Monday, June 30, 2008

No S--t, Dick Tracy!

Mugabe wins re-election in Zimbabwe. Did anybody doubt it, with his thugs running around the country maiming and killing people who voted against him? Those who had the guts, that is. Funny. This is the way most dictators win their sham "elections," but apparently, Mugabe doesn't care who knows it. I've always wondered how Saddam won his last "election" by 100%! I guess this is how, only he did a better job of keeping it a secret. The second-to-last "election," he only won by 90%. I guess he murdered that 10% who didn't vote for him before the next "election." I wonder who these "tin-pot dictators" think they're fooling. It's interesting that reporters were called to the "Presidential Palace" even before the results were announced, and he was "inaugurated" within seconds of the "election" being called "official." What a "dog-and-pony-show " THAT was! (Yahoo News)

Iran "Threatens" U. S.

What Idiots these Iranian politicians are! To think that threatening America would "intimidate" us. If we really wanted to, we could make a "steaming pile of manure" out of their entire country in a few hours. Or we could take it over in a week (They are WORKING ON a "nuclear deterrent" but have none they could use now). Israel IS a "nuclear power and if they wanted, could put one right on top of the Iranian government center. So if I were the Iran government, I'd shut up about what they're "going to do" to the U. S. and Israel and "lay low" until what they've already said is forgotten, as such things are in politics. Iranian politicians mouths are bigger than their ability to respond. Like most Islamic terrorists (and Iran IS an "Islamic terrorist state"), they "flap their gums" a lot, hoping they can intimidate countries that could "wipe them off the face of the Earth" into deciding not to. Or maybe like most Islamic terrorists, they want to be martyrs. Well, we can certainly accommodate them, there. (Pat Gray)

Saturday, June 28, 2008

"Oops! Never Mind!"

Remember the big "tomato recall? They thought a certain kind of tomato was responsible for an outbreak of salmonella, and subsequently ruined many tomato growers and sellers. Then they said, "Never mind." It might not be tomatoes after all. This practice of attempting to lay blame for such things before all the facts are in isn't right. They say they have to "keep ahead of it" so people don't die. Sounds good. But that doesn't keep the people who are now out of business because of mistaken early estimates of blame. So should they wait before attempting to lay blame while people die? No. People should be told. But they should be told with a proviso that what they "suspect" might not really be the cause. (Statesman)

"Ahnold's" Blowing Smoke

But how can he avoid it, with 100 fires going in his state, and smoke covering it? Arnold Schwarzenegger, the governor of California, said today that "politicians who suggest that lifting a ban on offshore oil drilling would ease rising fuel prices in the US were "blowing smoke." Actually, "Ahnold" is blowing smoke. He has "bought" AlGore's global warming swindle hook, line and sinker, and I'm betting that will "sink" "Ahnold" in the long run. He ran as a "conservative" and we warned you he was NOT a conservative, and look at how he has governed. I'm glad he beat Grey Davis,(who really needed beating) but now we need a REAL conservative in California. Like most states run by liberals, California has some of the highest taxes and silliest laws and "regulations" going. And "Ahnold" goes right along with it. I suspect California liberals knew what he was, which is why they allowed him to run, and win. It's too bad California doesn't have another Reagan to take over and make things better for them, even if they don't realize it. (Rush Limbaugh)

Washington, DC Gun Ban

You can now own a gun in Washington, DC, but you'd better keep it at home because the Supreme Court decision didn't change that, or any of the other "reasonable regulation" of guns in this nation; only a BAN on gun ownership. The decision said, " No government has the right to mandate that. "Undoubtedly, some think the Second Amendment is outmoded in our society, where our standing army is the pride of our nation, where well trained police forces provide personal security and where gun violence is a serious problem. That is perhaps debatable. But what is not debatable is that it is not the role of this court to pronounce the Second Amendment extinct. [It cannot. -RT] We affirm the judgment of the Court of Appeals. It is so ordered." American citizens can now OWN a gun for self-protection. "It is so ordered." Frankly, with some of the "reasonable restrictions" I've seen, such as the "gun lock" that allows the illegally armed criminal to kill you while you're trying to get your gun lock open are killing people, as are most of the other "reasonable restrictions" on gun ownership. The fact is, "gun laws" are killing people, right and left, and need to be changed. This decision is nothing but a "good start." (Rush Limbaugh)

Friday, June 27, 2008

Spending YOUR Money

In Miami, Florida, they're spending $347 million on a new stadium, WITHOUT input from the people from whom they "extracted" the money. They're also "loaning" the stadium people another $35 million (does anybody ever expect to see any of that money back?). They're doing the same in cities across the nation without major fanfare. I don't go to baseball games; or football games; or soccer games; or any other events that take place in stadiums. Yet Denver, where I live, has spent their own millions on THREE new stadiums, just since I've lived here. They've also torn down several at the same time. Nobody ever asked ME for permission. What the hell gives the local government the right to SUBSIDIZE one kind of private business (such as a football team) and not another (such as MY business)? I guess politicians just think the money they spend is theirs to spend the way they want to spend it. (Common Sense)

Rush's "Pearls of Wisdom"

Rush says, "McCain's going to try to make the Bush tax cuts permanent and won't raise taxes other than for global warming stuff. We'll work on that." Rush thinks he can "work with" McCain's "buying" the global warming swindle. I say that if McCain isn't smart enough to recognize this swindle for what it is, he has no business being in the White House. Unfortunately, he's all we have this time around. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

"Excess Profits?" Gimme A Break!

The liberals, who CREATED the fuel price problem by their insane environmental policies, now want to tax the oil companies even more to "solve" the problem THEY caused. How stupid is that? The price of gas and oil already contains taxes that amount to THREE TIMES what the oil companies make per gallon, and that's not even including the 'hidden taxes" they pay before the gas and oil even gets to us--and that they pass on to us. The fact is, the people making the MOST MONEY on oil and gas are the government! When are the people going to get this through their thick skulls and tell the liberals in our government to GO TO HELL! How much more are we going to allow those liberals to manipulate us before we get rid of them? I recommend throwing every liberal politician now in office OUT of office. Even if we manage to elect more liberals (which is not only possible, but probable) that will send a message to those neophyte liberals that we aren't going to stand for their crap any more. "It seems hard to believe today, but world oil prices briefly drifted below $11 a barrel in 1998. Not surprisingly, few lawmakers in Congress took that opportunity to denounce 'unconscionably excessive' price declines. You never hear about such things because there's nothing to gripe about. (The New York Times), fer Gawdsake!

Who MADE The "Oil Crisis?"

We haven't built a single oil refinery in more than THIRTY YEARS because of irresponsible and stupid environmental policies, foisted upon us by just as irresponsible and stupid politicians who have made laws and regulations that have made it so complicated and expensive to do to that no one has bothered. At the same time, they have (the same people) prevented us from drilling anywhere the United States "runs things." Meanwhile, the DEMAND for oil, not just in this country, but elsewhere that oil and gas was NOT a "big item," such as communist China, has grown so fast, we couldn't keep up with it if we COULD drill and refine oil in this country. If you wanted to destroy the American economy, you couldn't do a better job of it than they are doing. And now they're demanding an "excess profits tax"--again! They do that every time oil and gas prices go up. To "Solve" a problem THEY created! MiGawd! How stupid do they think the American people are? They don't REDUCE taxes on oil when prices (rarely) go down. (Ann Coulter)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"Communize" Lunch?

