Friday, February 27, 2009

"A Chip on His Shoulder"

Yes, a cartoonist did a cartoon in the New York Times showing a monkey being shot as a metaphor for the “monkeys” in Congress who passed Obama’s “stimulus swindle” without ever reading it (This was the week after a monkey WAS shot by police after he attacked his owner’s friend and a police officer). To view this as racist (as race-baiter Al Sharpton does) is ample evidence that people like him have a “chip on their shoulders” and are trying HARD to convince the rest of us that “racism is still rampant in the land” by “finding” racism where it is not (It's funny that no one else saw it that way until Sharpton told them to do so). If you spend all your time HUNTING for racism because that’s your “stock in trade” and has made you millions of dollars, you can find it, even if you have to “parse” every statement (visually OR in print) to find it. (Just common sense)

Silencing the Opposition

"For as long as I can remember," says Ann Coulter in her Foreword to one of her books, "liberals have been running around in a state of indignation, shouting that the government is being taken over by a dangerous band of religious fanatics who want to abolish the First Amendment, establish a national religion, force their bizarre sexual morality on children in public schools, rewrite the nation's laws to enforce their personal moral preferences, and punish anyone who dissents from their views." It’s true; but it isn’t the conservatives doing it. It’s the liberals. And predictably, they blame the conservatives for doing what THEY’RE doing themselves. (Ann Coulter)

One of the Best

History professors have named George Bush the “seventh worst president in history.” Congrats, George; being named the worst by today’s historians means you were one of the BEST. I wonder where they placed Reagan; first? Republican presidents are routinely hated and low-rated among history professors so we can usually tell who the greatest were by how low the historians rate them. (Ann Coulter)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Lying to Congress

Obama spent a long time the other night lying to Congress. But he won’t face any charges because (most of) Congress didn’t realize he was lying to them. Neither did “Obama lovers,” of which there are still many, including even my own nephew, who sat, listened, and nodded his head at every lie because he hasn’t been on this Earth long enough to understand how he is being conned. Even my other nephew was convinced, although he didn’t vote in the last election. My sister wants to see my “dissection” of Obama’s speech, but that’s not going to happen. “Dissecting” the speech, point by point, requires the listener understand the points I’m making, and if they don’t, my “dissection” will go right over their heads. They need to understand what socialism (collectivism) is, and how it is bad; how it will ruin their lives, and that of their descendants. If they want a country like Russia was under the “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics” OR UNDER THE Nazi “National SOCIALISTS” in Germany—or NOW under Hugo Chavez in Central America, let them continue to proudly “not pay attention to politics,” looking away while the government “picks their pockets.” My sister understands, but she isn’t yet ready to answer the scams of the liberals and their dupes. She isn’t yet familiar with their scams and schemes, used to divert arguments so they don’t have to actually ANSWER pertinent questions, but can win debates anyway. She doesn’t yet know how to answer their diversions and name-calling. At least, she knows not to vote for this “Hitler-like” cult personality who has mesmerized way too many people with his “double-talk.” (Just common sense)

Obama's "Private Army"

OBAMA’S “PRIVATE ARMY”: Joseph Farah, publisher of World Net Daily, says, "With all the reporters covering the major presidential candidates, it amazes me no one ever seems to ask the right questions. For several days now, WND has been hounding Barack Obama's campaign [Apparently without result. –RT] about a statement he made July 2 in Colorado Springs – a statement that blew my mind, one that has had me scratching my head ever since. In talking about his plans to double the size of the Peace Corps and nearly quadruple the size of AmeriCorps and the size of the nation's military services, he made this rather shocking (and chilling) pledge: 'We cannot continue to rely on our military in order to achieve the national security objectives we've set. We've got to have a civilian national security force that's just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded.' " Sounds like a “private army” to me. One not under, nor controlled by, the military, and answerable only to the president. Nothing in the liberal media. (World New Daily) (Update)

What Happened to Ken Hamblin?

Sometime about 1988, long-time Denver area radio host and newspaper columnist Ken Hamblin, the self-styled “Black Avenger,” who was loved by many in the black community and hated by others because he wasn’t afraid to criticize black leaders for their “race pandering” that told people (falsely) that racism was still rampant in the land, disappeared. His newspaper columns stopped; his radio programs “went away.” And no one was willing to talk about it. At about the same time his web site disappeared. What happened? I haven’t seen, nor heard from, or about him since. I’d like to know what happened to him. Was he murdered by those who didn’t like his “message” or the way he delivered it? Or did he just retire and go somewhere else? (

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"A Republic--If You Can Keep It"

That was Benjamin Franklin’s answer when asked if we had a republic or a monarchy. Which means we have to be constantly vigilant, lest someone steal it from us--as Obama is doing today. He sold America on his “stimulus swindle” by telling us it was necessary to pass it into law NOW, without our representatives (who voted it in) even getting a chance to READ its 1,100 pages. When they do, they’ll find some interesting things: Such as $30 million to preserve the salt marsh harvest mouse; $650 million for digital converter boxes (something we wouldn’t need if they had not DECREED that we had to start broadcasting ONLY digitally immediately without "phasing it in" over a period of time) and $400 million to fund educational programs about sexually transmitted diseases (which are adequately funded elsewhere). Then it provided Austin, Texas with a Frisbee park; Shreveport, Louisiana with three aquatic centers, complete with water slides; and Chula Vista, California with a new leash-free dog park.

