Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fact: He Can't Prove It

Obama claims he is a U. S. citizen. I don’t think so, and I demand he provide proof of his U. S. citizenship. He should be removed from the White House in irons by federal marshals and kept from signing ANYTHING as president until he does. He likes to insult those who demand he prove it and calls them names, such as, “birthers.” But the unalterable fact is, he has NOT proven it. He provided an obvious forgery of a Hawaiian “birth record” one time that raised more questions than it answered. He has used several Social Security numbers, one of which was issued in Connecticut to a man now dead. This is an obvious criminal act (identity theft) that nobody has called him on. He should have been forced to provide this proof before he was allowed to even RUN for president. Why he wasn’t is a mistake of historic proportions. Why he isn’t forced to do so now is another. Somebody needs to do it NOW before he spends us into infinity. (Just common sense)

Obama Opens Talks With Taliban

In a stupid move that defies understanding (unless you know Obama is himself a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer), our most incompetent president ever is in the process of opening talks with the Taliban, one of the most murderous bunch of criminals on the planet. What he expects to accomplish by this, I can’t conceive except to be able to talk to his friends and family among them. There’s nothing they want of us except for everybody in the world to convert to Islam, which is NOT going to happen. Alternatively they want ALL non-Muslims to die. That’s not going to happen, either. All such “talks” do is delay us from “taking them down” while we fruitlessly attempt to get some kind of concession from them. Concessions, even if they agree to them, they will not keep. But he can give THEM concessions that will eventually cause one of their brazen predictions to come true, that “one day the Flag of Islam will fly over Washington, DC.” Obama is “giving away the store.” I think, to his friends among the Islamic terrorists. It’s hard to win a war against your own president’s friends and allies. (Creeping Sharia)

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The REAL Trayvon

"Someone should ask (his so-called “mother”) her why Trayvon was expelled from his Miami high school after numerous warnings to clean up his act. That's expelled as in get out and don't come back! Why did his mother kick Trayvon out of her house and send him to go live with his father who was unemployed and living with his girlfriend in Sanford, Florida? There was a 14 minute video on my Facebook of a Florida black preacher who called Trayvon a wannabe thug who probably would have been killed in Miami had he stayed there...Now Trayvon's mother is running all over the country with her crocodile tears telling everyone who will listen that Trayvon was a good son and that he will never be able to give her grand children. Boo Hoo. This from a mother who kicked her son out and locked the door behind him. (Thanks to Tom Wags2 on “The Unrepentant Patriots)

Streisand On Muslim Treatment

Barbara Streisand, who has lots of damnfool opinions, spouts yet another one. She goes to Israel, and criticizes their treatment of women (ISRAEL! why doesn't she go to a MUSLIM country and criticize THEIR treatment of women?). But not a word about MUSLIM treatment of women. Like many other “famous liberals,” she doesn’t see that. All she sees is what our FRIENDS do and criticizes that. It’s no wonder Rush Limbaugh uses her initials to describe bullsh-t. She isn’t the original “famous fool,” but she’s right up there among them. At least she never posed in a N. Korean tank during the Korean War. I guess she just never got a chance to be THAT stupid. (

Monday, July 29, 2013

Militarizing the Cops

“Posse Comitatus” forbids the use of U. S. soldiers against the American people. So to get around this, the feds provide local cops with free equipment to make THEM into soldiers, and they tend to “go wild” with the power. They burst into private homes WITHOUT WARRANTS and KILL those who oppose them. They wear black clothes with POLICE in big letters on the BACKS of their shirts (where the people they're attacking can't see it), wearing masks so they can’t be identified, and KILL anybody who gets in their way. In one case, they broke into the home of a “war hero” and, when he appeared with a rifle, they pumped him full of lead (60 bullets of 90 fired). Turns out they were at the wrong house. The cops refused to allow medics to attend him and allowed him to bleed to death while they stood around. Yes, his family sued. And if they collected, the TAXPAYERS paid. Not the cops who MURDERED him. Were they EVER punished? No. They’re still “on the job,” brutalizing innocent and guilty alike. They SAY this, and other raids were to “break up a home invasion ring.” But what about the one run by the sheriff? They’ve sealed the SUPPOSED warrants and are “investigating themselves.” Why is this being allowed? As usual, they CLAIM to have found illegal arms in the home, but nothing they found was illegal—or unusual in the home of a military veteran. They’re “refusing to comment on an ongoing investigation (of themselves), which is a good way to “stonewall.” This sheriff should be removed from office and imprisoned himself for acting like a criminal thug "GodFather." (Huffington Post)

Chicago Warfare

Obama talks about all the people that get killed in “war zones” in the Middle East, but he never says a word about all the people who get killed by guns in the “gun-free” City of Chicago. In the city with some of the tightest anti-gun laws in the nation, more people are killed at any given time than in many “war zones.” Just a recent weekend, SEVEN people are dead, and 30 wounded by gun violence there. How did those people GET their guns with all the laws against gun buying and ownership? It’s a mystery to incompetent politicians how so many people can die by gun violence in a land with such tight gun laws; but it’s not a mystery to intelligent people who know DISARMING honest people will not keep guns out of the hands of criminals (who break laws for a living), and only gives them an unending stream of unarmed victims. And we (not me) keep electing these FOOLS. They call it a “rash of shootings,” but it’s just a standard weekend in Chicago. (The Blaze)

Sunday, July 28, 2013

What Happened Yesterday?

You're probably wondering what happened yesterday. Well--I gave my computer keyboard a "milk bath" and was afraid to do ANYTHING on it until I was pretty sure what I didn't get had dried up. Apparently it worked, because the computer was still working this morning.