Senator Feinstein wants to "privatize" the Senate-operated restaurants almost no senators use because the food and service is so (predictably) bad, being run by the government. "Feinstein has opponents. Another Democrat, Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey, says it’s hypocritical for his colleagues to condemn privatization of workers generally, but then 'privatize the workers here in the Senate and leave them out on their own.' So, what should we do, Senator? Communize the whole economy so no responsible adult is ever 'out on his own'? Menendez is right about the contradiction, but not about how to resolve it. Amtrak? The post office? Both should be out on their own. Along with Senate food service." Senators regularly go over to the House lunchroom because it IS "privately-run," and run well. It's an excellent example of the difference in what happens when the government OR private enterprise runs the same kind of thing. They criticize putting people "out on their own." Looks like being "out on their own" is best for them. (Common Sense)

Treating Legal Gun Dealers Like Criminals

Or like tax-evaders. When the IRS comes after you, there are several layers of "tax courts" you must go through (at your expense) before you can appeal your case to a REAL court. By this time, you are broke (if you weren't broke when you started, after the IRS took all your money). Now the BATFE is on a "jihad" against legal gun dealers, where when they "come after you," you must similarly "plead your case" before at least one "BATFE Court," where you predictably almost always lose before you can get before a REAL court. Not only that, since the term "manufacturing a gun" is not DEFINED anywhere, they can define it any way they want. They can take something you're doing legally and make it ILLEGAL, simply my DEFINING it so. Talk about totalitarian! (Freep)

They're Getting Frightened!

School "officials are getting very frightened by the fact that home schooled children are routinely outperforming public school children in every way possible. So now they're trying to force home schooling parents to get "teaching credentials" and "follow the same rules" as public school teachers do." Which means teaching what they're TOLD to teach, which, of course, means "conditioning" their children to believe that collectivism is better than individualism and that socialism is the best way to govern (which, of course, is why public school students learn nothing). In Germany, there's a prosecutor who took a home-school parent to court and obtained a conviction and a $1,500 fine. But he wasn't satisfied. He brought them back to court and demanded they be JAILED. That tells me they're "scared to death" that home-schooled children are successfully bypassing the public school "conditioning factories" and they just can't have that. (Los Angeles Times)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Blame "Big Oil" For YOUR Mistakes

Then "take it over." That seems to be the scam now working in Congress. It is "regulations" and laws fomented by this and earlier congresses that CAUSED the "oil crunch" that led to the increasing gasoline prices, yet some congressmen want to "take over" the oil companies so they can run them to suit themselves and screw it up even more. THEY mandated no drilling offshore, and made drilling ANYWHERE nearly impossible. At the same time, THEY made restrictions so tight that we haven't been able to build a new oil refinery in more than THIRTY YEARS. That GUARANTEED that the oil production in this country would go WAY down. Now that it has, they blame "big oil" and want to "take them over." What could be stupider than that? Put the management in the hands of the very people who screwed everything up in the first place? Sheesh! How stupid ARE we? They also want to TAKE the supposed "excess profits" the oil companies have been making (forgetting entirely that the GOVERNMENT made even MORE without investment of time OR money ($30 million taxes vs. $28 million oil company profits, dwarfed by other businesses). What FOOLS do they take us for? What FOOLS are they? What they want is a new "power grab," it's as simple as that. (The Washington Examiner)

"We Can't Drill Our Way Out of This"

That's what liberals say while pleading with Arab potentates to "help us by drilling their way out of this." How ignorant do they think we are? Do they think we don't know about this? Or that we don't understand what they're doing? How ignorant are THEY? Don't they know how we GET oil in the first place? We DRILL for it, if they let us. But they don't LET us. They make laws and regulations that make drilling AND refining almost impossible, then blame the VICTIM, the oil companies, and want to "take them over" and/or tax what profits they DO make, ignoring the fact that the government made more than THEY did, without any investment of their own. A "global warming swindler," Dr. Johnson (the very man who STARTED the "global warming swindle, before AlGore, even!) now wants to put oil executives IN JAIL for "lying" about global warming, for telling us the TRUTH about their swindle. Where the hell does he get the gonads to do this? I thought AlGore had "big ones" to call those who disagreed with his swindle "global warming deniers." But this really "takes the cake." I agree with one of the commenters on this web site: "We ought to put "left-wing weather scientists on trial for "high crimes against humanity and nature." (Freep)

It's Not News!

Top news executives, when asked why they ignore such successes as "a 90% reduction in roadside bombs in Iraq," they say "no violence is NOT NEWS! I've said before that liberals are not rational, but this proves it. Do they really think we buy this nonsense? No rational person would, so that's why they expect us to do so. They're not rational. They ignore ALL our advances in Iraq because they told us "the war was lost" a long time ago, and they can't stand it when the facts prove them wrong. What idiots they are! (Rush Limbaugh)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Supreme Court "Stripping Away" Your Rights

Because in short order -- in just seven or eight days -- the Supreme Court of the United States and its liberal judges have turned American law upside down. And let's look back further to the past to see just how they've also done this. They have stripped voters of free speech rights, limiting production and participation in political debate. The Supreme Court of the United States has stripped homeowners of rights to their own property should politicians decide to seize it for developers. The Supreme Court of the United States has stripped homeowners of rights to their own property in more ways than just Kelo, by the way. The Supreme Court of the United States has stripped parents of the right to discipline their own kids. The Supreme Court of the United States is in the process of defining the very definition of marriage. They have ruled against legal immigration. They've ruled illegal immigrants must be accorded the same protection as citizens, and American taxpayers must support them financially. They have pushed God from the public square. They have used junk science to place the interests of animals above the prosperity of people -- and the Supreme Court of the United States has stripped the most sacred protection, the right to life, from infants in the womb. Whatever power that liberals cannot achieve at the ballot box they seize through the courts. This is the change that Barack Obama and his fellow liberals have been waiting for. And the America they are creating and want to create is not the America we know, nor is it an America that most of you will even want to know. (Rush Limbaugh)

Obama Will Disarm This Country!

And hope the rest of the world follows suit. Do you know how much of a chance there is of that? THIS is supposed to be a "new idea?" The Democrats have been trying to disarm this country for many years. When Obama gets through, we'll be "easy pickins'" for anybody who wants to take us down, including the Islamic terrorists. What's more, if this is what he wants to do to the COUNTRY, what will he do to our constitutional right to be armed? And he plans to use his "first hundred days" to push through a national health plan. I guess he thinks a new president can just do anything he wants during that period, regardless of the law. Which further illustrates his ignorance of the law, and for a presidential candidate, this is something that cannot be allowed. Everything he wants to do has a socialist base, and if he gets elected, we will move a lot faster toward a complete socialist government --if we survive long enough for it to happen. (Do you think he'll disarm the cops and his "federal agents?") Don't believe it? Listen to it from his own mouth. (Rush Limbaugh)

Couldn't They Find A Willing Man?

