Wednesday, October 31, 2012

"Gonna Give Him What For!"

One of Obama’s new ads features a “potty-mouthed” old woman who says if “the Republicans steal this election I’m going to track Romney down and give him what for!” (loosely quoted—cleaned up for those who are put off by bad language) I don’t think Romney has much to worry about from that quarter, but what if the DEMOCRATS steal this election? What will she do then? Deny it like most Democrats (liberals) do? Obama’s web site asks if you’re “in,” but has only one choice: “yes.” If you want to answer “no,” you’ll need to go elsewhere. What’s worse is that he’s somehow found three people I know personally and is using THEIR NAMES in an effort to change my mind. It won’t work. My mind isn’t made up from MISinformation. It’s from TRUE KNOWLEDGE. (Obama site)

Two Kinds of Rich

Obama and other liberals hate “the rich.” Even though HE is rich, having written two books that have made him very successful. He forgets that. One kind of rich people get rich by coming up with a product or service that many people want to buy, work hard to make it and spend a lot of their own money to accomplish it. These are the people Obama and other liberals hate even though they are the ones who create ALL the jobs and whose profits IMPROVE the economy (The government CANNOT improve the economy, OR create jobs. All it can do is stand in the way.).

The other kind is the person who either inherited it or married it, as with John Kerry, the 2008 Democrat presidential candidate, (whose second rich wife is heiress to the Heinz catchup fortune). These people scam as much as they can from the government in the form of subsidies and loans they never repay. (Solyndra is an excellent example of this kind and was made up of Obama contributors). They are “leeches on society.” They are the ones who SHOULD be hated but they are the ones the liberals LOVE, since so many of them ARE liberals. This kind of “rich” creates NO product or service. They create no jobs unless the government supports them. (Just common sense)

Sunday, October 28, 2012

No Voter Fraud?

I’m getting very tired of the liberals, as an excuse NOT to require picture ID in order to vote, saying, “There is no proven vote fraud in this country.” I’m not surprised, with NO mechanism to prove it in place. People can run across the border directly to a polling place and vote, while showing NO proof of citizenship or even speaking English (they print the ballots in several languages now). How are you going to prove voter fraud without some sort of ID being required? A man could vote at one polling place, then go to another and vote again if no ID is required. No :proven voter fraud” is a STUPID REASON not to require a picture ID as the most minimum method of identifying people and proving their RIGHT to vote while keeping them from voting more than once. (Just common sense)

$500 TRILLION in Tax Reductions?

And "for the rich," of course. That’s what Obama says Romney is proposing. . . .NOT! Absolutely NOBODY except maybe OBAMA has said that. This is the kind of LIE he has resorted to after his disastrous performance in that big Denver debate. He’s desperate. He has to be in order to tell such a BIG lie (through his mouthpiece, Joe Biden) that is so easy a lie to disprove. There is not that much money in EXISTENCE! Does he take us for MORONS? He’s insulting our intelligence every time he (or one of his mouthpieces) opens his/her mouth. One of his ongoing lies is his constant reference to Romney “cutting taxes for the rich” when Romney speaks of cutting taxes for everybody, INCLUDING the rich, who use the money they save to invest in new projects that create profits. This creates new jobs. He criticizes the rich for BEING rich, when getting rich is the goal of every one of us, even if getting rich by being successful makes us targets of Obama's ire and new taxes. (Just common sense)

Saturday, October 27, 2012

It's All He Has

Crying “racism” is all Obama has left, and his “spokespeople in the press” are working HARD to push it. He says Romney is a “bullsh-tter” but it is Obama, himself who lathers on the crap, every day. He CLAIMS to have “created” many jobs, but he hasn’t. Any jobs he has “created” are in the government, mostly in the IRS to collect the “fines” he hopes to unconstitutionally collect (never from me) from people who refuse to “knuckle under” to his demands to either buy health insurance or pay a fine. He’ll play hell collecting a fine from me, OR getting me to buy health insurance at his “order.” This FOOL needs to be sent back to Chicago with his tail between his legs, right along with his mouthy wife. Maybe she’ll shut up after she’s no longer the “first lady.” They’ll surely call me a racist for this item, but that’s growing thin from overuse. He’s pathetic. I don’t care of he’s PURPLE with orange polka-dots. He’s STUPID and his POLICIES are stupid, whatever color he is. (The Blaze)

