Tuesday, March 31, 2009

We Elected A Con-Man

And he has brought in all his accomplices to help him con us out of our socks. Every appointee he has brought us has a “questionable past.” The kind that would eliminate the appointee from being appointed to ANY government office in any other administration. But not in this one. He WANTS people with “questionable pasts”’ who have certain experience as swindlers to aid him in swindling this nation. He has ALREADY swindled us out of more than anybody else in history. Bernie Madoff is a PIKER beside him. He would have appointed him as Secretary of the Treasury if he was not in jail. I fear for the life of this nation with Obama at its helm. (Just common sense)

"Ditching the Term"

The Obama administration is “ditching" the term "enemy combatants,” just as they have stopped using the term “Islamic terrorists.” This is a common politician’s scam; if a term “falls out of favor,” just change the name. It works when you want to make a law, without making a law, or ignore an existing law. For instance, if the law says you can’t do something, just call it something else. There are many TAXES on the books, but they are called “fees.” In Colorado, for instance, Gov. Ritter, who says “Now is not the time to raise taxes,” has raised the “fee” to register your car by $45 a year. For me, that raises it 200%! All bypassing the legislature. (Just common sense)

He ENFORCES the Law!

So Obama’s Justice Department is harassing Sheriff Arpaio. I guess actually enforcing the law makes him suspect to our new liberal “rulers.” "Last Tuesday, the Justice Department notified Joe Arpaio, the top lawman in Maricopa County, Ariz., including Phoenix, that his department is under investigation for "patterns" of discriminatory police practices and unconstitutional searches and seizures. The letter offered zero specifics. But we'd guess those specifics closely match the radical agenda of community organizers like La Raza, ACORN and other government-funded immigration lobbyists, all of whom launched a coordinated campaign "message" at about the same time." What is a “discriminatory police practice” to the Justice Dept.? Anything that causes an illegal alien to be uncomfortable, I guess. I get really mad when our own government goes after a lawman for enforcing the law. Much like they did to those two Border Control officers who shot a fleeing smuggler with what looked like a gun in his hand. President Bush FINALLY “commuted” their sentences, letting them out of jail, but retaining their “felon” status, making it hard for them to get work in the future. He SHOULD have given them a full pardon and awarded them back pay for the time they spent in prison. But NO! That would have been admitting it was wrong to send them to prison in the first place. (IBD Editorials)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

"YOU Are A Terrorist!"

According to a new report just released in Missouri for law enforcement. If you voted for Ron Paul; if you have bumper stickers on your car for him, or for ANY “right-wing” idea, you can be subjectively “declared” a terrorist and treated that way. Which means no more rights. They can ship you anywhere they want for any kind of trial, in a court of their choice, under laws of their choice, under our Constitution, or not. The new (tax cheat) Secretary of the Treasury wants new powers that will allow him to subjectively declare ANY business in the country a “danger” to the well-being of this country and take it over. Many think he has banks and lenders in mind. I think he has Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and other (“right-wing”) radio personalities in mind. Every one of them IS a “business” and he could subjectively declare them as a “danger” and shut them down. Maybe even put them in prison. That would be much more efficient than would any “fairness doctrine” in shutting them up. But they forget; each one of these men have millions of listeners, who could “rise up and smite” this government. I think if they ever try that, there WILL be a revolution, the like of which has not been seen since the seventeen hundreds. This government is doing MUCH WORSE to us right now than King George did to CAUSE the American Revolution. Do they really think they are safe from that? I haven’t participated in the “Tea Parties” that have spring up, but I agree with what they’re trying to do. Which puts me right in their “cross-hairs.” I’ve heard about this from several places, but I’ve waited, because this is the kind of thing liberals spread to cause us to make a lot of noise and look foolish if proven false. I don’t think this is false, and we should do something about it. (Common Sense)

The "First Cracks"

Even “Obama-lovers” are getting disgusted with Obama’s excesses. "[T]he first cracks in the Obama political machine have appeared. Even liberals and moderates are opposing the spending. Quasi-conservatives like Christopher Buckley are re-thinking their support of Obama." (Patriotic Resistance) I have predicted that Obama will “go wild” with the power he has gained as president and will amaze even his “slobbering lovers,” and he has; in only one month in office. I predict people like Buckley, son of the CREATOR of conservatism, will “fall by the wayside” in numbers Obama didn’t expect, while the “Obama Gang” will routinely “marginalize” them as they are trying right now to do with Rush Limbaugh. (Just common sense)

"Time to Buy!"

"The Obama Administration finally seems to have noticed that all of their policy announcements so far have only fueled economic despair, not alleviated it. So President Barack Obama took the rare opportunity yesterday of offering some investment advice to the American people: ‘What you’re now seeing is profit and earning ratios are starting to get to the point where buying stocks is a potentially good deal, if you’ve got a long-term perspective on it.” (Heritage Foundation) In other words, Obama wants Americans to Buy! Buy! Buy!" I’M SURE Obama’s people are buying up stocks that can, by themselves, when he allows the economy to grow, make him richer. (Just common sense)

Friday, March 27, 2009

$90 Million Dollar Bonus!

$90 MILLION DOLLAR BONUS: No, not for an AIG “worker bee.” For Franklin Raines, former head honcho at Fannie May or Freddie Mac (I can’t remember which). Why is there no outcry from the federal government (or anybody else) and the senators and congressmen responsible for the problem, so they can “make their phony case” of blaming the VICTIMS of the “economic slowdown?” Why? Because those two companies, while they SAY they’re “private companies,” are OWNED by the government and were created specifically as a “safety valve” to allow Barney, Chris, and their ilk to let “the bottom fall out” just in time to SINK the Republican presidential candidate and not only let Obama win the presidency, but to allow the Democrats to take over BOTH houses of Congress, thus creating a “bloodless coup” allowing Democrats to do pretty much whatever they wish, Constitution or not. Coincidentally, it “set the stage” for Obama and the Democrats to swindle us out of more money than this country has spent ENTIRELY since it was created. (Just common sense)

What The Hell Does THAT Mean?

