Friday, April 13, 2018

"Character Assassination"

Liberals are very frightened about the new movie about Ted Kennedy and Chappaquiddick. so the New York Times is now calling it "character assassination." That's one way to discredit true news among liberals, who never really know what's going on, since they only read liberal news sources or watch liberal television stations. But that will not work on INTELLIGENT people who look at both sides of any issue. And the truth is, Ted Kennedy is a MURDERER! And his murder was covered up as long as he was alive. Powerful forces attempted to stop this movie from being made, because they know it is TRUTH, and they don't want that out there, just before a pivotal election they hope to win, to get control back in DC so they can continue to fleece America. That's what they DO. As long as they are in power, we are being fleeced. And the biggest fleece there is, is this country going socialist, which is what they are working on. Dumocrats are the biggest saboteurs out there, and that party should be disbanded, except they'd just start another party, PRETENDING it's not the same people wanting to fleece America. That's what they did when the Whigs failed, and they took over the Democrat Party and began using it in their efforts to make this into a socialist country. (Just common sense)

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