Terrorist Strategy Working

After many killings of American soldiers by terrorists who infiltrated training facilities designed to train Afghans to become policemen, terrorists the other day fired a mortar into a facility. The Americans thought they were under attack by Afghan soldiers in their own compound and returned fire,. The altercation killed three Afghan soldiers and two Americans before contact from the Afghan Army straightened things out. So the specific problem was solved, but probably won’t make things better between Afghans and Americans in that program. Those involved in that firefight will probably harbor ill feelings toward each other for some time. That can only work to the advantage of the terrorists. (

Thursday, October 25, 2012

"Investigating" Libya Murders

Former ambassador Thomas Pickering has been accused of being “an apologist for Islamic terrorism.” He has close ties to CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), a known terrorist organization. It is a documented Muslim Brotherhood Brotherhood affiliate named as an unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land foundation trial, the largest trial on illicit funding in the U. S. Army. He is also the co-chairman of George Soros’ International Crisis Group, and has ties to many other Islamic groups including the National Iranian-American Council, a KNOWN pro-Iran “front group.” What sort of “investigation” do you think he will do with his built-in bias? Any “investigation” into the Banghazi murders should be done by the FBI or some other group WITHOUT Islamic ties. And if you don't know who George Soros is, you'd better find out, quick! (The Blaze)

What do Politicians Have Against the Tea Party?

That they want to continue to have freedom? That they want to continue the free market that has made this country the “destination of choice” for people from all over the world who want to better themselves? That they resent and wish to do away with “big government?” That they want the GOVERNMENT to stop COUNTERFEITING money and diluting the value of the rest of the money? That they want their country back from the socialists now running it into the ground? That they want the government to stop spending more money than there IS? That they are “good Americans” who recognize that the people running this country today are NOT? Do they really think they can convince the American people the Tea Parties are “subversive” by just saying so over and over with not one scintilla of proof? What FOOLS are they! (New York Times)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Incomprehensible Election

It’s impossible to me that Obama should stay as close to Romney as he seems to have in the polls with his MISERABLE RECORD. The only way I can see is that he has seen to it that the polls are “twisted” in his favor, which is easy to do, since the media is solidly in his corner. All he has to do is see to it their questions elicit answers that favor him, while making sure the pollsters OVERSAMPLE liberals in all cases. ALL Americans can’t be that STUPID. Another thing he depends on is the complete LACK of interest by many Americans in politics. They think what the politicians do won’t bother them. My own son says he “has other priorities” and, while he SAYS he “agrees with me,” what he spouts does not. He listens to too many liberal news sources and believes most of what they tell him. That’s what many Americans do, and if they keep it up, we’re DOOMED to become a socialist nation. DON’T  “ignore politics.” That makes it EASY for liberals to lie to you since you won’t know enough to spot the lies. (Just common sense)

Obama In Denial

He says “There is no war on Islamic terrorists.” There certainly is, and it was caused by Islam’s war on US. But Obama doesn’t see it that way, even while Americans re being murdered all over the world by Islamic terrorists who just can’t stand it that there are people in the world who aren’t Muslim. How this country intends to WIN a war against Islamic terrorists when its own PRESIDENT won’t recognize that a war even EXISTS is beyond me. That myopic blindness alone should give us good reason to rid us of this fool. (American Thinker)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What the HELL Does It TAKE?

Some people, after watching the THIRD Presidential Debate, say they STILL don’t know for whom to vote. What the hell does it take? Obama spent the last four years RAPING this country to the tune of $16 TRILLION DOLLARS! Yes, I know: Bush contributed $5 trillion to the deficit in his eight years in office. But Obama ADDED five trillion dollars in just a little over THREE YEARS. How much more is he going to add in another four years if he is re-elected? Economic experts say the deficit will be $20 TRILLION by 2016. I don't know how they arrived at that number though, with so many variables, the biggest one being who will be president after the 2012 election? If it is Romney, the increase in the debt will not be as high, if at all. Obama has spent money like WATER. He”invested,” then LOST $535 million dollars in ONE company to support his “green energy initiative,” which has been a disaster.