Is THIS your idea of things to “stimulate” the economy? No; it is a number of “pork projects” the Democrats couldn’t get passed before, so they stuck it in this swindle package. Other things they have in the works are: controlling the Census, and with it congressional redistricting (to create more Democrat elected officials), more spending bills and higher taxes, expanded powers with labor unions through Card Check (getting rid of secret ballots in deciding whether or not to unionize, so they can intimidate the workers into voting them in), and a plan to silence talk radio with the Fairness Doctrine (whatever they call it). Sounds to me like they are “consolidating their power.” This is reminiscent of Germany after Adolph Hitler was ELECTED Chancellor and slowly, but surely consolidated his power until he was an undisputed dictator and could kill ANYBODY who disagreed with him at will. He has been praised by Democrats for getting this enormous spending bill passed within three weeks of taking office, and rightly so (in their minds). He has turned out to be the biggest swindler ever and the Democrats love that. Second only to him is AlGore (another liberal Democrat) and his “global warming” swindle.(info from

Big Emergency, Big Swindle

"The big story last week was the incredible congressional rush to pass a bill that was more than a thousand pages long in just two days — after which it sat on the president's desk for three days while the Obamas were away on a holiday." (Investor's Business Daily) That’s how Obama swindled this country out of almost a trillion DOLLARS. He released the 1,100 page bill the night before the vote was scheduled, then INSISTED they vote without having read it. So what’s the difference: they do that all the time. I doubt our legislators read ANY of the bills they vote into law which means the only people who know what’s in it are those who snuck their own “wishes” (that they couldn’t get approved any other way) into the bill, just before it was printed and released; or after. We need a law forcing the legislators to READ the bills they vote in or be impeached. But don’t look for that to happen any time soon, because that would be forcing THEMSELVES to read the bills they pass. As with banning pay raise bills when we’re in money trouble, they’re not going to do it. (IBD Editorials)

We Can't Win in Iraq!

But we can in Afghanistan. What’s the difference? Because Obama SAYS we can, tha’ss why! He and his henchmen preached failure in Iraq for years while they were trying to regain control of this government. Now that they have it, they say we can win in Afghanistan. How long before we’re asked to forget them saying we can’t win in Iraq as they “beef up” our troops there, too late? (Yahoo News)

Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Different Now

When the original “fairness doctrine” was imposed upon us the only way radio commentators could “get the word out” was “over the airwaves,” which the government controlled. Now, there are many more ways to do it, some the government, under current law, CANNOT CONTROL. One is broadcasting on the Internet. The other is through newsletters, both online free (ad supported) and print, for money. They can also do it on cable television, which the government still has not figured out a way to control. If they had, there would be no Fox News because they truly DO tell “both sides,” which infuriates liberals. They probably have more liberals on their payroll than do CBS, ABS, or NBC, and PBS (especially PBS) which are PROVEN to be mostly liberal and DO NOT “tell both sides,” though they insist they do. They should be careful what they wish for, because a “fairness doctrine” can work both ways, forcing THEM to give FREE TIME to conservatives to counter THEIR ideas whenever voiced on the air. Still, it will destroy AM radio because those conservative opinion shows are the only INTERESTING thing on AM. Liberal attempts to start “talk shows” having predictably failed with a regularity beyond belief because nobody is interested in hearing their drivel. Even if they DO manage to get it passed, then they have to figure out how to ENFORCE it, since there are so MANY different opinions it’s hard to put them into one or two niches. (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 19, 2009

It's NOT A Tax Cut!

"Apparently the Obama Administration is not happy about how a major portion of their economic stimulus package is being covered. The Atlantic reports that the White House has been pointing out to journalists that President Barack Obama signed "one of the largest tax cuts in history." But just because the Obama Administration calls something a tax cut, doesn't make it so. More than a third of Obama's "Making Work Pay" tax plan goes to people who do not pay income taxes. That makes it a welfare income redistribution plan, not a tax cut. That is why, after President Obama told House Republicans he would not compromise in any way on his tax plan, he lost the entire caucus." (Heritage Foundation) Of course, he’ll blame it on Republicans when his “stimulus package” doesn’t “stimulate” anything and, in fact, makes things worse. (Just common sense)

Jimmy Carter's Mouth Again

Democrat Jimmy Carter was one of the worst presidents in modern history, Bill Clinton (Democrat) notwithstanding. Under Carter, we had hundreds of embassy people in Iran taken captive and the "operation" to rescue them not only came to naught, it cost us lives and millions of dollars in equipment, while causing America much embarrassment. Inflation went into double figures, mortgage rates were sky-high, gold went to more tan $8 an ounce (a record high for the time), and fuel prices went MUCH higher (in the dollars of the time) than they are today. The economy was AWFUL, and it was left to Republican Ronald Reagan (Ford was a "nothing" president) to straighten things out and bring the numbers back under control. Since then, he's been "monitoring" elections incompetently, proclaiming election "steals" all over the world as ""honest elections," while condemning a REAL honest election, the one that elected George Bush, as "stolen." (Funny. It was Democrat officials who controlled that election.) Yet today he still goes around the world criticizing his betters. Most ex-presidents keep their mouths shut, out of respect for the office. But Jimmy, being the "king" of the "Bush-haters," does not. His facts are as wrong as they can get (He says Israel has no "moral or legal justification" for their bombing of Lebanon, never mind the bombing of Israel FROM Lebanon by Hamas), but that does not stop his big mouth from "running on." (Jimmy Carter, in Spiegel)

