Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Destroying the Constitution

The very group that is supposed to be “protecting and defending” the Constitution is now in the process of DESTROYING it, little by little. The Supreme Court is doing it by MISDEFINING words such as “religious liberty,” putting people who are making religious decisions about gay marriage in the same category as the “Jim Crow” folks of old, making them into bigots for disagreeing with their edicts, even as they make their decisions completely in line with liberal wishes. They're basically saying that we “need to change our religious convictions” to conform to what they have dictated. Personally, I couldn't care less about what gays do in private. But I object strenuously to them REDEFINING the word “marriage.” They can have all the “contracts” they want between them, and have them recognized by law, but DON'T call it “marriage.” Unfortunately, that's what they want, and they'll be satisfied with nothing less. (Town Hall)

American Flag Is Next

If we allow them to BAN the Confederate Flag, by law, what's next? The Nazi Flag—the “Gay Pride” flag? Forcing the renaming of roads and bridges, etc., to forever eradicate the Confederate Flag image from the world? And if they get away with that, in spite of then first Amendment, The American Flag? Don't think that's possible? They're already demanding it, and some ignorant people are signing a petition to ban it. I wouldn't have thought it was possible for apartment owners to ban the flag from being flown in their complexes, either. But with all the liberals flexing their muscles today, anything is possible. The point is, if you give 'em and inch, they'll soon demand a mile. The Confederate Flag represents the “camel's nose under the flap of the tent, ending up all the way in, with the man who allowed it outside, shivering." In situations like this, many people “jump on the bandwagon” without thinking about the longer-range consequences, and end up screwing everything up before it's over. (Conservative Byte)

No Confederate Flag?

After the Charleston, SC massacre, the controversy over the “Confederate Flag” has arisen again, with Democrats being the biggest noise in favor of banning it. Which forgets entirely that, from the fifties on, the Confederate Flag was also the recognized flag of the Democrat Party. In his '92 presidential campaign, Bill Clinton even had a Confederate Flag PIN as part of his campaign paraphernalia, and the flag is still flying over the Arkansas statehouse, on his order, when he was governor. I don't believe we should BAN the flying of that flag, although I think Americans in their right minds should not DISPLAY it, because of what it represents. We don't ban the display of the NAZI Flag or the ISIS flag, but the same thing applies to that. Those who DO fly the Nazi flag are signaling their “solidarity” with Naziism. There should not be a LAW against it, but the ostracization it brings to those who display it is usually enough, except for those sufficiently feeble-minded as to display the flag of our enemies. (Washington Post)

Monday, June 29, 2015

"Playing Us Like a Violin"

That's what Iran is doing in our “talks” with them supposedly to stop them from getting a nuclear bomb--which are “morphing” into an “agreement” that will cause us to HELP them get a nuclear bomb, while we threaten Israel with an attack from us if they try and do anything to defend themselves BEFORE Iran GETS that nuclear bomb. Obama and Kerry are simply the worst “negotiators” ever, in history. The more they “negotiate,” the more we give the Iranians. Iran USES negotiations to get their way, and to stall until they do. As with N. Korea. We give them concession after concession until we've given them everything they want, while we “suck hind tit.” Obama and his crowd is the most INCOMPETENT bunch we've ever had “negotiating” with Iran—and that's saying a lot. The only worst negotiators there were before them were the ones who “negotiated” our surrender on N. Korea getting their nuclear bombs. But these outstrip them in the depths of their incompetence. (Minuteman News)

No Absolutes?

This article is right on one thing. When it comes to politicians words, “there ARE no absolutes.” But that's no reason to deny the existence of absolutes altogether. Subjectivists want us to believe there are no absolutes, period. And that's an “absolute statement.” In any situation denying the existence of absolutes, you are making a statement of an absolute when you deny the existence of absolutes. Since I discovered “objective philosophy,” (Not “Objectivism”) I've been fighting their attempts to convince the world that “everything is relative,” and “there are no absolutes." Unfortunately for them, they could add one word to both those statements, and they would be right. That word is, “absolutely.” If you have to use a statement of an absolute to “prove” there are no absolutes, you're in big trouble. (Eagle Rising)

Knockin' the Cops

I just read an article that says the cops killed more people than all the mass killers put together. As if that were a viable statistic. There are only a few mass killers, but THOUSANDS of cops, all over the United States. In their JOB, it is sometimes necessary to shoot people who are usually shooting at them, or otherwise threatening them. The sheer NUMBERS of cops, compared to the number of mass killers out there means that on a usual day, many cops will be forced to shoot at somebody in self defense. This article is designed specifically to feed the “anti-cop hysteria” Obama and his crew are promoting as part of their drive toward a race war. Yes, there are a small number of cops who view themselves as judge, jury, and executioner. But they remain a small number, while cop-killers are much more prevalent. (ActivistPost)

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Well, They Got 'Em

Two days ago they shot and killed one of the two escaped murderers they've been searching for, for several weeks. Today (June 28, 2015). they got the other one. A lone cop found him. He ran, and the cop shot him. But he didn't kill him. Too bad the cop wasn't a better shot. Liberals in New York will probably give the cop a hard time because that escaped murderer was not armed at the time. In my opinion, he should have been executed for his crimes a long time ago. But New York, being run by liberals, HAS no death penalty. Now I guess they can go to work to find some of the 30,000 other convicted murderers Obama has ordered RELEASED onto our society, and who have murdered 121 MORE people since. They're illegal aliens, which probably is Obama's reason for giving them “special treatment.” Obama seems to have a “soft spot” for illegal aliens. Personally, I think Obama should be arrested and imprisoned as an accessory BEFORE the fact in these subsequent murders, and maybe even subjected to the death penalty for his part in loosing these murderers upon society.(Officer)

As Usual, Obama Lies

When Professor Jonathan Gruber came out and told the truth about why Obama lied so much to get Obamacare passed, he said Gruber was NOT a “chief architect” of his swindle. But nobody could prove he was not “just a small-time adviser,” so they had to go on past it. But new e-mails, reported by the Wall Street Journal, show he was actually a lot more important in designing Obamacare than Obama indicated in his dismissive comments. Gruber said, many times, in many places, that Americans were stupid, revealing that this was the prevailing opinion among those working on the project. Frankly, the more stupid one in this is Gruber, himself, if he thought telling the truth would endear him to this administration. I think any grants for which he was up will evaporate, and his contacts in DC will stop accepting or returning his calls. Soon he will find his tenure (if he has any) will also be gone, or he will be relegated to a single small classroom with a very small number of students, and maybe ONE class to teach. Truth is not a commodity Obama wishes to see among his people. (Town Hall)

Some People Are Just Plain Stupid!

Jeannine Hammond apparently isn't too bright. She just can't see why the cops didn't “work harder” to NOT kill her son while he was trying to kill them. She thinks the sniper who “took him out” should have just “shot to wound,” and that would have been sufficient, while not killing her precious son. She says the cops “handled it badly,” and demands to know why they didn't seek medical attention for him. Maybe because they knew he was dead. Naturally, she tried to inject racism into it, saying, “They probably needed to show they kill white people, too.” What a damned fool female this is! With her way of thinking, I'm not surprised her son attacked the cops. When somebody's shooting at cops, they don't “shoot to wound.” It's too risky. They shoot to eliminate the threat. If that kills the attacker, tough. (Town Hall)

Saturday, June 27, 2015

"Religious Rights Are Next"

You remember “Mr. Sulu from “Star Trek?” It has been long known he is gay, but until now he has been an unassuming has-been former actor. But now he's setting out to destroy “religious rights” as guaranteed in the Constitution. He frankly looked at the Supreme Court ruling making “gay marriage” legal in all 50 states and promptly said, “Religious rights are next.” What a cocky comment that is. But I guess I can expect him to be “cocky” considering his sexual bent. He's really got it backward. He complains about people forcing their views on HIM, but in actuality, it is HIM forcing his views on others. I don't think churches are suing him to force him to stop being gay. But with fools like him, the only opinion that's important is HIS, and he means to force it on everybody. (Conservative Byte)