Solyndra is not the only company on which he lavished money which he subsequently LOST. But the biggest reason NOT to re-elect him is his STATED objective to make this into a socialist nation. Did he really SAY that? Not on so many words, but it is EVIDENT to people who pay attention and have ANY intelligence at all that this is the end result of his policies. What people don’t seem to even realize is that Obama was BORN a communist (one form of collectivism) to a communist family; that he was TAUGHT communism all his life as he grew up; that he has communist MENTORS right along; that he keeps his communists friends CLOSE and has appointed many of them to his GOVERNMENT. A communist-leaning former domestic TERRORIST helped BEGIN his political career and is still a close adviser.. Bill Ayers somehow escaped prosecution for BOMBING THE PENTAGON and several other government places and is now, fergawd’ssake a (now retired) PROFESSOR in a COLLEGE, teaching our kids to be “good communists.”

Ayers FOUNDED the “Weather Underground, a SELF-DESCRIBED COMMUNIST REVOLUTIONARY GROUP. He is married to Bernadine Dohlm, also a Weather Underground leader. What does it take for gullible Americans to understand that Obama wants to create “The Soviet Socialist America” with himself at the helm? Communism (by that name, anyway) is dead in Russia so the communists are making AMERICA into their NEXT communist showcase and Obama is the Vladmir Lenin of America. If you don’t know who Vladmir Lenin is, you’d better look him up, or you’re beyond help. If you don’t even know that communism is just ONE form of COLLECTIVISM with socialism, Fascism, and progressivism being others, with ALL being very BAD for this country and your life, you’d better study the Soviet Union and its effect on Russia in its 75 years of life before it collapsed, as ALL communist (or socialist) governments will, eventually—but only after citizens SUFFERED under it as they did in the Soviet Union.

MILLIONS died before it was all over as the communists PLUNDERED a once vibrant economy. They promised “equality,” and they DELIVERED. All citizens (except for communist bureaucrats and politicians) were EQUALLY POOR. But the people RUNNING THINGS ran around in limousines, ate in the best restaurants (which were only in business for them, and kept “the rabble” out). They had the best things money could buy, financed by the money they STOLE from “the rabble.” They promise many things, as does Obama. Don’t believe his lies. Get rid of this ”pimple on the butt of America!” Obama might not be a "card-carrying communist," but he IS a communist in his THINKING. Get RID of this SPORE before it ruins ALL of our lives! (US Treasury)

Obama Flag Comes Down

The Obama forces say it was “sold out,” which is why they took it down from his web site. Of course, they’ll NEVER ADMIT they took it down because they got too many complaints about Obama showing disrespect for our flag. If it IS “sold out,” I’ll see one flying one of these days and I will pull it down and drop it in a mud puddle. This is the SECOND time the Obama camp has shown disrespect for our flag, which shows his disrespect for this COUNTRY. For a president to do such a thing should be grounds for impeachment. Unfortunately, it’s too late. We’re gonna get rid of this fool in November. (The Blaze)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

What Kind of FOOLS Are They?

Soon after the most recent “dog and pony show” (the Second Presidential Debate) death threats from Obama supporters “blossomed” on Twitter and elsewhere. How many death threats have conservatives made against Obama because of his stupid policies that have ruined this economy? None, or if any, few. Conservatives just aren’t that sort of people while liberals obviously ARE. Frankly, I’ve been amazed that Obama HASN’T been assassinated after he lost his chief “insurance policy” against assassination, Nancy Peelosi (#2 behind him in succession) in the last election. Nobody with any sense would assassinate Obama with Joe, then Nancy in line behind him. (Info Wars)

Hillary: "Raise Taxes on the Rich"

And they say this is not “class warfare.” And they expect us to BELIEVE it. It’s MORE than “class warfare.” It’s CLASS ENVY. People like Hillary Clinton (who is RICH) want to “pull the ladder up” so that other people can’t get as rich as she is. what liberals never tell us when they advocate higher taxes for “the rich” is that “the rich” pay MOST of the income taxes paid already! The top 25% of wage-earners NOW PAY 86% of the income taxes now paid. And that’s according to the IRS itself. Where the hell does she get off wanting to tax the rich even more? She’s GOT hers. Now let others get theirs. Sheesh! (The Blaze)

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Black Mob Attacks "Wrong Guy"