Muslim Extremists Using Our Courts

They’re using them to silence dissent. And the stupid judges in those courts are letting them get away with it. Joe Kaufman writes for Front Page Magazine and for his own web sites, exposing the TRUTH about Muslim extremists and extremist groups. They don’t like that. So they go to court and get “restraining orders” stifling free speech. The fact that those “restraining orders” are unconstitutional under the First Amendment doesn’t seem to faze anyone; least of all the ignorant judges who issue them. "Seven Muslim groups claim that Joe is a threat. They convinced a court that Joe 'intends to threaten to take unlawful action...cause bodily injury...or threaten Plaintiffs or their members with immediate bodily injury.' [Which he did not. -RT] On those grounds the court imposed a restraining order on him. And they are suing Joe for defamation to stop him from writing about Muslims in the future and to close down his web sites." (Front Page Magazine) They’re certainly not worried about Joe hurting them physically. The REAL purpose of this is to SHUT HIM UP. To keep him from exposing what they do. And these ignorant, unnamed judges are helping them do it. I don’t have extra money to send them, but maybe you do. SOMEBODY needs to help them fight this before the Islamic terrorists shut us ALL up, then kill us. (Front Page Magazine)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Stimulate THIS!

"A panel of three unelected judges wants to release up to 57,000 prisoners to relieve overcrowding in California jails. Can't we just include prison construction in the stimulus package?" (Investor’s Business Daily) 57,000 criminals let loose on society because Obama didn’t think to add prison construction to his “stimulus swindle! Wouldn’t it be much easier to build more prisons than release convicted criminals back into society early? It’s getting to the point where criminals know they’ll be released early, so why stay away from crime. Add to that, the fact that Democrats (liberals) supply them with all the unarmed victims they need, and you have a society that is “good” to criminals. (IBD Editorials)

NY Times Going Broke

Their numbers are the worse we’ve seen since they went public. But they won’t admit the reason why. The fact that they are the “newsletter of the Democrat National Party”, what they publish is the democrat (liberal) line, and people are tired of reading all the liberal drivel they put out. The news media generally is in much the same shape because they also put out liberal drivel in huge bunches and Americans are tired of hearing and reading it. So they’re “voting with their feet,” RUNNING toward the Internet, which carries both sides of every issue. All you have to do is know where to look. I stay away from the liberal blogs and the liberal media sites unless I want an example of liberal stupidity to prove a point. I don’t expect NYT to last much longer, and its owner will have to go into retirement. He doesn’t need to work, and nobody (with any intelligence at all) would want to hire him; unless they’re liberals and they will soon be in trouble, themselves. In Denver, where I live, The Rocky Mountain News is within DAYS of going out of business because of the liberal twaddle THEY put out. The Denver Post continues in business because they’ve contrived to RUN things for both papers and will gain ALL the Rocky’s subscribers and advertisers when it dies. I’ve stopped reading BOTH papers, some time ago. I buy the Rocky for the comic strips, but too many of even THEM are preaching liberal twaddle these days. When the Rocky folds, I’ll read what comics and news I want to read on the net, as I have done for certain ones for some time. (News Busters)

Obama's "Pre-Approved List"

He has a “pre-approved list” of journalists on whim he will call to answer questions. Journalists known to tell the truth about him and his administration will not be on that list, except to prove to the others that he WILL call on them. But he will not do so often, and if they ask him REAL questions, he will “stonewall” them with a thousand word essay that says nothing. Would George Bush have gotten away with this? Not a chance! The hue and cry would still be resounding in Washington. But they love Obama so much, they’re allowing him to get away with many things. (News Busters)

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

We ARE "Fairness"

The Democrats want to bring back the “Fairness Doctrine” abandoned during the Reagan years because it was not only unconstitutional, but unenforceable (Oh, they won't call it that. They'll change its name to confuse us.). What they never tell you is that we ARE “fairness.” The liberals have the entire media (with the possible exception of Fox News and talk radio) at their disposal. They willfully went "in the tank" to help ELECT Obama. Talk radio is the ONLY place where conservatives are in the ascendancy. Yes, there ARE only “two sides,” no matter how people like Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity deny it. Those “sides” are COLLECTIVISM vs. INDIVIDUALISM. The Democrats represent collectivism and the talk radio shows represent individualism. Rush and Sean think there are MANY "sides." But all others are SUBdivisions of one or the other. Liberals have tried many times to enter talk radio and, because nobody is interested in their drivel, they can’t get and keep sponsors; so their shows fail. That’s not a “conspiracy. It’s a “fact of life.” But they can’t understand that. They think it HAS to be a conspiracy to keep them off the air. It IS. It’s a “conspiracy” fed by their ignorance and the drivel they spout. (One News Now)

Unearned Adulation

People in “The People’s Republic of Boulder, Colorado” want to name a school after Barak Obama. What has HE ever done to have things named after him at this juncture in life? Yes, he swindled his way into the presidency so he could swindle Americans out of TRILLIONS of dollars to fund “giveaway schemes” designed to gain even more votes from ignorant people for Democrats. That’s nothing to be celebrated. What did they want to name after George Bush after he was elected? It is this kind of “UNEARNED adulation” that created Hitler and other dictators who have killed millions. This kind of thing is called a “cult of personality” and you have seen it in many countries ruled by dictators who don’t tolerate ANY dissent. (Update: Those who wanted to do this have "surrendered," after they got lots of "hate mail.") (Channel 4 Denver)