Add Rove to the List

The list of stupid politicians who think that BANNING guns will do ANYTHING to “stop gun violence.” That's if you believe what he told Chris Wallace on Fox recently was true, and not a “tongue-in-cheek” comment. Of course, the gun-grabbers leaped on it, since Rove is a conservative. But I don't believe Rove is that stupid. If he was, he'd have shown it before now. The fact remains, as I've said many, many times, you can't eliminate guns from the landscape by making a law. Criminals don't OBEY laws, and will not obey this one. I think Rove was just spoofing those stupid people who think that way. I'm pretty sure that's not the way he really feels about gun control. He's smart enough to know that arming law-abiding people is the way to go, even if it'll never happen in today's world. Fortunately, they won't repeal the Second Amendment in today's world, either. I hope. If they ever do, I'll become a criminal. (Cowboy Byte)

It's His Own Fault

This may seem crass and unfeeling, but it isn't. I say this in complete sympathy for the pastor at the Charleston, SC  AME Church. He brought his death upon himself. Not purposely, but through ignorance. The ignorance that tells him that banning guns from his church will keep guns away. It did keep guns away. Not the one that killed him, but the guns it DID keep away were those that would have been in the hands of honest, responsible, law-abiding people who could have immediately taken Dylan Roof out as soon as he revealed his intentions. I don't know how many lives that could have saved—that depends on how fast they realized what was going on and were able to get their guns in action. Maybe he would have still died, but some of the nine parishioners may not have died, as well. The fact remains that BANNING guns from his church ended in his own death, and the deaths of eight of his “flock.” That's fact. Indisputable. Liberals and gun-grabbers will call that hate speech, but hate speech is what THEY spout every day. In Colorado Springs, Colorado, one tiny woman stopped a similar attempt COLD, by making the shooter eat one of HER bullets. The pastor in that church was “smarter than the average bear” when he asked her to “act as a security guard” while there, and is probably still alive because of it. (Just common sense)

Friday, June 26, 2015

"Ditch Your Religious Convictions"

If ever there were proof that Obama thinks he's king of America this is it. “President Barack Obama urged supporters of same-sex marriage Friday to “help” people to overcome their religious convictions, so they are no longer held back from a progressive American view of equality.” (Daily caller) In other words, we should “ditch” any religious convictions against gay marriage. This in spite of the Constitutional guarantee that our religious convictions will NEVER be abridged. Who the hell does this fool think he IS! Does he think he can, with a few words, ELIMINATE our right to our religious convictions? Yes, he IS president (for a little while, longer, legally). But that does NOT make him a dictator, with the right to deny our constitutional right to our own religious convictions! I say, Obama, you can STICK IT! Right where you sit. If that gets me a visit from the dark-suited thugs in black sunglasses, so be it. He says his people should “help” people to “overcome” their religious convictions” and “get with the program.” I say again, Obama, you can “stick it where the sun doesn't shine. Sideways!” (Daily Caller)

"Religious Tolerance"

“A peaceful religion.” These are words that fall out of Muslim mouths as they go about killing people who follow a different religion than they do. In America, ANY religion is free to be practiced without restriction (except maybe that part of it that hurts somebody, such as multiple marriages for Mormon men, but not for women), or those who practice human sacrifice. Any religion is free to build their places of worship wherever they please, as long as they own the property or have the permission of the owner to use it.. In countries tun by Muslims, NO other “religion” but Islam is ALLOWED, by law. They tolerate NO religions attempting to recruit followers in their countries and to “deconvert” from Islam is a death sentence. They abuse their women in ways we wouldn't even DREAM about, They're a religion that practices sexual slavery (today) and think nothing about “marrying” a little girl as young as 6 to an old man! And it's not just the Muslim EXTREMISTS who do bad things. Under Sharia Law, they can FORCE a small child to MARRY an old man and have sex with him, whether or not she wishes. They SAY the lower limit is 9, but in practice, it may apply to TODDLERS. They still practice “arranged marriages,” usually between very young girls and old men and will KILL the girl if she refuses. And they think WE are religiously intolerant! They are HUMANLY intolerant! They'll probably want to KILL me for writing this item. They're SO peaceful. (Just common sense)

Hey Al, Where ARE You?

There was a big mass shooting in Detroit where nine people were killed. In Philly, 10 people were sent to the hospital. And one toddler and two older children were injured in a mass shooting at a block party. Where ARE you, Al? Jesse? What? You aren't coming here to spout your usual hate speech against white cops? Oh that's right. Everybody involved is black; shooters and victims. So you aren't interested. Why am I surprised? Why is ANYBODY surprised? All Al and Jesse want to do is whip up black hatred for whites, and blacks shooting blacks does nothing to advance that narrative. And it won't put money in their pockets, so they're “too busy” elsewhere. Like Baltimore or Ferguson, MO, where they can twist things to make it SEEM like whites are “oppressing” blacks, who, in actuality, are oppressing whites. Like Michael Brown, who “bulldozed” hes way out of a convenience store carrying stolen cigars, then, when he was found “ditty-bopping” down the middle of the street and asked to stop, tried to kill the single cop on the scene, who was about HALF his mass, even trying to take his gun to shoot him with. Everybody was surprised when he got shot for his trouble, and riots ensued. Maybe we should start ignoring people like Al and Jesse so they'll stop making money from other people's woes, Or put them in adjoining cells in prison for their extortion schemes. (Twitchy)

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hit List for Radical Islam

You know how radical Islam is about death sentences. Just SAYING bad things (truth) about Islam is a death sentence. Now SPLC has published a “list” of well-known women who have had the temerity to tell the truth about radical Islam. The Southern Poverty Law Center (SLPC), itself an extremist left-leaning organization that LIES about people to put them on their various “lists,” have effectively painted targets on the backs of 12 prominent women by putting their names on their “list” of prominent women who have spoken out against radical Islam. Ann Coulter is delighted that her name is on the “list.” She says it's an “honor” to even be considered for one of their “lists.” As one who is most likely on several of their “lists,” I agree. Critics call it a “hit list” for Islamic terrorists, making it easier for the feeble minds of those fools to figure out who to kill for “saying bad things” (truth) about radical Muslims. Cathy Adams, president of Texas Eagle Forum, thinks their “list” is not nearly as important as they think it is. I agree fully. It might be instructive that they included very unflattering drawings of the women whose names they included. Pamela Geller (whose name is on the “list” says, “SPLC is the real hate group here, painting targets on the backs of only people on the right.” (paraphrased). (World Net Daily)

Global Warming Is Stupid!

So is “climate change,” its illegitimate offspring. The whole idea that a rise in global temperature of .1 degree in 100 years is a problem is irrational. And the idea that people are capable of affecting it, for good OR bad, is arrogant. People who believe in it are also stupid, and that includes Obama and the Pope—and all those pseudo-scientists who falsify scientific evidence to keep getting grants controlled by those supporting it. Most people not personally involved in the climate sciences who believe in it are not stupid, they're simply being CONNED. Global warming has made AlGore a billionaire and is still helping him rake in the cash. It has made others who have “jumped on the bandwagon” a lot of money, too. I really get tired of hearing stupid people crying about it all the time in the media. It has been DISPROVED many times, in so may ways, but it's like a religion. It's impossible to “break the faith” of those who subscribe to the “religion of global warming.” Why are there so many stupid people in the world? (Just common sense)

Was It Terrorism?

