Thursday, July 30, 2009

The "Beer Fest"

The press is STILL making a “big thing out of the “beer meeting” to be held between Sgt. Crowley and Prof. Gates in the white House. Something entirely unnecessary, but which the press thinks is important. The press has even been arguing about what BRAND of beer will be served, and whether or not it will me AMERICAN beer. What a loud noise over NOTHING! Who’s paying for the beer? And who’s paying to get them to Washington? I’d sure like to know. (Just common sense)

"Revenue Neutral"

Obama says he will veto ANY health care bill that will add to the deficit. What a LOAD! There is NO WAY you can let the government “take over” the health care profession without it costing BALES of money. He’s LYING, as he always does when he’s trying to sell us one of his swindles. The only way to cause this to be “revenue neutral” is to raise our taxes unmercifully to pay for it. (Just common sense)

Criticize It, Use It Anyway

Obama has criticized everything Bush did, but he is using most of it as his own. Apparently, what Bush was doing was not all that bad. Apparently, Bush was doing SOMETHING right. But you’ll never know it from what the media says. Even though Obama is using just about everything Bush was doing, you’ll never hear about it in the liberal media because that would not fit their template. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Profit vs. No Profit

Obama speaks glibly about your ability to keep your health insurance under his health care swindle, but he doesn’t mention that private companies need to make a PROFIT to stay in business. The government does NOT. Therefore there is NO “level playing field” and private companies will soon be out of business and what will be left? The government plan. This is all part of Obama’s plan, though he will deny it to his dying day. He wants you to THINK you will be able to keep your own insurance and your doctor, when you won’t, in the long ruin. It’s set up to put them out of business and force them to go to work for the government, in the long run, for a lot less money. This will, of course, cause a serious shortage of competent doctors in a few years, as people go into other professions (like law) where they can make money. (Just common sense)

Editing Congress' Mailings

The Democrats, who are now in complete control in Washington, are now “editing” the mailings congresspeople are allowed to send out and get the postage paid. They recently forced the Republicans to eliminate ANY reference to Obama’s “health care program” before they would allow them to send out mail to constituents under their “franking” privilege. First time I’ve ever heard about “editing” a congressperson. But then that’s Obama. Sounds to me like something else that isn’t written into Any law that Obama’s people are doing. Where will he stop? Where did Hitler stop? (Just common sense)

Islamic Child Abuse

Children in many Islamic countries are being steadily brainwashed to hate everybody who is not THEIR KIND of Muslim, even their own parents. They’re being taught how to become suicide bombers and kill themselves “for the cause.” Is this not child abuse? Some of the best know “Anti-Semitics” in the world are Muslim terrorists. Why are they not criticized for this? Mainly because liberals are afraid of “offending” them. I’m not. Some of my most favorite moments are when I am offending Muslim extremists. Second only to that is “offending liberals.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obama's Lies

And this is just about his health care swindle. He says you will get to keep your doctor. Of course, more and more doctors are no longer accepting Medicare patients because the reimbursement rate has gone down so much. What do you think they’ll do when Medicaid does the same? They don’t mention that. Obama himself has said his “medical czar” will be able to DENY lifesaving treatment to “people for whom it will not help for long.” I’m 73 years old. What if I need another bypass? A recent STENT implantation cost the government $22,000.00 and statistically (and that's under coverage I PAID for), I’m not going to live much longer, anyway; so why spend the money? That would be a literal DEATH SENTENCE for me, and that scares the hell out of me. They say you can get insurance without exclusions for pre-existing conditions.” That’s a LOAD! Pre-existing conditions are a fact of life. To force insurance companies to cover people with an existing life-threatening condition is STUPID! But being stupid hasn’t stopped Obama before. (Heritage Foundation)

It's Not Their Job

Where, in the Constitution, does it say the president, OR the Congress, has the power to tell us we MUST use a certain type of light bulb? “According to Rasmussen Reports, just 18% of adults think it’s the government’s job to tell Americans what kind of light bulb they use.” For that matter, where in the Constitution does it say the government has the power to take money from its earners and give it (in TRILLION DOLLAR AMOUNTS) to people who did NOT earn it? How have we managed to twist things to this point? Because nobody has stopped liberals from doing it, that’s how. (Just common sense)

Dropping Coverage

They “poo-poo” the idea that private companies will drop their coverage when the government “takes it over.” I have an example that involves a medical company that WAS supplying me with a six-month’s supply of Plavix (which I need to keep my arteries open) twice a year, FREE. As soon as Bush’s “plan” to pay for SOME of my medicine and FORCE me to participate or be fined for “not signing up,” they stopped. Since this medicine costs almost $150.00 a month, I HAD to “sign up. But when they pay for $5,000 worth of medicine for me, suddenly I’m “on my own” for another $5,000 worth. How do I get my Plavix then? That program has ended. I’m sure there are other, similar programs, that are ended, as well. That this program is MANDATORY is an ABOMINATION. (Just common sense)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Obama "Czar" is A Communist

Yes! He is an AVOWED communist. He said it himself! His new “Science Czar,” Van Jones, said himself that when they sent him to jail in the Rodney King case, he was “just an angry man” but when he came out, he was a COMMUNIST. And Obama has appointed him to be the “science czar.” What is Obama THINKING? How many more communists and socialists is he going to appoint to high office in this country? Are we “transforming” into communist Russia? Sure, you can call me an “extremist” for using the “C” word. But it is APPROPRIATE here because this man has told us HIMSELF he is a communist. If nothing else that shows me his LACK of good judgment. Communism (and socialism, which Obama is pushing) is NOT a “good thing. The “Commissars” in Russia proved that for 75 years. Castro has amply proven it in Cuba. Hugo Chavez is proving it every day in Venezuela. But this guy says himself he IS a communist—and that makes no difference to Obama? Communism is just one kind of COLLECTIVISM, and socialism (which Obama espouses) is another. So why am I surprised? (Glenn Beck)