This is not a slur on "womanhood." It IS a slur on the Islamic terrorists' VIEW of womanhood. They look upon women as slaves to their every whim, sexually and otherwise--which has caused them to be very fearful that these women, who are conditioned to do ANYTHING a man tells them to do, will "go with another man" if that man sees her legs or any other part of her body and wants it, so they try and cover their women up completely unless she's at home. But when they need another ignorant Muslim to kill herself to make a point, and are afraid to do it themselves, they con a woman into it, as they did in this case. It's very demeaning to those who think of woman as "low on the totem pole" to allow her to kill herself to promote the idiocy that is Islamic terrorism. But if you're afraid to do it yourself, why not? (Yahoo News)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Seattle Mayor Violates the Law

Seattle Mayor Greg Nichols thinks he can just make an "executive order": to ban people with "concealed carry" permits and those openly carrying in accordance with the law from bringing their guns into city property. That this is a patent violation of the law is obvious to anybody with any intelligence at all. Apparently the good mayor is not one of those. But I'm sure the Supreme Court will "straighten him out" shortly, with the help of the CCRKBA. (CCRKBA)

"Gun-Free Zone" Failures

I could write a book of several hundred pages, just LISTING the "failures" of "gun-free zones," but the CCRKBA (Citizen's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms) is doing it for me. You might as well put up a sign saying, "Come on in and kill us. We don't have guns for self-defense here" if you set up a "gun-free zone." You're setting up a "killing zone." I can't see why otherwise intelligent people don't see that. But they don't, so people die. (Dr. Michael S. Brown)

"Midnight Basketball" All Over again

One of the stupidest ideas (up to now) happened a few years ago when liberals came up with the idea of "Midnight Basketball Leagues" where "gang-members" were expected to enroll to play basketball all night instead of going out and violently robbing and burgling people. Now, those self-same liberals are trying to get them into golf. At least, basketballs didn't cost the hundreds of dollars it takes to buy a set of golf clubs and a bag to carry it in, nor the high "green fees". Of course, this kind of person doesn't "buy" what he wants. He just steals it; usually violently. So I suppose you can expect a rash of violent thefts of golf equipment soon. They SAY it's "for(e) the children." But I doubt if this half-million dollars will benefit many children. (Common Sense)

Friday, June 20, 2008

By Jove, Oi Think He's Gawt It!

McCain is now pushing for a lifting of the federal ban on drilling for oil, which is the main thing to do to "solve" our "need" for foreign oil. He also recommended giving the states "incentives," such as a higher share of the royalties, to get them to allow drilling. What the hell do they need THAT for? Doesn't ANYBODY realize how important it is to drill for oil on our own property? (Breitbart)

What's WRONG With These People?

If I were gay, I would certainly not advertise it. Who, in his/her right mind, wants the hassle? I would especially not "marry" the guy I would be having sex with. I have nothing against what certain people do behind closed doors. And I have nothing against them making a "contract" so they get the same rights usually given to heterosexual couples by getting "married." But "married" it isn't. What militant gays are doing is usurping the very word "marriage" by using it to describe their "unions." They're "slapping us in the face" with their sexual habits, and insisting we accept the practice as "normal and natural." It is NOT. It is a perversion of the natural sex act people do for both fun and procreation. Yes, they can have fun that way if they're "wired" that way. But they cannot procreate without the cooperation, in SOME way of a person of the opposite sex. I have a gay daughter. I love her as much as any of my daughters. But what she does is NOT "natural sex." I like her "partner" as much as I would like anybody, and I think no less of either of them if that's what they want. But it's not "natural" sex and never will be, no matter how much they insist it is. Anybody that wants to argue with me on this can do so, but they're not going to change my mind. Even so, their sexual preference is not going to affect the way I judge them. Gay or not, if they are "good people," that's okay. Just never ask me to say gay sex is "normal and natural," and don't "throw it in my face." No matter how many liberal courts or legislatures "legalize" it, it will never be "natural." (Yahoo News)

Comics and Politics

read the comics in the newspaper for distraction and diversion. I don't need more liberal politics, but I get it anyway. And most of what I get is trash. Doonesbury started it, and once was asked why he lied in his strip to make a political point, to which he answered, "This is a comic strip. I don't have to be accurate." Apparently the "Rudy Park" creators don't feel they have to be accurate, either. They have a new little feature called, "The Little Litterbox o' Hypocrisy," which is well named because what they put out is the same thing monkeys put in litterboxes (if they use them). They killed off the character that went around shouting stupid liberalities, so then a monkey started doing it (more appropriate). In the May 18 strip, the monkey is talking about Rev. Jerry Falwell saying that "Segregation between blacks and whites is God's will" (Which never happened. I defy him to prove Falwell ever said anything of the kind.). He uses this lie to set up the punch line, which is, "The same Jerry Falwell that regularly met privately with Presidents Reagan, Bush, Ford and Nixon. He wants to equate this with Rev. Jeremiah Wright being Obama's preacher for 20 years, marrying Obama and his wife, and even baptizing his children. He says, "Vicious Republican talk-show hosts have the audacity to condemn Barack Obama for his connection to Jeremiah Wright. I don't think Falwell ever stood before a congregation and screamed "God DAMN America!" And a few private meetings don't equal 20 YEARS of attending a church run by such a screaming racist as Wright. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Gore Still "Guzzling Energy"

AlGore, who spends all his time lately trying to con the rest of us into using less energy any way we can, even if it forces us to live like people did hundreds of years ago. Is himself using 10% more energy this year than he did last year. "In the year since Al Gore took steps to make his home more energy-efficient, the former vice president’s home energy use surged more than 10 percent, according to the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. 'A man’s commitment to his beliefs is best measured by what he does behind the closed doors of his own home,' said Drew Johnson, President of the Tennessee Center for Policy Research. 'Al Gore is a hypocrite and a fraud when it comes to his commitment to the environment, judging by his home energy consumption.' In the past year, Gore’s home burned through 213,210 kilowatt-hours (kWh) of electricity, enough to power 232 average American households for a month." Gore is a typical liberal hypocrite who wants to tell us what to do, but is not interested in doing the same things himself. He typically wants to make laws for US, but not for himself. (News Max)

Obama: Africans Should Be The Richest

"Barack Obama alleges that 'Globalization and technology and automation all weaken the position of workers.' If this presidential wannabe is correct, then some of the world's most prosperous workers must be the people in that newly discovered tribe in Brazil -- persons with absolutely no contact with the global economy or with modern technology. "How about Sub-Sahara Africans or eastern Europeans and the like, all of which DEPEND on America to prop up their failed regimes. If this is what Obama thinks, he's not sufficiently aware of what's going on in the world to be qualified to be president of the United States. But then, anybody who is paying attention knows that, don't they? (Café Hayek)

Using Their Own Words

One of the things Rush Limbaugh does best is use the liberals' own words to condemn them. Example: He says, "We're going to 'capture' some of America's economic growth and 'invest' it in what we know has to be done." Translation: "We need to TAKE money from those who EARN money and spend it the way WE think it should be spent, rather than how the OWNER of the money wants to spend it." I keep saying Obama is a SOCIALIST. He keeps PROVING it every time he opens his mouth. He talks about people who are "gaming the system," but it is HE and his ilk who "game the system" the most. (Wall Street Journal)

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Bug Poop--New Oil Source

And the government had nothing to do with it--which is why they'll probably want to ban it. They'll probably claim banning it will have something to do with an "endangered species"--one which THEY will MAKE "endangered" by declaring it so. They'll be afraid this bug will do something that they can't do with all their efforts: actually SOLVE the "domestic oil shortage" problem without THEM. These "free market scientists" are doing that now--not ten years from now. They say putting the result of these bug's excretions into a gas tank is about a month away. "What is most remarkable about what they are doing is that instead of trying to reengineer the global economy--as is required, for example, for the use of hydrogen fuel--they are trying to make a product that is interchangeable with oil." Yes, I know it'll take a LOT of these bugs, but there are ALREADY a LOT of these bugs and what they eat to produce this lubricating poop is GARBAGE. What you and I throw away and don't want to see again (in the same form). "The company claims that this “Oil 2.0” will not only be renewable but also carbon negative--meaning that the carbon it emits will be less than that sucked from the atmosphere by the raw materials from which it is made." The best part of it is it doesn't cost much. Something you'll NEVER get from a government operation. Can you think of anything better? But watch for liberals to immediately "jump on" this development in an effort to discredit it. They HAVE to, or lose one of their biggest gambits. (Times Online)

Supreme Court Exceeds Its Authority--Again!