Obama has a habit of refusing to label terrorist acts as what they are: terrorism. But in this case, he would be absolutely right: it ISN'T terrorism. It's RACISM. It is a direct result of all the racist rhetoric he and his cronies have been spouting. The shooter made that clear when he said, “You people raped my people and took our jobs, and I'm going to kill a few of you.” That's not a completely accurate repeat of what he said, but it's close enough to get his racist ideas across. He killed those people because they were BLACK. No other reason. Words have consequences. And these deaths are the consequence of Obama's words. In Ferguson, MO, his words (and some of George Soros' money) touched off real riots that ruined a lot of people and hurt even more. Somebody needs to shut Obama up (no, not by killing him) before he succeeds in starting the race war he so badly wants, and gets a lot more people killed. (American Thinker)

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

They Want Us to Forget

Democrats never lose an opportunity to accuse Republicans of being racist, hoping we'll forget their own long history of INSTITUTIONAL racism. Frankly, for years, the Confederate Battle Flag doubled as the symbol of the Democrat Party. Some candidates actually ADOPTED it as part of their campaign, most notably in the Clinton-Gore campaign in 1992. They want us to forget that some of the TOP Democrats were PROUD racists, among them Fritz Hollings, Harry Truman (by his own admission), Joe Biden (“You can't go into a Dunkin' Donuts if you don't have an Indian accent”), Hillary Clinton, who used the “N” word many times, Sen. Robert (“sheets”) Byrd, who was a top Klansman, Al Gore's father, also a Democrat. I could name many more, but I won't. You need to do SOME research on your own. But it's really hypocritical to say Republicans are racist when your own party has had such an “institutional history” of racism. (The Blaze)

We're Responsible

According to the New Yorker editor, David Remnick, we are responsible for the nine deaths in that SC church because we're pushing the right to carry and use guns in self-defense. That reflects the faulty thinking of all liberals on every subject, but in this case, specifically on gun control. It reflects the ignorance of thinking that the way to self-defense is to DISARM ourselves. That is if you make a law, crooks and crazies will obey it, and all will be well. I say it's just the opposite. It is people like Remnick who are responsible, because they make the laws that only the law-abiding (which includes those church-goers) obey, which makes it pretty certain to people like this shooter that there will be NO GUNS there to oppose him, so he will be able to go about his business of killing people without opposition. Gun laws, as we know them today, KILL people. People like Remnick are too stupid to know that, so they keep promoting gun laws that CONTRIBUTE to the “gun violence problem” by disarming honest people, while dishonest people buy their guns illegally and they cannot be traced, as can legally-bought guns. (1776 Coalition)

It's Like He's Taunting Us

I've always wondered how Obama could lie so easily, telling lies that are easily disproved, ignoring the consequences. Like the recent one where he says he has “made America more respected in the world during my administration” when we KNOW that's not only a LIE, but a big, fat stiffie of a lie. One of the BASIC problems in this administration is that, under him, we have lost ALL kinds of respect in the world. Our respect is at its lowest ebb in the history of the world, maybe with the exception of life under Jimmy Carter. It's also well known that he is the “great separator,” doing everything he can to pit one group against the other in ALL things. So now he has the gall to say, “One of my core principles is that I will never engage in a politics in which I’m trying to divide people or make them less than me because they look different or have a different religion,” Obama said. “That’s a core principle, that’s not something I would violate.” If he can tell a BASIC lie like that with a straight face, he is either unprincipled, of desperately DELUDED. I think it's both. Why does he pick things we KNOW about him and deny they're true? Does he think that, by saying so, he can make it so? He can't be that STUPID, although his “stupidity quotient” is very high. Preserve Freedom asks if this is Obama's biggest lie. That's hard to answer, since he has told so many big lies. But it's right up there. (Preserve Freedom)

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

What First Amendment?

I thought the first Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America was absolute. So how can a pastor face CHARGES for speaking out about the evils of Islam from the pulpit? Is Islam somehow better than anybody else? Apparently so. I've been hearing about way too many similar cases, which are unconstitutional on their face. If In were to preach in favor of the DESTRUCTION of somebody or something, there would be nothing the government could do about it—unless they decided to, apparently. Apparently this pastor is going to be the victim of Obama's favoritism for Muslims. In this country, it's usually the liberals who try to “shout down” those with whom they don't agree. But not using the law, because of the First Amendment. But apparently, under Obama's dictatorship, that's no more. He allows people to be punished for speaking out against Muslims AND gays, using the phony “hate speech” label. All this is a patent violation of the Constitution he swore to protect and defend, but which he is “shredding” instead, every day. People like me will be next. But that will NOT shut me up. (Eagle Rising)

No Gun Involved

In Graz, Austria, a man ran his car into a crowd of people, then stepped out and began stabbing the survivors, including a policeman, killing 3 and leaving 34 injured. Among the dead, is a 4-year-old boy. This is as bad as those highly-publicized mass shootings in the United States and elsewhere, with one exception: NO GUN was involved here. Thus proving that if someone wants to kill a bunch of people, he'll do it, even if he doesn't have a gun. I don't know how tight the gun laws in Austria are, but it makes no difference if he couldn't buy one or just didn't have one. The gun is NOT the problem. It is the MINDSET of the killer that's important. If he wants to kill, he'll kill, with whatever he can find. This proves again the FALLACY of preventing law-abiding people from owning and carrying guns for self-defense. But will the gun-grabbers take notice? Even if they do, will it make any difference in their feeble thinking? Not a chance. Their minds are made up. Don't confuse them with facts. (The Daily Mail)

2 OR 38,000?

What's more terrifying? 2 escaped convicted murderers, or 38,000 RELEASED convicted murderers? In New York, they're, oh, so worried about TWO escaped convicted murderers. But NOBODY seems worried about the 30,000 illegal alien convicted murderers Obama caused to be RELEASED upon American society. Those he released have since been responsible for 121 murdered Americans (between 2010 and 2014), so far. But is anybody worried? Seemingly, NO. No big search for them so they can be re-imprisoned and kept from murdering any more Americans. No massive manhunt involving 800 cops from several states. No outcry from the populace, nothing. Ho, hum. Nobody's even out there LOOKING for them. The fact that, with so many of them out there, chances are good that at least ONE is living in your neighborhood and might even be planning YOUR murder at this very moment doesn't seem to worry anybody, much less Obama. His action in releasing these people is a CRIME of outrageous proportions—but nobody seems interested in “bringing him to justice.” Obama is culpable in every new murder these men commit, and is as much of an ACCOMPLICE as if he had helped plan the murders, but nobody's even LOOKING in his direction. Being president should not indemnify a person against being “brought to justice” for murder. But it seems it is. How about you. Do YOU care? I haven't even heard from readers of this blog, either. (World Net Daily)

Monday, June 22, 2015

DEA Bandits

His Mom gave him money, and he took his own money with him, going to LA to become a music producer. Somehow, the DEA found out he had all that cash on him ($16,000.00) and they took it. They said, “the MONEY is guilty” (of something, maybe) and we're keeping it. Leaving this kid broke in LA, with no charges even filed against him. How can they do such a thing? The RICO laws allow it. The RICO laws were made with the idea in mind to prevent big-time drug dealers from using their endless supply of money against the prosecutors, who are restrained by budgets, to beat them in court. The very concept of this law is unconstitutional, since it restrains a citizen (who is innocent until proven guilty) from being able to mount a defense. What really infuriates me about the law is that the government is not even required to prove lawbreaking to steal your money. They can just “swoop in” and, like any other kind of bandit, TAKE your money, and it's your responsibility to go to court (after they've taken all your money) to get it back. They've even been known to offer to give SOME of it back, if you sign an agreement not to seek any more of it. That's a clear ADMISSION that they merely want your money to add to their own budgets. (High Times)

Gun Laws Work?

The shooter in Charleston, SC, bought his gun at a gun store, and PASSED a background check. How the hell does ANYBODY with any amount of INTELLIGENCE at all believe that such laws would have stopped him from what he had planned? MAYBE, if he had done it before, they might. But he wasn't a “career criminal.” He was just a “screwed up guy” who thought black people were the cause of all his problems, and thought he'd go out and kill a few. So he went out and bought a gun, and did it. How in HELL is a LAW going to stop such as him? We have to make it “unprofitable” for anybody to do what he did, for any reason. We can do that by making sure there are other ARMED people in the crowd in the place he has chosen to shoot up, so he can be shot down before he can shoot as many people. (Conservative Byte)

Obama's Bloody Hands

People think there are only legal ramifications from his releasing hundreds of bloody murderers onto society, just because they're “illegal aliens.” But there's more. These criminals have gone on to MURDER (so far) 121 Americans between 2010 and 2014. There's no telling how many they've murdered since then. And Obama is an ACCOMPLICE in every one of those murders. FINALLY, a couple of Republicans have taken him to task about it (Democrats wouldn't DARE), for whatever that will cause to happen. Sens. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) and Charles Grassley (R-IA), have sent a letter to Sec. of State John Kerry, Homeland Security Sec. Jeh Johnson, and Attorney General Loretta Lynch, demanding answers to their many questions about Obama's release of these 30,000 rapists and murderers (Good luck on ever getting an answer). “Just to be clear, these were convicted criminals, in ICE custody, who had been ordered deported but were instead released back into U.S. communities, and then went on to murder Americans,” according to Mark Krikorian, executive director of the Center for Immigration Studies. And we're SO worried about those TWO escaped murderers in New York! This is a major CRIME, committed by Barack Obama, and should be prosecuted as such, impeachment aside. Being president should not shield a man from a murder charge. (World Net Daily)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

"They're Dead?"

