Sunday, June 7, 2015

Politicians Gone Stupid!

They're not only FORCING bakeries to bake cakes for gay “weddings,” but they're also MANDATING “abortion counseling.” Which means telling them that MURDERING infants in the womb is okay. Killing babies is OKAY, fergawdsakes! People falsely called returning Vietnam veterans “baby killers,” for all the wrong reasons. But today, when the politicians ARE “baby killers,” nobody says anything, and: it's racist (or something like that) to disagree. I can't believe my politicians are so STUPID. Black leaders cry that “black lives matter,” but their voices can't be heard among the cries of all the BLACK BABIES aborted. I can't believe they don't “pick up” on that. But they only “pick up” on things that advance their agenda, so it's not so surprising, after all. Besides: they're doing it to themselves. Black men are more interested in avoiding responsibility for their illegitimate children than they are anything else (white fathers, too). But I still can't tolerate people who would MURDER infants still in the womb for their own convenience. They oughta be SHOT! (Eagle Rising)

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