"Gun-Free Zones"

Mass murderers have many things in common, but one glaring one is that they ALWAYS go to “gun-free zones.” That’s because they KNOW there is a great possibility that there will be no one here who can oppose them with their own guns so they can kill whomever they wish with impunity. I know of only one case where a would-be shooter in Indianapolis went into a gun store and shot a clerk (Two now, but the second one is still alive, in prison), but I can’t ask him about it because he’s dead. Everybody in the store (all of whom were armed) got at least one bullet in him. When they took him out of the store in a “body bag,” he looked a lot like a piece of Swiss cheese. So why do our politicians keep making “gun-free zones?” Because they’re incompetent and too ignorant to know it. Politicians like this are afflicted with two well-known afflictions, arrogance coupled with ignorance. Why do we keep electing such people to office? Because many of US are ignorant. Some only want a “free ride” and don’t care what kind of people they must elect in order to maintain it. That’s why Obama got his second term against all odds. (Just common sense)

Clinton Named "Father of the Year"

That's Bill, not Hillary. The guy who told children that “oral sex is not sex” and contributed to a marked increase in oral sex among GRADE SCHOOL CHILDREN. The guy who couldn’t keep it in his pants and LIED to Congress about his affair with a government employee while president. The guy who was impeached over it, paying a huge fine (with donor money, not his) and losing his law license for five years (Who needs a law license after being president?). “How quickly they forget;” liberals, at least. They STILL idolize this “skirt chaser” who probably screwed more people while in the White House than Obama ever thought of doing. The only difference is, he mostly limited his “screwing” to women (I think; maybe not). Obama screws us all. (Just common sense)

Friday, July 26, 2013

Imbeciles to Limit TOY Gun Sales!

I played with toy guns on many occasions when I was a child, and I have not gone out and killed anybody with a real gun yet. The same is true of most human beings capable of intelligent thought. Apparently this juvenile court “master” (whatever that is) is not. He says toy guns should be a different color altogether so people will not think they’re real. He says the “orange tip,” which can be removed, is not enough. Has he not heard of paint? Anti-gun fools continue to blame the guns whenever somebody uses one to hurt somebody. They fail to consider the other half of the equation, the person who owns the hand holding the gun. Instead of punishing the PERSON who uses the gun to commit a crime, just for using a gun, or a felon for just HAVING a gun, they victimize ALL of us by limiting our ability to have the means to self defense, a gun. They paint a picture of “crazies” going out and shooting up the landscape (which some do anyway, mostly with illegal or stolen guns), just because they have a gun, which is about as phony as you can get. We need to get rid of these fools. (WBAL TV)

Going WAY Overboard

To the point of ridiculousness after Sandy Hook, “school authorities” go :”overboard” to the extent of suspending a student for the remainder of the school year for—making “shooting motions” with his HAND. How stupid do they have to BE to do this kind of thing? I believe “school officials” are competing with each other for the stupidity of their actions regarding guns in school. Like one outfit holding a “gun buyback” for TOY guns! With others suspending small children for DRAWING a picture of a gun or tearing a piece of paper into the SHAPE of a gun! You can’t make this stuff up, folks! Reality is “stranger than fiction” today, if you consider what “school officials” do. Sheesh! (The Blaze)

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Benghazi Survivors: "Shut Up!"

The survivors of the Benghazi killings, which Obama and his “gang of thieves” are STILL trying to keep quiet have been FORCED to sign “non-disclosure agreements.” I don’t know if that includes not testifying before Congress, but they’ve managed to stay far away from any congressional committee so far. While the ambassador and three diplomatic employees molder in their graves because of Obama’s inattention and incompetence. One thing he’s VERY competent about is covering up his crimes. Congressman Wolfe better look over his shoulder from now on because I’ll bet Obama’s thugs are back there waiting for him to make a mistake. (The Blaze)

Gun Ownership Is Best

More proof that gun ownership is best. This “little old lady” would have been defenseless as a man worked to break into her home while she begged the 911 dispatcher to get the police to her home as she watched him working to break in. Soon he was opening her door and no cops in sight. So she took a shot at him with her .357 Magnum as he started in her door and he fled in surprise. He didn’t expect her to be armed. Criminals usually don’t expect their potential victims to be armed, due to the efficiency of the government’s efforts to DISARM the populace and create more and more unarmed and therefore defenseless victims for them to victimize. It didn’t work in this case as she fired one shot from her .357 Magnum. His pants are probably still full. (

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Teaching Jihad Here!

You think budding Jihadists have to go to the Middle East to learn how to be “good Muslims?” And how to kill people who don’t believe the exact same way they have been conditioned to believe? You’d be wrong. They just have to go to 1857 Mt. Eaton Road in Saylorsburg, Pennsylvania, where Fethullah Gulen not only teaches them all this, but he oversees the teaching of it in schools all over the country. You think liberals are conditioning our children, read this article. And we (not me) allow it. It’s like allowing Nazis to run schools all over the United States to teach our children how to be “good Nazis” during the Second World War. How stupid are we (not me)? (Family Security Matters)

Egyptian Cops Help Shooters

They were attacking Coptic Christians in Egypt while they cops stood by and watched. Worse, they PROTECTED them after they fired their shots and, in at least one case I saw, one yellow-shirted attacker was stopped by a cop who pointed out somebody to shoot! And THIS is the regime WE supported when they were revolting against Mubarak’s government. This is the work of EVIL people and these are the people (The Islamic Brotherhood) that WE put in power! Obama’s government CLAIMED they didn’t KNOW the connection to the Islamic Brotherhood of the new president, but they LIED. They knew it, and they APPROVED. Does this tell you anything about Obama’s administration? Liberals will question the veracity of this, since they HATE Fox News. But pictures don’t lie. The cops were actually HELPING the shooters who were shooting at Coptic Christians. (Update: they got rid of Morici, but they're still fighting over his replacement. (Fox News)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teaching His Students to Promote Obamacare

When was the last time the government needed to spend $990,000 to get high school students to promote a law? Never, that’s when. But Obama’s health care swindle law is so much of a “train-wreck” that he needs to fool us into accepting it any way he can. If he needs to use high school students, who have not been ALIVE long enough to know how BAD this law is, so be it. I’ve talked about the liberals conditioning our kids to accept socialism as the “norm” for a long time. But using taxpayer money to get school students to promote a SPECIFIC law is something new and about as LOW as you can go. This proves again what a “bottom feeder” Obama is. (Family Security Matters)

"Night Stalker" Dies in Prison

Richard Ramirez, one of the most notorious mass killers ever, who raped and murdered 13 people (that we know of), and who once beat and tried to anally rape a small boy, who was a known Satan worshiper, died in prison while being under a death sentence for more than 20 years.. Another time, he murdered a man and raped his wife next to his dead body in the same bed. Neighbors recognized him and beat him bloody. His trial was one of the longest in history due to the numerous “side issues” introduced by his attorneys. I guess God got impatient with our “lollygagging” on his execution and decided to do it Himself. This proves my prediction that many people under a death sentence will die in prison rather than be put to death for their crimes. There are many murderers in prison today under a death sentence, who WILL die in prison because our politicians will never gain the gonads to kill them. (