Eric Ward thinks conservative think tanks are dead because society no longer values facts or reason. I beg to differ. As long as there is ONE person left who DOES value facts and reason, conservative think tanks will never die. I am one of those, and when I go (soon, as old as I am--that's a fact, which I must face) there will be others. I hope they come from among those I have mentored. He says, “What solace is there to know we're right while society collapses around us?” The answer is, none. It is very frustrating to “throw out nuggets of knowledge” and have them be ignored by a majority of people. That's what I do, every day. But I will keep doing it until I can no longer do it (Required admission: I am a paid member of TWO conservative think tanks). For the benefit of the FEW who can benefit from it. I feel sorry for those who can't, and their numbers are legion. It is a fact that ignorant people have no idea they're ignorant, and mostly think they're the smartest people around. That applies to a majority of politicians in Washington and elsewhere. The evidence is the belief many of them hold that socialism is something to be desired, and that all you have to do is make a law against carrying and using guns in crime and criminals will obey it. (AmericanThinker)

"Preachers of Doom"

“Fearmongers.” “Doomsayers.” That's what Rush Limbaugh calls them. Frank Fenner, a scientist who is supposed to have helped eliminate smallpox has come out with a “report” that says, “Humans will probably be extinct in 100 years” because of climate change, among other things, including overpopulation” (THAT old saw!) This would be interesting, except that “predictors” such as this have been UNIVERSALLY WRONG. Not a single one of their “predictions” have come true. Many have predicted the “death of civilization” and have been wrong. AlGore comes to mind. At one time he predicted that civilization would DIE within 15 years if we didn't do something about global warming (now called “climate change” because global warming wasn't working any more, since the globe stopped warming). That was about 30 years ago. Gore has made BILLIONS of dollars with this swindle. In the ensuing years. These predictions have been laid on our youngsters in school for years. How long must this go on before ALL Americans are fearful and paranoid? Maybe we should ask Fenner about his prediction in 100 years. (World Net Daily)

Don't Fink On the Boss

Taylor Johnson, a senior investigator for the Department of Homeland Security Investigations Division (DHS) found that out when she uncovered a program that represented corruption within the agency. Apparently, she was only supposed to “investigate” things happening OUTSIDE DHS. When she went to her boss, did they compliment her and act on her findings? Yup. They sure did (No compliment). They took her job away without even the honor of being fired. They transferred her to job that amounted to “being in purgatory” so she couldn't even get a decent job. They took her gun and company car away, and told a social worker trying to verify her employment that she was “no longer with them, due to criminal actions.” They neglected to say the “criminal actions” were THEIRS, not hers. Then CPS got involved, and she very nearly lost her child. They not only took her work gun away, they told her she could no longer own or carry a gun, period: a clear constitutional violation. This is how DHS handles whistleblowers. (The Right to Bear)

Saturday, June 20, 2015

What's the Answer?

It didn't seem as if there were very many mass shootings, especially in schools and churches, when I was growing up. I don't know if that was because there weren't any, or because they didn't have the “24-hour news cycle” like they have now. I do know there weren't nearly as many news outlets then as there are now. But the main question today is, “what's the answer to stopping it?” Not only mass shootings, but gun attacks in general. I don't know the answer to that, but I do know what they're doing is NOT the answer. Taking guns away from responsible, law-abiding people is NOT the answer to gun violence. You don't defend yourself by DISARMING yourself. I remember that a major reason why the Japanese didn't attack the American mainland during WWII is that they figured “there would be a gun behind every blade of grass and pointing out of every window.” To me, that spells PREPAREDNESS as security.

Translated to personal security, that means someone bent on a massacre should not be able to believe there will be NO guns there to oppose him. The only church shooting I can remember that didn't work out the way the shooter wished was in Colorado Springs, Colorado, where the would-be shooter walked into bullets fired from a gun held by a small female parishioner who had been asked to ACT as “security” while there. That tells me it isn't the gun that's at fault in such cases, it's what's in the mind of the HOLDER of the gun. I know liberals hate the whole idea of arming law-abiding people, because they don't trust them to contain themselves if they have “heat” on their hip. But nonetheless, I think that ARMING honest people IS the answer—at least in individual cases. If a would-be shooter comes in to kill people and is, himself killed by someone there with a gun, maybe other would-be mass killers will think again about what they have in mind. Nobody wants to die for nothing, and being killed before you can carry out your plans to kill others stops you from being successful. (Just common sense)

They Won't Face the Truth

 Bloomberg says, “Obama’s political problems hurt gun control.” Did it ever occur to him that what killed gun control is that their TARGET is all wrong? They’re going after HONEST people by making it harder for ALL people to be able to be armed, while doing NOTHING to keep crooks and crazies from getting their guns illegally? They make LAWS for people to OBEY, completely ignoring the fact that criminals and crazies do not OBEY laws—NO laws—not just THEIR laws. Has it ever occurred to them that they’re WRONG? Probably not. Liberals never admit to being wrong. They think they’re always right, no matter what the facts tell them. Maybe some day somebody will come along with a GOOD gun control idea. Probably not in my lifetime. (Breitbart)

Scares the Hell Out of Me!

Just the thought of someone like Vermont Senator and self-described socialist Bernie sanders becoming president scares the hell out of me. Hillary is bad enough. But she wouldn't make a pimple on the butt of Sanders when it comes to socialism. Sanders hailed “radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower” because under him, the top tax rate was 90%. That means 90% of what you EARNED could be taken from you by the government and divided up among greedy people who could not, or WOULD not earn it for themselves, but would rather LOOT it from those who do. And why should they, if the government would steal it from you and give it to them? That this sort of thing killed any wish to be productive, and so to be NON-productive would be the thing to be, would be obvious to intelligent people. But apparently there are no intelligent people among those disposed to be socialists. So this lack of intelligence on the part of the American people may allow him to become president, just as it did Barack Hussein Obama, Bill Clinton, and Jimmy Carter. The weakness in our system is that it allows such people to BE elected. (AmericanSpectator)

Friday, June 19, 2015

Over And Over And Over

The anti-gun fools just can't admit their mistakes. Or they just aren't smart enough to REALIZE their mistakes. The worst thing about it is, that for some reason, they always seem to retain the power to make their stupid laws that kill people, time and time again. Soon after an insane kid killed 9 people in a church shooting, the “usual suspects” jumped on the “gun control bandwagon,” touting the usual outmoded, many times discredited gun control methods like registering gun buyers. Stopping honest people who do obey laws from owning guns, designating certain areas as “gun-free zones,” gun safes, trigger locks, etc. Obama gets on his “soap box” and lies like a rug, as usual, saying, “Other countries don't have this problem, even though they DO. Then Hillary climbs on, too. And all the others we can expect to join in the din to make more and more useless laws that will NEVER do what they claim they will do: stop gun violence. They forget another church shooting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that turned out a little differently—because ONE PERSON in the congregation had a gun and wasn't afraid to use it.

She STOPPED the shooter in his tracks—by SHOOTING him. Irrefutable evidence that ONE PERSON with a gun in the crowd who ISN'T bent on mass murder can make all the difference in the world. But will these blockheads listen? Not a chance. They have their minds made up, and you can't bother them with FACTS. They called her a “plain-clothes security guard,” but in reality she was a member of the congregation who was ASKED to be a “security guard" during the service. This kind of thing can SOLVE the “gun violence problem.” But, with the possible exception of local news, it isn't noticed, and those making the laws not only don't notice it, they actively deny it. Will that church in S. Carolina change their policy and start allowing guns in their church so guys like this will meet opposition when they come in to commit mass murder? Doubtful That wouldn't be “politically correct.” So more people will die because of their useless laws. (Town Hall)

This Whole Family Is Corrupt

Always has been. “We knew that Obama's mother was a communist activist, and that her mother's parents were as well. We knew that the man Obama was told is his father was a Muslim, a Drunk and Anti-Colonialist, a Communist activist as well. The man I believe to be his real father, Frank Marshall Davis, who by Obama's own words in his own book, apparently molested him. (We had matching stains on our pants, he wrote) Davis was a friend of Obama's family & Obama's mentor in his teenage years. He was a very active communist activist and author, a known child molester and pornographer. Obama has two half brothers, one who is a thankful and appreciative conservative in Kenya. Obama maintains no communication with him. Then Obama has another a half-brother who is a Muslim, but is also a committed communist activist. Obama stays in regular close contact with him. He went to Kenya in 2004 to mentor him in the methods of Saul Alinsky prior to the Kenyan elections. When the communist lost they rioted killing several hundred people and burning several buildings down to the ground.” Face it, people! The man you elected as your president is not only corrupt and communist, his entire family is, too. And has always been! He ignores his “conservative” brother while maintaining contact with his communist brother. (One Political Plaza)

What A Stupid Excuse!