Two Month Paid Vacation

Remember the Oklahoma state trooper who assaulted an ambulance paramedic after stopping him while he was on an emergency run with a patient in the ambulance? He got suspended and lost five day’s pay. Then got a “two month paid vacation” they CALL a "suspension." Which tells us the cops WILL be protected at all costs when they “go off the reservation” and commit an uncalled-for assault that could have resulted in the death of that patient. But the politicians and bureaucrats don’t care about that. All they care about is "damage control." I guess it doesn’t matter that the cop was in the wrong. They’ll protect him at all costs. No word about any “charges” against the paramedic, but I’d bet they won’t be able to convict him of anything even if they do pursue them. I guess that means if a cop stops me for nothing and assaults me, if I retaliate, I’LL be prosecuted and he’ll get a long paid vacation (maybe). That’s apparently the way things work these days; at least in Oklahoma. (Just common sense)

Obama Will Destroy the Dollar

Not only that, his policies will create “hyper-inflation.” You thought the “double-digit inflation” under Jimmy Carter was bad; think what it will be after Obama pushes most of his spending plans through and finishes printing more and more money with nothing behind it (he’ll never finish with all of them). Milton Friedman (now deceased), one of America’s top economists, predicted what’s coming soon in his landmark book, “Money Mischief.” Everything Obama, the Federal Reserve, and Congress are doing right now was predicted almost two decades ago by this extraordinary man. “Though he passed away in 2006, in his prophetic book, Friedman showed how, facing massive deficits, the U.S. government would dramatically increase the money supply [print money –RT]; why foreign countries would stop buying our debt; how the Fed would start buying our Treasury bills; and why this would all cause massive inflation. He even predicted that our officials would claim inflation was no problem at all.” Keep supporting Obama (those who are) and watch it happen. Hold onto your wallets! Obama will soon empty them. (New Max/Financial Intelligence Report)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Job-Killing Law

The new “minimum wage law” will NOT cause $120 a month increase in disposable income, as the government tells you. It will cause many people who DO hold minimum-wage jobs to lose them because their employers just can’t afford to pay them more than they’re worth. “Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis told the USA Today that the federally mandated raise to $7.25 per hour will create “extra disposable income [that] comes to about $120 a month.” Solis expects “workers to spend much of that cash in their local communities.” What nonsense. Where does Solis think this “extra” $120 a month comes from? Does she think it falls from the skies or grows on trees? Here in the real world, when governments force firms to pay some workers more money, it has to come from somewhere. And that somewhere usually is lost jobs and lost opportunity for low-skilled workers.” (Heritage Foundation) “Minimum wage laws” are a basic scam used by all liberals, and ALWAYS cause a reduction in the number of those without skills, and thus doomed to minimum-wage jobs. This is not “my opinion.” It is a “fact of life” the liberals (Democrats) don’t understand. (Just common sense)

ACORN Changes Its Name

With ethics investigations of its TOP OFFICERS,” not low-ranking employees, in 14 states, the name ACORN has become a liability. So they’re changing it.” Facing investigations in at least 14 states involving voter registration fraud during the 2008 presidential campaign, plus charges of embezzlement, the Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now (ACORN) is taking a fresh approach: changing its name. Now called Community Organizations International, the radical leftist group hopes to get back “under the radar” of media scrutiny in time for the 2010 census, in which it will be playing a major role.” (Human Events) They THINK we won’t be watching them under this new name, and those who pay no attention to politics won’t. But I will, and so will Human Events. (Just common sense)

Get to the Children Early

The Nazis knew the best way to have no trouble with the populace in the future was to “get to the children early” while they’re too young to know what’s best, and teach them what you want to teach; in this case, collectivism (socialism). So they passed a law: The Child Abuse Prevention And Treatment Act of 1974, (CAPTA). This law set up a system of BONUSES, paid to local child protection agencies at every juncture, when they TOOK children as a FIRST OPTION, with or without proven child abuse. While in their custody, they can “program” them in any way they wished. Moreover, they could “put the fear of God” in parents and eliminate parental rights, based on real, or IMAGINED child abuse therefore stopping them from objecting effectively when their children are being taught collectivism (socialism) as an ideal in school. They paid “the locals” for every HOUR the child was “in the system,” and for every DAY.