That shouldn't even be a headline because it happens so often. My earliest memory of this happening is Roe vs. Wade, where they "found" a "right" that didn't exist, in the Constitution, and ruled that people COULD murder the result of unprotected sex INSTEAD of wearing a rubber or using spermicide. This has caused the deaths of MILLIONS of innocent unborn children, and nobody seems to care. So now they did it again, making immigration laws no deterrent to illegal immigration. They do it because they can--there's nobody who can punish them for it. All Congress can do is pass another law to void what they do, which Congress seems not to have the gonads to do. There should be a way to make sure they FOLLOW THE CONSTITUTION in their rulings. Unfortunately, that would add yet another level of government. But something needs to be done, so the Court doesn't become a bunch of "black-robed dictators." (Rush Limbaugh)

Discredit Your Critic

That's a standard tactic used everywhere. Not just by liberals (Although that's their favorite tactic). I just watched a special about collection agents on Fox, where a representative of the Collection Agent's Association said one of the other guests (a former collection agent who refused to fire people for using illegal tactics they had been TAUGHT to use by the company telling him to fire them, for not firing them) was fired for "malfeasance." In actuality, he was fired for not firing those people, and he brought that out, right then. That doesn't always happen, and people like this woman usually prevail by lying about their critics. She, at one point, said, "I'm not going to sit here and listen to this" and was told she didn't have any choice unless she walked out. But she had nothing except lies to use in refuting her critics, so she just shut up. They went back into the ":Green Room" to continue the discussion. I'd like to have been a "fly on the wall" back there. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What The Hell's Wrong With These Politicians?

"Solving" the shortage of domestic oil ("our dependence on foreign oil") is so simple even my fifteen-year-old grandson knows the answer. Why then, can't supposedly smart politicians see it? It's two-fold: overrule the environmental extremists and revoke the "regulations" and laws that make it so hard to build new oil refineries; and do the same for those that keep American oil companies from drilling for oil ANYWHERE we "run things." That's IT. Nothing complicated about it. So why don't they do it? Because as long as fuel prices are high, it's something they can blame on the Republicans while making BILLIONS, even though it's THEIR policies that CAUSED the problem. (Rush Limbaugh)

Law Will Cause Mercury Poisoning

This is a good example of how liberals just don't think things out when they con even the best Republicans into "banning" something in favor of something that's going to cause some illness and death. You've all heard about mercury poisoning from the bans on catching fish that have it in their meat. But now after a Bush administration law, promoted and passed by a liberal-dominated Congress (with little GOP opposition), we will soon be FORCED to buy those dangerous compact fluorescent light bulbs to use in place of those old, reliable incandescent bulbs which have harmed no one. This small fluorescent bulb, if broken, can cause instant illness in those who breathe its mercury vapors. Other parts of the government say you should call Hazmat if you break one and even DOCTORS don't know what to do if you come into their emergency rooms with mercury poisoning. For my part, I own ONE such bulb, and when it dies, I will not buy another if I have to import all my incandescents after this stupid law goes into effect. Hopefully, I won't live long enough for it to matter. (Rush Limbaugh)

Spending Your Money

That's what Congress (and other legislatures) do best. Did you know the ACTUAL federal government deficit (including entitlements such as Social Security, which they usually leave out) is $2.5 TRILLION dollars? Do you have any idea just how much money that is? I pay attention, and I even have a hard time visualizing it. And that's what they count on. Mention a trillion dollars and our etes "glaze over." I know mine do. We just can't envision so much money, so we don't worry about it, while the government lies to us about how much of OUR money they're spending. Obama tells us all about all the socialistic things he's going to do "for us." But he doesn't mention how many TRILLIONS of dollars he's going to take out of our pockets to pay for it. Hillary says she's just going to "take" money from the oil companies to pay for all her socialist ideas. Do you have any idea of the amount of POWER that would require? But that's what politicians (mostly liberals, but conservatives, too) are after: the POWER to tell us what we can, and can't do--while conning us into paying for it. (Common Sense)

Short Shots 6/17/08

Copyright © 2008 by Ray Thomas. Short common sense opinions on today's (and yesterday's) news to counter the claptrap fed you by liberals. This feature may be used freely by posting or publishing it without changes, and while retaining my copyright indicia. Please let me know when you do. . . . LIGHTBULBS OF DEATH: The liberals (and some conservatives) have "bought" the whole idea that those "compact fluorescent" bulbs will "save" you a lot of money, but they ignore, and "poo-poo" the idea that if you break one and inhale the fumes, you're going to get sick. But in reality, if you do, you'd better call "Hazmat": to "clean up" the site. . . . LIBERAL SCAMS: The liberals demonize ANYBODY who makes a profit. Except themselves, of course. Does anybody think all the major corporations running the liberal-slanted news media aren't trying to make a profit? . . . BLAMING BUSH: In New Orleans, the people who screwed everything up (remember the drowned school buses? Were the LOCAL politicians, such as Mayor Ray Nagin (who even got re-elected in spite of it) and the governor of Louisiana. But whenever you hear about mistakes made about Katrina, you hear them blame Bush for it. . . . HILLARY "A MONSTER?" One of Obama's staffers had to quit after calling Hillary "a monster." He was right. The only problem is, Obama is a "monster," too! Should I "step down" for saying that? Naaah. . . . "SOME PEOPLE THINK . . ." News agencies use those words extensively to minimize truth they're forced, by circumstances, to relate against their will. . . . BLAME IT ON "CARELESS SMOKING": Whenever fire departments or police agencies just can't figure out what started a fire, they bring out that tired, old, "careless smoking" dodge. I had a fire in my car one time that was caused by a spotlight with a switch on the front lying on my front seat. When I found it, I called them and told them. Did they change the report? Naaah. . . . COMMON SENSE: Raising prices on oil companies will NOT lower gas prices. . . . IT ISN'T ABOUT HUNTING! Anti-gun freaks are constantly referring to "sportsmen" and "hunting" as they try to convince people that are "for" gun rights. Even the NRA talks more about hunting than self-defense. But it IS about SELF-DEFENSE, not hunting. Let's get it right!

Monday, June 16, 2008

"To Finally Hunt Down Osama bin Laden"

That's one of the stated goals of Colorado politician Mark Udall. Maybe one of these days these guys (Democrats, liberals) are going to admit we made a "crispy critter" out of bin Laden years ago when we bombed the cave he was living in, in Afghanistan. Then, maybe not, Democrats NEVER "come off" their lies, no matter how many times we prove them lies.