And shows nothing but ARROGANCE and the belief they don't have to obey Congress. They say they've found 6,400 more of Lois Lerner's e-mails, buy they aren't turning them over “because they're making sure they aren't duplicates.” Don't want to waste anyone's time, don'tchaknow. What a bunch of arrogant fiddle-footed dumbbutts. They really think they can get away with this kind of delays and stonewalling. If somebody tried that on them, he'd end up so far back in prison, people would forget he's there. But that's the scam they use. I really feel sorry for the taxpayer because they're subject to the INCOMPETENCE of these fools. And they have no choice but to submit to their incompetent bumbling. Nothing can make their incompetence plainer than to know there is such a high percentage of wrong answers given to taxpayers asking questions, while acting on those answers doesn't exempt them from penalties. Of course, they say that checking these e-mails for duplicates will take a LONG time. Naturally. (Daily Caller)

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Always Wrong

Whenever something happens like the recent S. Carolina church massacre. Everybody with an audience rushes to the microphone to pontificate on how to ”solve the gun violence problem.” The only problem is, they are, to a man (or woman) WRONG on what to do to put a stop to it. They trot out all the old “solutions” that have never worked, like registrations of all guns legally owned (it's impossible to list those ILLEGALLY owned, of course), stopping everybody who has gotten upset over a nosebleed from ever owning a gun. Banning returning heroes from owning a gun because they might use it, since we trained to to do so, or putting trigger locks on all guns or keep them in gun safes, to keep people from being able to get them into action fast enough to use them for what they were DESIGNED to do, defend us.

Then there are those infamous “no-gun zones” that shooters SEEK OUT for their shooting sprees. None of these “solutions” have EVER worked. Yet every time a killer emerges with a LEGALLY-bought, stolen, or ILLEGALLY obtained gun and shoots up a bunch of people, they trot them out, again. They think if they could just BAN guns out of existence, everything would be okay. But that is a STUPID notion; a pipe-dream.” Guns exist. Like toothpaste, you can't put it back in the tube. If guns didn't exist, the people who want to maim and kill would find some other way of doing it, as they did in the years prior to the invention of guns, and the killing would go on. The only way to end gun violence is to KILL those who insist on perpetrating it. Not just go out and kill them, but allow honest, reliable, law-abiding people to own and carry guns so that, when a criminal confronts them with HIS gun, he can be shot to death, not just “put in the prison system” to be abused and angered so that when he gets out, he does worse things than what got him in there, in the first place.

You can't just eliminate guns,” you have to eliminate the people who USE them to hurt others. It's amazing that these incompetent politicians can't figure out something so simple as the truism that a CRIMINAL, who doesn't OBEY laws of any kind, will obey one that says he can't be armed, will register his illegal guns, or will stay out of a “gun-free zone. They need to go in another direction, like punishing the USE of a gun in a crime severely enough to keep him off the streets longer. Or just arm honest citizens and let us take care of it more permanently. Law-abiding people don't randomly kill each other over trifles. NON-law-abiding criminals do, and they are already armed. You can't stop it. Ban their guns and they'll get them elsewhere. I've always thought our politicians were incompetent. They are, And the way they handle “gun violence” proves it. (Just common sense)

Always the Women

I enjoy looking at a good-looking woman as well as any man. Especially half-naked ones—or even ALL-naked ones. But I'm getting very tired of such pictures being used to direct my attention to something that has nothing to do with beautiful women, like the story about the matador who had a testicle eviscerated in a bull fight. Or the busty woman in a Bikini (which women rarely use when driving) being handcuffed, the cop holding her arms behind her back, in an ad for INSURANCE, which pushed her considerable breasts forward. Another thing that offends me is the new Fox show, “Outnumbered,” which probably ought to be renamed, “Legs,”: because that's pretty much all it shows, featuring four leggy women whose dresses just barely cover their “goodies, as a general rule. “The Five,” while it doesn't have as many leggy women, emphasizes pictures of the one woman who is always half naked and, while the others change daily, she does not. It must be a “dress code” at Fox. All the women, for the most part (sometimes excluding guests, who are usually not subject to a dress code) dress the same, and everywhere you look, there are bare legs, ¾ the way up their thighs. Maybe I'm just an “old fogey,” but I still resent being used this way. (Just common sense)

The Usual Complaint

Sen. McCaskill criticizes us for complaining about the incompetence of the TSA by saying The problem is not with not enough money. It's always because of "not enough money." It is with the INCOMPETENCE, not only of those actively running TSA, but with the top politicians running the entire government. The TSA not having access to the entire “not-fly list” is not because of not enough money. Neither is TSA not vetting airport employees and finding out about their ties to terrorism while they stroll around in restricted areas while we feel people up, watch pictures of naked people on their monitors, and generally hassle innocent people. Lack of money doesn't account for their failure to catch phony guns and explosives brought through to test them in 98% of cases. That's INCOMPETENCE. That isn't going to be improved by “throwing money at it.” I don't think the problem is with incoming passengers, anyway. I think the problem is with Muslim terrorists living in America without enough attention being paid to their schemes. Every once in a while they catch one, but how many plots go unfound? (Just common sense)

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

How to Stop Crime

Don't let violent criminals go. That's what the federal government has done, and they don't expect a rise in crime as a result? This perfectly illustrates the INCOMPETENCE of our “leaders” I've told you about. In 2013, they released 36,000 violent illegal alien criminals onto American streets, claiming “prosecutorial discretion.”. Rapists, murderers, child abusers, many of whom swelled the ranks of the criminal street gangs. Some of which are now their LEADERS. 100 of them have been convicted of MURDER after being so released. After releasing thousands of sexual offenders, they “somehow” neglected to make them register AS sexual offenders. They just released them to prey on young women with no limits. So, in addition to NOT keeping such people out, they're actively RELEASING them into society, with no way of tracking them or controlling them, in any way. There's a lot of talk about those two escaped prisoners in New York, but the thousands and thousands of illegal alien rapists and murderers are just as bad, or worse—and nobody's even LOOKING for them. If that's not the heights of INCOMPETENCE, I'll kiss you where you sit, right up in the brown. (Town Hall)

Move July 4th for Muslims?

What else are we going to be required to do to “avoid offending Muslims?” In Jakarta, the US Embassy moved its July 4th celebration to June 4th, to “avoid a conflict with the Muslim Ramadan.” What? Who the hell cares about Ramadan who is not a Muslim? Would Muslims move their Ramadan celebration to some other date to avoid a conflict with July 4th? If you believe they would, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I want to sell you. And don't believe that lie that I sold it, already. I'm getting really tired of hearing how Americans are being “elbowed aside” to appease Muslims. But as long as any vestige of the Obama administration is left, it will continue, because Obama is on THEIR side, not ours. Nobody believes this of our president, but just look at what he does, and “connect the dots.” If you can't do that, just sit back and wait. The Muslim time will come. But I won't be around to see it. If I'm not dead, already, they'll see to that. (Minuteman News)

Was Kerry Shot?

Word is, Secretary of State John Kerry broke his leg—in France, when he was supposed to be in another country, entirely. But it DOES seem like they're going to a lot of trouble over a broken leg. Furthermore, I've been wondering why ISIS hasn't tried to kill him before as he traveled all over the world. I think the French are completely competent to take care of a broken leg. So why go to all the expense of sending the top medical personnel in the government to France to pick him up and bring him home in an airplane that is one of the best-equipped and staffed hospitals in the world? It is said he was “at death's door” from blood loss when he arrived, and that Obama made a secret, late-night visit to his Boston hospital. Over a broken leg? I don't know. The European Union Times says he was shot in an ISIS attack. I don't know, but I have reason to doubt ANYTHING I'm told by the United States government, so long as Obama is running it. He would rather lie than tell the truth, even when the truth would serve better, and that's reflected in what the government tells us. Of course, the newspaper that reported this also believes the Pentagon was hit by a missile, not an airplane. So what do I know? (The EU Times)

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Did Osama Get Revenge?