If they were able to revoke the parent’s rights and put the children up for adoption, they got $4,500 to $6,000 PER CHILD from the government. That this gives them an INCENTIVE to take children from their parents on the smallest pretext, keeping them as long as they can, and finally putting them up for adoption need not be said. Locals themselves made money in the form of “bonuses” for the number of children they were able top take from their parents for “performance.” They received promotions based on their “performance,” and THAT means more money. Yes, SOME are just “good people” doing a “hard job.” Others do what they have to do to get those bonuses and promotions. The “good people” are often ORDERED to do things they don’t wish to do by their bosses, who are often just looking for those bonuses. It’s a scam to deprive parents of control over what their children are taught in school. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Open Insurrection

An Islamic group is openly espousing the “fall of capitalism and the rise of Islam” in a meeting at a hotel in a Chicago hotel. They’re using our freedoms as “weaknesses” to enslave us. This organization is promoting a world-wide Islamic government, using “Sharia Law” instead of our Constitution as a basis for law. They SAY they’re “non-violent,” but they support Islamic violence in all they do. Their name is “Hizb ut-Tahrir, a global Sunni network with reported ties to confessed 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Al Qaeda in Iraq's onetime leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who is committed to establishing an international Islamic empire (caliphate) and has operated discreetly in the U.S. for decades, is now out in the open. (Fox) They claim it is “religious persecution” to “give them a hard time,” but it is not. It is common sense for us to limit the activities of a KNOWN insurrectionist group, no matter what they claim. Does anybody think anybody would be allowed to hold a meeting in a country THEY control espousing freedom and liberty, and a capitalist government? They should be declared a “terrorist group” and their actions limited or stopped. This is not a matter of “freedom of speech.” It is a matter of our survival.(Right Truth)

Hurry, hurry! Get It Done!

That’s how Obama gets what he wants, even though what he wants will bankrupt us. He insists on rushing things through so fast, even Congress doesn’t know upon what it is voting. He wants to rush things so much that NOBODY knows what he’s imposing on us. He promised a ”transparent administration,” but he’s working hard to keep us from knowing what he’s up to. I don’t call that a “transparent administration.(Just common sense)

Crankshaft is Deluded

I like the “Crankshaft” comic strip. I identify with him in many ways (not all). But this strip, which appeared on June 7, 2009, reflects what the government wants you to think about the economy, that the people in charge who “messed things up” for the economy ought to be punished. I agree, but they aren’t the people this strip assumes they are. They’re NOT the “money lenders,” who were FORCED to loan money to people they KNEW could not, WOULD not repay it or be punished themselves This came about when the DEMOCRAT-controlled Congress passed the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976”, and it was signed into law by a DEMOCRAT president, Jimmy Carter. They created a “safety valve” in the “Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac” companies and "pulled it" just before the election to CREATE an "economic meltdown" just in time to win the election. Now they can't stop the juggernaut they got started, using their discredited Keynesian Economics scheme. (Crankshaft)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Obama'sPress Flack Denigrates Reporter

The reporter simply asked for some proof that the phony letter that was on the web site of the Kapi'olani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, and which was even used for fundraising was a real letter and was not created, using HTML code for the web site. So Gibbs denigrated him in this way: "Lester, the next time you ask me a question I'm going to ask you what reporting you've done to demonstrate to your listeners the truth, the certificate, the state, so that they can look to you for that momentous search for the truth, and you can wipe away all the dark clouds and provide them with the knowing clarity that comes with that certainty." Then he went on to shake his head and say, "Is this what journalism has come to?" Seems to be the burden of proof in this case is on the president, not the newsman who was just asking for evidence of truthfulness. Obama could lay this whole thing to rest simply, by providing PROOF of his birth-place, not just the “put-up” “pretend proof as he has so far. But he won’t. And there’s a reason for that. He can’t, and he’s becoming more and more panicked. I think somebody ought to start a legal effort to FORCE him to produce proof or be removed from office. Do I think it will ever happen? Probably not. (World Net Daily)

The "Usual Scam"

Whenever they want to sell us on an expensive giveaway program (another swindle), they “low-ball” it. They tell us how much THEY figure it’s going to cost and it’s always about 500% LESS than it actually ends up costing. Social Security, for instance, was only supposed to cost a few million. But it now costs TEN TIMES as much as they told us it would (it's bankrupt) they said that only the top 3% (the “rich”) would ever have to pay it. Now the IRS is auditing waitresses and cab drivers for their TIPS! They're still taking taxes out my little bit of a job. I'm still paying INTO Social Security! Even though I'm collecting a pittance FROM it. Keep that in mind when they tell you how much their latest swindle is going to cost you. They’re doing it now on the “takeover” of the health care business and Cap & Trade. (IBD Editorials)

"Dog and Pony show"

That’s what the “hearings” to decide (or confirm) Sonia Sotomayor to be the next Supreme Court Justice. The chairman of the committee hearing it is unabashedly a Sotomayor supporter, and WARNS Republicans against “asking her hard questions” (he calls it “being polite”). The whole proceeding is just a “dog and pony show” held to convince us the Congress is SERIOUSLY considering her nomination. But they’re not. She WILL be confirmed. I will be surprised if she is not. (One News Now)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Health Care Stampede

This is just one of the things Obama wants to “stampede us” into passing. In fact, every time he wants to con us into agreeing to our own destruction, he tries to “stampede us” into it. Ayn Rand called it “the sanction of the victim.” There are so many holes in his plan you could drive a train through it, beginning with the CONCEPT itself. He doesn’t want us to look close enough at it to spot them. He doesn’t even want to allow CONGRESS, which is made up of people who AGREE with him, to get a close look at it before they pass it into law. So he releases the bill (if he does at all before a vote) the night before the vote is scheduled, and the bill is usually 1,000 pages or more, guaranteeing that lawmakers will not be able to read it before casting their votes. This is how things work in Washington today. (Just common sense)