Obsessing on Tim Russert

The media loves to obsess. If there isn't something worth obsessing on, they'll create it. They didn't have to create something to obsess over this week. Tim Russert provided it. Russert, one of the top newsmen in the nation (and the world), collapsed and died in his office. I didn't like much of his politics. He was a liberal, and his positions were liberal. But I liked him as a person and he was at the top of his profession. When my time comes, I hope it happens just the way it happened to Tim: quick, and a complete surprise to everyone, especially me. Tim was only 58, which is way too young to die. His father (whom Tim revered greatly) still lives, and is in his eighties. You shouldn't outlive your children. I've outlived two of mine. Nobody (except the family) obsessed over their deaths, and I'm glad of that. I'm sure they would be, too. Rest easy, Tim. (Politico)

Desperation Attack

The Taliban, otherwise "running for the hills," decided to expend everything they had on a prison holding their fellow murderers and, as they were in New York City in 2001, a bit more successful than even they planned. They managed to kill four Marines and free 390 Taliban prisoners (and a larger number of al-Qaida members) after catching the Marines "off-guard" and undermanned in that location. The liberal press doesn't mention the number of Taliban killed, but I'd bet it was a lot higher than the numbers of Americans killed. Or it would be if they'd have had the guts to attack with manpower, instead of a surprise suicide bomb attack that destroyed the front gate of the prison and one suicide bomber who set off the rockets in the rear of the prison. Both were killed. I'd bet at least half of the number who escaped will be back in prison or dead before long. And the Marines won't be caught off-guard again. If they try that again, they're going to look silly at the result. (Yahoo News/Associated Press)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Hitting an Ant With A Sledgehammer

That's the way the "child protectors operate everywhere. They get a "report" of "possible" child abuse and they go in, with all guns blazing, with or without a warrant. That's what they did in Texas, when they raided a "religious compound" with tanks, guns, and 1,000 people, "taking" almost 500 "children" because they did not like what was taught there. No, I'm not talking about Waco, where Janet Reno's federal troops murdered almost 100 people, many of them children, to "protect the children from abuse" (which is none of the business of the feds). I'm talking about the "raid on the Texas ranch run by extremist Mormons who married their girls off early to older men. This raid was based on the "report" of a "serial reporter" who pretended to be a 16-year-old girl being forced to have children, fathered by older men who were supposed to be her "husband."

It turned out to be false, but that didn't stop the "child protectors," who "took" almost 500 children without even bothering to document which children belonged to whom. "This Colorado call originated from a person known to be a serial false reporter with a criminal record for making false reports. However, the agency used it to seize on the opportunity that they apparently had been waiting for--a plausible excuse to raid this ranch. This fraud points to the widespread potential for manipulation in the child-abuse-hotline reporting system. Any disgruntled neighbor, angry ex-spouse or boyfriend, roommate, or enemy can make an anonymous false report and be believed. A mere allegation from such a person will prompt the agency to literally knock down the door to get into a home to check on the children. If and when the agency figures out it has been played for a chump and has improperly brought down the entire weight of the law on an innocent family, a great deal of harm has already been done, as is the case with the children at the YFZ Ranch."

This is the way they operate every day. But usually they do not make national news. They usually are able to keep such atrocities a "local story" that the national media don't even notice. This is how they've managed to operate as an "out-of-control," Gestapo-style operation under many names, destroying families, "willy-nilly," all over the world. Their underlying goal in this is to destroy the authority of parents over what their children are taught in their liberal "conditioning mills" called "public schools." They're also trying to destroy home-schooling for the same reason. In California, they recently won a court decision forcing home-schooling parents to get teaching credentials so they could control what they were teaching their children. They lost in court. Nevertheless, they imposed many "requirements" on parents before releasing their children to them. This is a raw "power grab" and typical of the "child protectors" everywhere. Even if they lose, they win. (The New American)

"B-B-But That's How We've ALWAYS Done It!"

That's their "defense" to the Texas "raid" and subsequent removal of almost 500 children from a "religious compound" ranch. In other words, they ALWAYS violate the rights of parents AND children in order to "protect" those children from "abuse" that may or may not be only in the imaginations of child protection agents with "dirty minds." They think they have the "right" to do this because it's "for the children," the usual cry whenever any government agency wants to violate people's rights. "The tactics perpetrated on the YFZ families are the same ones that CPS uses in almost every child-protection removal case nationwide: insufficient investigation, a superficial initial hearing, a boilerplate case plan whose real purpose is to provide evidence to the agency, splitting children in foster care and moving them far from family, a low standard of proof for abuse, and failure to use reasonable efforts to avoid removal from the home, among others. What turned this situation around was the extensive publicity that exposed the normally hidden agency wrongdoing. These revelations forced the higher court to reverse the rulings of the agency and of the lower court, which was acting as a puppet of the agency. If each of these 468 cases had been adjudicated individually, hidden from public scrutiny in secret courtrooms as the law provides, the agency might have won most of them, despite having no evidence." Maybe this case will "open" the "can of worms" that is the "child protectors" and force some REAL reorganization with the realization that they cannot, and should not be allowed to violate the rights of parents AND children, "willy-nilly." As one of their victims 30 years ago, with NO proof of wrongdoing on my part, I hope so. "This episode should be a warning to all families that an arbitrary attack by the state against a family can happen to any of us and that a court will likely not protect the family from overreaching state social workers or false reports of child abuse." (The New American)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Only in Oklahoma or California!

Didja hear about the 19-year-old kid who was elected mayor of Muskogee, Oklahoma? Talk about the IGNORANCE of voters! Frankly, no 19-year-old has LIVED long enough to know how to run a city unless he/she is a prodigy--and no prodigy wants to waste his time that way. Former Mayor McBride must have screwed up royally because this "child" won by 70% over this incumbent mayor. Lordy! (Associated Press)

Limiting Oil Production

Did you know the polar bear has been named as an "endangered species" even though the population of polar bears has risen more than 400% in recent years? The goal is to further restrict oil drilling and production wherever polar bears live. Other species have been similarly placed on "endangered" lists when they weren't really "endangered" for the same reason. (ABC Net)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Reducing The "Gap"

Yes, there IS a "big gap" between the "rich" and the "poor." There is also a big gap between the way the liberals want to handle it and how the conservatives do. The liberals want to make the rich "poorer," and the "poor" richer. The conservatives want to make the "poor" richer without taking anything away from "the rich." Yes, Bill Gates makes a LOT more than a welder. But making Bill Gates poorer will just take money away from his ability to fund projects that CREATE more "rich." It is a proven fact (one the liberals deny to their dying day) that the more money the "rich" have, the more money they invest in things that make jobs and better incomes for us all, through more profit, and therefore MORE investment. The liberals count their success by how many people are DEPENDENT upon them. Conservatives count their success by the number of people who are NO LONGER dependent on them. The liberals HATE that because they can't run things that way. (Just common sense)

Ignore What Doesn't Agree With You

Have you noticed that liberals (Democrats) simply ignore figures that do not agree with their fanciful notions? Like the fact that al-Qaida is "on the run" in Iraq and the number of deaths for our soldiers in Iraq are fewer than are killed in Detroit every month? Didn't hear about that in the liberal media, huh? You ain't agonna hear it, either. The only place you're gonna hear the truth is here, or some other "alternative media." You know, the places the liberals tell you aren't to be trusted, while they lie to you every day? One place they're doing it is in retail sales. They've jumped by large margins. But do you hear about it in the liberal media? They talk a lot about how low ":home starts" are, but completely ignore the fact that commercial construction is at record-setting numbers. You won't hear it from them, either, because they want you to think America is "soup lines" and "unemployment," and that the "average American" can't afford a home. Sheesh! (Yahoo News)

Letting Terrorists "Question Their Confinement"

The liberals are pushing for allowing those imprisoned at Guantanamo to "question" their imprisonment. The question I want to ask is, do they allow US to "question" their imprisonment of people they've kidnapped, and whom they eventually behead or kill in other ways, just to make a point? Did we allow German and Japanese prisoners of war to "question" their imprisonment? Yes, I know they were uniformed soldiers and their situation was different from that faced by these prisoners. But should we allow them more rights when they're caught trying to kill our soldiers and innocent people, just because they don't wear uniforms and live among the innocents, while putting those innocents in "harm's way?" I don't think they have ANY rights. They should be put to death, just as they would one of ours if they captured him (or her, but they'd rape her first). I'm getting to the point where I'm thinking those liberals who worry so much about the "rights of terrorists" ought to be treated the same. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Same Ol' Same Ol'"