A bunch of black kids high on dope attacked a man (The second attack that night). The first was when they beat up two girls in the park) One problem. The guy they attacked this time was well able to defend himself and killed one of them while injuring the other. Their friends stood around and watched, then fled. Now their family and friends are claiming HE attacked THEM. This is so common that nobody even believes this family's lies any more. The cops weren’t fooled and laid no charges against this man for killing this teenage thug. They thought they would have an easy time of it, but were sorely disappointed. Their families made many racist comments in defense of these child thugs, including saying that if the boys were white, it would be different. Such racist comments have “worn thin” through way too much use. (World Net Daily)

"Slandering the Prophet"

Obama blasts those who “slander the prophet.” (Like a good Muslim thinker) Never mind that most people who tell the TRUTH about Mohammed ARE called SLANDERERS. Today, ANYBODY who says ANYTHING against Mohammed are branded as “slanderers.” This is how the Muslim extremists are making it a “crime” to tell the truth about the Muslim “religion” or its leader, Mohammed. Meanwhile, Muslims spend a lot of time “slandering” Christianity and all other forms of religion all over the world. They think it is dastardly for ANYBODY to “slander” the Muslim “religion” while it is NOT to “slander” other religions. This double standard is a transparent attempt to CONTROL the very THINKING of other people. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

"I Won in Iraq!"

“And I won in Afghanistan.” Obama says that because he RAN from both places. He wants the world to THINK al-Qaida is defeated and there’s a good reason for leaving both places. But the truth is, he RAN so he could CLAIM to have WON. He didn’t win ANYTHING. He LOST the war in both places, which he TOLD US was one of his chief goals before he was even elected. I think this is one of the FEW places he told the truth. The al-Qaida is NOT “defeated.” They are only hiding, waiting for the “date certain” he told them his troops would be “running away from them.” After they’re gone, al-Qaida will be back, stronger than ever, killing more and more innocent people, while the blood will be on Obama's hands. And the next president (Romney, I fervently hope) will have to deal with that, while Obama’s henchmen criticize him for it. (Just common sense)

Obama Is A Communist!

I know most people’s eyes glaze over when the word “communism” (or any of its derivatives) is mentioned, But the truth is, Obama IS a communist. No, he’s not a “card-carrying member of the communist party” but he IS a communist in every other way. He was BORN a communist; raised by communist parents; he had many communist mentors and advisers in his lifetime, and he still does. It’s hard to think he does not THINK like a communist; and he tells us he does every time he speaks. He speaks of “fairness” and “redistribution of wealth.” He talks about hating the rich and all they stand for (even though "the rich" create ALL the jobs AND the money people like Obama steal to fund their "flights of fancy" give away programs). He places as many roadblocks in the way of the free market as he can, every chance he gets. It’s a well known fact that he is trying his best to make this into a socialist country and there are only cosmetic differences between communism and socialism. What did they call communist Russia? The “Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republics.”

Obama THINKS like a communist—and he is the PRESIDENT of the United States! How did this happen? I think it was one of the founders who said, ”Our Republic will be gone when politicians find out they can bribe the citizens with their own money.” And he is doing just that. He has promised us many things he should have no right to promise us, most of which he cannot deliver. But he hopes we will not find that out until way too late. How did we get such a man in the White House? When a majority of people LIVE off the government and the rest don’t pay any attention to what the government is doing, it’s only a matter of time. And that’s where we find ourselves right now. Obama is a communist THINKER. He BELIEVES that crap about taking from those who earn and GIVING to those who don’t, for whatever treason. Until we get him out of the White House we will continue to move toward socialism, and then it’s only a short distance to communism, with this country being the next “Soviet Union.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Obama Never Learns:

He did it again. He gave $249 million to another “green energy company” and it’s going broke. “Battery maker A123 Systems Inc. (makers of rechargeable batteries for electric cars) filed for bankruptcy protection on Tuesday, a little over three years after it received a $249 million grant from the Department of Energy to build its U.S. factories while being hailed by Obama as "the future of our country.” And he’ll do it again and again. After all it’s not HIS money, it’s yours. He still thinks he’s right. It’s only through mismanagement these companies have gone broke. It doesn’t occur to him that the whole CONCEPT might be wrong and he’s “throwing good money after bad.” Look for him to finance more and more “green energy” companies and lose even more of YOUR money. It must be nice having billions of other people’s money to throw around without ANY criticism, except for people who criticize EVERYTHING you do; and that can be discounted. (The Blaze)