Stimulus Swindle Working Exactly As Planned

That’s what Obama has said (though he didn't use those words). But it’s NOT working the way people THINK it should be working and they’re saying so, throwing Obama and his pirates into panic-mode. It IS working to keep the country in an uproar, making them willing to pass into law his various collectivist schemes without the Congress even READING them. Every day they introduce another “ripoff” bill that will cost us more millions, billions, and TRILLIONS, while moving us ever closer to collectivism (socialism). And every one of them is a “rush job,” that he wants “passed quickly” or the “economy will suffer.” Meanwhile the economy IS “suffering” from his earlier “rush laws” designed to “save it.” When he said it is “working as planned,” he MEANS as HE planned, not as the people THINK it was planned. The economy continues to get worse and worse, and people are demanding to know WHEN it will improve, so now he’s begging for “more time” for it to work the way WE think it ought to work—which it is NOT going to do. (One News Now)

Biden Screws Up again

For one thing, when called on the fact that Obama’s Keynesian solution isn’t working, he says, “look around.” Where? Everywhere I look this country is hemorrhaging jobs. Costs are going up at an alarming rate, mostly because of all the new taxes Obama is imposing after campaigning on a “no new taxes” platform. Your money is worth a lot less now than it was when Obama “took over” because he has been printing money so fast it makes me sick, in one of the most dastardly schemes ever (printing money with nothing valuable behind it, therefore making all money now in existence worth less, which STEALS money from us “under the table”). Another Biden gaffe is when he said, “We have to spend money to keep from going bankrupt.” How stupid is this man? (Glenn Beck)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

"Thought Crime"

George Orwell wrote (In his landmark book, "1984) about the government making laws against what THEY considered to be "thought crime" and prosecuting citizens for what they were THINKING. “Many Americans can only shake their heads at the nutty excesses of multiculturalism in Canada, where ‘Human Rights Commissions’ prosecute conservatives and Christians for ‘hate crimes’ because they speak their minds about Islam or homosexuality. That kind of thing could never happen here, right? Wrong, reveals HUMAN EVENTS -- the use of Canadian-style ‘commissions’ to stifle free speech is already under way in some American cities and localities.” They’re working to pass a “hate crimes” law right now in this country (as this is written). Under this “law,” they can “define” what you say as a “hate crime” and prosecute you for it. That makes it a subjective law, which should never be allowed to pass. (Just common sense)

"No Laws Concerning Religion"

That’s what the Constitution bans. The “anti-religion zealots” define that as MAKING all kinds of law BANNING religion and its practice in any place (owned or used by) government. And they’ve been getting away with it for years because nobody has made a REAL effort to stop them. They also talk about the "wall between church and state," which is NOT in the Constitution (it was MENTIONED in a letter written by Thomas Jefferson) and is NO kind of law. In Pennsylvania, they’re trying to ban the very MENTION of Jesus Christ. A California town is also trying it. This IS “making a law regarding religion or its practice.” But they will neither admit this, nor allow anybody else to do so. I’m not a “religious fanatic” although they will accuse me of it, but I support people’s right to worship as they please. How they worship is nobody else’s business. This is common practice with Democrats (and even some Republicans). Misdefine the law, then proceed to violate it. Too many laws lend themselves to this, being subjective in their nature. One type of law we SHOULD ban is a SUBJECTIVE law (one that allows those enforcing it to DEFINE it). Of course, politicians would find a way to misdefine that to suit their purposes, too. (Just common sense)

Providing Political Cover

They’re now attempting to provide political cover for Nancy Pelosi on her claim that the CIA “lied to me.” The CIA did NOT. What they did, was not mention to her one of their “contingency plans” that were being made JUST IN CASE they were ever needed. Plans that may NEVER be put in place. If they “briefed” Congress on every “contingency plan” they were working on, neither they, nor the Congress would get anything else done. Frankly, if the CIA briefed Congress on everything, there would be NOTHING secret. Congress is such a sieve that our enemies would know everything we’re doing and even what we may be planning because Congresspeople are such blabbermouths. (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Terrorists Making Demands

Obama is trying to “bring 9/11 terrorists to justice” and they’re “refusing” to go to court, saying they will not attend their hearings unless they are allowed to “make a statement” Did anybody think about FORCING them to attend, in shackles and gagged if necessary? Do we allow normal criminals to refuse to appear at THEIR court hearings? I’m against trying them, period. They’re NOT “criminals.” They’re illegal combatants, captured on the field of battle. We hold such people until hostilities end, to keep them from returning to swell the ranks of the terrorists. They COULD have been shot on sight since they wear no country’s uniform and kill innocent people, some small children. They don’t have a CLAIM to “rights.” Some should be executed as spies under the Geneva Convention, even though that Convention does not apply to them. If they keep making noise, they should be shot now. That said, let them speak. Every word out of their mouth can be used to convict them of capital crimes so they CAN be shot. They have shown many times, in many ways, their utter CONTEMPT for America, its people, and everything about the West. (Just common sense)

The "Carbon Credits" Swindle

You’ve no doubt heard about the selling of “carbon credits,” which are simply “permits to pollute” sold by either the government or a private company who GETS them from the government. It’s a way of telling people “pay us and it will be okay to pollute.” It’s a way for people pushing “environmentalism” to pollute more themselves while claiming to have ”bought carbon credits” enough to make up for their own pollution. AlGore, the “pope of the global warming religion,” pollutes more at his home than ten other homes do, and when you ask him about it, he says “I bought carbon credits” to make up for it. But who do you buy carbon credits from? AlGore, of course! They SAY they "plant a certain number of trees" per carbon credit. But have you ever SEEN them plant a tree for carbon credits? (Just common sense)