Banning Plastic Bags

School children, who haven’t been on this earth long enough to understand ANYTHING, have conned a bunch of adults into thinking those ubiquitous plastic bags you get at the grocery store are a major problem. (They're not)First, they talked about charging six cents each (which would have gone to the state, which got their attention), then moved on to a complete BAN on their use. Yes, they are ubiquitous. But they are USEFUL. I use them for many things and they don’t cost me a thing. They talk about it costing a lot of money to get rid of them, but they never talk about the cost of getting rid of the cloth bags people will be forced to BUY and carry with them when they go to the store. They never talk about the INCONVENIENCE to shoppers. I’m old enough to remember when they were first forced upon us with the “paper or plastic” question that was asked, and all the specious arguments that were used to vilify paper bags, which were the “staple” in use up to that time. Paper bags never completely disappeared, but people vastly used the plastic bags because they were easier and were useful at home where paper bags were not. I don’t think they should be BANNED at the behest of inexperienced, ignorant of the world children. (Denver Post)

Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Raping of America

Well, it’s done. America has been raped. Or will be as soon as Obama signs his “stimulus bill” into law. Of course, letting the government gaily dance around throwing money with nothing of value behind it, thereby making every dollar worth less. The swindle here wasn’t to give trillions in “Monopoly money” to Obama’s friends and supporters; although that WAS part of the swindle. The goal was to make every dollar in existence worth less; and that they accomplished. They’re not worried about money being worth less because they can print as much of it as they want and call it “increasing the money supply.” Printing money is the Only cause of inflation; making ALL money worth less). They try and convince you it’s the “wage-price spiral,” but that is only a SYMPTOM of inflation. When money doesn’t buy as much you need to ask for more money for your work; then your employer must ask for more money for HIS products or work; which, of course, forces you to go back to him for more money, etc., etc. That’s the “wage-price spiral.” That causes both of you to pay more taxes (on the more money you’re earning), which have been raised to reflect the lessening value of each dollar. The taxes are on the HIGHER value of the money, giving the government more of your actual money, PLUS a larger amount of everything. (Yahoo News/AP)

Maybe Franken Won't Win After All

Al Franken, failed comedian, failed radio talk show host, again failed to do what the Democrats accused George Bush of doing in 2000 in Florida: using the courts to steal the election. Bush wasn’t doing that, but Franken is trying to do it, and it seems he’s failing (yet again). It seems to me a funny thing that a majority of extra votes counted thus far have been in his column, but I think that is ending, as people other than his “hand-picked” election officials are now closely inspecting the votes his buddies rejected. His latest court action failed. But don’t anybody think he’s through. He’ll find SOMETHING to use for yet another foray into the courts. (News Max)

Hugo's Not So snippy Any More

HUGO’S NOT SO SNIPPY ANY MORE: Last year, he threatened to “cut off” our access to his oil, while he was “riding high.” But now, with oil prices going “through the floor” to the basement, he’s rethinking his position. He has debts he can’t pay, and that makes it very uncomfortable for him politically. Unless oil prices go up, he’s in danger of losing it all. So he has to make the very deals he disdained while oil prices were high. If prices go back up a LOT, he MAY survive. But don’t hold your breath. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Obama: "All Economists Agree"

What the hell makes Obama think he can speak for ALL economists? The Cato Institute doesn’t think so. At least, they didn’t think so in an ad they ran in several publications, to which HUNDREDS of economists signed agreement, saying the “stimulus bill WOULDN’T work. Actually, it will work. But not to accomplish the stated goal of “stimulating” the economy. What it WILL do is give Obama a platform to pass a law which NOBODY KNOWS what’s in. So they can “spring” the contents of that bill on us AFTER it becomes law. They released this 1,100 page bill to Congress the NIGHT BEFORE the vote was scheduled. How ANYBODY is supposed to have read this massive document in time for that vote is beyond me. If I were a congressman I would do an “Obama” and vote “present” so my name would not appear on the “for” side of this “mystery bill.” Further, how can “ALL” economists agree when there is NO WAY “all economists” could possibly have READ the bill before it was passed? (Paul Jacob)

The "Big Lie"

Obama says, " ‘We saw this happen in Japan in the 1990s, where they did not act boldly and swiftly enough, and as a consequence they suffered what was called the ‘lost decade’ where essentially for the entire '90s they did not see any significant economic growth." - This statement is audacity defined. Since 1992 Japan has spent $6.3 trillion in stimulus spending, racking up the largest public debt in the developed world — totaling 180 percent of its $5.5 trillion economy. And this massive borrow-and-spend splurge did nothing to help the economy. And Obama thinks this is evidence in support of his Trillion Dollar Debt Plan?” Actually, he doesn’t. He knows this spending doesn’t help. But he wants the power to tell big business what to do that comes along with it. (The Heritage Foundation)

"Meaningful Users"

"Keeping doctors informed of the newest medical findings is important, but enforcing uniformity goes too far. Hospitals and doctors that are not 'meaningful users' of the new system (forced on them by Obama's "stimulus bill") will face penalties. 'Meaningful user' isn’t defined in the bill. That will be left to the HHS secretary [a "faceless bureaucrat -RT], who will be empowered to impose 'more stringent measures of meaningful use over time.' " (Quote from "Cafe Hayak") What that means is if your doctor doesn’t ”obey orders,” he/she will be penalized. If he/she thinks what the government thinks is good for you will kill you and doesn’t do it, he will suffer. And what constitutes “meaningful user” is subjective, and subject to DEFINITION by the federal czar. (Just common sense)

