Saturday, January 31, 2015

Holder All Over Again

Many Americans think we're getting a new attorney general, but we're not. Loretta Lynch is going to be just as bad as Holder is. She has SIGNALED that with her comment about the “Taliban being misunderstood.” Her opinion that they are NOT terrorists, but are merely “armed insurgents using terrorist methods.” I got a clue for ya, Loretta: if they USE terrorist methods, they ARE terrorists. And they're NOT misunderstood. One of my clearest memories of the Taliban is one who walked up behind a hooded woman in a STADIUM, fergwdsake! And put a bullet in the back of her head. Her “crime?” Having sex with a man not her husband. No trial, no “due process.” Just a man saying she had sex with somebody. And Holder thinks they are “misunderstood!” What's it going to take for this administration to get it through their thick heads that we ARE at war with Islamic terrorists and “pull out all the stops,” including “boots on the ground, to find and KILL them wherever they hide between killing sprees? (Personal Liberty)

"No-Go Zones" In America?

Yes, there ARE Muslim “no-go zones” in America, where Sharia Law rules supreme. Where the cops are afraid to go. Muslims come here and do NOT “assimilate” into OUR culture. They set up their own neighborhoods where non Muslims dare not go, or they get beaten up or murdered by hastily-organized (by cell phone) mobs who quickly assemble if a “soft target” is found in “their territory.” And if a MUSLIM misbehaves there, they don't call the cops. They handle it themselves, using Sharia Law. The cops never hear of it. Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal says, "If they want to come here and they want to set up their own culture and values that's not immigration, that's really invasion if you're honest about it," Jindal told Family Research Council President Tony Perkins on his radio show on Monday.” Areas where Muslims “rule” are appearing everywhere. And Islamic terrorist training camps are, too. They're training terrorists to act against us, right here in America. And those camps are ALSO “no-go zones.” We'd better wake up and DO something about this, before they win , simply by OUTNUMBERING US, in our own country. (News Max)

Phony Racism

Michelle Obama refused to “knuckle under” to the Saudi's requirement that all women wear a head scarf in public, something we don't require of them. She figures that, as wife of the head of ANOTHER state, that requirement could not apply to her. She's right, and I applaud her for it (she doesn't do much for me to applaud). American liberals are now “asking” if it was racism that caused the criticism. They look for racism under every bed (Aside: Now they're saying a black cop shooting a black man is racism). It is the Saudi's (Muslim) demand and she ignored it. They can't have a mere woman do that, can they? According to Muslims, women are “chattel,” to be ordered around at will. By anybody. They're just mad because they couldn't beat her for it. (Daily Caller)

Friday, January 30, 2015

"Hijab Day"

This is a way of teaching tolerance and understanding of others.” That's what the “authorities” of a taxpayer funded charter school in Sacramento say about the reason for their “Hijab Day.” Never mind the fact that Muslims are the most INTOLERANT bunch there is, and are commanded by their “Bible,” the Koran (however they spell it today), to KILL those who do not believe in their phony “religion. The very EXISTENCE of the hijab and its purpose is a TESTAMENT to the intolerance and subjugation of women. This event is illustrative of the STUPIDITY of most liberals. It amazes me that supposedly otherwise intelligent people don't see the deadly threat represented by Islamic terrorism, that they are the ENEMY, and that they work so hard to “legitimize” a cult like Islam. It's instructive that it's ONLY the FEMALE students who are “encouraged” to wear a hijab, while males are NOT. It's also instructive to note that the “school authorities” want to stay as far away from this event as they can, saying it was “The students' idea, which we neither required, nor prevented.” Right! Intelligent people know that if they didn't APPROVE, it would never have happened. (Daily Caller)

Al Gore's Epic Swindle

Global Warming (whatever Al is calling it now) is a hoax. It has made Gore a billionaire (with a “B”). But there is one “inconvenient truth” he can't ignore (though he does), that the “globe” has NOT been “warming” for more than 15 years. In fact, it has been COOLING somewhat. And what is his scam over? ONE DEGREE higher temperatures over 100 YEARS! Nobody denies that is possible, but what we doubt is his contention that MAN is the cause. It's supreme arrogance about man's ability to affect the climate that makes ANYBODY think man can significantly affect the climate. Furthermore, what the hell difference does it make if the temperature rises ONE DEGREE in a HUNDRED YEARS? Frankly, I think that would be a GOOD THING.

