Monday, April 30, 2018

The New Socialist Party

They call it the Democrat Party. I call it the Dumocrat Party. But if you look at what they have proposed, and even enacted recently, they should change the name to the "New Socialist Party."Obamacare, for instance, is PURE socialism. It depends on the younger people they FORCE into the program to bring the money they will use to pay the bills for the older people, who tend to use more of their services. Elsewhere, they want taxpayers to pay the college tuition for ALL students. They'd also like for there to be a minimum salary for ALL Americans, whether they work, or not. Paid for, of course, by their excess taxation, not by them. Then there's the new "minimum wage" of $15.00 an hour. A lot more than those entry level kids deserve for their untrained work. That this will cause there to be FEWER such jobs available, and those currently holding them to be fired, they deny, in spite of SURE EVIDENCE that will happen, because it IS happening, already. (Just common sense)

Giving Cops A Bad Name

In Ohio, cops chased a van and used stop sticks to disable it. When it stopped, the lead cop shot and killed a father in front of his three small children and his girlfriend. Then led his girlfriend off in handcuffs, even though she had done nothing. Why the cop shot him is unknown. The cops tore the van apart, looking for anything they could use to support the killing of this unarmed, innocent man. Yes, he did refuse to stop. But did that warrant a death sentence, to be carried out immediately, in front of his children? Part of the coverup is a claim that he used his van as a weapon, but that is unsupported by reality. The cop involved, which his department has refused to name, was just a bit too quick on the trigger. Some would say that's the result of the "Black Lives Matter" campaign against cops, making them "trigger happy." But I believe this is just one cop who was ill trained, and panicked. It is one of the exceptions that have given good cops a bad name. I was pulled over by a cop recently, and I'm probably lucky my cop wasn't in panic. No ticket given, though. He was one of the good cops. (Three Percenter Nation)

"Cops Keep Us Safe"

The anti-gun fools confidently tell us that the cops can keep us safe from mass murderers. Oh? How have they done so far? How many were murdered in Las Vegas recently? How about Orlando, Florida, or Sutherland Springs, Texas? Were the cops able to do ANYTHING to stop these killings? How about elsewhere? Not a chance. But the anti-gun fools still think the cops can be everywhere so they can stop a mass shooter from killing people. But the cops will be the first to tell you they can't. The cops in the trenches will honestly tell you they wish more law-abiding people could carry guns, while the police politicians (who mostly have never been in the trenches where the real action happens) think otherwise. No, the cops CAN'T "keep us safe." All they can do in most cases is "take names" of victims and witnesses and clean up the gore and blood, and, MAYBE catch the bad guy, unless he killed himself after killing a bunch of innocent people, thus doing their jobs for them. This is yet another case where the anti-gun fools are too stupid to know how stupid they are, and that gets people killed. (Reason)

Friday, April 27, 2018

Promoting Racism

I get pretty tired of hearing about "white privilege" and other names for the black against white racism liberals are promoting. They SAY they hate racism, while actively PROMOTING it. They even teach courses IN "white privilege" in college, just as if it were something real. It is NOT. It is a MYTH, promoted by those who want to start a new race war, this time with blacks "on top." The real racism is "on the wane," and has been for years--until Barack Obama started blaming ALL the opposition to his ignorant policies on racism, while his acolytes "took up the din," proclaiming racism to be on the RISE in America. It is NOT. If it were. we would not have elected a black president, or so many black mayors, councilmen/women, or governors (in the SOUTH, fergawdsakes, where at one time it would have been unthinkable). Then there are the black SENATORS an representatives we send to DC. The evidence is there that white against black racism is at its lowest point in history, if you actually LOOK at it. Today's liberals do NOT, and they try their best to keep YOU from looking at it, with their "white privilege" din. Only FOOLS buy their bull droppings. (Chicago Tribune)

Cops Shot the Hero

In Amarillo, Texas, a gunman took 100 people hostage in a church. It had all the makings of a serious mass shooting until security "took him to the ground," a student wrestled his gun away from him. Then the cops arrived, saw that student with a gun in his hand, and shot him, Fortunately, not fatally. Their mistake was quickly discovered. But the national news media, run by liberals, failed to report that, since to report it would hinder their anti-gun narrative. Maybe the cops should have just ordered him to put the gun down, since he wasn't threatening anybody with it, But in a "seconds count" situation, you don't often have time to consider the options, so they shot him. He is "resting easy" in the hospital, and hopefully will not have any permanent damage from getting shot. But this is yet another "black mark" on the liberal media for not reporting it the way it happened. I hope that cop is truly sorry for his mistake. (Freedom Outpost)

Traffic Ticket? No Guns!