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Believing Democrats

"Do you believe Democrats when they say they're not planning to regulate talk radio?" That’s the question posed by World Net Daily. My answer is simple. NO. I don’t believe ANYTHING Democrats say unless it is a threat. A threat to take away more of our rights on one pretext or another. Hidden in the “stimulus bill” is a measure to “take over” the medical profession. Hillary couldn’t do it, but Obama will accomplish it if this bill is passed into law. It includes a measure to create a “health czar” who can overrule your doctor if he thinks what the doctor proposes to do to keep you alive is not “economically feasible.” That means if it costs too much, they’ll have to let you die or be in trouble with the feds. This “faceless bureaucrat” may not even be a doctor. But if he figures you need to die so the government won’t spend a lot of money, you die. THAT’S what I believe when a Democrat says it. I DON”T believe them when they say they won’t “muzzle” talk radio under one guise or another. (World Net Daily)

"No Pork" in Stimulus Bill

Yeah, riiight! It contains NO pork; really! That’s because Obama doesn’t CALL it pork. He calls it something else, so he can SAY the bill “contains no pork” and even pass a lie detector test as he says it. It’s funny though, that the bill DOES contain funding for things we’ve always CALLED pork. But he has redefined the words used, so how can the bill “contain pork?” This is one of the most often used swindles by politicians on both sides, but mostly on the Democrat (liberal) side. Redefine the words used and insist your opponents use the newly defined words to argue against you; therefore making it all but imnpossible to successfully argue against you. Obama is good at that. (Yahoo News/AP)

Put Humans Above Geese

There are geese everywhere. In most places they don’t do any harm, like those who swim in man-made ponds close to homes, or who land and congregate right next to a freeway. But the ones who fly right into jet engines and live close to airports need to be taught they have no business there. You can’t “call them all together” and tell them of the danger. You need to kill enough of them close to airports to give them the lesson that near an airport is NOT the place to be. “Animal lovers” object to any suggestion to kill them, but I think if they present a “clear and present danger” to humans in airplanes, they need to be taught to be elsewhere. Yes, they don’t “bring down” many planes, as they did in New Jersey. But they CAN, and I think we need to be much more concerned about the lives of those humans in those airplanes than about these birds. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Same Failed Ideas of the Last Eight Years"

That’s what the Democrats keep saying, hoping people will come to believe this lie. It was NOT “the failed ideas of the last eight years” that caused the economic crisis. It was a DEMOCRAT law (Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976, that FORCED lenders to lend money to people they KNEW could not pay it back), made by Democrats and signed by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter), strengthened by yet ANOTHER Democrat Congress and signed (again) by a Democrat president (Bill Clinton), that caused it; NOT by any “failed policies of the last eight years.” (Just common sense)

Obama Wants to Create a "Health Czar"

Complete with a computerized info system that includes ALL your medical information available to “faceless bureaucrats” with a few keystrokes. He wants to create a “health czar” who can look at your doctor’s recommendations in your treatment and VETO anything your doctor wants to do. Remember, this guy (or gal) is NOT a doctor and has NOT personally examined you. But he will have the power to make a decision that will KILL you if he feels like it. This is in Obama's “stimulus bill” and if this bill is passed, it will BE the “law of the land.” He has said, "older Americans should realize that SOME ailments are part of "being old," and not treat them. In other words, "die and get out of the way." Do you have any problems that are "part of growing old?" Then get ready to die when the "health czar" vetoes your doctor's wishes and prohibits him from treating you. Shades of the "master race!" (Just common sense)

Rewarding Failure

That’s what Obama is doing with his massive bailouts for failing companies, while telling them there will be NO high salaries for executives, whether or not they make billions for their companies. He has put a “cap” on executive salaries of $500,000, which will guarantee NO executives worth their salt will go to work for ANY company that has had a bailout, ever. Not so long as this stupid “cap” is on. Soon, nobody worthwhile will want a job at one of those companies, GUARANTEEING them further failure, which will no doubt cause Obama to reward their failure once again. This is how collectivism (socialism) works. It rewards failure while penalizing success. It destroys INCENTIVE while rewarding those who do nothing. Soon there will be NOBODY to pay for all the rewards for failure and the whole economy will fall. I hope I’m not alive so see it. What bothers me is that my descendants WILL be. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Releasing 170 Terrorists

That’s what Yemen is doing. How many people can 170 dedicated killers kill? We’re about to find out, as these killers rejoin their old comrades in killing innocent people in many countries. They did this just two weeks after al Qaida announced that Yemen had become the base of its activities for the whole Arabian Peninsula. How stupid are these people? Or are they secretly terrorist supporters? I’ll be watching with interest to see how much damage these released terrorists can do, just hoping it doesn't happen where I live. (One News Now)

Do As I say, Not As I Do!