AlGore Stifles Debate

He has made a statement saying, in effect, “the debate is over; there will be no more debate on climate change” (They don’t call it ”global warming” any more because the globe ISN’T “warming” any more) in a blatant attempt to WIN the debate without having to argue a losing position. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a more blatant con that has worked so well. What a pompous jerk he is! He has attempted to do this before and it hasn’t worked. But governments all over the world are “buying” his massive swindle because he has been repeating this lie for so long it has “become truth.” There’s not a single iota of PROOF of his thesis, but he insists on continuing to push it and it has made him a Nobel Laureate and a multi-millionaire, maybe a BILLIONAIRE. (Just common sense)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

"Obama Didn't Ask"

Sotomayor thinks just because Obama didn’t ask her for her views on abortion, she can refuse to tell the committee considering her appointment what they are, too. And she has continually refused to answer that question. The tragedy here is that this will make no difference because this “dog and pony show” is set up to make us THINK they’re seriously considering her nomination. They’re not. The “fix is in.” She WILL be confirmed. The Democrats on the panel cannot contain their glee at being able to confirm her and there aren’t enough Republicans to stop it, so they’re “going along with the act.” Unfortunately, we all KNOW her views on abortion, as well as those of Obama, who voted to force doctors to allow the result of a botched abortion to die on a table without getting in trouble with the law. (Yahoo News/AP)

Obama Claims Credit

After doing everything he could, with the help of his henchmen, to cause us to LOSE in Iraq, now he is claiming credit for our victory. He (and they) said the “surge” wouldn’t work and now it IS working, he says “our plan is working” and we are now able to turn their country back over to the Iraqis.” OUR plan? George BUSH’S plan, actually. But you’d never know that from his press releases. (Just common sense)

Obama Is A Wimp

In an article about how Ayn Rand (author of “Atlas Shrugged,” the book that launched Objectivism as a “force to be reckoned with” they said she would find it in “America’s rational self-interest” to “take down” the current dictators of Iran before they start a nuclear war. “Columnists Dick Morris and Eileen McGann are convinced that Iran is a “dire threat to our national security.” That the president of the United State’s “pathetic performance vis-à-vis Iran...cannot but send a message to all of America’s enemies that his “transparent appeasement of Iran’s government and its obvious lack of reciprocation” show him to be “a wimp” and sends a clear signal to rogue nations that Obama is “clueless” about handling foreign policy crises (emphasis mine). That "...[A]s North Korea prepares to launch a missile on a Hail Mary pass aimed at Hawaii, Obama’s Democrats slash 19 missile interceptors from the Defense Department budget.” Can we afford such a man in charge of our foreign policy? (Atlasphere)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Under What Law?

Obama has now (at this writing) appointed 32 “czars,” bypassing Article 2 of the Constitution, which gives Congress the power to approve or disapprove of his appointments. This is a blatant “power grab” that bypasses the rights of Congress and puts more power in the hands of the president. What law allows him to do that? Or is he just “doing it” and since nobody objects, gets away with it? Obama is blatantly power grabbing all over the map, while stealing as much money as he can from the American people. I look forward to the time when we can get rid of this blatant con man if that’s ever possible. (Just common sense)

Palin's Best Reason

Her best reason for quitting as governor of Alaska is the money her enemies are costing her state to defend her against all those phony ethics charges. It amounts to half a million dollars, which she will be able to pay off with pocket change after she gets her $4 million dollar advance on the book she has signed up to do. Then there’s the multi-million dollar deals that are being offered to do a TV show and a column, and you have the best reason for her to quit, even if she doesn’t run for president. (Just common sense)

Putin's Latest Patsy

“Russia's nondemocratic rulers over the years have shown an uncanny knack for detecting weakness in their foes. Russia's Vladimir Putin is continuing the tradition.” his own patsies tell us he’s one of the “smartest people in the world,” but that only shows how ignorant they are. The only way Russia (the Soviet Union) advanced their wishes in the world is by “fooling the fools” in America. And Obama is definitely one of the fools. The fools always think they are the smartest. That’s part of being a fool. (IBD Editorials)

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

How Far Will It Get?

A judge is going to hear the case demanding Obama’s birth certificate be shown (something that shouldn’t even BE a case). Watch for unbelievable pressure to be brought to bear on this judge. This shouldn’t even BE a court case because Obama should have been forced to show it BEFORE he was even considered for nomination. But he wasn’t. He was elected, and is now a “sitting president” without showing it, and now we’ve got a court case which will probably cost somebody (mostly us) a LOT of money to get Obama to do what he should have done a long time ago. Why he wasn’t, I don’t know. But he shouldn’t be allowed to get away with refusing to show it and proving he is even ELIGIBLE to be president. He could stop this easily, simply by showing it. But he won’t, which should tell you a lot about it. Don’t expect this court case to force him to show it. He’s got too much power now, and will do everything he can to deflect it. (World Net Daily)

The Best Job for Madeoff

With so much experience on designing and running a pyramid scheme that stole BILLIONS, he should be put in charge of the Social Security Administration. That’s what Social Security is, and it’s getting nearer and nearer to its “tipping point” where there aren’t enough people in the world to support it. Yes, his pyramid scheme collapsed, and he got caught. But that’s because he couldn’t “print money” without going to prison like Obama can. (Payne)

The "Fix is In"

It’s in so strongly that an EPA researcher’s report that didn’t “toe the administration line” was squashed and the researcher’s job threatened if he didn’t “shut up.” They said the “time for debate on this issue is past,” much the same as AlGore has been saying with his “the debate is over” swindle. But the debate ISN’T over. The climate has been “flatlined” since 2,000. The climate is not getting hotter, OR colder. This law, passed in ”the dead of the night” (figuratively speaking) without having even been READ by lawmakers, will cost MILLIONS of jobs, raise ALL energy costs significantly, and “line the pockets” of those selfsame lawmakers and their friends (They’ll be selling “carbon credits,” which mean simply if you pay us [us being the government and ‘pull-peddlers’], it’s okay to pollute).