Monday, July 22, 2013

They Call This Bullsh-t

"Gun control supporters have the blood of little children on their hands. Federal and state laws combined to insure that no teacher, no administrator, no adult had a gun at the Newtown school where the children were murdered. This tragedy underscores the urgency of getting rid of gun bans in school zones. The only thing accomplished by gun free zones is to insure that mass murderers can slay more before they are finally confronted by someone with a gun." Who do you call when people attack you with guns? More people with guns. But they usually get there too late and can’t do anything but “write it up” and clean up the bloody mess. What if some teachers HAD been armed at Sandy Hook and been able to kill the shooter before he could kill so many CHILDREN? They never answer that because they HAVE no answer. They just ridicule you for even suggesting it. Fact is, responsible people do not go around shooting people “willy-nilly” just because they’re armed, as people like this crazed shooter did. They still think (stupidly) that laws keeping guns out of the hands of responsible people will stop gun violence. I'd hate to be that stupid! (Just common sense)

"Move, And Go To The Morgue"

I’m seeing more and more stories like this in the “alternative media” (rarely in the liberal media) as more and more states enact WORKABLE laws that allow more honest people to own and use guns in self-defense. This burglar was in the process of burglarizing this woman’s home when she “got the drop on him” and told him not to move. She held him at gunpoint until the cops (finally) arrived and arrested him. This guy won’t be a problem to anybody for a while because he is facing NINE YEARS in prison. I hear he complained that his intended victim actually had a gun. Poor baby! (The Blaze)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Stun Guns Can Save Lives

Stun guns have the advantage that they can bring down an adult male INSTANTLY (if used correctly) while shooting him with a gun may not. If you shoot him, you MAY kill him in the long run, but he may still be able to do you harm before he collapses from being shot. Anti-gun fools say just call the cops. But does that work? Not usually, because the cops are usually a few minutes away. They can’t be everywhere at once (they're almost an HOUR away in Detroit, a liberal bastion), and that’s a fact. But if you have a stun gun when attacked, you can help yourself and let the cops “pick up the pieces” later, which is usually all they can do. (STOP Security Services)

Israel vs. Palestinians

The Palestinians like to think they have the right to land that is now in Israel, due to both a League of Nations AND a United Nations mandate. I’m not sure how binding such mandates are, but the Palestinians “went to war” about it—and lost, many times. So there it is. That land belongs by right of conquest, to Israel. Just as Texas belongs to US by right of conquest. The Palestinians have no claim to it, just as Mexico has no claim to Texas. But they still want it for the site of a future Palestinian State—which will never exist—in the lifetimes of those now living, at least (unless Obama and Kerry let it happen). “Following the Holocaust, in which 6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis, pressure on Britain increased to allow Jewish immigration to Palestine. In 1947, the UN partitioned the land into Arab and Jewish states. The Arabs did not accept the partition and war broke out. The Jews won a decisive victory, expanded their state and created several hundred thousand Palestinian refugees. The Arab states refused to recognize Israel or make peace with it. Wars broke out in 1956, 1967, 1973 and 1982, and there were many terror raids and Israeli reprisals. Each side believes different versions of the same history. Each side views the conflict as wholly the fault of the other and expects an apology,” neither of which will happen. Jews and Palestinians will NEVER agree, and Joe Biden was wrong to criticize Israel for planning on using its own land to build homes for its citizens while Barack Obama was wrong to tell Joe to do it. But then, Obama has been wrong on about everything there is. Each side views the conflict as wholly the fault of the other and expects an apology.” Which neither will ever get. (Mid East Web)

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Sharpton Against "Stand Your Ground"

Because it just might save your life when an ILLEGALLY-armed criminal comes to victimize you. He wants people to RUN from armed thugs and NOT fight back when threatened. He thinks we should all just cower in a corner when we’re threatened by a thug with an illegal gun. He wants to do away with the right to deal with a criminal like a man, with our own guns. He’s painting a picture of Trayvon Martin, a known thug in the area, as an “innocent teenager,” which is wrong. Martin was a thug who was known to have broken in several houses and stolen things. He set out to beat the hell out of Zimmerman and it didn’t work out well for him because Zimmerman was legally armed; when Martin tried to break his skull by pounding it on the sidewalk, Zimmerman shot him to death, which was what he deserved. His girlfriend couldn’t inject race into it, so she tried to inject “homophobia” into it (on Zimmerman’s part, of course). This AFTER the trial, in the media, which she KNEW would run with it. (Orlando Sentinel)

Using 5-Year-Olds As Soldiers

They not only strap innocent children to the front of attacking vehicles, Islamic terrorists also TRAIN five-year-olds to be SOLDIERS in their armies, then CLAIM we kill such children as “collateral damage.” What a bunch of evil people! ANYBODY who puts someone so young in their front lines is the lowest form of life on earth and should be shot ON SIGHT, not “arrested and put on trial.” I thought WE were fools for MURDERING our infant children before they could even be born. But to let a child LIVE for five years, then put him in the front lines of YOUR war—something he doesn’t even understand, should qualify you for BEING shot on sight. (The Blaze)

Friday, July 19, 2013

It's Hopeless If We Don't Wake Up

I’m reading a very prophetic book by (now deceased) author William W, Johnstone, by the name, “Phoenix Rising.” The plot closely follows what is happening NOW under Obama, although a little further along. The new president is an Islamic, from an Islamic country, allowed by a foolish electorate that repealed the Constitutional Amendment that prevented the foreign born from being president (a very slight difference from reality) He is quickly making this into a dictatorship with himself as dictator while destroying this country with his fool edicts while blaming his predecessor. This plot is only one step forward from what we’re experiencing now.