The Obama bunch have banned the use of the term, “War on Terror,” replacing it with the more innocuous term, “overseas contingency operation.” What the HELL does THAT mean? Like when they called the Korean War something else entirely it doesn’t change the fact that we ARE at WAR with terrorists AND terrorism. The Obama bunch now deny they’re banning the use of that term and replacing it with a “mean-nothing” term—which means it MUST be true because Obama says he didn’t do it. If I’ve learned one thing about Obama it is that ANYTHING he says is a lie. (Google)

Whipping Up Anger

"Obama is bringing back amnesty for illegal aliens. This issue irritates and agitates people across party lines. You throw in the fact that President Obama is encouraging these people to join unions (and card check), along with rising gas prices, and you're creating a powder keg." (Rush Limbaugh) Obama is working hard to whip up anger, mostly against private enterprise. This is how he intends to destroy our capitalist society. That is his basic goal. Creating a socialist society in the last bastion (mostly) of the capitalist. His “vendetta” against AIG is an example. I just mentioned it to my insurance agent and got a tirade against AIG (which showed her ignorance) when they are the VICTIMS in this piece. They gave a miniscule percentage of what Obama gave them to their employees for good performance (bonuses that were EARNED and specifically APPROVED in Obama’s trillion dollar "stimulus" swindle law), which is just good business; and the entire government went ballistic, even making a doubly unconstitutional law to tax those bonuses 90%! This government is OUT OF CONTROL and I’m very afraid Obama is going to underestimate the American people and cause a rebellion against his “rule.” I’m certainly mad enough at his criminal actions to stay away from criticizing anyone who did it (although I’m too old and bent up to participate). I think Obama underestimates the resolve of the American people, just as King George did; and he may get a similar result. (Just common sense)

It Was A Setup

I don’t usually write about basketball. I’m not a “sports fan” at all, unless you include auto racing. But I can recognize a setup when I see it. They let this team play the whole game, which they won, even though the “rules” had them one point down BEFORE the “tipoff.” It was a state championship game. THEN they penalized them for a bad “stripe” on their uniforms. Why then? Why not the day before when they won another game, wearing the same uniforms? Why not BEFORE the game? Why wait until AFTER the game so this team would them be “losers," not because of player error, but because of “official stupidity.” I guess the officials wouldn’t get their payoff it this team won. (Yahoo Sports/AP)

"Lies and Statistics"

But I repeat myself. Obama says, '[I]n this budget, we have made the tough choices necessary to cut our deficit in half by the end of my first term -- even under the most pessimistic estimates' [While he does his best to TRIPLE the budget in his first month in office. –RT]. President Barack Obama doubled the budget deficit before he could halve it. Says the pot to the kettle: '[O]ne of the things that I'm trying to break is a pattern in Washington where everybody is always looking for somebody else to blame.' " (Barack Obama) Meanwhile, he and his cohorts often repeat the mantra that “We inherited this from the last administration,” true or not. If that isn’t “blaming others,” I don’t know what is. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Sorry, Folks

My computer wouldn’t recognize my modem yesterday and I had to take it to the computer hospital, where it (predictably) worked like a charm. Yesterday was “one of those days.” On the way to the computer shop I had to fix a tire, and right after we finished at the computer shop, I had a doctor’s appointment, all of which screwed up my whole day. I'm telling you; this whole government thing is getting so "out of hand." I've got 84 posts backed up, ready to go into my several blogs, and I just can't stop writing them. I only had 64 backed up when I had my heart surgery. So many things you need to know are happening, I've gone up (temporarily) to five posts a day to "whittle it down."

Geitner Wants Confiscatory Powers

Timothy Geitner: you know, the “tax cheater” who is now running the Treasury Department, which runs the IRS, now wants to be able to DICTATE what private business (whether or NOT they received “TARP money) is able to do, and the power to “take them over” if he doesn’t like what they do. The Constitution is supposed to protect us from this kind of thing, right? WRONG! Not since Obama was elected. The Supreme Court is supposed to protect us from this sort of thing, right? Not if they keep on voting to approve of unconstitutional laws such as McCain’s (McCain-Feingold Act) freedom of speech control law and Obama’s “stimulus swindle” laws. (Just common sense)

They Just Don't Care!

Ward Churchill (You remember, the college professor who got his job by pretending to be Indian to get special treatment and whose essay comparing the children killed at the world Trade Center to “little Eichmans” woke up the university to what kind of a man he was?) So they fired him after reviewing his “scholarship” and discovering he had apparently stolen much of his research from others without attribution. Now he’s suing to get his job back, claiming (erroneously) that he was fired BECAUSE of that stupid essay. He was not. It only “woke up” the university to what kind of a man he actually WAS. He testified the other day, saying the terrorists blew up the World Trade Center because we “kill our children,” referring, of course, to abortion. Wake up, Ward! The Islamic terrorists couldn’t care less about what we do to our children. They strap explosives to THEIR OWN CHILDREN so as to kill Americans, fewrgawdsake! Intelligent people know that. But he desperately needs a “scapegoat” to “excuse” that hateful essay, whether or NOT it had anything to do with the terrorist’s motives for 9/11. This is NOT the kind of man we want teaching his drivel to our children. So let’s get rid of him once and for all. Most of them teach liberal crap to our kids, but Churchill is the worst of them all today. (Denver Post)

Who's At Fault in AIG Bonuses?

Certainly not those “worker bees” who EARNED, and received them. The politicians (whose legislation APPROVED those bonuses for those who EARNED them) are pretending they “didn’t know” they were voting to APPROVE them. The only way that is possible is if they HAVEN’T READ the legislation before voting for it. That’s a “high crime” for which they should be booted out the door in the next election if not sooner. Anybody who votes for or against legislation without reading it is swindling the public every time they pick up their paycheck. Picking up their paycheck says they “did their job,” which they did NOT. Some of those bonuses are as small as $1,000; but these politicians like to talk “big numbers” in order to piss us off. I predict it won’t work in the long run, as more and more Americans will start “paying attention” to politics—which those politicians do not want. (Just common sense)

Obama Wants AMERICA to Fail!

Then he can “pick up the pieces” and run things to suit himself. Don’t think so? Just watch what he DOES. Everything he has done since being “crowned” not only does NOTHING to ease our financial (or any other kind of) problems, they have made them worse. "Failure is happening while Obama watches (fiddles?), and he's not unhappy about it. If there is anybody who is engendering the failure of America as we have known it while it happens in front of our eyes, it is President Obama, it's something he needs for the rest of his agenda." (Rush Limbaugh) Always watch what a politician (especially Obama) DOES, then compare it to what he has SAID. (Just common sense)

Jay Cutler, Jay Cutler

I’m getting tired of hearing this name, just as I got tired or hearing Obama’s name during the election ( still shudder when I hear it). I guess I’m getting to the point where I can “block out” Obama’s name when I hear it. But now the media is obsessing over another name: Jay Cutler; the quarterback who is having a “hissy fit” over the Denver Broncos daring to even THINK about trading him. He won’t even return phone calls from the team owner. He has put his house and his parent’s house up for sale. He won’t talk to the media. He won’t talk to ANYBODY. But who cares? Don’t we have more important things to worry about than a “prima-donna” quarterback? I think they ought to just fire him unless they can’t contractually. Obama thinks he can “turn aside” the contracts that forced AIG to pay certain bonuses, why can’t the Broncos “turn aside” this contract? I don’t care WHAT they do, as long as they SHUT UP about it. In case you haven't guessed, I'm not a football fan. (Frustrated)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

It's Getting Out of Hand

Obama is “trying to temper outrage over AIG bonuses.” Hmmm? What? Isn’t he the biggest one “stoking the fires” of outrage just yesterday? Maybe he’s seeing it get out of hand. Ben Bernanke (Chairman, The Fed) wanted to block those bonuses but was “talked out of it.” He doesn’t say by whom (Obama, maybe?). In any case, the ”outrage” is misplaced. It should be against HIM and the Democrat-controlled Congress, whose predecessors passed the law that caused it all and whose current members are “making hay” with it, giving away TRILLIONS of dollars to their friends and supporters. How much of it is coming back into their own pockets? (Yahoo News/AP)

"Outlaw Guns!"

