Monday, April 30, 2018

The New Socialist Party

They call it the Democrat Party. I call it the Dumocrat Party. But if you look at what they have proposed, and even enacted recently, they should change the name to the "New Socialist Party."Obamacare, for instance, is PURE socialism. It depends on the younger people they FORCE into the program to bring the money they will use to pay the bills for the older people, who tend to use more of their services. Elsewhere, they want taxpayers to pay the college tuition for ALL students. They'd also like for there to be a minimum salary for ALL Americans, whether they work, or not. Paid for, of course, by their excess taxation, not by them. Then there's the new "minimum wage" of $15.00 an hour. A lot more than those entry level kids deserve for their untrained work. That this will cause there to be FEWER such jobs available, and those currently holding them to be fired, they deny, in spite of SURE EVIDENCE that will happen, because it IS happening, already. (Just common sense)

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