All the things this fool enacted were APPROVED by a liberal Congress, including the law that DISENFRANCHISED them. You can probably find copies of this book in used bookstores, and you should find, buy it, and read it before it’s too late. I’m very sorry this author is dead, and I can only hope his nephew (J. A. Johnstone), who worked with him in has last years, is as good a writer and is as prolific as he was. So he can continue the important work he did in his novels. I am going to try and buy up as many copies as I can, and I hope you can get one from me soon. Let me know if you want one. The price will be right. (Just common sense)

Again, We Need More of This

A man came into a music store and started beating an elderly woman with a big stick. Whereupon her husband came in and shot him to death. Anti-gun freaks say this NEVER happens and ignore it when it does. If this man did not have a legally-obtained and owned gun, his wife (and he) would probably have been killed. Instead, the criminal career of this thug was ended, as it should have been. The cops are “investigating” this case of two 70-year-old people being attacked by a 32-year-old thug. Hopefully they won’t find an excuse to charge this man in the case. In any case, whatever happens next, there is one less thug out there with a big stick attacking elderly people on their own property. (KDKA/CBS)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Jihadists Infiltrating Tea Parties

Stay alert. There are now many Jihadists “infiltrating” Tea Parties all over, pretending to agree with our values, but subtly promoting Sharia. This is not surprising; Tea Parties are a natural target for infiltration by many groups who want to undermine what they do by pretending to be conservatives, then “acting out” at Tea Party events so the Tea Parties can then be falsely shown to do these things. A Muslim convert  is trying to “work against Islamaphobia (a phony word made up to intimate that anybody who criticizes Islam is, somehow, mentally deficient). Frankly, I think this guy is mentally deficient. He and all his so-called “Islamaphobia fighters” need to look closely AT Islam and its practice of KILLING people for not BELIEVING the exact same way they do. Their entire religion is DEDICATED to TAKING OVER THE WORLD and getting as many people as possible to do whatever is necessary to achieve that goal. It’s in their “Bible” (The Koran). Those “5 or 6 people” who still look askance on him are the only really smart people in those groups. (Bare Naked Islam)

They Never Give Up

Many of the recent gun control efforts failed. Why? Because the American people didn’t want them, and Congress recognized that, and voted accordingly. But the Democrats never give up when it comes to IMPOSING upon us things we’re violently opposed to. So they failed. But Democrat Senator Joe Manchin is not giving up. He has VOWED to bring it up again and again until it passes. He doesn’t care if nobody wants it but the “anti-gun freaks” like himself. He’s going to push it until it passes. He says he will “urge senators to read the bill and tell me what they don’t like.” If they DID read it (which they usually don't), likely the answer would be the WHOLE CONCEPT of the bill that the way to stop gun violence is not to punish USE of guns in crimes, but to punish innocent VICTIMS by disarming them in the face of ILLEGALLY-ARMED criminals is STUPID and don't work. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Still Fighting About Gun Control

A year after the Aurora, Colorado theater killings, which were carried out by a guy who does NOT obey gun laws, our incompetent politicians are still trying to DISARM us so we will not be armed when their thugs come after our property. If I didn’t know the REAL reason for them trying to disarm us, I’d wonder at their STUPDITY in thinking that a LAW will stop criminals, who don’t OBEY laws, from getting the illegal guns they use to victimize us. What really DOES amaze me is that people buy their BS that they want to “stop gun violence” and do not remove them from office. Every time I hear an anti-gun politician speak, my BS Meter goes crazy. I hope they don’t break it. (

Cops Assault Woman, Take Baby

All this without a warrant and after other cops found NO reason to do so. What happened was the parents insisted on a second opinion when Sutter Memorial Hospital in Sacramento, CA told them their five-month-old child needed heart surgery. They weren’t opposed to it, but did not want it to happen in that hospital so they took their child and left, going to a Kaiser-Permanente hospital. The previous hospital called the cops and told them all kinds of lies to get them to intervene. The cops found otherwise and left. When they got home, other cops, accompanied by a CPS worker, knocked the woman down and threatened her if she resisted, entering the home WITHOUT A WARRANT, and “snatched” the child and left them lying on the ground. After a court hearing, they are close to getting their child back at this time (they did get her back after a court hearing), but what can EVER justify their treatment at the hands of the cops and CPS in such a case? Last I heard, getting a second opinion was NOT illegal and there was NO REASON for the child to be taken away under ANY circumstances, Let alone assaulting the parents and forcing your way into their home without a warrant.

But when you get CPS involved, legality flies out the window. They have their own set of rules, legal or not. I think this family has grounds for a HUGE lawsuit and should file it forthwith. they SAY they're protected against such suits by the "Good Samaritan Law," but not when they OVERDO their authority. Update: After ONE court hearing, the parents are given back their child, but CPS has still told them of their intention to "keep an eye on them" with regular home visits, even though the problem was THEY (CPS)screwed up. These "visits" are MORE home entrances without a warrant (A suit can gain them an injunction against CPS interfering in their lives). Will action be taken against these cops who assaulted them and pushed their way (without a warrant) into their home? Probably not. They'll cover it up with the usual legal mumbo-jumbo and gobbledegook until people lose interest and it "goes away."  (The Blaze)

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Fools In Charge

One of the hardest things I do is sit back and watch while the FOOLS in charge of this country run us into a wall with no action by those who have the power, but not the gonads to oppose him and “bring him to justice.” Obama’s policies are the stupidest I’ve ever seen. As William W. Johnstone (now deceased) wrote in his excellent book, “Phoenix Rising,” Obama’s policies are surrender. “If someone were to write a manual on what NOT to do in dealing with these people [Jihadists –RT], this would be principle number one.” He further wrote, “The Middle Easterner on the street sees negotiations of any kind as a weakness.” Giving them ANYTHING without any kind of concession from them is NOT negotiation, it’s SURRENDER. Yet that’s Obama’s “modus operandi” with reference to Islamic extremists such as the Muslim Brotherhood. This can only lead to disaster. You should read this prophetic book if you can find a copy in a used bookstore. The plot is vary similar to “the next step” in Obama’s “bag of tricks” if he is allowed to continue his outrages, and shows clearly the result. (Just common sense)

Why Do They Assume Obama's Evil?