Obama: "Confront Roots of Muslim Rage"

That's what Obama told the United Nations. My question is, “WHAT roots?” He’s a damn fool if he believes that crap Islamic terrorists spout about the “roots of Muslim rage.” There is only ONE “root of Islamic rage,” and that’s the fact that the entire world is not Muslim! That’s what drives them to murder innocent people all over the world. They want their so-called “religion” to be the ONLY one in the world or they will KILL the people who oppose them. Obama does not understand this because he is, while he may not be a Muslim, per se (or at least not publicly), he IS a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. There is no way we can “confront the roots of Muslim rage” because there is only ONE: we are not Muslim. The whole world is not Muslim. And until it is, the Muslim extremists will not be happy. (

Sunday, October 14, 2012

You Don't WANT Socialism!

“Denmark has the highest total tax obligation in the world, towering far above the European average. It also has the smallest private sector in Europe, to support one of the biggest public sectors. Add to that a generous entitlement system allowing unemployed and unemployable citizens an income well above that achieved by full-time employees in the private sector in many European countries, and tax revenues nearly unmatched anywhere else in the world are required. While the majority of Danish politicians may intuitively understand this malady – many of them still view capitalists as an unpleasant necessity to generate the necessary revenues to fund a social welfare state and its myriad of responsibilities. They continue to spend more money, hire more public servants, regulate, supervise and monitor even the most insignificant activities. Sound at all familiar?” Yes, it does. It sounds like the very thing Obama is working hard to impose on the United States.

Socialism is COLLECTIVISM; a system that has NEVER WORKED, wherever it has been tried. Liberals try and convince you it succeeded in Cuba, even though Cuba has been SUFFERING under it for years and is soon itself to collapse. The only thing holding it together was the money sent it by Soviet Russia, now itself broke. The Soviet Union WAS the big socialist “showcase” for years, until it predictably ran out of “other people’s money,” as ALL socialist regimes will do, eventually. But only after their citizens SUFFER and die for years. They NEED the “private sector” to earn the money they STEAL to finance their “flights of fancy” even while they condemn that “private sector” and the free market. I don’t want ANY kind of collectivism, and neither do you if you examine it carefully. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, and progressivism), and under any other name it uses, is institutional THEFT. It institutionalizes STEALING from those who EARN and giving that stolen to those who DON’T. It will inevitably collapse when the people from whom they steal realize what’s happening and stop earning money for them to steal. (Heritage Foundation)

Obama Shuts Down Critical Web Site

He shouldn’t have the power to do it, but he has, if people will not do anything to stop him. He told web site host “GoDaddy” to shut down the site owned by Douglas Hagmann, who was told by ISP GoDaddy his site contained information that was “maliciously harmful to individuals in the government.” And “GoDaddy” did it. (Which means I will never have a site hosted by them).“GoDaddy wouldn’t tell us who told them to do it, but we found out it was Obama’s “tattler site,” the “truth team,” which has NO authority to order ANY site shut down. I think Hagmann has a “cause of action” that should cost “GoDaddy” a lot of money. This is the kind of thing I would expect of a dictator as well as a “wanna-be dictator.” We’ll be well rid of Obama after November. I’ve heard of presidents “going after” critics, but never before so blatantly as well as illegally in the United States. (InfoWars)

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Muslims RUIN Army Officer

For telling the truth about Muslim terrorists. Lt. Col Matthew Dooley, a 1994 graduate of the U.S. Military Academy at West Point and a highly decorated combat veteran was happily teaching the truth about Muslim extremists at the Joint Forces Staff College of the National Defense University when the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs excoriated him, removed him from his position, and filed a report that guaranteed the ruination of his career after Muslims demanded he be SILENCED and REMOVED. When, in the past, have we EVER pandered to the ENEMY (like the Nazis) who is wantonly killing our people by silencing someone who is TELLING THE TRUTH about our enemy by acceding to their demands? General Martin Dempsey is the one who should be removed from his office and his career ruined. This fool has no business being Chairman of the Joint Chiefs. Will he? Probably not as long as we have a Muslim sympathizer in the White House who, himself, panders to the enemy. Frankly, for my part, I don’t give a damn if Muslims are offended by the truth. (Thomas More Law Center)

