Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Obama: "Scandal-Free" (gurgle!)

What? What has David Brooks, the “New York Times conservative writer” been SMOKING? You might take note that NYT calls him a “conservative writer” when he's anything but. Apparently, he and NYT are trying to “whitewash” Obama by this, completely ignoring the THREE DOZEN unresolved scandals attached to his administration that Obama won't talk about, hoping we'll forget. I've heard Obama himself say the same thing, which is like “whistling past the graveyard,” trying to convince us it's true. To mention just one: “Benghazi,” where his indifference and inaction resulted in the DEATHS of four good men, including one ambassador. Then there's his use of the IRS to “target” right-wing organizations for DELAYS in “granting” tax-free status. The problem with David Brooks and other liberals is, they don't SEE these, and other things as scandals—and never will. In fact, a survey of the Obama administration shows that his administration has had far more unresolved scandals than any other administration in history. That's if you see TRUTH, not fantasy. (World Net Daily)

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