That seems to be the theme of the Democrat Party and the Obama administration. They get in a “high dudgeon” when private businesses hold “retreats” And spend a lot of money on them. But then they spend a lot of taxpayer money on their own “retreats” and say such “retreats” are important for the “well-being” of politicians so they won’t “go nuts” while solving all our problems. It’s like limiting executives in private business to $500,000 a year while making a LOT more themselves in one way or another. I guess that’s how politicians go to Washington as paupers and leave as millionaires. (The Hill)

It Figures

"Media: Katrina crashes into New Orleans, FEMA responds feebly and President Bush is blamed for the loss of life and limb. Winter smacks middle America, killing 55, FEMA's late again, but President Obama gets a pass." So what else is new? Obama and all other liberals get a pass on the very things for which Republicans were criticized. The media’s “double standard” is so obvious to those of us who “pay attention,” it takes those who DON’T to allow them to scam and swindle us about liberals. (IBD Editorials)

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Al Franken: Another Democrat "Tax Problem?"

FRANKEN: ANOTHER DEMOCRAT “TAX PROBLEM?” "Last April, the California Tax Franchise Board revealed that Franken owed the state $5,800 in taxes, fines, and penalties because he did not file returns in 2003 through 2007. Franken then admitted that he owed more than $50,000 in back taxes to 17 states." This is the guy who is “DEMANDING” that the Supreme Court confirm him as the winner of the Minnesota election he is stealing. But should he even be CONSIDERED to be a senator? As a Democrat, his “tax woes” will probably not even slow him down. To Democrats, not paying your taxes is am “excusable oversight” and you can pay them when you’re “found out” without penalty from the IRS. Even more so now that the Democrats RULE Washington. Especially since a (Democrat) tax cheat now runs the Treasury Dept., which runs the IRS. (News Max)

Fooling Americans (As Usual)

Obama is “closing Gitmo.” That makes many liberals happy. What he isn’t telling them is he’s sending them to countries that DO torture their prisoners to do the torturing FOR him. And they do things much WORSE than we ever did in their “torture chambers.” Many of those countries just shoot them or behead them. "Well, well, well. Obama's going to close Club Gitmo and end "torture," but guess what? He's going to continue the policy of sending terrorists to countries like Saudi Arabia where they'll do The Messiah's interrogations and torturing for him. It's out-sourcing torture!" that's one way to get it done without getting the blame. Personally, I think Islamic terrorists should NEVER be given the same rights as Americans; ever. (The Rush Limbaugh Show)

War is Bad

I agree. If we could live without war, we should. Unfortunately, there are people in this world who want what is ours; what WE have earned, and they’re willing to kill to get it. Or they want to RULE us. As individuals, we call these people criminals and send them to prison; but when a government (not ours) does it, we call it war (If ours does it, we call it socialism). When people (even those not conn3ected to any government, but who are organized enemy combatants)) decide to take what we have earned, and are willing to kill to accomplish it, we MUST “go to war” to stop them. If we don’t, they will simply TAKE whatever they want. “War haters” are correct. I hate war. I wish we could live without it. Bit sometimes it is NECESSARY. The best way to answer people who say war should NEVER be entered into is to go up to them and hit them in the chops. See if they will hit you back. If they don’t, hit them again, and start reaching into their pockets and taking what you want. See if they try to stop you or just “give it up.” (That’s the INDIVIDUAL definition of war) If we could live without war, I’d be the first to support it. But we can’t. If we really tried, we’d lose everything. (Just common sense)

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Moderate WHAT?

The headline says, “Republicans pick a moderate to head party.” “Moderate” is a “descriptive.” Moderate does not describe what kind of a politician he is, unless you’re a Democrat trying to label the other side and make them accept it. It’s a little like being “moderately pregnant” or “moderately dead.” Liberal and conservative are opposite poles. There can be no “moderation” as applied to a conservative or liberal. Either you ARE one or you are the other. If you are what Democrats CALL a “moderate Republican,” you’re a liberal. There is no “in between.” Michael Steele is CALLED a “moderate,” but is a pro-life Catholic and an advocate of limited government and lower taxes. That doesn’t sound like their idea of a “moderate,” to me. This is how the liberals make fools of us. They con us into using THEIR labels, and soon we find ourselves nodding our heads when they try to con us. I’m not a liberal OR a conservative. I’m a “rational individualist.” I’m NOT a “moderate rational individualist.” There is no such thing. (One News Now)

Police Are the Biggest "Profit Center"

Cities all over are suffering from the bad economy. So they’re setting out to force more people to give them more money. They’re increasing their “quotas” for parking tickets tremendously. Cops and “meter maids” really have to hustle to fill their quotas. Of course, when asked, representatives of the cities “jump up and down” denying they have “quotas.” What a LOAD that is! That don’t call it that, not surprisingly. They call it something like “performance expectations” so they can deny having quotas. But the effect is the same. The number of tickets written goes up exponentially and they collect millions more without having to pass a new tax. But intelligent people know better. A quota is a quota, is a quota, no matter WHAT they call it. (National Motorists Association)

People Smoke; Get Used To It

They also have sex without condoms and thus have children out of wedlock. Get used to THAT, too. That’s what the New York Times says. They equate single motherhood with “normality,” but what about smoking? They CHOOSE to make smoking a “bad thing” while defending single motherhood. Maybe it’s because the editors are “single fathers” and they forget that “single motherhood” requires the cooperation of “single fathers.” Single motherhood COSTS the government a LOT of money, where smoking costs them a LITTLE money. But they knowingly took on that responsibility when they passed socialist measures that required the government to pay for the medical treatment of those who cannot afford to pay for their own, REGARDLESS of whether or not their actions contribute to that. I‘m tired of hearing about how much people’s actions cost the government so they get the right to CONTROL those actions. They CHOSE to take on those responsibilities. Now they’re whining about it. (Ann Coulter)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Would "Regulation" Have Helped?