Twenty two members of the Seal team 6 crew who killed Osama bin Laden are dead, shortly after Osama's death. They, along with some others, were put in a slow-moving helicopter in a war zone. The Taliban shot it down, killing all 38 aboard. That was probably the only way ANY of these men could have been killed, much less ALL of them. Who authorized that flight? Was it Obama? Or was it on Obama's orders, to let the Taliban have their revenge against the guys who killed their “god?” The very fact that to put these men in such a slow moving copter in a war zone was a really stupid decision (unless you WANTED them to die) leads me to believe, in both cases, that action has Obama's fingerprints on it. In any case, it's the greatest military disaster in history. (Truth and Action)

Hillary To Stuff Ballot Box

MSNBC calls it a “far reaching vision for expanding access to the ballot box.” I call it election fraud. It involves allowing FELONS and NON-CITIZENS to vote, and, hopefully, to vote for her out of gratitude for being given the right to vote, illegally. She also wants to include those who cannot prove their identity, citizenship or residence within the voting district. I presume she also included the dead among those. Anybody who cannot prove their identity in this day and age hasn't the INTELLIGENCE to be able to vote. In other words, she wants to accept votes from those disallowed, under law, from voting, just so she can get enough votes to win. This is a typical Clinton scam, and has probably been used before. It explains how Bill got re-elected in spite of all HIS scandals. Maybe Obama, too, if it's a common Democrat scam—which it probably is. (World Net Daily)

Where Was Store Security?

These women got into a fight in a Wal-Mart Store and the one woman's small son (I think) also got into the act, kicking hitting, and hitting the woman while she was down with bottles and it was all caught on film, after a long time in which the person taping the fracas had his lens pointed everywhere BUT on the fight. This went on for quite some time, and where was store security? It made me angry that this small child would do what he did, and NOBODY intervened. But what really irritated me, as a man who can barely walk to his car and uses those “riding carts” in stores like that regularly is this woman, who was quite capable of waking and fighting, was USING one of those carts, depriving somebody who really needed it of its use. Seems to me their store security was sadly lacking. (The Blaze)

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hastert's Lynching

The Democrats needed a Republican to lynch, to make the whole party look bad. Who better than Denny Hastert, a former House Speaker? But he didn't do anything wrong. Not that you could prove, anyway. So we'll just indict him for something LEGAL he DID do, in support of something we SAY he did. Something so terrible people don't even require proof. Just the accusation is sufficient. What he DID, was withdraw just slightly less than $10 grand from his own account, several times. They SAY he did it to pay blackmail to somebody who might reveal he used to be a CHILD MOLESTER. Which intimates he might STILL be a child molester who hasn't been caught. Which not only smears Hastert, but the entire Republican Party a year before a presidential election. There's not time enough before the election to prove his innocence, so the Republicans will be required to defend him and themselves instead of being able to effectively campaign, which means they can't publicize the DEMOCRAT corruption. Democrats hope that can win a hopeless election for them. Add to that a judge who will not recuse himself, because he donated $1500 to Hastert in the past,so whatever they come up with, they can claim the judge is biased and he's still guilty, even if the court finds him innocent. (Just common sense)

Racist Damned Fool!

That best describes Al Sharpie...er, uh, Sharpton, Jesse Jerkson, “Calypso Louie “ Farrakhan, and all the other race whores out there pushing black racism against whites. If a white man had said something like this about blacks, they'd have been there with all their TV cameras. screeching: A guy named Eric Sheppard said, “I say, if they don’t get out of town, we kill the white men, we kill the white women, we kill the white children, we kill the white babies, we kill the blind whites, we kill the crippled whites, we kill the crazy whites, we kill the faggots, we kill the lesbians, I say god dammit we kill ’em all.” But since this racist tirade was against WHITES, nary a peep out of any of them. This pretty well tells us what a bunch of racist fools they are. (Tea Party Bulletin)

Doesn't Have To Say Truth

Darren Hill, the artist who draws “Candorville” comic strip, is well known for his ignorant take on the news and the world. Today's is one of his worst. But hey, he's a comic strip artist. As Doonesbury says, he doesn't HAVE to tell the truth. He says British cops are not armed, which USED to be true. It's now a myth. He says everybody has government health care. I remember all the ambulances that sat OUTSIDE of hospitals for hours with patients inside because of the rule that patients must be seen within a certain amount of time after entering. He says almost nobody gets shot, and THAT'S a lie. The number of shootings there are about on a par with ours, including the mass shootings at Dunblane School and Cumbria, where a man killed 12 people before ARMED cops took him down. Also that cops WANT it that way. If you want to believe that, don't ask a British cop. He says, like most ignorant liberal dupes, “Maybe they're onto something.” What a fool he is! (Candorville)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Too Little, Too Late

Obama is sending another 450 troops to Iraq? Yep. But not to fight. To teach Iraqis how to fight terrorists, and to die when ISIS attacks them and they can't fight back, on orders. But it seems that we should learn HOW to fight terrorists before we pretend to teach Iraqis how to do it. I'm not talking abut those troops. I'm sure they know how to fight the terrorists. But under the limitations I'm sure Obama will put on them, I don't know how they'll be able to bring their knowledge to the Iraqis. If Obama hadn't pulled his troops out BEFORE the job was done, we wouldn't NEED to “teach them how to fight terrorists,” now. The Islamic terrorists would be dead, and no longer a problem. But now he's sending in even more troops, PRETENDING to “teach Iraqis” while bringing in even more weapons and equipment for the terrorists to steal. It's how he helps the terrorists while PRETENDING to help the Iraqis. Wise up, America! Your president is screwing you in so many ways it's hard to keep track of them all. (Fox News)

You Didn't Do That!

That's what Obama says, trying to take accomplishment away from those who actually ACCOMPLISH things. It's apparently not enough for a liberal to PUNISH accomplishment when it occurs, now they want to DENY it, too. He thinks, since the world is peopled by those who do accomplish things, he can take the credit away from them and give it to other people, who don't, just because they also accomplish things. Just because electricity exists, don't think the achiever couldn't accomplish anything without it. Somebody who is capable of accomplishing things will do it, whether there is electricity, or roads, or anything else in the infrastructure. Da Vinci didn't have electricity, but he invented many things. He did what he did with what he had. Nor did any of the other many achievers in the past. Obama seems to think that, if anywhere, anybody is accomplishing something, YOU can't be accomplishing something too, without the other guy. That's a typical liberal (socialist) fool notion that you NEED the other guy in order to accomplish anything, yourself. That you should always “share” credit with others, even if they don't deserve it. (Just common sense)

Obama's Stupid Pills

I can't believe some of the stupid things he does. Arbitrarily deciding returning veterans are “mentally incompetent as a means to take their guns away, and demand the guns owned by anybody who lives with them is about as stupid as it comes. He MUST be taking stupid pills to do that. And then to go on to sell that vet's Second Amendment rights back to him is stupider, yet. The problem here is that these men (and women), who have put their lives on the line to defend us, are being ARBITRARILY deemed “mentally unstable” without so much as an examination by a psychiatrist or any legal process. In 2009, Obama released a report that said, “Returning veterans have skills that would be helpful to right-wing extremists.” Thus, we must ban them from owning guns, for that cause. Yes, there are extremists, at both ends of the political scale. Left AND right. But that's no real reason to deprive them of their constitutional right to be armed.

Often vets don't even know they're not allowed to own guns until they try to buy one. It is only then they're notified their names are on the the NCIS list of people not allowed to have guns, and no one can, or WILL, tell them why. They mention the ability to buy their gun rights back in the article, but there is nothing there but a simple mention of it. No system for it is detailed. But the major problem here is that NO American citizen can be deemed unfit to handle his/her own affairs without COURT action, and PROOF of the reason why. This is being completely IGNORED by this action, and is being applied to the very people who fought and DIED to retain these rights. The bureaucrats who are enforcing this should be IMPRISONED, and so should Obama, for ALLOWING it. (World Net Daily)

Saturday, June 13, 2015

And They Wonder...