Yet more proof that politicians will use any excuse to deny Americans their constitutional right to be armed for self defense. In NICS there's a category called, "scary fugitive," which denies that right to those listed in NICS under that category. "Authorities" have used that to deny gun rights to many people whose only "crime" is an unpaid parking ticket! Fully 13% of refusals have that listed as the category. And another thing: You'd better hope there is no scumbag out their with the same name your parents hung on you. There is no system to verify the veracity of the factors in entering names into the NICS system. Some ATF agent playing a trick on somebody can get a name on NICS, and it takes practically an "act of God" to get it off. Next, there is the lazy data entry person. The guy or gal charged with ENTERING those names into the system. Admittedly, this is a small category, but an important one for those killed by people whose name SHOULD be in NICS. Then there's the fact that somebody's name in the system stops NOBODY from buying a gun in a back alley somewhere, from another criminal. Those people don't worry about being listed in NICS. (Truth About Guns)

Thursday, April 26, 2018

IS Trump "Unhinged?"

Trump gave an interview the other day, in which he gave some opinions about all the "investigations" out there with the goal of "getting rid of him." Liberals and other fools are saying his answers are proof that he is "unhinged." Not so. What I heard was a man who was "fed up" with all the "witch hunts" ongoing out there, where the standard of proof is turned just backward from what we're used to. Instead of him being "innocent until PROVEN guilty," he's "guilty until proven innocent." All I hear in his voice is righteous indignation. Meanwhile Democrats and other fools are "not guilty under any circumstances." When Dumocrats and other liberal fools make UNPROVEN accusations against him, no proof is necessary. But he is expected to "prove his innocence." Never mind that it is difficult, if not impossible, to prove a NEGATIVE. Meanwhile, all the PROVEN allegations against Dumocrats are IGNORED. There needs to be some limits placed on such "investigations." He says he's "waiting until they are finished." But they will NEVER be finished, as long as he is in office. The "Trump haters" (otherwise known as "the swamp") are still too strong in DC. They will be trying to get rid of him eight years from now. They are now saying, "even the APPEARANCE of a lie is actionable." Which means if the questioner decides, on his own, that a subject is lying, he can be imprisoned for "lying to the FBI. Which is the main reason why Trump should NEVER go before Mueller in an investigatory setting. (Just common sense)

Desperation Move

Bob Mueller, the "Special Counsel" who is "investigating" the "Russian Connection" to Trump in the 2014 election, has been diligently searching for ANY evidence of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians in getting him elected. He has, in more than a year, found not a single shred of "evidence" of collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians. He's getting desperate. Dumocrats who appointed him expected him to come up with, or MANUFACTURE, something they could use to "get rid of Trump," but he has failed to do so. So now he has indicted a bunch of Russians for spending money and buying ads to support Trump, while doing the same to OPPOSE him. The indictments are for "process crimes" like "wire fraud" and the like, and are applied to people who have had NO CONTACT with the Trump campaign or to Trump, himself. It is an effort to intimate there WAS a "Russian Contact" in that election. There WAS, but it was not the kind they wanted to find. The "Russian Collusion" was with the HILLARY campaign, and is PROVABLE. But they don't want that, so they IGNORE the evidence leading in that direction. They desperately hope against hope that one of the Russians will "confess" to being in contact with the Trump campaign that they can use to "take down Trump." (The Hill)

Duh....Ya Think?

In California, they're now saying that, "Young men of color are the most likely to commit gun violence." They're identifying them so they can PAY them not to shoot each other and others for silly purposes. They have at least identified the "gun problem" as NOT "a gun problem, but a "gang problem," and they're targeting individuals (gangstas) the cops KNOW have either committed gun violence or been the victim of it (but couldn't convict) to "mentor" and pay not to do violence as part of their gang life. Sacramento is only (only) spending $1.5 million dollars on the program, with program managers matching it (I wonder where they're getting the money). Cities are signing up for the program for four years, but with the proviso they can "back out" after two years if it isn't working. One mayor says he isn't looking for reasons it won't work, but is looking for reasons it WILL work. If that's what he's doing, how will he even RECOGNIZE signs of failure? (Sacramento Bee)

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hospital Again

If anybody has been wondering where I've been for the last 3 days, I've been in the hospital. A severe stomach ache was the reason. At first they thought it might be pancreatitis, but their final diagnosis was that I had passed a gallstone. A lot of bother, but it's over now. Back to work tomorrow.