Nada . . . Democrats cry that “lack of regulation” is responsible for the financial slowdown, to avoid taking responsibility themselves. We HAD “regulation,” but it did nothing to stop the economic slowdown from happening. In an aside, regulators “investigated” Bernie Madeoff EIGHT TIMES,” but never came NEAR his swindle. The Bush administration “investigated” the "Community Reinvestment Act of 1976" and its companion swindles, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, but found itself blocked by the very Democrats who DESIGNED the swindle every time. There are many other such swindles out there, and the bureaucrats charged with uncovering them never do. So would “regulation” have helped? Not even! “Regulation” is only there to convince voters and taxpayers the government is “doing something.” (Just common sense)

Blocking Citizen's Rights

"Last year, a group called Fed Up With Taxes put the so-called Dirigo Drink Tax to a vote of the people. In November, Mainers voted to repeal the legislature's tax. Some politicians don't much like uppity voters having government their way. So they want to declare an emergency." They want everybody who introduces such things to be registered voters. Of course, that’s not their goal; it’s just an excuse. What they want to do is stop citizens from overruling them. Politicians just don’t like those who elected them to tell them what to do. (Common Sense)

As Predicted, No Truce

Israel declared a unilateral truce with Hamas and withdrew from Gaza (again), but Hamas fights on. Not doing anything big enough to cause Israel to begin another invasion, but enough to make them very mad). They continue “picking, picking” at Israel, killing more people than Israel killed in their invasion, over time. It’s hard to create “peace” between two antagonists who hate each other on such a basic level. It’s too bad they have to live next to each other. Their respective countries should be separated so they will have no dealings with each other at all. That’s the only way there is going to be ANY kind of peace between them. Even so, I’d bet they will STILL figure out ways to irritate one another. (Yahoo News/AP)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Economy Overall GREW in 2008!

All you’ve been hearing lately is how the economy is “the worst ever.” But what they don’t tell you is that it actually GREW in 2008 overall (in SPITE of the Democrat-CREATED downturn that came from the legally MANDATED loaning of money they KNEW could never be repaid). But they don’t want you to know that, so they can continue to screw you out of TRILLIONS of dollars in money THEY get to “parcel out” with strings attached. Such as the BIG one, the “no bonuses for execs” rule they’re trying to impose. They don’t even want an exec who saved or made millions for their companies to get bonuses. They want to stop ANY incentive toward excellence. They want to PUNISH it. They want you to think executives get bonuses whether or not they improve things for their companies. That’s not always true. Most have their bonuses in their contracts, based on making things better for their companies. (New York Times)

George Bush is STUPID!

He must be. The liberals say so. In that case, how does he keep beating their butts every time he goes up against them even while otherwise good people repeat the liberal lie that he is? He is so stupid that he went against liberal "superior knowledge" that tax cuts hurt the economy by keeping liberals from being able to spend YOUR money by letting YOU keep more of it and invest it in the things in which YOU want to invest it. He's so stupid he REDUCED the tax base and by so doing created more investment opportunities for all Americans by INCREASING the tax "take." But the liberals, in their so-called superiority, are fighting his tax cuts, "tooth and nail," trying to get every American who pays taxes a $69 billion (with a "B") tax INCREASE. If this happens, among other things, you will again be subject to the "Marriage Penalty," which means it is better to "live in sin" or pay more taxes. You will again be subject to the "Death Tax" on grieving families, making the government your biggest heir at your death. The liberals are your ENEMIES. If you allow them to rescind the tax cuts George Bush got for you, it will be YOU who are stupid. Liberals are launching a relentless crusade to kill these tax cuts by painting them as "un-American." Hillary (Screech) Clinton says cutting taxes "goes against our values as Americans." (What bull droppings!) Liberal pundits claim Bush's tax cuts are "disastrous," even though they've helped create more than 5 MILLION JOBS since 2003. They’re now trying to blame Bush for the “economic slowdown” THEY created in order to help the Democrats (liberals) take over power in Washington again. I hope it doesn’t last ANOTHER 50 years. (Inspired by the Heritage Foundation)

By Jove, I think He's Got It!

Richard Miniter says in the "New York Post," this: "America has never faced an enemy who has so ruthlessly broken all the rules of war -- yet never has an enemy been treated so well. Of Gitmo's several camps, military records show that the one with the most lenient rules is the one with the MOST incidents, and vice versa. We should worry less about detainee safety and more about our own [and that of the guards -RT]. Some 20 current detainees have direct, PERSONAL knowledge of the 9/11 attacks and nearly EVERY ONE of them say they would be “honored to attack America again." Isn’t this good reason not to treat them so well? (Richard Miniter, in the "New York Post," reprinted in the "Rocky Mountain News")

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

They Won't Even TALK About It!