This is the SECOND major law (that we know of) that has been offered in multi-thousand page form, just HOURS before the scheduled vote. This is the way Obama’s accomplices plan to swindle us out of BILLIONS more dollars. This will happen every time something Obama wants is up for a vote. It will be “hurry, hurry, we gotta get it done” mainly before the people wake up to the swindle involved. Today, The biggest, most successful swindlers in this country are not people we can call criminals. They are Obama and all the friends he has appointed to high office, most offices which are not even subject to congressional oversight (as if THAT would help) and are reportable ONLY to Obama. I keep telling people things like this, but they apparently don’t care if Obama rapes their pocketbook and their rights. Or they just don't believe it's possible that a president, fergawd'sake, is a criminal. (Just common sense)

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Firing the Watchdogs

“Watchdogs are an endangered species in the Age of Obama. The latest government ombudsman to get the muzzle: Amtrak Inspector General Fred Weiderhold.” If you’re a government watchdog and you’re doing your job, ferreting out corruption in government, watch out! Obama will fire you on the thinnest of pretexts. Since he is engaged in so much corruption himself, he wants to “scare the daylights” out of those charged with “ferreting out corruption.” (IBD Editorials)

Changing His Mind

Obama strongly criticized George Bush for considering Islamic terrorist “prisoners of war” without a country indefinitely. He wanted to treat them as CRIMINALS and prosecute them within the American Justice System. One problem with that. To do so he must bring them into this country and give them rights to which they are not entitled. They should have been shot on the battlefield, as we DID do to ununiformed “spies” under the “rules of war” in previous wars. They are NOT prisoners because they are “criminals.” They are being held (as we do prisoners of war) to keep them off the battlefield so they don’t swell the ranks of terrorists. They should be kept prisoner until there is no longer an Islamic terrorist threat (if that ever happens). Obama is FINALLY beginning to realize this—something Bush has known all along. Maybe Bush is not the stupid fella the Democrats have painted him. Obama is finding it’s easier to promise such things as a candidate—but not as president. (Taragana)

Subtle Conditioning

Liberals are everywhere. They’re also among the cartoonists our children read every day, and many of their comics subtly push political lies to our children so that, when they grow up, they believe the “liberal line.” A good recent example if the April 29 edition of “Sherman’s Lagoon” where a polar bear is getting some advice from Sherman the Shark about “evolution” since the “ice is melting in the Arctic (a lie).” Kids will read this and never realize it IS a lie. So when they get older, they’ll accept AlGore’s swindle as “truth.” The ice is NOT melting generally in the Arctic (only in a couple of places, and THAT’S cyclical) and polar bears do NOT need help in swimming. They can swim for HUNDREDS of miles; a fact liberals never seem to realize, OR tell their dupes. This is not the result of any “massive plot.” It’s simply the result of the “subtle conditioning” this cartoonist has been subject to since HIS childhood. (Sherman’s Lagoon)

Thursday, July 9, 2009

"Reading Legislation Laughable"

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-MD) seems to think the whole idea of legislators actually READING legislation before they pass it into law laughable. “Seems like some political officials in Congress view their responsibility as stewards of American taxpayer money and future, as not significant enough to warrant their 100 per cent attention.” They think if the staff reads it and tells them what’s in it, that’s good enough. So now our laws are being dictated not by elected legislators, but by their paid assistants, none of whom are elected. (The Quipster)

"Golden Monkeys" But No Firefighters

They don’t have the money to pay firefighters. But they can spend $7.4 million on “golden monkeys” from communist China. This is a common ploy by politicians who are limited by the electorate in how much they can tax us. Cut “essential services,” therefore creating a “backlash,” allowing them to raise taxes “with our permission.” The Chinese finally refused to send the monkeys after we spent the money, but that’s not the story. The story is about them spending millions on “golden monkeys” in the first place, when they’re “poor-mouthing us” on the fire and police cuts. (Google/AP)

They're Afraid of Rush

"The enemies of talk radio are firmly in control of the White House and Congress. Sen. Chuck Schumer and his fellow Democrats are promising an all-out attack on talk radio. With a new 'Fairness Doctrine' backed by an Obama White House (under a different name, of course), political talk, as we know it, will end." Obama and his henchmen SAY they’re “against” a resurrection of the “Fairness Doctrine,” and I believe them. They’ll just change its name and use it to “shut up” the likes of Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, etc. They’re so afraid of what these people say they wet their pants every time they speak. And if Obama says he is “against the Fairness Doctrine,” you can believe he ISN’T. (News Max)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Reading Legislation

Recently, there has been a disturbing revelation: that legislators do not READ the legislation they pass. This is wrong. They have not been doing their jobs by voting on legislation they haven't read. Legislators (mostly Democrats, but some Republicans, too) have many tricks up their sleeves to get bad legislation passed into law “behind our backs. This is one of them. Another is attaching unnamed paragraphs to existing “must pass” legislation. Today, lawmakers release proposed legislation totaling thousands of pages, hours before a scheduled vote. It would be IMPOSSIBLE to read such legislation before voting on it. This must STOP. Legislators MUST be given time to READ any legislation upon which they’re required to vote and be forced to PROVE they’ve read it before they’re allowed to vote on it. This should be a CONDITION for them to be allowed to vote on ANY legislation. (Just common sense)

