Sunday, June 14, 2015

Obama's Stupid Pills

I can't believe some of the stupid things he does. Arbitrarily deciding returning veterans are “mentally incompetent as a means to take their guns away, and demand the guns owned by anybody who lives with them is about as stupid as it comes. He MUST be taking stupid pills to do that. And then to go on to sell that vet's Second Amendment rights back to him is stupider, yet. The problem here is that these men (and women), who have put their lives on the line to defend us, are being ARBITRARILY deemed “mentally unstable” without so much as an examination by a psychiatrist or any legal process. In 2009, Obama released a report that said, “Returning veterans have skills that would be helpful to right-wing extremists.” Thus, we must ban them from owning guns, for that cause. Yes, there are extremists, at both ends of the political scale. Left AND right. But that's no real reason to deprive them of their constitutional right to be armed.

Often vets don't even know they're not allowed to own guns until they try to buy one. It is only then they're notified their names are on the the NCIS list of people not allowed to have guns, and no one can, or WILL, tell them why. They mention the ability to buy their gun rights back in the article, but there is nothing there but a simple mention of it. No system for it is detailed. But the major problem here is that NO American citizen can be deemed unfit to handle his/her own affairs without COURT action, and PROOF of the reason why. This is being completely IGNORED by this action, and is being applied to the very people who fought and DIED to retain these rights. The bureaucrats who are enforcing this should be IMPRISONED, and so should Obama, for ALLOWING it. (World Net Daily)

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