The thugs wonder why cops are quick to pull their guns when threatened. Wonder no more, people, it's your self-fulfilling prophecy coming true. Did you really think targeting cops and shooting up police stations would result in the cops “going easy” on you? And you fool politicians like that Baltimore “states attorney, Marilyn Mosby “rushing in” to file charges against six cops who were only doing their duty while the black guy they arrested beat his head against the wall of the wagon, trying to incriminate the cops, too soon after back surgery, probably inadvertently killing himself. And she really thinks she can “muzzle” the medical examiner because his results don't support her lie. Then cops get executed while sitting in their cars, and a bunch of thugs shoot up a police station. They caught the cops completely by surprise, but, surprise, surprise, NOBODY was hit, and nobody was injured (in fact, they think a police sniper got the shooter). Not even among the thugs. (Oh. I was just reminded. I'm not supposed to use the word “thug” any more. But anybody who attempts to tell me what words I can, and cannot use can stick it up his flue.) (The Mail)

Gun Laws KILL!

This woman was threatened by her husband. So she applied for a gun permit. While she was waiting for the bureaucrats to approve her application, her husband killed her. That's what's wrong with ALL the “gun laws” today. They get people KILLED. “Gun safes” and “gun locks” designed to make it harder to get the gun you own into action when you're threatened, have killed many people as they try mightily to get the safe or the gun lock open in time to defend themselves against a man who already has an unencumbered (probably illegal) gun in his hand. Waiting periods likewise get people killed. One of my favorite stories was of a Denver woman in the same position, who applied for a gun permit when her husband threatented her. But she didn't docilely wait while the bureaucrats dithered. She went out and bought a gun, illegally, and ended up shooting him to death when he came to kill her while she waited for her permit. She got a little jail sentence out of it, but she's still alive. He isn't. (The Blaze)

She Doesn't Blame Guns

This grandmother has lost TWO of her children to gun violence. But, surprisingly (to the media and the anti-gun fools, anyway) she doesn't blame the guns. She blames society and the practice of “keeping their mouths shut” when they witness such violence, which handcuffs the cops. They can do NOTHING if nobody speaks up. I know, I know, the thugs go out of their way to intimidate these people, causing them to shut up. And bail laws don't help much, since it lets the “bad guy” out of jail to PERSONALLY intimidate the witnesses. But if more people spoke up, more thugs would be in jail, and maybe a message could be sent that would intimidate the THUGS. “Hurt us, and you're going away.” Meanwhile, you have to work harder to keep witnesses safe. That means first, you don't allow their names and addresses to be given to the thugs on a “silver platter” when their lawyers demand all the police paperwork BEFORE trial, then let the thugs see it. The best way to get guns off the streets is to keep the guys holding them in jail longer—or just kill them. The cops need to stop using the laws that provide for more jail time for the USE of a gun in a crime as “bargaining chips” to get convictions in other crimes. Laws need to be made to PREVENT that. They need to stop DISARMING the potential VICTIMS. (The Right to Bear)

Friday, June 12, 2015

Where Was Sharpton?

A family was viciously attacked in their home, beaten and stun gunned, and Sharpie...er, uh, Sharpton is nowhere to be seen. Where is he with his built-in TV cameras and media blatherers? Maybe the fact that the victims are WHITE and the attackers BLACK might have something to do with it. Black attackers and white victims do nothing to advance his narrative and make him money. So naturally, he has better places to be. He just doesn't care when blacks attack whites. Somebody needs to tell Obama this guy is nothing but a thug himself, and a “race whore” who makes his money PUSHING racism, so you'll never see him anywhere NEAR a situation where blacks are the attackers, and especially when whites are the victims. But Obama already knows. That's why he likes him. He is SO transparent. (World Net Daily)

More Evidence Against Clinton

How Hillary keeps her position as “front-runner” in the Democrat presidential race with all the corruption charges that are coming up against her, I can't fathom, except for the “turning a blind eye” factor. “In a supplement to his recent motion to the court to have the unit seized [her e-mail server], attorney Larry Klayman of Freedom Watch notes that there is new relevant information to bolster his case. Klayman submitted copies of a Washington Times report that the Clintons’ foundation 'set up a fundraising arm in Sweden that collected $26 million in donations at the same time that country was lobbying Hillary Rodham Clinton’s State Department to forgo sanctions that threatened its thriving business with Iran.' Further, another article submitted by Klayman, from the Miami Herald, reported banks were paying huge fees to Bill Clinton for speeches at a delicate time.” Of course, this is “proof positive” that the Clinton's astronomical “speaking fees” are nothing more than BRIBES. Yet that doesn't seem to faze those who support her presidential run. (World Net Daily)

That Old Idea?

Obama and the United Nations are dusting off that old idea: “A Program for the General and Complete Disarmament in a Peaceful World.” This failed many times in the past, chiefly because it required us to give away our sovereignty. Part of THIS measure allows the UN to have “peacemaking capability,” which means they can raise an army and use it to ENFORCE disarmament WITHIN the United States. That means the UN will have the authority to declare martial law upon us. This time, I think the president means to make this a REALITY. Which scares me to death. I don't want to think, for one minute, the possibility of giving an organization MADE UP of dictators and absolute rulers, who have nothing like the Second Amendment, the authority to declare martial law on us, come into our homes, and TAKE our guns—legally. (Freedom Outpost)

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gutless Politicians

Friends, we're witnessing the collapse of America. Believe it, and the ones to blame are the gutless politicians who watch while Obama does many illegal things and do NOTHING about it. For instance: ever since the Obamacare law passed, Obama has been selectively changing it, every time somebody finds something about it that won't work (beyond the whole thing). Another  is his completely ignoring our immigration laws, telling our border guards to stop “apprehending” certain illegal crossers, and to release those they HAVE “collared.” He has “gone around Congress” in many ways, and in many cases, each time of which is a violation of the law, and NOBODY does, or says, anything about it. I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses to recognize the 2016 elections and finds an excuse to stay in office—and NOBODY will do anything about it. Then we will truly have a DICTATOR, that nobody CAN do or say anything about. (Just common sense)

"But Not In Ours!"

Muslims say having sex with children is “okay in our culture.” But it is NOT “okay in OUR culture,” so don't even try to practice it here. Especially, don't try and make us accept it as “practicing your religion.” It won't work. Screwing children will NEVER, in any way, be “okay” in our culture, and there's NO WAY you can make us accept it. Which is why Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) leader Ahmad Saleem was arrested in a major child sex ring bust, hoping to screw children as young as 10! I guess that “relations” part of the name means sexual relations with children. It's okay in his culture because their “prophet's” favorite wife was only 6! Maybe he only started his “religion” to make child sex “okay in his culture.” Muslims talk about OUR culture being “corrupt,” but at the same time they have CHILD SEX in their culture as “okay!” What a massive double standard THAT is! Christians talk about “false prophets” rising, and tell you not to listen to them. Islam fits that bill nicely. (Freedom Outpost)

"Fourth Amendment Not Absolute"

That's what Democrat Sen. Angus King says, anyway. Sen. King seems not able to even bear to describe himself as a Democrat, and calls himself “Independent” (Who caucuses with Democrats) says “The Fourth Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is not absolute.” What? What's that brown stuff running down your leg, Senator? Are you just plain STUPID, or what? EVERY Amendment to the Constitution IS “absolute.” It is the absolute BASIS for ALL our laws! Where the hell do you get off saying the Fourth is NOT? Unless you want to weaken it? It looks like that's what you want to do, and you're a damned SENATOR!. But the word of ONE MAN is not sufficient to change the Constitution, in any way, no matter how much you want it. I get real tired of people like King trying to “get around” the Constitution by using ruses such as this. (Freedom Outpost)

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Growing Disrespect

There's a growing disrespect for cops, as demonstrated in Baltimore and elsewhere, where simple disturbances become major problems, and it's feeding on rhetoric from out own PRESIDENT. Such as a cop in a “loud party call,” trying to control a 15-year-old girl who was ignoring his orders (without hurting her, if possible) when a guy in the crowd advanced on him, while reaching into his backpack. The cop naturally drew his gun, causing the guy to run. Then he put it back in his holster and continued to deal with the obstreperous girl while his fellow officers pursued the guy. This whole thing shouldn't have been a “big thing,” but with the current atmosphere or disrespect for cops, fueled by outrageous rhetoric by none other than our PRESIDENT, only made things worse, causing that cop to resign.