Friday, April 20, 2018

The Columbine Anniversary

This year is the 19th anniversary of the killings at the Columbine high School, and the anti-gun fools are "trotting out" their usual tired, old, USELESS laws and regulations that do NOTHING to stop future Columbines from happening. They have to know that NONE of their laws work, but sill they trot them out and demand lawmakers make even more of them. David Hogg, that ubiquitous teenaged child who thinks he knows more than any adult, is now going to write a BOOK (or have it written for him) about his ignorance. They declare even more "no-gun zones" that shooters SEEK OUT in which to do their killing. They stop the LAW-ABIDING from being able to buy guns, in many instances, thus making it far easier for thugs and criminals to victimize them, since they aren't armed and able to defend themselves. The shooters at Columbine broke many of their laws, just to GET their guns. 

Other shooters who, up to the minute they started shooting up a place, had not broken any laws, and thus got their guns LEGALLY, THEN they shot up a place, sometimes a school, and sometimes other places. And if they couldn't get a gun or guns, they used a knife. They went around and stabbed and slashed everybody they could. In one place, a guy took a machete and slashed a bunch of people. The point is, if they can't get their weapons legally, that has never stopped them. So what the hell GOOD are their anti-gun laws? All their thrashing around and rallying, demonstrating, writing books, and articles, published in liberal sources stop not a SINGLE killing. We keep telling them this, and they keep ignoring us. And people keep dying. I could go on and on, and the anti-gun fools cannot truthfully say I'm wrong. So they start calling me names, and try to demonize me. (Just common sense)

Very Suspicious

The latest in a long string of untimely deaths for people scheduled to testify against Hillary, Bill, and other Dumocrats, is a small plane crash in Russia, where two Russians, who were to testify in a couple of days died. Of course, now they won't testify. This could be ruled a "coincidence" if it were not that this instance wasn't just one of a long string of such deaths of people who are scheduled to testify against Hillary or one of her henchmen. There are actually two lists--one for her and one for Bill, whose list shows about 50 people who have died just before they were to make damaging testimony against him (maybe more by now). Are the Clintons "mass murderers?" Are people who are to testify against them DOOMED? I don't know. But it's very suspicious. Why do so many people DIE just before they are to make testimony damaging to a Clinton? It has happened so often, it can't be a coincidence. Some people talk about the "Bush Crime Family," but there are no such "coincidental deaths" for people scheduled to testify against HIM. The very NUMBER of such cases makes me wonder. I would advise anybody who has anything on a Clinton to be VERY careful. (The Three Percenter)

"Better Than Nothing"

That's what the anti-gun fools think, as they continue to make their FUTILE laws to take guns away from law-abiding citizens to make it easier for those who do NOT obey laws to victimize them with their ILLEGAL guns. Not a SINGLE anti-gun law has EVER done one thing to stop, or even slow down "gun violence." The basic flaw in their thinking is that their laws DEPEND on lawbreakers to obey their laws. They think if they "do SOMETHING," even If It's The wrong thing, it's better than nothing. It is NOT. What they do with their silly gun laws only causes more deaths, as lawbreakers victimize the law-abiding, who DO obey laws.

One of the biggest stupidities is the "gun-free zone," which purports to keep guns OUT of certain areas, but which does NOT. The "bad guys" SEEK OUT gun free zones in which to do their "dirty work" because they figure there is less of a chance there will be any guns there to oppose them. "Safe Storage" laws likewise only make it harder to get a gun into action fast enough to defend yourself against an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal, who doesn't bother to obey those laws and has his gun already in his hand. One of the stupidest laws I've ever seen is the one that allows concealed carry, but requires the gun carried to be UNLOADED. It's refreshing to see an article like the one liked here, because the writer seems to know whereof he speaks. Unlike most newspaper articles about guns. (Roanoke Times)

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Stupid Politics

Letting people no older than 16 vote in ANY election, much less a presidential election, is about the stupidest move a politician could make. But that's exactly what Dumocrats re attempting in DC. "Washington, D.C. Democrat Council Member Charles Allen introduced legislation that would lower the age to vote to 16 in the 2020 elections for both local and federal elections." Chldren, at age 16, are not sufficiently knowledgeable to know for whom to vote for such an important position as president. But that's what Dumocrats want to allow, so they can "rain" their usual horse apples upon them and con them into electing such people as Hillary, or maybe her clone in a future election. At age 16, kids are too ignorant on the issues, and for whom they should vote, to get things done to affect their lives for GOOD. They just haven't been on this Earth long enough to have learned these things, so they are very susceptible to the liberal garbage they are fed by the Dumocrats. The current age is 18, and that's bad enough. So why should they make it WORSE? The Dumocrats are in panic, and by doing this, they hope to increase their chances to take back control in DC, so they can continue fleecing the country. If this happens nationally, we're DOOMED as a free country. We will become a socialist country, run by Dumocrats. (DC Clothesline)