This has been such an EPIC SWINDLE that even that con man in the White House has begun promoting it, so he can create even more CONTROLS over Americans and con them into paying more taxes to “fight it.” Can anybody show me PROOF that global warming is something we should FEAR? Something we should spend BILLIONS of dollars to avoid a ONE DEGREE increase in temperature over 100 YEARS? And I don't mean you should cite that false “scientific research” provided by pseudo-climate “scientists” who have, themselves, gotten many millions of dollars in GRANTS to “study” the climate, some of which have ADMITTED falsifying their “findings” to keep the money coming in. Finally, why in the world should we worry about a weather prediction over 100 YEARS when weathermen can't even get it right on a SNOW PREDICTION in New York City over ONE weekend? (Just common sense)

Hillary Hates Free Market

That's strange, because she benefits handsomely FROM it. Her speaking fees are in the $250,000.00 to $300,000.00 range, even higher than Mitt Romney's $50,000.00 fee. They wouldn't be possible without the free market.She thinks other people shouldn't be allowed to “hold people up,” but she does it, every day. NOTHING this witch says is worth that kind of money, except to her dupes, who slobber over her every word, but won't buy her book. Maybe because most of them can't read and comprehend. I'm sure their comprehension of her speeches isn't much better, but they enjoy the “droning” even if they don't understand the substance—if any. What you can charge, in capitalism, depends on what people will pay. That's a basic part of the free market. And as long as fools will PAY that much, she'll take advantage of it She says she gives “discounted rates” to universities, and $300,000 IS her “discounted rate.” (Last Resistance)

Thursday, January 29, 2015

As Usual, He's Lying

Obama is again trying to convince us he's winning in the ”war against TERRORISTS.” He says “ISIS is on the run,” when it's evident they are NOT. He said the same thing about al-Qaida just before they made many significant advances. He refuses to admit it, but ISIS is the “new incarnation of al-Qaida” (a "branch office, as it were) and is growing daily. They're “running wild” all over the landscape. Beheading men, women, and CHILDREN for not being Muslims—or for even being a different KIND of Muslim of which they disapprove. They've taken back all the gains we made (while many soldiers died) in Iraq before he ordered his troops to “cut and run” without finishing the job of “rooting them out and killing them.” As long as they have no real opposition, they'll keep on killing and growing like the malicious cancer they are, killing, raping (adults and CHILDREN) and beheading their kidnap victims if we don't pay “homage” to them. Meanwhile. Muslims are moving to this country in droves, and breeding like rabbits. They hope to accomplish by OUTNUMBERING us, what they cannot by a frontal attack. And when they do, every man, woman, and child in this country will suffer under their thumb, and Sharia Law. They're “evil incarnate” and must be DESTROYED. Obama is DELUSIONAL if he thinks he can convince us he's winning when it is so OBVIOUS he is NOT. (Just common sense)

What's Wrong With People?

Anybody with ANY amount of intelligence knows that Islamic terrorists are a “clear and present danger” to us. So why then, do “school officials” allow and even REQUIRE indoctrination in Muslim principles in our schools, while ELIMINATING anything having to do with Christianity? What's WRONG with these people? In North Carolina, it has been found that they are injecting Muslim theology into what impressionable children are being taught in school, “on the quiet.” And this is not the only place in America where this is happening. I've read about SEVERAL places where young kids are being taught Muslim theology and principles, and being REQUIRED to attend what amounts to Muslim RECRUITING sessions! This IS a CHRISTIAN nation, and that's the way WE like it. There is no logical reason to teach our children Muslim theology except to get some of them to CONVERT to Islam before they're smart enough to know better. And some school systems are cooperating in that endeavor. Why? Are they STUPID? Or are they saboteurs? Like Obama? Some say this fits in with “Common Core.” Which is yet more proof that we need to DUMP “Common Core.” As if there weren't enough,proof, already. But the feds are insisting on us adopting “Common Core,” anyway. (Patriots and Politics)

ISIS Karma

I've always said that people who cut off other people's heads should have THEIR heads removed. And it appears that somebody else thinks so, too. A top player in the self-styled “police force” in Syria, which is part of ISIS (also known by several other names, as is common with Islamic terrorists) has been found without his head. Apparently, somebody who liked to smoke didn't like their recent order BANNING smoking because when the head was found, it had a cigarette in its mouth. I probably wouldn't go that far over smoking, but this man did much more than ban smoking, and richly deserved what he got. And since he didn't die while trying to murder people who didn't believe the way they DICTATED, he probably won't get his “74 virgins.” Boo-hoo! We should see more beheadings of terrorists. Maybe they'd start thinking twice before doing it to others. (Preserve Freedom)

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Walker: Plus or Minus?