Other rhetoric by paid activists, threatening to KILL cops “on sight,” have made cops “very nervous” and quicker to grab their guns—which will result in a self-fulfilling prophecy. Cops today aren't so much afraid of being shot, since they face that threat every day, but are more afraid of being penalized for doing their JOBS by overzealous politicians such as the prosecutor in that case in Baltimore where she “rushed in” and “indicted” six cops for killing a prisoner who MAY have inadvertently killed himself while trying to make the cops look bad, as prisoners often do. The proof of her perfidy came when she attempted to suppress a public document, the autopsy results, which probably destroyed her case. The more we “talk down” our cops, most of whom do an exemplary job, the more problems we're going to have. Yes, there are a few “bad apples,” which should NOT spoil the entire barrel. (The Blaze)

Obama: "Scandal-Free" (gurgle!)

What? What has David Brooks, the “New York Times conservative writer” been SMOKING? You might take note that NYT calls him a “conservative writer” when he's anything but. Apparently, he and NYT are trying to “whitewash” Obama by this, completely ignoring the THREE DOZEN unresolved scandals attached to his administration that Obama won't talk about, hoping we'll forget. I've heard Obama himself say the same thing, which is like “whistling past the graveyard,” trying to convince us it's true. To mention just one: “Benghazi,” where his indifference and inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four good men, including one ambassador. Then there's his use of the IRS to “target” right-wing organizations for DELAYS in “granting” tax-free status. The problem with David Brooks and other liberals is, they don't SEE these, and other things as scandals—and never will. In fact, a survey of the Obama administration shows that his administration has had far more unresolved scandals than any other administration in history. That's if you see TRUTH, not fantasy. (World Net Daily)

DOJ "Studying" Far right

What they're not telling you is that anybody to the right of Obama is considered “far right,” and is thus suspect.--to them. Apparently they haven't got enough to do to “investigate” The failure of the TSA to discover bombs and other weapons when people “testing” them brought them through their lines. Or why Hillary won't answer ANY questions about how she, as Secretary of State, got four good man killed because of her indifference and inaction. Or why Obama is actively HELPING ISIS. No: they're “investigating” the RIGHT because we disagree with them—so we must be CRIMINALS, right? Can anybody see just how close we are to a dictatorship? With our government “investigating” and treating their “loyal opposition” as CRIMINALS? Obama's still talking (as this is written), making his speech before giving several belated medals to dead heroes, and I've got the sound off because I can't stand the sound of his voice. (Examiner)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This Needs No Title

This is the best illustration of how the world is responding to Obama's claim of new respect.
This image us used for no profit, for news value under  "reasonable use." This is how the world responds to most of Obama's blather. (Gary Varvel)

Hillary's Promise

Many people are talking about “Hillary's Promise.” But what IS it? It's more of the same corruption, chicanery, lies, and criminality we saw in eight years of Bill Clinton. We don't know much about her sex life, because she's better at keeping it hidden than Bill is. Other than RUMORS of her being a lesbian, noting. It's a third Clinton administration. The Democrats are good at engineering a full complement of successful elections for their presidents, in SPITE of their crimes. Bill and Barack proved that. Neither of them should have been re-elected, but they were, almost by “rote.” Every politician I've seen (with the possible exception of Reagan) recently has been incompetent. That includes some Republicans. But none so totally incompetent as the Democrats. Their incompetence BEGINS with their insistence on pushing socialist tenets like “sharing,” “income redistribution” (theft), “raising minimum wage” for people who have no talents or abilities and don't deserve it, and many other things that simply mean TAKING from people capable and willing to EARN, and GIVING to those who do not, either willingly, or because they're just ignorant or stupid.

Hillary has ALREADY collected more unresolved scandals than most presidents, and she's only held ONE elected office—and that one was GIVEN to her as a “consolation prize” when Obama crawled out from under his rock and elbowed her aside. Now they're offering her yet ANOTHER elected office—that of president! Unless yet another Obama crawls out from under a rock to elbow her aside, again. So far, everything I've heard her say in her “campaign” is “smoke and mirrors.” Nothing concrete. Things like, “I want to be a champion for common people,” which means NOTHING. Other than that, NOTHING except what she wants to GIVE to people for nothing, using other people's money. She has no idea what a “common person is.” Not when she can COMMAND a half million dollars for a single half-hour speech as a BRIBE for future “favors.” Not if she can make (along with that fool she's married to) $12 million dollars, just since leaving the White House. She makes more money for taking a breath than most “average people” do in a year—or even a decade. (Hard Core Husky)

Proving Our Ingenuity

This video proves the ingenuity of the American people. If people like Obama think they can't come up with something to replace the things they BAN, they're STUPID. And these are already on the market! And available in any hardware store! Yes, it's a little slower than a regular repeating rifle, but isn't that what liberals want? A return to the past, where all guns were one-shot guns, but with no repeating rifles around, they were perfectly adequate? You say these are just small caliber rounds? Yup. But do you think they can't make them bigger? Or come up with a real bullet they can't ban? Believe me, the American people are a lot smarter than the average politician. If you don't beieve it, just look at the things they espouse. Remember the Soviet Union? The laws there completely BANNED guns in the hands of anybody BUT “officialdom.” But do you think guns were non-existent there? Wake up and smell the roses! Wherever gun laws are the tightest, that's where guns are more readily available than anywhere else. And that's where ILLEGAL guns abound. (The Right toBear)

Monday, June 8, 2015

Computer Went Nuts!

Last Saturday my computer, which had been showing signs of craziness since the day I brought it home, finally “went round the bend”and did some of the strangest things I've ever seen a computer do. I rushed it to the computer hospital, but it didn't make it. It is now doing duty as a doorstop in the computer mausoleum, which is just about what it's good for now. This one's better, but it has a strange keyboard it will take me a while to get used to.

Control Global Warming

Obama, along with the other members of the “G-9” (or is it “G-7? I lost count. have PLEDGED to keep the world's temperature to within 2 degrees of what it is, today. I don't know about the other countries, but it seems to me that a country that can't keep illegal aliens from POURING into our country through our southern border hasn't a PRAYER of controlling the weather, in any way. What'll he do? Make a law and expect the weather to obey it, like he's doing with regard to guns, expecting CRIMINALS to obey his laws? Or maybe he'll write another regulation and enforce it with an executive order? If he is able to get the WEATHER to cooperate, I'd sure like to know how he does it. Sometimes I wonder about the SANITY of our “world leaders” when they actually BUY this ”global warming” crap. (Politico)

Hillary's Promise

Many people are talking about “Hillary's Promise.” But what IS it? It's more of the same corruption, chicanery, lies, and criminality we saw in eight years of Bill Clinton. We don't know much about her sex life, because she's better at keeping it hidden than Bill is. Other than RUMORS of her being a lesbian, noting. It's a third Clinton administration. The Democrats are good at engineering a full complement of successful elections for their presidents, in SPITE of their crimes. Bill and Barack proved that. Neither of them should have been re-elected, but they were, almost by “rote.” Every politician I've seen (with the possible exception of Reagan) recently has been incompetent. That includes some Republicans. But none so totally incompetent as the Democrats. Their incompetence BEGINS with their insistence on pushing socialist tenets like “sharing,” “income redistribution” (theft), “raising minimum wage” for people who don't deserve it, and many other things that simply mean TAKING from people capable and willing to EARN, and GIVING to those who do not, either willingly, or because they're just ignorant or stupid.

Hillary has ALREADY collected more unresolved scandals than most presidents, and she's only held ONE elected office—and that one was GIVEN to her as a “consolation prize” when Obama crawled out from under his rock and elbowed her aside. Now they're offering her yet ANOTHER elected office—that of president! Unless yet another Obama crawls out from under a rock to elbow her aside, again. So far, everything I've heard her say in her “campaign” is “smoke and mirrors.” Nothing concrete. Things like, “I want to be a champion for common people,” which means NOTHING. Other than that, NOTHING except what she wants to GIVE to people, using other people's money. She has no idea what a “common person is.” Not when she can COMMAND a half million dollars for a single half-hour speech as a BRIBE for future “favors.” Not if she can make (along with that fool she's married to) $12 million dollars, just since leaving the White House. She makes more money for taking a breath than most “average people” do in a year—or even a decade. (Hard Core Husky)