Because he (Obama) DEMONSTRATES  it every day, in every way! "Why do they get the idea, if it isn’t ethnic — and I’ll just leave the possibility that it’s not — why do they just assume evil on the part of Obama? [Because he IS evil. He has ALWAYS been evil, and his color has nothing to do with it. –RT] I mean he’s raised — his whole life has been crystal clear, and clean as a whistle, and transparent [No, it has NOT! He has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to keep it hidden. –RT]. We know his whole life, through all the great excellent education he’s had. [No, we don’t. He’s gone to a lot of trouble and (taxpayer) expense to keep it hidden. –RT] The good pro bono work he’s done throughout his life. [WHAT ‘pro-bono work?’ –RT] He’s never been a money grubber. [Come ON! You CAN’T be that stupid! –RT] He’s never done anything wrong in his life — legally, ethically, whatever.  His family is picture-perfect. [Again, you CAN’T be that stupid! –RT] The way he’s raised those daughters.  Everything is clean as a whistle. [Yeah, right! -RT]  And yet, they just refer to him as evil. They just refer to him as a liar.” (Chris Matthews, with MSNBC) [Because he IS a liar. –RT]

He lies every time he opens his mouth. [He’d rather lie than tell the truth, even if the truth would serve better! –RT] He is a BORN socialist, to socialist parents.. He was RAISED a socialist, and brainwashed all his life to BE a socialist, and he is working HARD to make this country INTO a socialist country (If you don't know that, there's no help for you). He is only black because he CHOOSES to be black so he can exploit his “blackness.” He’s as much white as he is black. How can you assume he’s only criticized BECAUSE he’s black? In that case, how did he even get ELECTED if this country was so racist? Why are there so many blacks elected to office today? Further, Obama is, if not a Muslim himself (which he has ADMITTED several times publicly) he's a Muslim SYMPATHIZER. Whenever a conflict arises between a Muslim and anybody else, he "rules" in favor of the MUSLIM. How transparent can THAT be? He has brought Chicago thug politics to Washington and is “ruling” like a Chicago politician, which means, “If somebody criticizes you, RUIN him! Put him out of business!” Chris, if your eyes are so screwed shut, maybe you need to see an eye doctor—if one can cure what ails you. I don’t think the eye doctor has yet been BORN who can do that.(The Blaze)

Monday, July 15, 2013

This Is REAL Racism

They accuse us of racism. But the worst racism ever is right now being demonstrated by the very people who should NEVER be racist—black preachers. Rev. Aaron Williams, pastor of the Mt. Zion Baptist Church in Seattle, Washington, told parishioners to “raise Cain” because of the Zimmerman verdict. If that doesn’t represent “fomenting violence,” I don’t know what would. But black pastors all over the country are preaching violence while wearing hoodies. Racism used to mean violence against blacks. But we’re turned it around backwards and it now means black violence against whites—and the government is not stopping it, it’s “whipping it up.” Obama said that if we elected him, we’d “destroy racism forever.”

But we didn’t. We CREATED a NEW racism, blacks against whites, but with the blacks wearing the hoods and “riding in the night” in cars instead of on horses. I judge people as individuals; I don’t see blacks as something less than human as people used to think of them. But I do think they are “easily led” into violence because of PAST racism against them. They think that makes it right to be racist against whites. Whites, too, and that's going to create trouble, which works right into Obama's hands. I think we’re heading into a period of lots of violence against both blacks and whites, “whipped up” by our “first black (half black, anyway) president. Obama is the biggest “divider” we’ve ever had in the White House, and I hope this country survives that monumental mistake we (not me) made in electing this “Fuehrer” to the presidency. (The Blaze)

Backward Security

A British soldier was hacked to death on a British street. So what does the government do? Advise Muslims in Britain to “beef up” their security because “out-of-control_ citizens MIGHT want to hire Muslims because of it. Then they tell English soldiers not to wear their uniforms off duty in public. What does this sound like? “Pandering to Muslims” who might “go bananas” if they actually SEE a British soldier. Is that stupid, or what? But this is how governments all over the world are reacting to Muslim extremist violence. Do nothing about what Muslim extremists are doing, but go out of their way to “not offend Muslim sensibilities.” That’s about as backward as it gets! “Knuckle under to Muslim extremists” while “cowering in a corner.” Damn! Are our politicians stupid, or what? (Bare Naked Islam)

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Obama Builds Useless Building

Why he built a $34 million building in the middle of the Afghanistan desert while we’re in the process of leaving there, I don’t know. Maybe to put $34 million in the pockets of the contractor that built it? They say nobody will use it. I’ll bet Islamic terrorists will get a LOT of good use out of it after we leave Afghanistan. Maybe that’s why he built it. So the terrorists could get some use out of it. As much as he supports the Islamic terrorists in everything, I think it’s a good possibility he built it FOR the terrorists. (American Overlook)

Obama's Thugs Win

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio, after losing a lawsuit filed against him by the feds, has “backed off” in his efforts to enforce federal immigration laws. So illegal aliens (Sorry, PC Police. You can stick it) can now freely illegally enter this country without worrying about being asked to prove their citizenship. Islamic terrorists, too, can now come in freely and do their dirty work without any sheriff being able to ask them to prove who they are. Obama’s determination NOT to enforce federal immigration laws has won in Arizona. Now, with some states passing laws to allow illegal aliens to get driver’s licenses, the forces of anti-immigration laws have won. And WE’RE gonna be sorry. But don’t worry folks, Obama will know who all these illegal aliens call on their cell phones--and you, too! (

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Convict Him Of Something--ANYTHING!

“Sanford, Florida (BHN) - In obvious anticipation of George ZImmerman being likely found innocent of murder charges, Judge Debra Nelson ruled Thursday that the jury will now have the option to convict Zimmerman of any number of lesser charges, including manslaughter, slavery, excessive noise (gunshot), personal property damage (hoodie), public property damage (head hitting sidewalk), littering (Trayvon), and felony screaming like a girl. The defense unsuccessfully objected to the additional charges, as well as the fact that all jurors are now wearing hoodies. On a lighter note, a Zimmerman defense attorney was chided by the judge for agreeing with the prosecution's demand of "justice for Trayvon" by suggesting they "dig up his body and shoot him again."

This may be satire(the tipoff is that BHN stands for “Big Hairy News”)—I don’t know. But it does sound much like the “lynch mob attitude” of the people who want George Zimmerman convicted of ANYTHING, including spitting on the sidewalk. In addition, I really get tired of the news media (including Fox) OBSESSING on this, as they commonly do on news that appeals to them, to the EXCLUSION of other important things (playing right into Obama’s hands willingly), such as Obama’s many crimes while moving us ever closer to socialism while spending money that no longer exists and COUNTERFEITING more (every day) to make it LOOK like he has real money to spend. (Just common sense)

All About Russia

People have been led to believe that “communism is dead in Russia.” It is NOT. Thinking it is, is merely a CON to make us THINK so. Notice that the SAME PEOPLE are still in power there (moving the deck chairs around) that were in power during the Soviet era (example: the former head of Russia’s secret police is now its perennial president, now in his second holding of the office after a rigged election). The SAME NAMES you often heard in powerful posts under communism hold DIFFERENT powerful posts under the current SOCIALIST government. Socialism and communism are just two different forms of COLLECTIVISM. Both depend on taking from those who EARN and giving to those who DON’T EARN to maintain those in power. You may be fooled into thinking things are different in Russia than they were under communism, but I (and those who pay attention) aren’t.

