Wednesday, January 6, 2016

"GOP Will Undo Everything!"

Hillary is now saying, “Vote for me or Republicans will undo everything Democrats have done in the last eight years.” And that's supposed to gain votes for her? Talk about seriously misjudging the mood of the country! The GOP “undoing everything” is what the country WANTS! We're only waiting because it takes so long for ANYTHING to happen in DC that there's no point in impeaching Obama any more. His term would be over before it ever came up in the Senate. It takes forever when WE want it. But if the Democrats (liberals) want it, somehow it seems to happen right away. I'm not talking about today's Republicans, who raised the white flag over the latest budget bill that financed everything Obama wanted, including the murder of millions of innocent babies still in the womb (sometimes). I'm talking about the Republicans we're going to replace them with in the next elections. (Just common sense)

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