That’s always the “hue and cry” when something happens like the murder of this pastor. As if making a law against carrying a gun, or carrying one into a church would have stopped this murder. Making laws against carrying guns doesn’t even slow down those intent on committing a crime. Does ANYBODY think CRIMINALS, whose entire lives are dedicated to BREAKING the law, will OBEY a law that says they cannot be armed? Gimme a break! How STUPID is that? I haven’t learned yet whether this guy’s gun was legally carried, or was illegal. But in either case, how would an “anti-gun law” have stopped this murder? If he had a license, so what? If he didn’t, the question is the same; so what? Nothing stopped him from coming into that church and murdering the pastor. Only his gun jamming, allowing parishioners to subdue him, stopped him from killing others. After the last “mass church murder” I heard someone say, “We should be allowed to pray in church without worrying about the guy next to us being armed.” Why? Just because the guy praying next to you is armed, doesn’t put you in danger. And if someone comes in to kill people, maybe he can stop it, as one parishioner in Colorado Springs, Colorado did. They CALLED her a “security guard,” but she was a parishioner who happened to hold a license to carry a gun and was ASKED to “act” as a part-time security guard” while worshiping. (One News Now)

Multiplying Terrorism

I don’t know if this is a new technique or not (If it was not, the liberal press won't report it), but it IS being used more and more often; the targeting of “first responders” who rush to the aid of people the terrorists have murdered and mutilated by setting traps for them when they arrive. It is this kind of thing that reinforces my resolve that terrorists, when caught in the act, should be executed on the spot. Not held in prison camps for years (and treated better than prisoners in our own prisons) so those “bleeding heart liberals” in this country can get them set free to kill again. Targeting people who are only trying to help others is lower than low. I’ve always thought terrorism itself is about as low as you can go. But targeting “first responders” who rush to the aid of those terrorism victims is worse, and those who practice it should not deserve the same rights as human beings. (Yahoo/AP)

"Trashing" Jindal

The Democrats are asking “what is Bobby Jindal worth if his own party is trashing him?” My answer is simple; plenty. The very fact that members of his own party are trashing him tells me they’re frightened that he will become his party’s next “standard bearer.” They’re trashing Sarah Palin for the same reason. Both are unabashed conservatives who aren’t afraid to SAY what they mean. So Republicans and Democrats are “scared out of their boots.” I predict there will be a Palin/Jindal or a Jindal/Palin ticket in the next election. I think Palin will be on top because she will not be willing to be “muzzled” by the presidential candidate again. A good conservative is not good at not saying what he/she feels. So far, these are the only two Republicans (with a couple of other possible exceptions nobody's listening to) who aren’t “pandering” to the liberals, and that frightens certain people. A conservative who RUNS as a conservative, WINS. You can’t pretend to be a liberal and win a presidential election. Though it seems a liberal CAN pretend to be a conservative and win. Many Democrats have done just that. (Just common sense)

Building Rush's Audience

I think the “attack Rush Limbaugh” campaign the Democrats are running will become known as one of the worst mistakes the Democrats ever made. Yes, Rush had 20 million listeners. I predict that number will grow to 50 MILLION after people “sample” his show after hearing all the criticism in the liberal media. Rush says, "I want to thank you for a fabulous week of broadcast excellence, and thank all of you who have sent such wonderful e-mails, notes of congratulation and encouragement after my CPAC speech. The media is still not through exploring all of this. MSNBC is still devoting most of their broadcast time to the subject of me and the Republican leadership and all that." This can’t but help Rush become known to many more people than his already large audience, and for that, he and I thank the liberal media. (Just common sense)

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Torch and Pitchfork Politics

The law they passed in the House the other day to put a 90% tax on AIG bonuses (which were APPROVED in the recent “stimulus swindle” law) is both a “bill of attainder” AND an “ex post facto (retroactive)” act that, if passed by the Senate and signed into law by our irresponsible president ought to be “prima facie evidence” in an attempt to REMOVE everybody who voted for it AND the president who signed it from office. The image that came into my mind when I heard them approve this act in the House was one of “townsfolk” with burning torches, carrying pitchforks toward the victim(s) of their ire. These criminals ought to be in PRISON, not running this country without caring about the Constitution OR the “rule of law. These people are OUT OF CONTROL and need to be STOPPED, at all costs. It’s no longer a president moving us closer to socialism. It is now an entire GOVERNMENT “shredding the Constitution.” They’ve been “nibbling at it since it was signed. But this bill, if it becomes law, will SHRED the Constitution. Does anybody care? (IBD Editorials)

Senate Okays "Fairness Doctrine" Ban

Of course; that’s not how they’re going to muzzle talk radio, anyway. So they don’t care. They’re going to call it something else, not covered by this ban. That’s how they do things in Washington. Promise not to do something, then do it anyway, but call it something else. Definition is everything in Washington, as evidenced by Bill Clinton’s famous saying, “That depends on what the meaning of ‘is’ is.” That’s how they raise taxes after promising not to, by calling them “fees,” which can be imposed bureaucratically (administratively), without congressional approval because it’s “not a tax.” It amazes me how ingenious these con men we have elected are in conning us out of our teeth. (News Max)

I Want Obama to Fail!

