Wednesday, June 10, 2015

DOJ "Studying" Far right

What they're not telling you is that anybody to the right of Obama is considered “far right,” and is thus suspect.--to them. Apparently they haven't got enough to do to “investigate” The failure of the TSA to discover bombs and other weapons when people “testing” them brought them through their lines. Or why Hillary won't answer ANY questions about how she, as Secretary of State, got four good man killed because of her indifference and inaction. Or why Obama is actively HELPING ISIS. No: they're “investigating” the RIGHT because we disagree with them—so we must be CRIMINALS, right? Can anybody see just how close we are to a dictatorship? With our government “investigating” and treating their “loyal opposition” as CRIMINALS? Obama's still talking (as this is written), making his speech before giving several belated medals to dead heroes, and I've got the sound off because I can't stand the sound of his voice. (Examiner)

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