)

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