Pushing Phony Racism

The liberals want us to believe that this country is irrevocably racist and was BUILT on "white privilege." But the facts deny that. Why is it, in a "racist country," the chief TV star (and a multi millionaire) is an overweight, black female who cries a lot and gives away cars? Why is it that there are so many black mayors, governors, and such in the south that they are uncountable? Why is it that what is expected to be one of the TOP grossing movies, so far, expected to earn $170 MILLION dollars in its opening week, is about a black country, and a black super hero (There aren't enough black people in this country to accomplish that, so lots of white people are seeing, and liking it)? Barack Obama, our first black president, assured us that if we elected him, we'd END racism in this country. So we elected him, and soon he was accusing all his opponents who disagreed with him and his policies of being racists, while his henchmen did the same with EVERY disagreement with liberal (Dumocrat) policies. Black people have more rights, more freedoms, today in America than they have ever had before. Some say blacks CAN'T be racists, while black professors advocate the KILLING of all white people. Evidence does not support the claim that this country is heavily racist, but they keep pushing that myth, anyway, and gullible people believe it. (Just common sense)

No, It Will Not!

The anti-gun fools confidently claim that "national reciprocity" (a law allowing people with gun carry permits in one state to travel with their guns to other states) will "add to the danger to domestic violence victims." No, it will NOT. People who are determined to victimize others do not obey such laws. If they can't get a gun legally, they get one ILLEGALLY. And the national reciprocity law will allow that VICTIM to be armed, in order to defend her/himself if he/she feels threatened! The anti-gun fools think that disarming the law-abiding will contribute to self defense, and that is STUPID. But then, anti-gun fools aren't too bright, anyway, since they still pass laws they KNOW do not work, which IS stupid. Not a SINGLE anti-gun law they have ever passed has done one thing to "reduce gun violence," and they have to know that, but ignore it in their zeal to disarm as many Americans as they can, for reasons unknown, except to increase their power to tell us "NO." They would make laws to make self defense a crime if they could, but they can't. So they do the next best thing, and take away (if they can) our TOOLS we can use in defending ourselves. (Quartz)

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Killed Their Own Business

"Toys 'R' Us" is going out of business. A little known fact is that they have literally run themselves out of business. They tell us their "target customer" is the child, from birth to late teens, and they've been actively killing these customers off for many years. The left has been bullying many different businesses to "support their causes," and many, including "Toys 'R' Us" have done so. One of those is Planned Parenthood, that murderous outfit that has MURDERED 60 MILLION BABIES since Roe vs. Wade. This is a big factor in the overall reduction in birth rates, by one-third. Human Life International says, "Planned Parenthood, of course, directly kills some 300,000 unborn U.S. citizens per year – in other words, 300,000 of Toys “R” Us’ own target demographic. All told, there have been some 60 million (conservative estimate) preborn babies aborted since Roe v. Wade. Imagine if these children had survived the violence of abortion, married and had children of their own? Not only would America’s population be stronger, but there would be huge number of Toys 'R' Us customers." For many years leftists have worried about population growth, while actively stifling it. Their policies are, as usual, inimical to good sense, and to what is good for all of us. (Mommy Underground)

Liberal Stupidity

It never changes. Liberals have always "bellied up" to our enemies and justified (for themselves) their goals and atrocities. In the 1700s, we called them "Tories." But they are the same kind of people we today call liberals, or "the left," today. Tories wanted to remain slaves of the King of England, and they tried valiantly to justify HIS atrocities. Fortunately, they lost, and we created this great nation. They expressed their admiration for Fidel Castro and extolled the "excellence" of the national health care system he set up. You know, the one that was so good for Fidel and his associates, and other government people, yet so miserable for the rest of the Cuban people. You notice that when HE needed some good medical care, he came to America for it. His system just wasn't up to it. They loved Adolph Hitler, and Josef Stalin, while those two went about murdering millions. Today, they love Kim Jong Stupid, hereditary dictator in North Korea, and swallowed, hook. line, and sinker, Kim’s “overtures” to S. Korea so he could use the Winter Olympics for his propaganda. And he doesn't even need his PR guy, because the American liberal media does his job for him. They "fawn over" his equally murderous sister while scorning the Vice President of the United States for mostly (and rightly) ignoring her. They say he is "disrespecting" her, and they're right. He should be, since America is not buying Kim's bull droppings. America has no reason to "respect" N. Korea, nor any of its murderers. And Pence refused to pretend. (Just common sense)