Monday, January 25, 2016

It'll Never Happen

Not even Obama, who thinks he's smarter than everybody, will attempt to debate Wayne LaPierre (NRA's perennial vice-president) on “gun control, because he KNOWS his arguments are LIES. And such a debate, to which LaPierre is challenging him, would reveal that. So he'll find some lame excuse to ignore that demand. Maybe he'll just repeat his efforts to discredit LaPierre and NRA like he usually does, and say to debate him would be a waste of his time. That way, he doesn't have to answer any tough questions. LaPierre says Obama is choosing to be against what he doesn't understand. He doesn't even know for sure what an “automatic weapon” IS. If it did happen, LaPierre would dismantle his lies, one after the other and make him look like the fool he is. So there's no way he will ever allow that to happen directly to him. (Bearing Arms)

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