Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gutless Politicians

Friends, we're witnessing the collapse of America. Believe it, and the ones to blame are the gutless politicians who watch while Obama does many illegal things and do NOTHING about it. For instance: ever since the Obamacare law passed, Obama has been selectively changing it, every time somebody finds something about it that won't work (beyond the whole thing). Another  is his completely ignoring our immigration laws, telling our border guards to stop “apprehending” certain illegal crossers, and to release those they HAVE “collared.” He has “gone around Congress” in many ways, and in many cases, each time of which is a violation of the law, and NOBODY does, or says, anything about it. I wouldn't be surprised if he refuses to recognize the 2016 elections and finds an excuse to stay in office—and NOBODY will do anything about it. Then we will truly have a DICTATOR, that nobody CAN do or say anything about. (Just common sense)

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