Dick Morris' New Book

Obama is delusional. This (Morris) is a guy who USED TO BE a “die-hard” Democrat, defending every bad thing Clinton ever did, until they “fell out.” Then he became a “real man” and took on the Democrats in every way. His latest book does that well. "Morris, whose latest book is ‘Catastrophe: How Obama, Congress, and the Special Interests Are Transforming . . . a Slump into a Crash, Freedom into Socialism, and a Disaster into a Catastrophe. . . and How to Fight Back.’ He is getting an avalanche of incredibly positive publicity. One network had a two-day series with him at the White House. Another network is invited to do a full day's broadcasting from the White House as long as they focus on healthcare reform. With that kind of sloppy sentiment coming from the media, he has [the gall –RT] to talk about criticism. Morris went on to say: 'He has to appear that the media is being fair and balanced to him and he has to say, oh, I'm being criticized, so he can counterbalance public perceptions that he is getting a sweetheart deal from the media.' O'Reilly asked, 'You feel it's because he wants the American public to think that the media is not in the tank for him?' Morris said, 'Exactly.' O'Reilly: 'Everybody knows the media's in the tank for him.' Morris: 'That's why he had to say the opposite . . . He in fact is getting media adulation on a scale no president has ever gotten.' " I don’t much like the “everybody knows” thing, but in this case it IS true. It is the media adulation that makes Fox coverage “stand out like a sore thumb." (News Max)

Sotomayer Quits Elite "Woman-Only" Club

But would she have quit without being criticized when she is trying to get on the Supreme Court? Seems to me she has “shown her true colors” simply by being a member of that group. Quitting now, after being criticized for it just doesn’t count for anything to me. Look for the Democrats to “make light” of it, forgetting that they are the biggest criticizers of Republicans who are members of similar organizations. (One News Now)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


That’s what liberals say about Sarah Palin. That she can’t properly express herself; that she’s “just a back-woods hick (the liberals’ words) who lucked into the governorship. But they’re (as usual) wrong. She was (outside of Obama) the most articulate candidate in the presidential race in 2008; and if she runs at the top of the ticket in 2012 (without McCain to “muzzle her” so she can’t say ALL the things she COULD have said), she’ll win in a landslide; especially if she has somebody like Bobby Jindal as her running mate. And liberals are “in terror” at that possibility, since they “shot their wad” getting Obama and the rest of the “top-level swindlers” elected, thereby accomplishing a “bloodless (I think) coup to take over the U. S. government. They’re now reporting that she “resigned” as Governor of Alaska, (which is true, but not the whole story, as usual). What she said on her “Twitter” page is that she simply announced she would not be running for re-election when her term ended. And that, rather than be a “lame duck,” she’s resigning so the Lt. Governor (who will rise to the office of governor) has nothing “holding him back” while Alaska pays a “lame-duck governor” to run around making speeches.

They say as a reason that she has had to spend too much money defending herself against all the (phony) charges being laid against her (ALL of which, so far, have failed). But if those charges are related to her governorship, it would be legal for the state itself to pay those legal bills (though she doesn’t want to drain the state that way unnecessarily). And they think she is stupid enough to think resigning will stop the attacks. Whether she’s actually resigning makes no difference to her presidential possibilities. That makes them “wet their pants (or dresses)”. What REALLY scares them is that she’ll have more time to devote to a winning campaign. They know that every time an “unashamed conservative” runs AS a conservative (not as “liberal lite" CLAIMING to be conservative), they DO win in a landslide. Reagan did it twice. He’s dead and they’re still “badmouthing” him. Which means they’re still afraid of him. I hope this country can survive Obama long enough for her to “kick him out of office” and start repairing the damage he will have done. Reagan did it to Jimmy Carter and I hope she will do it to Obama. She used a basketball metaphor I think is apt: she’s “passing the ball” to other players on her team” to “get things done.” She is by no means “quitting.” As General MacArthur said, she’s “advancing in another direction.” (Palin’s Announcement)

"Taser Death"

Twice in recent days people have been shocked and have died. The “quick” judgment is that the shock killed him. That is impossible. Stun guns cannot kill. There isn’t enough AMPERAGE to do so. They use low-amperage shocks to save lives! I’d bet that when the autopsy results are in, it will be discovered that both these people had underlying medical problems that killed them, not the stun gun. Of course, family members will not accept this, as the stun gun is a “convenient target.” They’ll say the medical examiner is “part of the system” and ruled to “save” the cop who stunned him. MEs don’t operate that way. They find what’s there and report it. Maybe it has happened in the past, but it’s not “common.” Medical Examiners are THERE as an “oversight” to the cops, and anybody else who might kill someone, accidentally or on purpose. In one case, the man fell to his death AFTER being stunned, but the press STILL called his death as CAUSED by being “tazed.” I’ll wait until I find out just what killed this man before I blame the stun gun the cop used. (Just common sense)

SC Gov. MADE It "Public"

The South Carolina governor (Mark Sanford) left his state with NO ONE knowArgenting how to reach him to go down South and pursue his long-standing affair in South America. I don’t care much about his affair (though it DOES tell us a lot about his judgment just as Bill Clinton getting oral sex in the White House did about Clinton) But leaving his state “in the lurch” MAKES it a “public issue” and, in my opinion, makes Sanford a bad choice to run for president in the future. Not necessarily the affair, but going away without telling his staff where he was or how to reach him. Yes, he’s a Republican; and as such will come in for a LOT more criticism from Democrats where such actions only get support and excuses for Democrats similarly afflicted. They’ve always defended Clinton, saying his “sex life is not our business.” But it IS when he practices it on OUR TIME, and in a government office while important visitors waited in the outer office. Other Democrats have been similarly caught, and Democrats have always defended them, But they won’t this time because Sanford is a Republican. (Yahoo News)

Monday, July 6, 2009

I'm Baaack!