The Democrats are very excited over their ability to twist Rush Limbaugh’s statement into something bad. I want him to fail, too! I want him to fail to make this country into a SOCIALIST country, and that’s what success means to him. I want him to fail to raise our taxes unmercifully and spend not only all we have, but all his printing presses can print, as well. If he ever proposes to do something intelligent and wise, I’ll be right with him. But that’s not going to happen. Not with this ignorant S.O.B. (Just common sense)

Typical Obama Lies

He never checks his numbers. He never cares if what he’s telling people is true. He just tells them what he thinks they’ll like, true or not. Then he gets in his limousine and goes somewhere else and tells a different lie, tailored to that audience. An example: “"While campaigning for passage of his economic stimulus plan at the Caterpillar, Inc. plant in East Peoria, Illinois,... President Barack Obama again claimed that ‘if Congress passes our plan, this company will be able to rehire some of the folks who were just laid off.’ But after the President had hopped back in his motorcade, ABC News asked Caterpillar CEO Jim Owens if what the President said was true . His reply, ‘I think realistically no. The truth is we're going to have more layoffs before we start hiring again.’ Owens is not the only one casting doubt on the Obama Administration's audacious job creation numbers. The White House has already retreated from the ‘4 million jobs’ number Obama repeatedly cited in his press conference this Monday and is now claiming the stimulus plan will create or save 3.5 million new jobs. But as the Washington Post details today, most other estimates are far below that number." But Obama hopes (and he's probably right) we will forget he said that and remember the most recent figure, through repetition."Say it over and over and they'll soon believe the lie." so sayeth Hitler's PR man.

No Line-Item Veto

Not with Obama in office and a Democrat majority in congress. Obama has said there will be NO “earmarks” while I’m in office. Yet the very first major bill passed by his Congress and signed into law by him contains THOUSANDS of “earmarks.” Things like refurbishing the DuPont family yacht. This idea will no more be passed into law than will a new “term limits” law. Power-hungry politicians don’t want ANY limits on their power, nor on the amount of time they can wield it. Think: Teddy Kennedy,” who has been re-elected in "knee-jerk" fashion by his ignorant constituents like clockwork every time he came up for re-election, even after he swam away and left his pregnant girlfriend to die. Hugo Chavez, in Argentina, recently won the election trying to put term limits on him. That means he can run again and again until he is “president for life,” as Teddy is “Senator for life.” His will end soon, but that doesn’t make no term limits any more palatable to the American public, even if politicians like it a lot. There needs to be a national initiative system where such votes don’t have to be voted on by current politicians. Such votes are a conflict of interest for them. With such a system, term limits and line-item vetoes could be FORCED on Congress by the PEOPLE, for whom they work. (Just common sense)

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Criminals In Charge

Why do we have to listen to such as Barney Frank criticizing “big business,” who did exactly what the government (in a law passed at Barney’s behest) told them to do, loaning money to people who could not, and would not repay it, thus CREATING the “economic crunch?” It really frosts me whenever Barney gets on television and criticizes private enterprise for “bungling” things and “causing” the economic slowdown while OBEYING THE law? Barney Frank and Chris Dodd ought to be in PRISON, not criticizing their betters who did what they did OBEYING Barney’s law. That’s like putting the CRIMINAL in charge of punishing the VICTIM. (Just common sense)

They Want the WORD

Homosexuals are whining in Iowa to be able to use the word “marriage” to describe their “unions. They don’t want to have all the benefits of marriage under some other name. They want the WORD. If they want all the benefits of a marriage contract I have no objection. But call it something else, dammit! I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again. Marriage is a union between a man and a WOMAN. This word has no business being used to describe a “union” between two people of the same sex. I have nothing against what people do behind closed doors, but I don’t want them to attempt to teach my children and grandchildren that being gay is ‘natural and normal.” It is NOT. And usurping the use of the word “marriage” is but one step in that direction. (One News Now)

"DO Something About Health Care!"

They use the excuse that “health care prices are too high” as an excuse to put in government-paid and government-controlled health care. The scam is simple: create high prices through excessive government paperwork requirements, which causes health care prices to rise. Then step in and offer to "solve" the problem with MORE government intervention and required paperwork. They screech, “prices are too high!” But the only reason they are is the massive amount of current and past government interference in the medical profession. The paperwork and unnecessary work required to comply with government regulations incessantly drives medical costs sky-high. Then it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. But that’s what they’re after. They use those high prices THEY caused to get people’s approval for them to COMPLETELY take over the medical profession. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Unconstitutional Tax

“ 'If you don’t return it on your own, we will do it for you.' So warned Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY) referring to the $165 million in bonuses paid to employees of the (now) 80% taxpayer owned insurance company AIG. And how did Schumer plan to force those employees to give their compensation back? With a specially targeted 91% tax. Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) later upped the bidding to 95% but Rep. Steve Israel (D-NY) refused to be out-demagogued and proposed a full 100% tax. Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) then demanded that the House Ways and Means Committee draw up legislation by the end of this week." (Heritage Foundation) This is a clearly unconstitutional tax, but congressional liberals don’t care. They’ve been flouting the Constitution since before the ink was dry on its signing, so this is nothing new. (Just common sense)

It's NOT An "Iraq War!"

Iraq is just ONE THEATER in an overall “war against terrorists.” It doesn’t matter what we do in Iraq, that war will go on and on until we’ve killed or crippled enough Islamic terrorists to make it impossible for them to continue to attack us. Afghanistan will be the next “theater” in that war, and I’m sure Iran will come soon after. If the “doves” in our society continue to gripe every time we make a move to win this war and this government LISTENS, we will LOSE that overall war and the Islamic terrorists will be bombing indiscriminately in the U. S., which they have not been able to do up to now because Bush kept them busy in Iraq and Afghanistan. What is it about “self defense” these “doves” don’t understand? These are the same people, no doubt, who think the way to personal self defense is to DISARM yourself while CRIMINALS, who have no problem violating a law that says they can’t be armed, see us as “easy targets.” I’m getting sick and tired of these “doves” running things while making it more dangerous for us to live. If I arm myself to avoid becoming the victim of one of these illegal guns, then I become a criminal who will go to jail if the cops find me armed. That’s a load of bull droppings. (Just common sense)

Zapping Coyotes

Coyotes are becoming a major problem in Colorado lately, coming into settled areas and attacking people and animals. Now they have come out with (“new”) device (which has actually been around for a while, designed to stop human predators) they mistakenly call a “Taser.” “Taser” is a registered trade name for one of the first of its breed, the stun gun. Just the sound scares off some animals (though maybe not human animals). But the “shocker” is that it carries a 150,000 volt bang that will put down the biggest animal, human or coyote. Works on dogs, too, and is a lot better than shooting them, according to the cops. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Change Its Name

I predicted Obama’s “henchmen” would attempt to silence opposing thought and speech under a different name when Obama claimed he would NOT reinstitute the “fairness doctrine. It has been done with the “Durbin Doctrine”: "During the debate over the unconstitutional bill that would give the District of Columbia a vote in the House of Representatives, Sens. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and Dick Durbin (D-IL) each sponsored amendments with major implications for the First Amendment. DeMint’s amendment banned the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from reinstituting the Fairness Doctrine which, prior to 1987, was used by the government to stifle free speech on our nation’s airwaves. DeMint’s amendment passed 87-11. Score one for free speech. However, Durbin’s amendment also passed, although by a much narrower 57-41 margin. And what does Durbin’s amendment do? It forces the FCC to 'take actions to encourage and promote diversity in communication media ownership and to ensure that broadcast station licenses are used in the public interest.' In other words, Durbin wants to bring the wonders of government enforced affirmative action to our nation’s airwaves. Sen. James Inhofe warns: 'The revocation of broadcaster licenses [under the Durbin Doctrine] is a real possibility, which at the very least will threaten the willingness of broadcasters to appeal to conservative listeners.' ” So, under a DIFFERENT NAME, (and under the radar) they have accomplished the same thing they wanted to do with the “fairness doctrine” by threatening the station licenses of those stations carrying such as Rush Limbaugh, which THEY define as “not in the public interest.” Of course, Rush will spend every dollar he has to fight it. So they’d better get ready for the biggest fight in history. (Heritage Foundation)

"The Only Game In Town?"

