Monday, June 15, 2015

Doesn't Have To Say Truth

Darren Hill, the artist who draws “Candorville” comic strip, is well known for his ignorant take on the news and the world. Today's is one of his worst. But hey, he's a comic strip artist. As Doonesbury says, he doesn't HAVE to tell the truth. He says British cops are not armed, which USED to be true. It's now a myth. He says everybody has government health care. I remember all the ambulances that sat OUTSIDE of hospitals for hours with patients inside because of the rule that patients must be seen within a certain amount of time after entering. He says almost nobody gets shot, and THAT'S a lie. The number of shootings there are about on a par with ours, including the mass shootings at Dunblane School and Cumbria, where a man killed 12 people before ARMED cops took him down. Also that cops WANT it that way. If you want to believe that, don't ask a British cop. He says, like most ignorant liberal dupes, “Maybe they're onto something.” What a fool he is! (Candorville)

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