The liberals can return to being nervous about me while I continue to tell the truth about them, which they hate. I have buried my brother and interacted with my family. The next time I go there I hope it’s not for a funeral. Not even my own. He’s in a much better place, now. I am now the “patriarch” of the family and, though I didn’t want the job, I’m going to keep it as long as I can. Bob and Rick (my next younger brother) are responsible for me doing what I’m doing today after insisting I read Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged.” While Bob introduced me to Rush Limbaugh. The first time I ever listened to him was while sitting on Bob’s porch. Rest easy, Bob. I’m going to carry on the work as long as I can.

Obama "Running" the Media

A recent ABC show touting Obama’s “universal health care” (filmed IN the white House) not only would not allow opposing views to be aired as part of the show, it refused ADVERTISING from people who opposed it. The “system” the media TELLS us is that BOTH SIDES of every issue MUST be shown in EVERY story, but they’re not even “going through the MOTIONS” of doing that in this show. If this is what we can expect in an Obama administration, I’m going to sell my television set. (Drudge Report)

Iran; Beginnings of a Revolution?

They’re “rioting in the streets” in Iran over the stolen election of Ahmadinijerk. Iran first restricted foreign journalists to their offices during the demonstrations to keep them from filming them. Then they “threw them out of the country” altogether. Meanwhile, demonstrations continued apace, with cops beating demonstrators with their billies and shooting some. The Mullahs have promised a “partial recount,” whatever that means (probably meant they will only recount votes FOR their candidate). Will they be overthrown? Will Ahmadinijerk be imprisoned, or even shot (as sometimes happens when dictators get overthrown)? (Fox News)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Obama: "Stuff It!"

Iranian “President” Ahmadinijerk is demanding an apology from America for “interfering” in their presidential election. You know, the one where the Mullahs “fixed it” so he would “win in a landslide? The one where 120% of the population voted? The one where they promised to recount “some” of the votes (the ones that WERE for Ahmadjinijerk, of course)? The one that was protested by thousands of citizens, some of whom they shot and killed? That one. The one Obama has been “going out of his way to AVOID interfering in. Obama just answered his demand. He said, “stuff it, jerk!” Not in those words, but what he said had that meaning. The wimp stands up! I’m surprised. I expected him to apologize for something we never did, as he has been doing in speeches given all over the world. I guess the difference here is, he would be apologizing for something HE is supposed to have done. He’s not hesitant to apologize for something somebody ELSE has done, but when it’s something HE is supposed to have done, forget it. (Just common sense)

So What else is New?

The liberals have been wrong on most issues, and thus have unnecessarily screwed up this country. They’re “wrong again” about global warming (they now call it "climate change," since the globe is NOT "warming" and hasn't been since 2000), and their “solutions” are wrong, too. “Global warming alarmists are incessantly preaching the virtues of mass transit and condemning as evil the cars most of us get around in. Turns out their paradigm is a bit flawed. Initially, these groups wanted cars off the roads and replaced with mass transit under the pretense that they emitted too much pollution. Now the environmentalists and their allied policymakers are saying that automobile use should be limited because their engines discharge carbon dioxide [I guess we should also ban all humans, as well, for the same reason. –RT]. This, according to the eco-faith, is causing global warming, even though there's no scientific evidence, just an assumption based on "computer models", to back up the claim. Herding large numbers of commuters into buses and trains has been a goal of environmentalist groups for some time. They tend not to like cars because cars represent freedom and independence from central planners. They especially loathe SUVs because they see them as symbols of crass wealth and excessive consumption.” But unfortunately, the lack of proof or THEIR assumptions is not all there is: there is also proof that the OPPOSITE is true, but they suppress that. Their “Pope,” AlGore, is “living high on the hog” because so many people “buy” this garbage while their “solutions” are increasing basic living costs for ALL of us. (IBD Editorials)

Ignoring the Obvious

Many people actively ignore what Obama is doing to this country. They REFUSE to read blogs such as mine; they REFUSE to listen to Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or Sean Hannity (who speak common sense), believing the crap liberals put out about them in the liberal media, to which they cannot avoid listening. Meanwhile, the liberal media is kvetching about the one or two SMALL “beachheads” conservatives have made in the media, such as Fox News and a couple of “less-than-liberal” newspapers that somehow cling to life (while their readership is GROWING at the same time it is DWINDLING for the liberal outlets). They “see the handwriting on the wall,” their destruction,” and cry about it (trying to legislate censorship), while refusing to admit the reasons why: Americans are tired of reading and hearing their liberal crap, and are “voting with their feet.” They won’t be back, even if they’re successful in “shutting up” their “less-than-liberal” competition. Hopefully, it is in time, and the liberal media will die, while leaving that ”small beachhead” intact. (Just common sense)