Obama says, “The Republicans can block the ‘stimulus plan’ or we can work together for the good of the nation.” I guess he thinks his plan is the ONLY one that will work and to oppose it is somehow “working AGAINST the good of the nation. Moreover, to “work together for the good of the nation” means “knuckling under” to Democrats. I don’t think so! What arrogance! His plans, all of them, are pushing us ever closer to socialism and Republicans oppose (rightly) that. So their opposition is a “good thing.” Take THAT, Obama! (Just common sense)

Those Bonuses EARNED!

Those “nasty bonuses” AIG plans on paying are EARNED bonuses. The Obama crowd says these people “ran the company into the ground” and CREATED the economic problem. Which is a load of brown stuff. It was the Democrats who created the economic crunch with their infamous “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that FORCED lenders to literally GIVE money away by loaning it to people who could not, and would not repay it; a “recipe for disaster” if ever there was one. Those bonuses are written into these people’s CONTRACTS and are paid for PERFORMANCE. If AIG defaults on those contracts, it will be subject to more than being sued. It will LOSE those talented people to other companies and will only have the mediocrities who did not, and cannot earn bonuses left; which will, in time, make AIG a “mediocre company. Obama’s entire system rewards mediocrity and punishes achievement. Not just in AIG, but everywhere. (Just common sense)

Monday, March 16, 2009

Was The Gun Licensed?

A man killed a bunch of people in two different places in Miami, then killed himself. Was his gun licensed? Or was it illegal? Don't ask his victims. They're dead, and so is he. So even in Florida, where it's easy to get a "carry" license, people who want to kill will do so. It was only chance that caused there to be nobody there who had a gun and could stop this crazy man from killing others. If there had been, maybe the death toll would have been lower. (Yahoo News/AP)

When A Tax Cut Isn't

Obama is promising lots of “tax cuts.” But what he calls a “tax cut” usually isn’t. He forgets to mention that most of his “tax cuts” are “targeted” tax cuts. That means if you do what HE tells you to do, you get one. If not, forget it. This is how he intends to “micro-manage” everybody he can. Others he is championing are TEMPORARY cuts. "Heritage [Foundation] experts assert that any realistic, practical plan to prime the economy’s pump must emphasize permanent reductions in income tax rates for individuals and businesses – not, as liberals advocate, one-time or short-term tax rebates and credits combined with upward of $1 trillion in deficit spending. Reducing tax rates on Americans’ income — such as President Bush’s 2003 tax cuts and those championed roughly 20 and 40 years earlier by Presidents Reagan and Kennedy – demonstrably creates incentives to work, innovate and invest. The evidence of history and decades of research bear this out." [Emphasis mine –RT] That's why Bush's $600 to everybody stimulus giveaway didn't work. It was a one-time payment most people used to pay existing bills or put into savings. (Heritage Foundation)

Your Neighbor Wants A New Bathroom

Would you pay for it? If you answered no, you’re wrong. Not if Obama has his way. If his plans come true, you’ll not only be paying for his new bathroom, you’ll be paying some of his mortgage, too. And other things. Soon, the biggest “industry” in this nation will be proving you are “the most needy” when “need” becomes a DEMAND on the earnings of those who earn enough money to pay for their own needs. But who is “going to bat” for them? If this looting of the “producers” of society continues, soon there will be no INCENTIVE to earn for themselves and they will join the line to show how “needy” they are. Sometime after that, there will no longer be any “producers” from whom to loot, and the looters will begin “eating their own.” That means they will go after those they previously looted others to benefit and start taking from THEM. Soon after that, this country will become a “third-world country” with nobody from whom to loot what we will “need.” “Looter nations” today still have the United States from which to loot. When we “go down,” there’ll be nobody left. (Common Sense)

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Complicating Things

Nobody in the “financial community” will say so out loud, but the base cause of this “economic meltdown” was that law passed by a Democrat congress and signed by a Democrat president (Jimmy Carter), (the Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976) that FORCED lenders to loan money to people who could not, WOULD not repay it. A law that was reinforced later by Bill Clinton with his “redlining” scam making it an actual CRIME to NOT loan money to deadbeats, most of whom lived in the same areas. They throw around such terms as “toxic mortgages” and "troubled assets" and talk about what they did to stop a meltdown. Nothing worked. But they’re still loaning money to deadbeats. That hasn’t stopped, and THAT’S what has to stop before ANY recovery is possible. Giving TRILLIONS of dollars we don’t have to the lenders to “bail them out” won’t do it, and they are learning that, to their sorrow. Not their sorrow about the “meltdown” continuing, but because they can’t magically come in and stop it with policies that don’t work. They LOVE the power that being able to “dole out” that much money gives them and the “meltdown” allowed the Democrats, who CREATED it, to take over all three houses of government in a “bloodless coup.” But they let it get out of hand, and WE are the ones who will suffer. They get a pay-raise every year, automatically and get to retire with full pay for life. (Just common sense)

They're Losing the "Drug War"

In Mexico, the mayors and chiefs of police are quitting and moving to America in hopes of escaping death threats from drug cartels. It seems like the cops there can’t “get a handle” on the drug trade, largely because they are “riddled” with drug spies who know their every move, mostly before they know it themselves. I think they should create a “super-secret” group, specifically to go out and find the heads of these cartels and execute them on their own ground, and to hell with the law. The law doesn’t seem to be helping the cops, and is more apt to HINDER them, making it impossible for them to do their jobs. I’m sure drug dealers in America are watching this, and you can soon expect to see OUR prosecutors, drug agents, and judges murdered. Some people say “kill squads” are wrong, and I agree with them. Unless a kill squad is the ONLY way to gain control of the situation and save the lives of those engaged in prosecuting the “drug war.” We need to send in someone like Mack Bolan (The Executioner) to kill them. IF we can find someone like him who can stay alive, himself. Meanwhile, cops are becoming criminals, using the "drug war" as an excuse to be able to steal BILLIONS from "average Americans and use it to build up their own budgets. (Just common sense)

Discredited Keynesian Economics

Spending money you don't have doesn't work. even if you're the government and can print as much as you wish. "The Heritage Foundation does not believe in Keynesian economics [Neither do I. -RT]. We do not believe that massive government spending has a ‘multiplier effect’ which turns the initial amount of money spent by the government into an even greater increase in national income. Economic studies of projects claiming to have a ‘multiplier effect’ have shown that the claimed additional economic benefit from government spending simply never materializes. But the White House does believe in Keynesian economics. And President Barack Obama's entire economic plan is grounded in the belief that massive new government spending is the key to economic recovery. So the Washington Post reported Saturday." All massive government spending does is take money from those who EARN it and give it to those who DON'T. (The Heritage Foundation)

Thursday, March 12, 2009

"They Didn's Spend Enough!"