Are you one of those who think ANY of the three candidates for president are going to "change things?" Don't you believe it! Both Democrats are socialists (collectivists) and McCain leans in that direction. NO matter. Our government is made up of "entrenched bureaucrats" whose very professional survival depends on how much money the Congress can swindle out of the populace to use in supporting their "programs." They're impossible to pry out of those positions. Professional bureaucrats even managed to con the Congress into passing a law that makes it all but impossible to remove them, no matter who is in the White House. So no matter who wins the election, you're going to see the "same ol' same ol" happen for the next four or eight years. There will be NO "change," except for an increase in the speed at which we approach full socialism. (Café Hayek)

A Death Sentence

When many landowners see an "endangered species" living on their land, they often go out and kill them before some nameless, faceless bureaucrat sees it and they lose the right to use their land as they see fit. So what the liberals wanted to do becomes a "death sentence" for that species whenever it appears on someone's land. The same kind of thing happens when an orthopedist treats a deaf person. He gets about $1200, but has to PAY $2000 for an interpreter for each of the follow-up visits required because that's the way the law is written. So you can now expect orthopedists to refuse to operate on such people. The "word" has been passed." This kind of thing happens in many more situations caused by federal intervention. Typical unintended consequences. (Just common sense)

Turning On A Dime

"Words mean nothing to liberals. They say whatever will help advance their cause at the moment, switch talking points in a heartbeat, and then act indignant if anyone uses the exact same argument they were using five minutes ago. When Gore won the popular vote in the 2000 election by half a percentage point, but lost the Electoral College -- or, for short, "the constitutionally prescribed method for choosing presidents" -- anyone who denied the sacred importance of the popular vote was either an idiot or a dangerous partisan. But now Hillary has won the popular vote in a Democratic primary, while Obambi has won under the rules. In a spectacular turnabout, media commentators are heaping sarcasm on our plucky Hillary for imagining the "popular vote" has any relevance whatsoever." Those are the opening words in a recent Ann Coulter column, and they are the kind of words that cause liberals to hate her because she tells the truth about them. They're still lying about Bush "being selected" in 2000 because he didn't win the popular vote. The fact that he DID win the Electoral College, which is how we elect presidents, is lost on them. Until the same thing happens to their own candidate. These are the kind of people Democrats are. (Ann Coulter)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Twisting It Around Backwards

I know this is not the "Thanksgiving Season," but this story is apropos ANY time because it proves a basic point. The world's "historians" have twisted the "Thanksgiving Story" around until it means exactly the OPPOSITE of what really happened. The Indians were not there to "thank the Pilgrims" for ANYTHING that First Thanksgiving dinner. They were there to BE thanked for helping the Pilgrims immeasurably by teaching them to fish, and for teaching them many other things. The Pilgrims were a SOCIALIST experiment and they thought it was "mandated by God." Unfortunately, as is usual, socialism didn't work. "Long before Karl Marx was even born, the Pilgrims had discovered and experimented with what could only be described as socialism. And what happened? It didn't work! Surprise, surprise, huh? What Bradford and his community found was that the most creative and industrious people had no incentive to work any harder than anyone else, unless they could utilize the power of personal motivation! But while most of the rest of the world has been experimenting with socialism for well over a hundred years--trying to refine it, perfect it, and re-invent it--the Pilgrims decided early on to scrap it permanently. What Bradford wrote about this social experiment should be in every schoolchild's history lesson. If it were, we might prevent much needless suffering in the future." Historians did the same with Robin Hood, twisting his "outlawry" around to support socialism by saying he "robbed the rich to give to the poor." He did no such thing. He took BACK what the "rich," (government officials, including the Sheriff) took from the peasants "by law,." And gave it BACK to the peasants. He was not "stealing from the rich," but instead "taking BACK from the government" and giving it back to the peasants, who had EARNED it. (Rush Limbaugh)

Contradiction in Terms

Liberals (in this case Newsman Lawrence O'Donell) calls those who want to win in Iraq and in the war against terrorism "cowardly warmongers." How stupid is that? How can you be "cowardly" and a "warmonger" together? This only serves to further illustrate the complete absence of logic in liberal opinions. This guy pretends to hate all forms of war, and he'll HURT you if you disagree. He's a lot like Rosie O'Donnell, who pretends to hate all forms of war AND guns, yet she has a "carry" permit "for self defense." They just can't get their stories straight. (News Busters)

Minimum Wage Equals No Jobs

Mostly for teenagers looking for "summer jobs," but for everybody, too. We can't keep paying wages that are more than some people are worth. The employers just stop offering low-wage jobs, period. They just require more of the ones they have. "One of the prime reasons for this drastic employment drought is the mandated wage hikes that policymakers have forced down the throats of local businesses. Economic research has shown time and again that increasing the minimum wage destroys jobs for low-skilled workers while doing little to address poverty. According to economist David Neumark of the University of California at Irvine, for every 10 percent increase in the minimum wage, employment for high school dropouts and young black adults and teenagers falls by 8.5 percent. In the past 11 months alone, the United States’ minimum wage has increased by more than twice that amount." This is indisputable. Yet the liberals keep insisting on increasing the minimum wage, which only increases wage demands, period. And higher wages for those not worth it simply cause the employer to cut those jobs. (The Examiner)

Monday, June 9, 2008

Talk Radio "Racist?"

Considering who was present on the stage, I'd say it wasn't "racism" that permeated "talk radio, but jealousy. Just about every name I heard bandied about concerning this "dog and pony show" was a liberal (With the possible exception of Mark Levin representing the BIGGEST talk radio host in the nation, Rush Limbaugh, who apparently wasn't invited, who was in the audience, ferGawdsake!). The writer of this article says, "By my estimation there was one conservative, one center-left moderate, and four liberals on the panel. The task was simple: to engage in a discussion of ideas as to how non-dominant voices could be used in the medium of talk radio today." Where was Rush Limbaugh? How about Sean Hannity? There are many other conservative names in talk radio whose numbers DWARF those of those present, who were not there. Were they invited, like Sharpton, and found the gathering not worth their time, or were they ignored so they could be criticized by those who can't equal their accomplishments but suggest ways to "bring them down?" Sounds like yet another liberal "dog and pony show" to make themselves seem more important than they are. (Kevin McCollough/Town Hall)

OPEC: "No Need to Increase Production"

Of course! Sure, they represent only about a third of our oil imports, but that percentage WILL affect the price of oil in the world. And they don't want to do ANYTHING that will help oil prices go down. That's how they got "oil rich." By conning our oil companies into drilling on their soil, then "nationalizing" the result and forming a cartel to keep prices high by making sure production stays low. Sure, they "see no need to increase production." But they're right when they suggest WE ought to increase production, in spite of our "environmental extremists" who seem to be able to keep ANY oil exploration OR refining from happening here, but they're pretty sure those ignorant environmental extremists won't let us. How stupid are American politicians? (Reuters)

"Clinton, Osama Meet?"