And this country, under Obama and those RUNNING him, are moving in the same direction. I don’t know how many years we have left as a free nation, but I’d bet it is FEW as long as we don’t do everything we can to BLOCK everything Obama does, and get RID of him as soon as possible, replacing him with someone who is not a collectivist in his thinking. We might become an Islamic nation before Obama can make us into a SOCIALIST nation (or maybe at the same time), but he won’t mind either way since he is either a Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer. Then we will be BOTH. Either way, Obama is an ENEMY of this nation, president or not. And the sooner . we realize that and DEAL with it, the better. I won’t be alive long enough to have to live under what he wants to deliver, but my children and their children will, and that concerns me. (Just common sense)

Friday, July 12, 2013

Unnecessary Cuts

Obama is ORDERING many “unnecessary cuts” and blaming them on the sequester, hoping that will keep Americans from demanding more cuts in unnecessary government spending in the future. The cuts he makes are the silliest I have ever seen; like getting rid of “hazardous duty pay” for soldiers serving in particularly dangerous places and such things as White House tours or Easter egg hunts for children, that the government doesn’t even pay for. Meanwhile he’s still sending BILLIONS of dollars in “foreign aid” to a country that has most recently been run by a known Islamic terrorist front organization, the Muslim Brotherhood. He hopes we don’t notice that while he spent a million dollars on ONE vacation trip. I think this fool believes we don’t have the ability to put two and two together and come up with four. Or he just doesn’t care. (Just common sense)

Typical Liberal School Stupidity

A five-year-old kid brought a CAP GUN to school and was INTERROGATED by “school officials” until he “uncharacteristically” wet his pants. People are constantly talking about “traumatizing” kids, but what is THIS but traumatizing this kid over their own stupidity? When will adults quit traumatizing kids because of their STUPID opinions? Punishing a child for bringing a LEGO gun (about the size of a quarter) to school or having a gun-shaped piece of PAPER! And they don’t even realize how stupid that is! The problem with stupid people is they have no idea they ARE stupid and will fight you if you so much as mention their stupidity. (The Blaze)

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obama's CRIMINAL Benghazi Case

Unless Obama comes forward with some true information about the Benghazi killings of diplomatic personnel, I’m going to be convinced he has some CRIMINAL involvement and is trying his best to cover it up. The more he tries to “stonewall” us about it with that phony “video” story, and the more he ORDERS the survivors to keep their mouths shut about it, the more suspicious I become. He has proven his tendency to do ILLEGAL deals with his “Fast & Furious” con; yet another place where he has hidden his involvement and complicity. These are things that would have SUNK a Republican president, because when Democrats (liberals) get their hooks into you, they NEVER let go. Republicans do. Nixon went down because of a simple breakin. Maybe SOMEBODY will have the gonads to come forward and DO something about his complicity in these CRIMINAL cases. (Just common sense)

Is Tebow Blackballed for Praying?

He was “let go” by the Jets as a SECOND STRING quarterback and NO offers surfaced for a long time. Then finally he was picked up by the New England Patriots. One coach said he’d like to have Tebow, but not with all the “baggage” (overt Christianity) that comes with him.. What does this mean but that his being openly Christian blocks him from being a football player? Yes, I know it is not an “official” policy of the NFL, but an “unofficial” policy is just as destructive to Tebow. There is WAY too much discrimination against Christians today. And not enough against pseudo-Muslims. (Yahoo News) This link no longer available.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Govt. Finally Accepts Rights

In Illinois, the legislature has made a law recognizing the unfettered right of the people to carry the means to their self-defense, a gun: something the Constitution guarantees them, anyway. Why do they have to pass a LAW to force cops to RECOGNIZE a right we already have, and which is FETTERED in many states? Gov. Pat Quinn tried to add fetters to it, but the legislature overrode him. Chicago politicians are horrified and think that will mean even more gun violence there. I think it will be just the opposite and gun violence will go down as the “bad guys” get killed by honest and responsible gun owners when they try their crimes. I’ll be watching. (The Blaze)

Stories "Pouring In"

Obama and his “gang of thieves” try and paint a picture of one or two “rogue agents” in Cincinnati “Targeting” a FEW taxpayers for “special treatment” (harassment for conservatives). Now we learn that more than 90 conservative groups have been so harassed while a phony charity run by Obama’s brother got their tax-free status within 30 days and were asked no questions. When we ask how many times the IRS boss visited the White House, they can’t tell us because their “records are so messed up” that they don’t know! Their excuse is that they are so incompetent they can’t even keep a proper log of White House visitors. I think the IRS scandal is JUST ONE of the scandals that are going to SINK Obama. If a Republican administration had been guilty of HALF the things of which Obama is accused, he’d be IMPEACHED by now under INTENSE Democrat pressure. But not Obama. The Republicans don't seem to care. He says we need to “Get off these witch hunts and let him raise our taxes again and again, that these “scandals” are “old news.” (Just common sense)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

al-Jazeera People Revolt

In Egypt, al-Jazeera employees (including some news anchors) are quitting, en masse, to protest being TOLD to misrepresent the news and always make the Muslim Brotherhood “look good” in all news reports. “The news anchor revealed that Al Jazeera management would instruct each staff member to favor the Muslim Brotherhood in their broadcasts. According to Gulf News, Mahmoud said that 'there are instructions to us to telecast certain news.' He characterized the coverage of the Qatar-based channel as lacking in professionalism and said that “the management in Doha [Qatar] provokes sedition among the Egyptian people and has an agenda against Egypt and other Arab countries.”