Politicians say the reason Keynesian tactics (involving spending money they didn’t have) did not work in the past is because politicians were afraid to spend enough money to allow it to work. But Obama has gaily spent more money than there is, causing the what they call the “first pure Keynsian test.” What will they say when Obama’s plans fail? That is, after they “spin it” in yet another direction to avoid the inevitable discrediting of the theory itself? And it IS going to fail because transferring existing money to new pockets (mostly friends of Obama) will NOT work, while creating NEW wealth (lowering taxes to give INCENTIVE to investors to SPEND their money [THEIR money, not that of others] investing in money-making and jobs-creating projects which will create new wealth and enlarge the tax base, by creating new taxable income). (Common Sense)

"Big Brother" Driver License

In the future, if you have a driver’s license in your pocket, the feds (or anybody else who can afford the scanner) can walk by you in a crowd and read information about you that you never even knew they know without your knowledge. Like the scanners that can scan your wallet to see if you’re carrying enough money to make it worth their while (the cops) to stop you and rob you (“confiscate” your money as “possible drug money”) which can receive information from that little “strip“ buried in every bill, this is based on a “radio chip” embedded in every driver’s license. Demagnetizing it will not help, as it is not based on magnetism as are those ubiquitous black “magnetic strips” in credit cards and your current driver’s license. When this happens, I will be an “unlicensed driver” because I will not carry one. If they don’t like it, they can take it and stick it. (World Net Daily)

Obama; "Champion Tax and Spender"

Bob Bechel, a well known Democrat political adviser, has congratulated Barack Obama for looting the American people of more money than any other politician from either party has ever managed, and in the first three weeks of his administration! I guess that makes Obama a “champion tax & spender” of all time, thus far (That's more than this country has spent since its inception!). It makes you wonder if there will be ANY money left when his term ends. Democrats in the future will be vying to “top him” in how much they can loot this country for in the future and setting new highs. How stupid is this? (Just common sense)

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

First Up, Barney Frank

“Congressman Barney Frank says he wants some of those responsible for our current financial meltdown to be prosecuted. And we couldn't agree more. First up in the court dock: Rep. Barney Frank, D-Mass.” (IBD Editorials) Rep. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd were primarily responsible for the creation (during Jimmy Carter’s presidency) and strengthening (during Bill Clinton’s) of the “Citizen’s Reinvestment Act of 1976” that FORCED bankers and lenders to loan money to people they KNEW could never repay it (shades of “Atlas shrugged”) and created Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy up those bad loans to stave off the consequences until they could use them to win an election. It was Barney and Chris who “stood in the door” every time Bush tried (12 times) to do something about it. They keep blaming the lending industry for OBEYING that law while it was THEIR machinations (behind the scenes) that CAUSED the “economic crunch.” So if those responsible for it are prosecuted, Barney and Chris should be “first in line” to be questioned and prosecuted. Unfortunately, they seem to be at the forefront of PROSECUTORS. Go figure. Only in government does the CRIMINAL get to give the VICTIM the "third degree." (IBD Editorials)

Coming Soon to the U. S.

Like a bad movie, the results of socialized medicine in Britain will soon (if it hasn’t already) start killing people. “The gatekeeper for Great Britain's national health care system is denying cancer patients drugs that would extend their lives. Why? Because the medication is considered too expensive.” In a country where they force dangerously ill patients to sit for HOURS in their ambulances because the government has decreed they must be seen within four hours of coming through the doors, dying cancer patients will soon not be able to get medicine that can save their lives because “it is too expensive.” Sounds just like what Obama is suggesting his “health czar” be able to do here when national healthcare becomes a reality here. This means “old folks” who aren’t going to live much longer, anyway can be denied not only medicine to keep them alive, but to alleviate their excruciating pain, as well. And this is what they want for us. I hope I die before that happens. I'm not big on excruciating pain. (IBD Editorials)

"Gun Control" is a CRIME!

“GUN CONTROL” IS A CRIME! It gets people killed. If just ONE person in the path of the “Alabama Killer” had been armed and had the will and training to use his/her gun, Michael McClendon would not have been able to kill as many people in his rampage before he was shot to death. It makes no difference whatever whether or not the gun or guns he was using were legally obtained and legally carried, or were bought out of the trunk of an illegal gun seller in an alley somewhere. Someone bent on killing others doesn’t worry about the “legality” of the guns he has. What makes ANYBODY think a law against carrying or owning a gun will stop, or even slow down a criminal whose life is spent breaking the law, is beyond me. All such laws do is give such people a ready supply of “easy targets.” Even people who are directly threatened have trouble getting guns. I remember two stories of women who, threatened by their spouses, went in two different directions; one applied for a gun permit and was told to wait fifteen days to get it. She was shot to death by her boyfriend the next day. The other woman wasn’t so stupid. She bought an illegal gun and, when her ex-husband tried to kill her, she shot him to death. They tried to charge her with carrying a gun illegally, but the jury wasn’t stupid, either. There was no question about self-defense. In Israel, EVERYBODY carries a gun and my favorite “mind-picture” is of an old Jewish lady standing over a Palestinian terrorist, pumping bullets into his dead body. We need such gun laws” here so more of us can stay alive when crazies start shooting up the landscape. (Yahoo News/AP)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We're LIVING "Atlas Shrugged"

Midas Mulligan (weird name, that, but Ayn Rand was prone to using such names) was the biggest and richest banker in Ayn Rand’s “Atlas Shrugged,” the story of “men of the mind” going “on strike” against the looters and moochers who were enslaving them and their inventiveness. They were being PUNISHED for being “achievers.” Mulligan rebelled against them when they demanded he loan money to people who could not repay it and “zeroed out” his businesses, to disappear from sight along with people like John Galt, the inventor of the world’s first real “perpetual motion” machine, who went “on strike” against the looters and moochers, refusing to allow them any longer to take advantage of the products of their minds. We’re LIVING “Atlas Shrugged” today on a much grander scale, with the Democrat Party itself making similar demands, not just on one banker, but on ALL lenders of money. This has caused a major collapse of the economy that has created a “bloodless coup” allowing the Democrats to completely “take over” the federal government and impose their will (which happens to be collectivism, or socialism) on America.

