Thursday, January 21, 2016

Boy, Would THEY Howl!

If Christians destroyed a Muslim “shrine.” they'd cry “religious intolerance” so loud, they'd hear it on Mars. But they think NOTHING of destroying a CHRISTIAN monastery that has been in existence for thousands of years (in Iraq) and will cry the same if we object. And be willing to KILL those who protest (killing is their stock response to ANY opposition). They think they can rape women (and men and boys) with impunity, but if a Christian LOOKS cross-eyed at a Muslim woman, they lose their minds. They behead and otherwise kill Christians (including CHILDREN) and think we should not be allowed to complain, much less kill them back. I think we should keep a “close eye” on Muslims, and when they do something to support terrorism, kill them on the spot! Don't put them in a prison for a few years and then release them to go back and kill some more, as Obama seems bent on doing. (Town Hall)

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