Wouldn't THAT be "speshul?" Imagine Osama's surprise if he were still alive to see this newspaper? What they don't say is that reality is almost as bad: "Clinton and Obama" meeting to "divvy up the spoils." Two of the worst collectivists (socialists) in the country meeting to see who would get what if Obama managed to get elected in spite of his known socialism. I just can't see why otherwise intelligent people in this country "buy" his bull and seriously consider allowing him to be elected president. They'll call me a racist for saying this, but that's because they are afraid of debating his candidacy with me on its merits. So they just call me names. That's their "modus operandi." (American Thinker)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Ray's Shorts

These are items of OPINION, for which I often don't have URLs to use for documentation and which are usually too short to be a headlined item. When I can, I'll include any URLs I have, or give you an idea where to look. . . . "SETTLED LAW:" That's a term I hear bandied about a lot lately, mostly by Democrats who are frightened to death that they won't be able to kill the result of unprotected sex any longer or AlGore's disciples, who fear people will find out they're frauds. But there IS no such thing as "settled law." ANY law can be overturned, at any time, by the Supreme Court if it is unconstitutional. Let's get real, folks! . . . THEN GET OUT! Gwyneth Paltrow says she doesn't want to live in America. So what. The next plane out of the country is leaving in a few minutes. Be on it! Composer Burt Bacharach, who hates Bush with a passion, can go with her. . . . CLINTON'S "LEGACY": Everybody, including people on the right, say Bill Clinton "doesn't have a "legacy." I maintain that he does. His legacy is that he taught America's teenagers that, "oral sex is not sex." I maintain that when you put your penis, or even your tongue into someone's body orifice and an orgasm is the result, it IS SEX. If you can get a sexually-transmitted disease as a result, it IS sex. Nature does not recognize Clinton's claim. . . . STARBUCKS SPENDS MORE ON HEALTH CARE THAN ON COFFEE: You'd think they're selling health care instead of coffee. Any company that spends more on health care than they do on what they're selling is stupid -- and liberal. . . . NOT ENOUGH FAILURE: That's one complaint liberals have advanced against Supreme Court Chief Justice nominee John Roberts; that his life demonstrated an APPALLING LACK OF FAILURE! I guess that's not unexpected, since failure is a requirement for liberals. They think you have to fail in order to succeed. How absurd. How stupid! . . . KENNEDY NOT QUALIFIED: As I watch Sen. Teddy (The Swimmer) Kennedy questioning Supreme Court nominee John Roberts in the confirmation hearings, it strikes me that Teddy should have long since been relegated to the sidelines, if not prison for killing that girl through his indifference to her life in swimming back to his hotel and going to bed while she drowned instead of calling for help and his carelessness in driving off that bridge in the first place. He should not ever be allowed to question his betters on ANYTHING. . . . CRIPPLING TABOR: The TABOR Amendment in Colorado simply says the politicians must ASK PERMISSION before voting on more spending, and that they must RETURN money they haven't spent to the taxpayer. They've been trying to emasculate TABOR ever since it was passed, and if they pass Proposition C (so they get to KEEP overtaxation money), they will have done it (They DID it). They SAY it does not represent a tax increase, but if it passes (it did), they get to KEEP tax money that would have been returned under TABOR for the last five years. That might amount to 3.5 BILLION dollars they'll get to spend. If that isn't a tax increase, I'll kiss your keester in public and give you a half hour to draw a crowd. They make a big thing about the fact that it will only last 5 years. But guess what will happen then? Renewal time! There is no such thing as a temporary tax, of ANY kind. . . . WHEW! IT WAS JUST INCOMPETENCE! Los Angeles heaved a sigh of relief when they found out their massive blackout was not caused by terrorists, but by simple incompetence. Workers accidentally cut SEVERAL main power lines. Sheesh! . . . CLOONEY "MAD" AT NEWS MAX: He hates being included in the News Max "Deck of Weasels" for his comments about politics, notably about the Iraq war. But who cares about what George Clooney is mad about?

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Oil Prices Down

Oil prices went down for a while, there. Why didn't we see lower prices "at the pump?" Whenever oil prices per barrel go up, we usually IMMEDIATELY see prices "at the pump" rise. Why doesn't it work in the opposite direction? Probably because we're talking millions of dollars in extra profit made from sales at the higher prices, coupled with lower oil barrel prices. (Just common sense)

Control CRIMINALS, Not Guns!

Professor Walher E. Williams asks an intelligent question: "The people who murdered Sgt. Stephen Liczbinski were violent convicts released on parole. So what is responsible for his death: guns, or a criminal justice system that cuts soft deals for such criminals?" Unfortunately, this is not a question people who "hate guns" will ever ponder. They think if they can "get guns out of existence (a "fantasy dream"), violence will disappear. It won't. It existed long before guns were invented, and people would STILL find ways to kill each other if guns simply "disappeared" (which isn't going to happen, and is a little like trying to get the toothpaste back in the tube) I have another question I always ask "anti-gun nuts," but which they never seem to be able to answer. They just start "calling me names" without attempting to answer it. It is, "Why would a CRIMINAL, whose entire life is dedicated to breaking the law, OBEY a law that says he can't be armed while committing other crimes?" I asked that question a few years ago of Andrew Hudson, Denver Mayor Wellington Webb's "press flack," and instead of even attempting to answer it, he accused me of "sending spam." Apparently, he can't tell the difference between spam and a personal e-mail. Another irrational thing "anti-gun nuts" do is create "no-gun-zones," such as Virginia Tech (where a crazy man killed 23 people with a gun that was "illegal" on campus) and other schools such as Columbine, where an armed man killed 13 people. Then there's the restaurant in Texas where a woman who had a license to carry had to disarm herself before entering and had to watch while a crazy gunman killed a bunch of people, including her parents, who were eating with her. What kind of stupid people ARE these "anti-gun zealots?" Guns are not what should be banned. Judges who "slap violent criminals on the hand" are what should be banned. (Walter E. Williams)

Ask A Stupid Question

One scam the liberal media regularly uses is the "stupid question." In this illustration from a comic strip, but which I see in real life every day, the reporter asks a question dredged up from the past, having nothing to do with the candidate's position, imputing something nasty from an innocent comment the candidate made way in the past, while ignoring the actual point at hand. (Prickly City)

Friday, June 6, 2008

Damnocrats Want "Special Food"

Showing their "elite liberal roots" and complete lack of connection with "average people," they're demanding very expensive "special foods" and "compostable" plates. "Fried foods, Styrofoam plates and bottled water are forbidden at the DNC Host Committee's 22 or so sponsored parties [That's a BUNCH of parties. But it's only OUR money, isn't it? -RT] this August, reports Douglas Brown. And so is liquid served in individual plastic containers. Plates must be reusable, like china, recyclable or compostable. The food should be local, organic or both. And caterers must provide foods in 'at least three of the following five colors: red, green, yellow, blue/purple, and white,' garnishes not included, according to a Request for Proposals, or RFP, distributed last week. The prospect of the DNC business windfall has tantalized caterers since Denver was named host city for the convention more than a year ago. Caterers praise the committee and Denver for their green ambitions, but some say they're baffled by parts of the RFP." And you can bet they didn't figure this into their price estimates. (The Denver Post)

Already "Making Nice" On Each Other

The "election" is not even officially over (Hillary hasn't and probably won't concede), but BOTH candidates are already "making nice" on each other. This is one of the phoniest parts of an "election season," where people who have been previously saying very nasty things about each other start saying "how honored" they've been to run against each other with nothing either has said about the other resulting in ANY "changes." Neither one means it. They're just saying it to "mend fences." Both have called for "change," with neither of them defining just what "change" means to them. I can tell you. "Change" means movement toward socialism, no matter WHO gets elected, singly, or together. If McCain gets elected, it'll be the same, just a little slower. (Scrappleface)

"Calling You Names"

People who know they can't answer debates on the merits take about thirty seconds to start calling you names. A good example is Obama. People who say anything against him are immediately labeled "racist." If you say something against Hillary Clinton, they call you "sexist." Then you're spending so much time trying to avoid those "labels," that the facts of the debate get lost in "the sound and fury," and that's the way they like it. Barack is as much white as he is black, and Hillary isn't the first woman who has been involved in a presidential race. But that's not the argument, in any case. I don't want either of them as president because both are socialists. The unfortunate thing is, McCain has shown socialistic tendencies, although not as much. (Just common sense)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Plenty of Warning

