Thursday, June 4, 2015

Liberals Are Crazy!

More on the whole idea that liberals are crazy. They think murdering defenseless infants still in the womb is okay. If you kill a youngster one minute later after he/she leaves the womb, you can be charged with murder. I never thought I'd see the day when prominent politicians would think infant murder was okay, and that others would agree with them. The Supreme Court used twisted reasoning to say doing so was legal to do, and have been responsible for the murders of thousands, maybe MILLIONS of deaths of defenseless children before they even have CHANCE at life. I hope they can sleep at night. And if you want to talk about “black lives matter,” think about the fact that more black infants are being murdered this way than any others. Frankly, I think ANY politician who FAVORS infanticide this way deserves a prison sentence. And so does anybody else who believes in abortion. Especially those who have PRACTICED it. (World Net Daily)

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