Rep. Paul Ryan, (R-WIS) said this about the Democrat scam as the reason why he gives copies of “Atlas Shrugged” away to his colleagues: “ 'It’s an audacious scheme,’ said Ryan in his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference last week. ‘Set off a series of regulatory blunders and congressional meddling, blame the free market for the financial crisis that follows — then use this excuse to impose a more intrusive state. Sounds like something right out of an Ayn Rand novel.’ ” He’s right. Ayn Rand predicted what’s happening now. That liberals would “go crazy” if they ever gained complete control, and they’re doing just that. They’ve spent more in the first three weeks of Obama’s “rule” than the government spent in all the time since America’s creation! The bankers and lenders are “lining up,” as the employees of the Starnes Company did in “Atlas,” to prove they are “the most needy.” Socialism makes “need” a DEMAND on the earnings of those capable of earning their own way. When it takes over (as it is doing now) many people want “in on the action.” They want others to allow them to live at others’ expense, using “need” as a DEMAND on their earnings. This is what’s at the bottom of our problems; not capitalism, as the socialist Democrats want you to believe. (Washington Independent)

See What He DOES!

Not what he says. Obama “talks a good game,” as did Bill Clinton. But what did Clinton actually ACCOMPLISH? Don’t tell me he balanced the budget. He didn’t. He just “cooked the books” to make it LOOK like he did. He talked about “making life easier” for lots of folks. Translated, that means “taking money from those who are capable of EARNING it and giving it to those who are not, or WILL not earn it. If you are one of the latter, his words might sound good. But if you are one of those who EARNS for him/herself, not so much. Always watch and see what ALL politicians DO; not what they SAY. Politicians will TELL you whatever they think you want to hear. But what they DO is all-important. They can’t falsify that. Clinton's "legacy" is an upturn in oral sex among grade- and high schoolers. They even have a name for it: "What Clinton said." (Just common sense)

"Atlas Shrugged" Sales Rising (Again)

They have begun what I hope is a long-term rise in sales to learn what is behind Obama’s fancy “spending spree.” They want to know what Obama has been working hard to keep them from knowing. People have told them to read this book so they can understand why our president would WANT to destroy our economy. I can reliably predict how people are going to respond to Obama-type swindles by the sales of this book: up or down. One major thing I learned from my second reading of it is this: Why Rockefeller, a man who has more money than he can spend in three lifetimes, would want to push SOCIALISM (collectivism), a system that would take it away from him and redistribute it among other people. The answer is POWER. The power to rule and regulate the lives of others. You don’t have to OWN the money if you, and you alone, decide how it is spent, on whom, and can make that person kowtow to YOU for how it is spent. That’s the one thing he has wished for. He has no more money goals. This book shows you, with an excellent fiction story that illustrates how socialism works, taken to its extremes. (The Economist)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Just Look At Obama's Appointees

If you want to find out who has been ignoring the payment of their taxes and collect a lot of money from tax cheats, just look at Obama’s appointees for high office. SIX of them (so far) have been found to have unpaid taxes. Most of them have “agreed” to pay their back taxes in order to get their new jobs (although one withdrew his name and paid anyway). Most of them “paid up” and got their new jobs anyway; including the one now RUNNING the IRS (who is now “going after” tax cheats. What a laugh! Will he “go after” himself?). To my knowledge, NONE of them have been penalized for not paying their taxes. I wonder how that would go over if it were ME? (Just common sense)

"The Wrong Thing to Do"

Everything Obama is trying to do is “the WRONG thing to do to “solve” out problems. "Another week, another Obama financial crisis ahead, this one on what will the young President's first attempt at a federal budget. The first word out is that he intends upon reining in the deficit largely on the backs of the rich [There aren’t enough rich to solve anything, -RT], on business [Business needs LOWER TAXES to have any money to invest in jobs-creating projects. –RT], and by slashing the military, directly impacting the Afghanistan and Iraq campaigns [Thus crippling our effort to stop Islamic terrorists from killing us. –RT]. This of course is exactly the wrong thing to do, penalizing the very people who would be responsible for bringing the country quickly out of its current recession, and by penalizing the people who are protecting and defending the country." (Hugh Hewitt)


This is a phony web site imitating Wickipedia whose writer seems to hate Joseph McCarthy with a passion only previously expended on Ronald Reagan and Ann Coulter. What that means to me is that they did something right, and SHE is doing something right. McCarthy, you know, has proven to be mostly RIGHT in just about everything he preached; and Ann is right every time she “puts pen to paper” or fingers to a keyboard. And she IS sexy, too (If that’s a “horse-face,” I may take up horsemanship). With legs like that, she could NOT be “unsexy.” This is a typical liberal way to insult their betters by imitation. Especially since they can’t DO anything original. (DICKIPEDIA)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

"Marginalizing" Rush

The Democrats are frightened of Rush Limbaugh. They show it every time they criticize him. If he was not an EFFECTIVE opposition to their plans, they would ignore him. That’s how they handle people like me who are not yet big enough (and may never be) to worry them. That they aren’t aware of the tings I’m saying is not something I believe. They scan EVERY blog out there, looking for things (key words) they can twist into “sedition” or something like that. But they don’t bother until we say or do something that DIRECTLY hurts them in a big way, as Rush does every day. Hugh Hewitt says, "Only the easily confused will fail to understand that every effective spokesman for conservative principles is necessary, and that Rush is the most effective spokesman the right has right now. He is not a "leader" of the party in the way that John Boehner and Mitch McConnell are --designated to negotiate on behalf of their elected colleagues on when and how to work with the new Administration. But he is one of the major voices of the loyal opposition. Long may he prosper." In other words, he INFLUENCES the Repblicans. So they spend a lot of time in an effort to “marginalize” him. When they stop doing that is when I’ll worry a little bit. (Just common sense)

"Obama Love"

What I'm seeing now about Obama is the exact same thing people saw in Germany at the beginning of the rise of Adolph HItler, who was first ELECTED chancellor of Germany, with a popularity beyond belief. The Germans LOVED this man. German women would have loved to go to bed with him (and I'm sure many did). He could do no wrong, and immediately set out to consolidate his power. Soon he was able to round up the Jews and KILL six million of them, just because they were Jews. He killed many more people without significant opposition until he made the mistake of "waking a sleeping giant" and convinced the United States he was a danger, which we crushed. Will we crush Obama when his goals become apparent, even to the most adamant person who "doesn't pay attention to politics?" Maybe. Hopefully. If not, we will soon be a socialist country with Obama as "president for life." I hope I won't live to see that, but my descendants will, and I don't want that. It sickens me to see the way people "fawn" over him. Just as much as it sickened me to see the way the same people hated George Bush with no real reason (not one they could explain, anyway). Bush wasn't perfect, but he was better than any Democrat out there--which is why they hated him. If we don't wake up and see Obama for what he is, or hopes to be, we're going to wake up one day as slaves. (Just common sense)