Seung Hui Cho gave plenty of warning of his murderous tendencies before he went into Virginia Polytechnic Institute and murdered 23 people. In one case, he was scheduled to make a presentation before a class and a dozen students stayed away because they were afraid of him. He took pictures of female students under their desks and wouldn't stop; eight professors formed a "group" to deal with his violent writings. "In December 2005, police hauled him off, a judge signed an involuntary commitment order deeming him dangerous, and sent him to a Radford, Va., psychiatric hospital for evaluation. A doctor declared him mentally ill but not an “imminent threat,” a Supreme Court term whose meaning the justices have never explained, and the judge released him." So why was he allowed to "roam freely" on a campus where almost everybody was afraid of him? Where he predictably finally killed 23 people? Somebody flubbed, and I'd say it was the judge, who went by "the strict meaning of the law" without using judgment. If ever a case needed judgment, this was it. But no! They left this known insane man free to kill, and kill he did. How many other people are displaying such tendencies and are still "found" to be "not a threat" to society until they kill? "At present no law requires a person judged dangerous to go to counseling. Moreover there is precious little evidence counseling can “help.” A defining symptom of the paranoid personality is that he does not think there is anything wrong with himself. He thinks the rest of the world is “sick,” and needs correcting, by gunfire or bomb if necessary. As his megalomania and paranoia grow, his rage builds against us all until he explodes in a bloody mess. In most mass murders red flags aplenty signaled disaster ahead. Usually people had complained to police, and many mass killers had police records." Why is it no one seems to pay attention until people die? Some people are unsalvageable. We need to have an effective way of dealing with them without violating the rights of those who have exhibited none of these violent tendencies. (LELDF)

Always A "Pioneer"

I've been a "pioneer" in many things, one of which is "desktop publishing," which I was doing before it even had a name. I published several different tabloid newspapers back when typesetting was VERY expensive and I had to use an "executive typewriter" like an IBM Selectric® and type my copy twice: once on the left to determine how many spaces to leave to get "justified copy" (even margins on both ends), then have it Photostatted down to a 2-1/4" column width with approximately 12 pt. type, which I'd "paste up" in my "flats" as camera-ready copy. When Macintosh came out with the first DTP software, I thought I had died and gone to heaven, it made my job so much easier. I immediately went to a "service bureau" and rented time on a Mac to do my copy. Soon after, I owned only the second such software platform in existence that year, the Atari ST, and started a typesetting business, able to charge prices so low in comparison to "normal" typesetting charges at the time that many either got their own DTP software and lowered their prices, or went out of business. I led the nation in sales of a carbon paper replacement called "Copyfax," that obsoleted carbon paper before that. Today, I'm yet again a "pioneer" this time in publishing, my new book being published in "print-on-demand" form, making it unnecessary for bookstores to carry lots of copies (unless they wanted to) with the book available (so far) only on the Internet through Barnes & Noble and Amazon, among others, but not yet (maybe never) available on a bookstore shelf. I expect this to obsolete new bookstores as we know them, as the Mac did "cold" typesetting and Copyfax did standard carbon paper. (Outskirts Press)

We've Been Noticed

KNUS News Talk Radio in Denver has, on May 28, named my other blog, "The New THOMA$ REPORT" to their list of the "Top Ten Colorado Blogs." The notation is in the "710 KNUS Denver Community" section, below the radio schedule, on the left. Maybe the release of my new book, "What's WRONG in America" had something to do with it, since they are on my publisher's press release list. I hope they soon want to know more about the book. (710 KNUS)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Boxer-Lieberman-Warner Tax Bill

They scream it is NOT a "tax bill," but unfortunately, it is one of the biggest "transfers of wealth" to come down the pike. It will raise taxes so much in the coming years, you'll wish you were back in "the good old days" when you had some money to keep, even if it wasn't very much. This is just yet another scheme to con you into AGREEING to a massive tax increase with a "good-sounding handle." Don't fall for it. Tell your congressman or Senator you want no part of it. Notice the sponsors of the bill are either Damnocrats, or known liberal Republicans, whatever they call themselves. (Congress Daily)

Nobody Cares

AlGore must be in tears. ABC did a poll recently that showed "nobody cares" about "man-made global warming," except for him and those he has conned into believing his lies. Even many of those won't do anything about it because it's just not very important to them. Yes, there has been a noticeable increase in the number of corporations who have "knuckled under" to Al and his disciples, but that's just because he has extorted them well. "ABC and the Washington Post polled Americans about the most important issue to them in the upcoming elections. The economy ranked #1 with 41% [Mostly because people are rightly afraid the Democrats will mess it up. -RT], Iraq #2 with 18% [People are afraid the Democrats are going to lose yet another war we are winning. -RT], Health Care #3 with 7% [They've seen all the failing "national health plans and they don't work. -RT], Terrorism/National Security #4 with 5% [Hell, the Democrats won't even admit there IS a "terrorist problem. -RT], Immigration and Ethics followed with 4% [People know nothing will change here under Democrats. -RT], Education and Morals with 2% [The same here. -RT], Environment and Global Warming continue to receive a 0%. ZERO percent! And AlGore says it's the most important thing facing us! Maybe it is to his pocketbook, which has become noticeably fatter because of it. (ABC Poll)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Book's Out

I've been anxiously awaiting the release of my new book, "What's WRONG in America," and it finally happened. I could answer that question on one sentence, maybe one word. But it takes 216 pages and 22 chapters to present the truth of what I'm saying. The price is $14.95 and you can get it from Barnes & Noble or Amazon, or directly from the Outskirts Press Bookstore. (Outskirts Press Bookstore)

Shades of "Atlas Shrugged"

One of the things that happened when the liberals' dreams came true was farmers going back to mules and horses to pull their tools. It's coming true today. T.R. Raymond says "he mules are slower than a petroleum-powered tractor, but there are benefits. This fuel's so high, you can't afford it," he said. "We can feed these mules cheaper than we can buy fuel. That's the truth." Hmmm, slower, but cheaper (He saves $70 a day). Isn't that what environmentalists want? Well, it seems like they're getting it. Maybe we ought to send some environmentalists out to plow the fields using mules so they'd find out what the result of their wishes are like. Robert Raymond said, "It's the way of the future." I certainly hope we'll come to our senses and reject that "global warming" crap before that. (Breitbart)

Monday, June 2, 2008

The Result of Ignorance

In Kenya, the government works very hard to keep their people ignorant so they won't "tumble" to the things their government is doing to them. One of the "unexpected consequences" of this is that ignorant people are more easily fooled by slick-talking people. Such is what happened when somebody convinced everybody that people in a certain area were "witches." So they "lined them up" and burned them, completely forgetting (as they did in this country 100 years ago) that if they WERE witches, they could easily kill their tormentors with a glance or a mumbled spell. (Breitbart)

Chelsea for President!

Well, they can't seem to get Hillary elected so they can return to the White House, so now they'll push Chelsea. I can't imagine that Chelsea, who has been conditioned to be as socialist as are her mother and father, will think any differently than they do. So if she ever gets elected, we'll still suffer, just as we will if Hillary OR Obama get elected. Gawd! I wish we had a viable candidate in this race! (This Is London)

Charging for Baggage

There's always a way to make more money out of our misery. The airlines have found it. They've driven us to fly without "carry-on luggage" so as to avoid the long lines and indignity of being searched before allowing us to enter the airplane, so now they're charging us for the FIRST checked bag. To carry ANYTHING on board, even innocuous products like Tang and pressurized spray cans is almost impossible, so it will now cost us $15 to put that kind of thing in a checked bag, and you can count on that price to go up in the future, as ALL prices tend to do, once they've become an expected thing. (Yahoo Finance)