This proves our previous estimation of this biased news source that we KNOW is part of the Islamic terrorist organization and is even now “infiltrating” our own news gathering group with their purchase of AlGore’s former failing news outlet (making him a billionaire). Cable companies would do well to refuse to carry this so-called “cable news outlet” on their systems. Many liberal news people including Soledad O’Brien (formerly with “Today”) are “flocking” to al-Jazeera. Probably on the promise of higher salaries. This is the kind of STUPIDITY reflected by those beach-goers who recently signed a petition to REPEAL THE Bill of Rights recently. This kind of thing is really depressing to someone who has kept his eyes and ears open and KNOWS what’s going on. (The Blaze)

It this Billboard :Offensive?"

Yes. It is. But not for the usual reason. Why? Because (to liberals) it tells a basic truth, not because it pictures INDIANS, who WERE “protected” out of existence by this government. It proclaims for all to see the FALLACY of allowing a government—ANY government—to disarm us on the promise they will “protect” us. The truth is, not only WILL they not, they CANNOT. When danger strikes, most of the time, there are only SECONDS before somebody is hurt, while the cops (those representatives of government WITH guns) take MINUTES to respond (it's not their fault). So the cops can only “take names” and MAYBE someday arrest the culprits. Just using pictures of Indians is not enough, in my mind, to “offend:” intelligent people. People who get mad because of the use of Indians on that billboard are FOOLS and are using that as an excuse not to discuss the REAL issue. Yes, I used the term “Indians,” not that phonied-up term, “Native Americans” the PC Police order me to use. I don’t obey “orders” from self-appointed fools not qualified to give them. (The Blaze)

Monday, July 8, 2013

What FOOLS Are We?

The U. S. Ambassador to Egypt is PROMISING to exert pressure to “support” the Islamic Brotherhood. How STUPID are we? The “Brotherhood” is an Islamic TERRORIST organization and has been LABELED as such by our own and many other GOVERNMENTS! So why would we, in good conscience, “pressure” them to be SUPPORTED by Egypt. Why are WE (not me) supporting OUR ENEMIES to run Egypt, which USED TO BE one of our staunchest allies in the Middle East? That’s INSANE! But Obama has proven himself to BE insane on many occasions. He is, if not an Islamic extremist himself, a SYMPATHIZER. How many times must he prove his antipathy to this country and treason before we “cut him off at the knees? Damn, what damn fools we (not me) elected! (Freedom Outpost)

What Does It Take?

I want to know: what does it take to convict a murderer of murder? There was a big trial going on to punish Dr. Kermit Gosnell for MURDERING babies who survived a botched abortion in his baby-killing clinic. Three of the original 9 charges against him were dismissed when he claimed there was no evidence these three babies were alive when he cut their spinal chords. My question is, if the infant was not alive, why was it necessary to cut its spinal chord? I think such people are MURDERERS from the word go and should be punished as such. The supreme court Justices that made the ruling making infanticide legal are complicit and should, themselves, be punished. This is our own holocaust. Instead of Jews, we have MURDERED millions of BABIES before they even have a CHANCE at life. And if they’re slated for murder, people like Dr. Gosnell have no compunction in MURDERING them if they survive the original murder attempt. Yes, there ARE situations where an abortion MAY be the only answer, but to be used IN PLACE OF a rubber after having sex without protection IS murder. Anybody who disagrees with that is either STUPID or a murderer him/herself. (Just common sense)

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Cursed With Fools In Charge

There’s one major flaw in our method for electing our “leaders.” There’s no way to keep the fools out. And there are many. Obama is one. He thinks you can steal from those who have nothing, and many other stupid notions. Then there’s Nancy Peelosi, she of the “We must pass the bill to find out what’s in it” stupidity. But fools in the electorate keep electing such people and they keep making fool decisions; and as long as they’re “in charge,” we’re in danger from their stupid decisions. Obama thinks socialism is the way to go and is working as hard as he can to implement it while helping our enemies (Islamic extremists) by making decisions that favor them and allowing their representatives to hold powerful positions in his very government. This can be disastrous, but he isn’t smart enough to care. We are CURSED to have fools in charge. (Just common sense)

Talk About A :"Police State!"

In Henderson, NV, cops wanted to use a man’s home to spy on his neighbor. He refused. So the cops slapped him around, arrested him and “confiscated” (stole) his home and used it, anyway. The cops “smashed open his door,” shot him and his dog with “pepper weapons,” and arrested him (for "interfering with a police officer"), in clear violation of the Third Amendment of the Constitution. They assaulted the man, his wife, and his terrified little dog, removing them from their home and taking it over for their own purposes. This should be punished MORE than losing a suit and paying them some money. These people should be FIRED, arrested, and imprisoned themselves, and be prevented from ever engaging in police activities for the rest of their lives. This kind of conduct should NEVER be allowed, and should be PUNISHED severely. This travesty involved Henderson City cops, Nevada State Police, N. Las Vegas Police, and possibly members of other police agencies called in, and ALL involved should be punished severely. If this does not “rise to the level” of a “police state, I don’t know what ever would. (Minuteman News)

Saturday, July 6, 2013

More and More Such Stories

I’m seeing more and more such stories as more and more states make laws to make it easier for honest, responsible citizens to have the means to self-defense, a gun. In spite of the federal government’s best efforts to go against the First Amendment of the Constitution, more and more people ARE showing the REASON why the Founders tried to make sure they would ALWAYS have that right. And that should be. Criminals need to know that attacking  innocent citizens will no longer be as safe, for them as it used to be when ignorant politicians consistently targeted innocent people with their “anti-gun laws.” In this case, the burglar wanted everything this guy had, and he gave it to him—one bullet at a time. (The Blaze)

Paid Vacations and Such

 There are many cons that the government at all levels run on us when somebody gets caught with his/her pants down. The “paid vacation” is one That’s where they announce that so and so (like Lois Lerner of the IRS scandal) has been asked to resign, refused, and has been placed on “paid suspension.” Another scam is where they “move the deck chairs around,” transferring the lower level subject of an “investigation” to a different job (usually a promotion at more money) while announcing that a “number of people have been relieved of their duties.” They think we aren’t aware of what they’re doing and they don’t really care. Then they go on, “business as usual,” claiming they actually DID something about the scandal. (Just common sense)

Friday, July 5, 2013

They Don't Enforce Current Gun Laws!