Socialism NEEDS the Free Market

Socialists say they HATE the free market, or “capitalism,” as they call it derisively. But what they don’t say is socialism NEEDS the free market in order to have earned money to steal so as to survive. Without the money EARNED by people in the free market, socialists have no money or property to STEAL and “redistribute.” That’s a question they never answer: “Where does the money come from under socialism?” That’s because they can’t. They just start calling you names. Socialism is a system that emphasizes mediocrity. They want “a fair share for everyone,” even those who can’t (or won’t) earn for themselves. Yes, it’s right to help those who CAN’T help themselves because of old age or illness, or infirmity, but to “help” able-bodied people who just will not work is silly and wrong. They don’t deserve a “fair shake.” The trouble with socialism is that sooner or later you run out of "other people's money." (Just common sense)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

It's Not About "Big Bird"

Obama is making a big thing of Romney’s comments about cutting funding to public broadcasting, ridiculing it by such comments as “finally, SOMEBODY actually took on “Big Bird,” and others, such as saying one of the “Sesame Street” figures was seen in a “white Bronco, headed for the border.” He’s doing this because he CAN’T say anything about his record in office, which is DISMAL. He’s trying to divert attention from that by ridiculing Romney for “cutting funding to “Big Bird.” Even “ Big Bird doesn’t like it, and they have sent a notice to Obama’s election committee to STOP using “Big Bird’s name and picture in their political advertising. It’s not as if cutting public broadcasting off will make “Big Bird” go away. It won’t. “Sesame Street” is one of the biggest, most lucrative enterprises on the planet. It won’t even NOTICE the funds cut. Maybe Obama ought to concentrate on packing for his trip back home in January. (Bare Naked Islam)

Ask A Stupid Question

World Net Daily does exactly that when it asks if Obama is a socialist or a Fascist. That’s like asking if he’s a socialist or a socialist. Socialism and Fascism are simply two different kinds of COLLECTIVISM, which says it’s okay to steal from people who EARN something and give that stolen to somebody who DOES NOT earn anything. That’s theft, whether it’s done by an individual or a government. Why can’t people understand this? Collectivism is dishonesty made “legal” by the government. Pure and simple. It creates NO new wealth, but only takes advantage of that created by individuals who DO earn. In fact, without those individuals who DO earn, socialism (or any other form of collectivism) cannot survive because there would be nothing to steal and “redistribute. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

We're Baacckk!

We started out being off the Internet Thursday while waiting for Comcast to take three days to get to our installation. We've been off the Internet since Friday because of the incompetence of a Comcast employee who didn't know the difference between our new address and our old one when they sent someone out to correct the flawed installation of our Internet on the first try, Friday. But we're on now, and I hope we'll stay on.

Two Kinds of Rich

Obama and other liberals hate “the rich.” Even though HE (and most other liberals) is rich, having written two books that have made him very successful. He forgets that. One kind of rich people get rich by coming up with a product or service that many people want to buy, work hard to make it and spend a lot of their own money to accomplish it. These are the people Obama and other liberals hate even though they are the ones who create ALL the jobs and whose profits IMPROVE the economy. (The government CANNOT improve the economy, OR create jobs. All it an do is stand in the way.) The other kind is the person who either inherited it or married it, as with John Kerry, the 2008 Democrat presidential candidate, (whose second rich wife is heiress to the Heinz catchup fortune). These people scam as much as they can from the government in the form of subsidies and loans they never repay. (Solyndra is an excellent example of this kind and its execs were made up of Obama contributors). They are “leeches on society.” They are the ones who SHOULD be hated but they are the ones the liberals LOVE, since so many of them ARE liberals. This kind of “rich” creates NO product or service. They create no jobs unless the government supports them. (Just common sense)

NYC "Food Gestapo"

I’m beginning to think New York City Mayor Doomberg has a list of foods he wants to ban, and he has set out to do it, one food at a time. He seems to forget that ADULTS have the right to eat whatever they wish, even if it IS “bad for them." He does not have the power to deny that right to ANYBODY. But he does anyway. First it was “transfats.” Then pop drinks over 16 ounces; now he’s eying popcorn. I’m glad he’s not mayor in Denver, or we’d soon be in a PERSONAL confrontation as I tell him forcefully it’s MY right to decide what I eat, not his. Somebody needs to slap this would-be dictator down. (Rush Limbaugh)