That little-known, silly little law they passed back in the seventies during a Democrat-controlled Congress and signed by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter) known as the “Community Reinvestment Act of 1976,” which was strengthened by yet ANOTHER Democrat Congress and that strengthening signed into law by ANOTHER Democrat (Bill Clinton) and promoted by MANY Democrats including Barney Frank and Chris Dodd CAUSED the collapse of the mortgage industry and, “domino fashion” caused the near-collapse of the financial industry. Yet the Democrats are STILL trying to blame George Bush and the Republicans because of “lack of regulation.” But it was the DEMOCRATS who blocked every effort to investigate their adjunct, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. And still they have the GALL to blame Republicans for what THEY did! Meanwhile, the law continues to be in effect, forcing lenders to make loans to people who haven’t a PRAYER of being able to pay them back and NOBODY does anything to try and stop it. Nobody on EITHER side is even willing to TALK about it! (Just common sense)

Questions for Daschle

Who paid for his car and driver; and what did that “benefactor” want from Daschle, a “washed-up” former senator? And did he/she get it? If so, was the whole deal illegal? Seems to me people don’t ever ask enough questions in times like these. That’s why politicians do things like this. The people they make the rules for never follow those rules themselves and no one asks any questions. But this is only on the Democrat side. They don’t ask questions about what Democrats do, but they always DO with Republicans. Such as Barney Frank remaining in the Congress and having a lot of powerful posts after his boyfriend was caught running a gay whorehouse out of Frank’s apartment and nothing important happening to Frank while REPUBLICAN congressman is forced to RESIGN because a “gay-hater” cop “thought” he was “asking for gay sex” in a men’s room. This kind of a double-standard is common, and NOBODY asks any questions about it. (Just common sense)

Catching the "Fat Virus"

It amazes me what junk scientists want us to believe in their quest to con more money out of us. Now they’re saying you can get fat by being close to someone who IS fat, by catching the “fat virus.” What they don’t consider is that people who eat too much and exercise too little will get fat. Infecting chickens with a virus while they grow fat from other activities doe not prove this thesis. But apparently they don’t know this. (RDS)

Cleared of Phony Charges

The Oklahoma Attorney General filed (unconstitutional) charges threatening columnist Paul Jacob and two others with TEN YEARS in jail for sponsoring a petition drive in that state while not living there. Talk about “stifling dissent!” But apparently “wiser heads” prevailed and he (the attorney general) realized he would ultimately lose, so he very publicly dropped the charges after forcing Jacob and other to live under MONTHS of wondering if he could actually put them in prison for sponsoring a petition drive. (Paul Jacob/Town Hall)

Policing for Profit

I predicted this when I hears about the RICO laws. Be careful driving on our nation’s roads, especially in New York and Florida (Utah, too, where the “confiscating officer” gets a percentage of the loot). Don’t carry large amounts of cash in those states because bandits (wearing badges and driving police cars) will stop you and steal it, claiming it is “probably drug money.” Under RICO laws, they don’t even have to prove it, and to get it back, YOU have to post a bond promising to pay THEIR legal and court costs, win or lose, in order to file suit. Cops today can steal your car if you commit ANY kind of a crime in it, even if it’s not your car. In one case, they caught a man getting oral sex in a car that was his and his WIFE’S car and they stole it. It didn’t matter that his wife didn’t know what he was doing and, indeed, would not have approved. She lost her interest in her car because of this minor crime that was hurting nobody (In fact, it was making one guy very happy). These days they can stand beside a walkway and scan your pockets (that little “strip” in all new bills broadcasts its presence to their scanners) to find out of you’re carrying enough money to make it worth while to rob you. If you are, they can stop you, search you, and take any money they find, saying it is “probably drug money.” The system described above applies here, too. You can lose your car for non-payment of TRAFFIC tickets. These are the kind of laws we fought a REVOLUTION to remove, but our own government is now enforcing them. After this is published, I will probably be targeted. (FEAR)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

"Not A Minute to Spare!"

That’s what our government is telling us about their most recent “stimulus bill,” (to "stampede us" into agreeing without thinking) although none of their previous “stimulus bills” have done a single thing to “stimulate” the economy, and none of them ever will. They’re using this slowdown as a cover to pass their favorite “giveaway programs;” ones that they’ve been trying to get passed for years (to gain power). It’s like a car salesman telling you that you have to buy this car NOW or it won’t be here tomorrow. It’s “rub-a-dub-dub,” “do it NOW’ scam they’re pulling. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. The ONLY way to stimulate” the economy is to leave more money in the hands of investors who CREATE jobs by investing in projects to make money and letting them keep more of it. They create more prosperity by doing that than ANY government can ever hope to do by spending “imaginary money” they’ve printed up with nothing behind it. But try to get a politician to admit that. They want the money so they can gain more power by giving it away to people who support them. People (who don't know what they're talking about) criticize me for saying the same things over and over again, but if that's what's required to get people to pay attention, I'll keep doing it. (Michelle Malkin/One News Now)

Greg Craig Involved In Many Dem Scandals

“President-elect Barack Obama has chosen Washington lawyer Gregory B. Craig, who served as President Bill Clinton's lead attorney during the 1998 impeachment proceedings, to be his White House counsel, according to an individual involved with the transition. Craig has been a longtime adviser to former president Clinton and Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, but became a close adviser to Obama during the campaign, reportedly serving as the stand-in for Sen. John McCain during debate preparations. Transition officials declined to comment, and Craig did not return calls left on his machine [of course -RT]. Craig was a foreign policy adviser to Sen. Edward M. Kennedy and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. He has defended high-profile clients, including John Hinckley Jr., who attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan, and Kennedy nephew William Kennedy Smith, who was accused of rape." Notice That the only time of note that he represented anybody NOT in the Democrat government gang, was the guy who tried to kill the liberal-hated Ronald Reagan. Obama’s “change” apparently means “business as usual.” (Washington Post)