Thursday, July 11, 2013

Obama's CRIMINAL Benghazi Case

Unless Obama comes forward with some true information about the Benghazi killings of diplomatic personnel, I’m going to be convinced he has some CRIMINAL involvement and is trying his best to cover it up. The more he tries to “stonewall” us about it with that phony “video” story, and the more he ORDERS the survivors to keep their mouths shut about it, the more suspicious I become. He has proven his tendency to do ILLEGAL deals with his “Fast & Furious” con; yet another place where he has hidden his involvement and complicity. These are things that would have SUNK a Republican president, because when Democrats (liberals) get their hooks into you, they NEVER let go. Republicans do. Nixon went down because of a simple breakin. Maybe SOMEBODY will have the gonads to come forward and DO something about his complicity in these CRIMINAL cases. (Just common sense)

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