Saturday, June 13, 2015

Gun Laws KILL!

This woman was threatened by her husband. So she applied for a gun permit. While she was waiting for the bureaucrats to approve her application, her husband killed her. That's what's wrong with ALL the “gun laws” today. They get people KILLED. “Gun safes” and “gun locks” designed to make it harder to get the gun you own into action when you're threatened, have killed many people as they try mightily to get the safe or the gun lock open in time to defend themselves against a man who already has an unencumbered (probably illegal) gun in his hand. Waiting periods likewise get people killed. One of my favorite stories was of a Denver woman in the same position, who applied for a gun permit when her husband threatented her. But she didn't docilely wait while the bureaucrats dithered. She went out and bought a gun, illegally, and ended up shooting him to death when he came to kill her while she waited for her permit. She got a little jail sentence out of it, but she's still alive. He isn't. (The Blaze)

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