Denver Zoo Runs on Animal Poop

A little-known source of energy powers a great deal of the Denver Zoo. Animal poop. They run it through their system and burn it to make power. I wonder how much power they use up, running it through their system. Is there a power plusage? Or does it cost more in power to run it through their system than it creates? I don’t know. The television special about it didn’t say. Even when the TV reporter ate some of it (by accident, I hope), they didn’t say. they also didn't say whether or not they used human poop. (KVDR 31, Denver)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Big Mistake

Going after Rush Limbaugh is one of the biggest mistakes the Democrats have ever made. They take him out of context and twist his words gaily, creating a “straw man” they can criticize. But they’re exposing a major weakness in their party. They’re demonstrating that they’re frightened of him because he is EFFECTIVE. So they're trying to "marginalize" him. It's the same reason they’re afraid of Sarah Palin. They’re both UNASHAMED conservatives who aren’t afraid of saying so, nor of saying what they think. They aren’t afraid of the Democrats and “slap them down” every time they open their mouths against them. Targeting them is about as stupid a thing as I’ve seen the Democrats do; and I’ve seen them do LOTS of stupid things. I’d say, “go right ahead, Dems.” Take Rush and Sarah on. That’s if you LIKE “opening a door into your own nose.” Keep it up, and the Republicans will win the next election in a landslide. Then see how many of Obama’s socialistic policies get made into law. (Just common sense)

Nobody's Teaching

"Apparently, nothing irritates public schoolteachers more than being asked to teach. While 80 percent of the employees of private schools are teachers, only half the employees of public schools are. The rest are 'coordinating,' 'facilitating or 'empowering' something or other. The Department of Education alone provides more than 4,000 jobs that haven't the faintest connection with teaching. And now the stimulus bill will double the Education Department's funding (For those of you who went to a public school, that means it will become twice as big)." So look for your local "conditioning mill" to become bigger and do a much better job of conditioning your children to believe that "socialism is good." This is why otherwise good kids" like my nephew think what's going on in Europe is "okay." It’s a real tragedy. (Ann Coulter)

In Less Than 100 Years

America has surpassed countries that have been existence for THOUSANDS of years in all ways that matter. Why is this? Capitalism vs. collectivism and/or authoritarian government. Freedom vs. government control of everything. It is a “profit-making” way of life that instills INCENTIVE into each of us to better ourselves, rather than sit back and wait for the government to do it for us. Don’t believe it? Look at the rest of those countries that haven’t been able to match us and see what kind of government they have. Every single one will have been RULED by an “all-powerful” government either under socialism or some other form of it under a different name (such as Nazism, communism, and the like). The Chinese dynasties that ruled for thousands of years fell easily to communism and I predict that capitalism will “bring them down” before long. Not from without, but from within. Already their control is waning as they “allow” a certain amount of capitalism within their country while engaging in pure capitalism as they make products (using slave labor, for cheap) and undersell the rest of the world, making it economically unfeasible to make similar products at home. This will slowly make of them a capitalist nation, masquerading as a communist nation. It is CAPITALISM and PROFIT that makes this world run, after America discovered it. It is CAPITALISM that allows America to make so much they can GIVE some of it to other countries to prop them up, while those other countries CLAIM to be “making it on their own.” They call it “foreign aid,” but I call it “welfare.” Remember this in 100 years, when there isn’t a collectivist left to dispute it. Oh; I forgot. In 100 years we’ll all be dead and nobody will even remember what collectivism WAS. It can only survive when propped up by lies, and sooner or later people begin to see through the lies. (Just common sense)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Newspapers Folding All Over

They want us to believe it’s because of the “economic slowdown,” but it’s not. Not entirely, anyway. Last week the “Rocky Mountain News” (A hundred year old newspaper) went out of business in Denver, Colorado. Soon the Seattle Post-Intelligencer” (where did they GET that name) will likewise fold. The venerable “New York Times” is going down that same road, as are other newspapers all over the country. One cause of the failure of newspapers all over is the liberal drivel they’ve been spouting for too many years. People are just getting tired of it. Of late, I’ve only been buying the “Rocky” for the comic pages. I haven’t read a word otherwise for years--and I don’t even buy the Denver Post, except for the Sunday edition which contains the TV listings. I throw the rest away unread. I get my news from sources on the Internet that I trust (including blogs). They’re “out of touch” with American values, and have been for some time. But another cause is that they are the “buggy whip makers” who went out of business after the invention of the automobile and more of them are going to fold in the future as people begin to depend on more than the “printed word” for their news. Some people say they just don’t “feel right” looking at a computer screen instead of reading something they can hold in their hand. I’m sure there were people back then who would rather hold a whip in their hand instead of pushing a gas pedal. They were just as “behind the times.” (Just common sense)

"Health Safety Net" (Code) for Jobless

That’s Obama’s “new” idea. What a great thing! Paying for people’s medical problems when they’re unemployed! The only problem is, SOMEBODY has to pay for it, and it won’t be Obama. It is their last employer (and ALL employers) who will be FORCED to pay for it. Liberals say this health care is a “right.” But it cannot be a right if to get it someone else must be made to pay for it. That’s the problem with ALL their ideas. They “sound good” until you ask “who pays for it?” The answer is always “the rich.” Which also sounds good until you ask them to “define rich.” Currently the definition is anyone making more than $175,000 a year (predictably ignoring how much is COST those people to earn that much and to live). “The Rich” is CODE, meaning “the achievers” of society who, according to liberals, must be made to “PAY” for their achievement. (Yahoo News/AP)

Paul Harvey is Dead

I just heard it announced on Fox. I have been a steady listener to Paul Harvey for more years than I like to admit. I was afraid of this when I heard of the death of his life-long companion, his wife, “Angel.” As often happens in such a wonderful marriage, when one goes, soon goes the other. I was listening to him the day I wrote my very first article for “Timely Tips Magazine,” a three-part report called, “YOU Are YOUR OWN Opportunity.” That’s the problem with getting old. All your heroes die before you do. Earl Nightingale was another of my heroes and he died years ago. I still live by the principles he taught me, and always will. Another is Ayn Rand, with whose premises I did not always agree, but whose philosophy of “Objectivism” probably affected my life more than any other. I’ll miss them all. But there will never be another Paul Harvey. (Fox News)