That’s one of the major problems with “gun control laws.” They don’t enforce the ones already on the books, while RUNNING to pass new ones after EVERY shooting. They KNOW they don’t work, but they want it to LOOK like they’re “doing something.” They don’t care that their laws don’t work because they go in the wrong direction; they punish HONEST PEOPLE by making it harder, or impossible for them to get guns with which to defend themselves Meanwhile criminals go into back alleys and buy illegal guns out of the trunk of another criminal’s car. Even the background check laws aren’t prosecuted in most cases; it’s against the law for someone not qualified to buy a gun to even TRY. But that law is not usually enforced. There were 76,142 denials in 2010, but only 62 prosecutions and only 13 convictions or pleas. Those are miserable figures. (My Fox Tampa Bay) Why is this stuff only reported by Fox?

We're Finished

Within 20 years we’re going to be just one more Muslim-run country under Sharia Law if we don’t wake up and get rid of that Muslim sympathizer in the White House (who has a PROVEN phony Social Security number and badly made phony birth certificates. (Yes, "certificates"). Muslim terrorists are OPENLY infiltrating our government with Obama’s APPROVAL. One of his latest actions is to let the Muslims take charge of the FBI. There are many other examples of how he has allowed Muslim extremists run things in his administration. Muslim sympathizers hold top positions all over our government, just as COMMUNIST sympathizers did back when our chief enemy was Russia and communism was the enemy and a top communist was a close adviser to the president.

People knew about them then and said so, but they were called “kooks, seeing communists under every bed.” But it turns out they were right. Now the enemy are Islamic extremists and Obama is one of them (he still denies their existence, even though they kill innocent people every day). He’ll probably come right after me if he sees this, but I don’t care. I’m old enough I’ll be dead by the time it happens, anyway. But unless somebody with gonads does something to stop it, it will happen. Because they’ve not only infiltrated lower levels, they’ve infiltrated the PRESIDENCY, as well. He’ll call me a racist and an Islamaphobe (a made-up word) and try to discredit me (or imprison or kill me), but this is TRUTH. (World Net Daily)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Well, we’ve reached another Fourth of July. But how much longer will we be “allowed” to celebrate this important date in our history with such as Obama in power? He has already stated his opinion that “we didn’t need a revolution” to get free of England. What kind of STUPID PILLS has he been taking? Anyway, let’s celebrate it as long as we can. I’m taking the day off. You’ve probably noticed that I’m now posting 7 days a week and in FOUR blogs instead of three. That’s because I’m no longer able to do the job I was paid to do and had to quit. Now ALL my work is FREE. You can find my books on Amazon or Barnes & Noble. I may even write another one.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Pen Shaped Gun

 There is now a fully operational gun on the market shaped like a fountain pen which you can carry in your pocket. It is a single-shot gun, but one bullet an save your life if you use it properly. I’m not going to tell you exactly where you can get one, but I will tell you that you can “Google” the words “”gun looks like pen” and find where to buy it. It wouldn’t be much good in a gun fight, but it could make all the difference if you’re being attacked on the street by anybody using less than a gun. A fully operational gun with more than one bullet without reloading is still the best thing to have, but there are SOME places where you can’t carry it, that this item would not be detected. And that one bullet could make all the difference in keeping you alive. (The Blaze)

Are We Willing to Surrender?

That seems to be what Obama has told the Islamic terrorists who are working so hard to MURDER everybody who doesn’t believe the exact same way they do. He has, in effect, told them his government will not oppose them so, “come right ahead and kill us.” I’ve said many times that Obama is ON THE SIDE of the Islamic terrorists and every day he seems to do something to help their cause and prove it. Do we have an Islamic terrorist or Islamic terrorist sympathizer as president? When are we going to WAKE UP? (Last Resistance)

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Obama A Classic Mobster

Yes, he’s the president. But that doesn’t rule out him being a mobster; with his own mob. They’re called “presidential staff” and “czars.” He uses the IRS to intimidate Republican donors to cut down on the amount of money his opponents can raise. He phonies up charges against his enemies and uses his number one thug, Eric Holder to prosecute them, while REFUSING to prosecute OBVIOUSLY GUILTY blacks “ because they’re my people.” He runs guns to the Mexican drug cartels and SAYS it’s to find out where they are with nothing in the guns to trace their whereabouts. The mob is now RUNNING our government, and I’m getting tired of it. That's one of the weaknesses in our system. We elect people without regard to their morality. honesty, or competence. We need to change that. It may already be too late. (Just common sense)

Executive Takeover of Private Property

Way back on March 16, Obama signed Executive Order #13603 that allows him “in a national emergency” to take over ownership of EVERYTHING from your car to your generator in your backyard. It also allows him to steal ALL the money in your retirement fund. It makes him a DICTATOR. He signed it. Without Congress. And it’s already in force. All he has to do is declare a national emergency (a scribble of a pen) to make this country into a dictatorship where you have NO rights. Have you heard ANYTHING about this in the liberal media? I didn’t think so, and you won’t. Not until he makes it law by declaring a national emergency on some pretext. Don’t take my word for it. Google it before Obama has all references to it removed. (BixPac Review)

Monday, July 1, 2013

Yes for Them, No for Us

Obama is doing everything he can to help Africans get access to more electric power. Meanwhile, Obama is doing everything he can to KILL access to electrical power in the United States. WTF? Damn! Can’t people see this fool is doing everything he can to KILL this country? He’s in the process of BANKRUPTING the coal industry which, if he succeeds, will also kill the electricity industry and we will descend into the “dark ages” again. Doesn’t ANYBODY take this fool seriously? Damn, I hate to watch while my country causes its own demise by ignoring the fool policies of a madman! I notice Obama’s “personal hero” is a communist (Mandela)! That, alone, should tell you all you need to know about him. (Mail)

Child Punished for Lego Gun

 “The other kids were traumatized” by this thing, said the “school officials (A gun made out or LEGOS! Kids who run around with things that look like REAL guns and "shoot" at each other!" "Traumatized" by a LEGO gun! Come on! How STUPID are they?).” Who suspended him, gave him detention, made him apologize to the bus driver, and roundly made a spectacle of themselves and this child. For a tiny Lego-shaped gun smaller than a quarter. If THAT “traumatized” those kids, they’re WIMPS. Made that way by this kind of “school official,” who over-reacted completely. “No tolerance” doesn’t mean punish a kid for bringing a harmless thing to school. The first recorded attempted school shooting in the 1800s was foiled by the fact that ALL the kids were armed and shot the bad guy to ribbons. Put THAT in your pipe and smoke it! (Oops, sorry PC Police. I used the word “smoke.”) (Town Hall)