Some people ask this question honestly, but they ignore many things. “It never ceases to amaze me the way people perceive things. To one group, certain actions are brave and commendable. But to another group, those same actions are cowardly and unconscionable. It proves the old saying, 'you can’t please all the people all the time.' Yet, in our country, this division has grown deeper and wider. This is the divide we see with the political record of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. His historic battle with organized labor as governor and his confirmation election is one for legends. To the conservative right, Scott Walker is the perfect example of what they want a politician to be. Someone who is ready and able to fight the injustices that so plague our country.” Some people in this country haven't the faintest idea of what is GOOD for the country. Everything Walker has done DEMONSTRATES that he would be among the BEST prospects to be the next president, but they can't see it. The same with Sarah Palin. The left has done a good “hatchet job” on her, and are in the process of doing the same to Walker, with the usual lies and innuendo. They're scared to death one of them will be elected, and will destroy all the ills the liberals have accomplished. (Freedom Force)

If So, What Next?

The mayor of Paris, France, wants to SUE Fox News for saying they have many “no-go zones,” where NOBODY, cops included, can go, where Sharia Law reigns supreme. Funny; seems to me that's just NEWS, that has actually been known for a long time. She says Fox “offended” Paris. Tough. So what? Many news items “offend” somebody. Seems we have a Constitution, and the First Amendment, which PROTECTS news outlets from such frivolous suits. If France is allowed to contravene that, and especially if it WINS, what's next for news agencies? Good luck in collecting ANYTHING. What kind of insipid “news” would we be subjected to if news agencies can be sued for ”offending” someone by publishing TRUTH about them? For that matter, what does this say to FRENCH news agencies? (World Net Daily)

Harbinger of Things to Come

Sheriff's deputies conned the parents of seven home-schooled children outside, then presented them with a search warrant, based on a “:report” that they “allowed their kids to run around outside barefoot.” Then, when they found a water filter not “approved” by the government (that was designed to purify water and was used for that purpose) they TOOK the children, “for their own protection.” But you and I know the REAL reason. They needed an EXCUSE to kidnap these children, who will probably end up “adopted” by another family and CPS will get $4,500 to $6,000.00 EACH from the feds as am “adoption fee,” after getting various fees paid for every day they are “in custody.” All this on a “trumped up” reason. CPS is good at that. (World Net Daily)

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This Is Not A War!

It's a CRIMINAL CONSPIRACY. The Islamic terrorists are murdering Christians, yes. But they're dissecting them and selling their body parts for BILLIONS of dollars. I thought it was bad for communist CHINA to place their prisons close to human abattoirs so THEY could sell the organs of their victims. But apparently they're PIKERS in comparison to Islamic terrorists, who kill Christians by the HUNDREDS at a time. Add to that the ransom (s paid by some countries to keep their citizens from being beheaded, and you have a LOT of money being made. They're doing a very nice “side business” in human organs and kidnappings to help finance their atrocities. Make no mistake: it IS a war. But it is also an excuse for criminals to make a lot of money.  (Eagle Rising)

It's Communism!

I know the very mention of communism makes people's eyes “glaze over” today because the liberals have us convinced that “communism is dead,” in spite of the REALITY that communism is NOT dead—not even in Russia, where it is SUPPOSED to be dead. The same people are in charge there today as before, and their system is SOCIALISM, which is ONE form of collectivism, while communism is another. So the only difference is in what they CALL it. ALL forms of collectivism depend on TAKING from those who EARN and GIVING that stolen to those who DO NOT. And when our president talks about “taxing the rich” to pay for his “giveaway programs,” it IS communism. Don't fall for his stinky brown stuff.

He is working HARD to make this into a SOCIALIST nation, which is almost THE SAME as communism (Russia called their system SOCIALISM). The only difference is in the details. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, etc.) has NEVER worked. It will LOOK like it is successful for a time, but it will inevitably fail. Russia's communism “failed” because collectivism does not produce NEW WEALTH. It only preys on the existing wealth of producers and profit-makers. Collectivists SAY they “hate profit,” but their entire SYSTEM depends on people MAKING a profit, so they can steal it and GIVE it, unearned, to those who do nothing for it, except vote the looters into office time after time.

In Cuba, where they have had more than 50 years under a communist regime, people (except for top government officials, of course) still drive cars left over from the fifties. And people are mostly starving. When Obama talks about making community college FREE, he's looking for VOTES. He never mentions who is going to PAY for his schemes, but the people who get the bill are the TAXPAYERS; you and I. When he says something must be free, he means “paid for by the taxpayer,” not him. Collectivism is the biggest CON ever to come down the pike because it has fooled many otherwise good people, along with the schemers and con men. Talk about “sharing the wealth” is INSTITUTIONALIZED THEFT. Theft by the GOVERNMENT (looters) for the benefit of the moochers, to buy their votes. (Just common sense)

Nothing More Important?

Jeeze! An ESPN reporter admitted to “being a creationist! And the Internet EXPLODED in dismay. WHAT? You mean some fool actually ADMITTED to believing that this world was CREATED by God, rather than just “evolving?” And people got upset over that? Aren't there a few more important things in this world for people to get upset over? Frankly, I never knew why this was such a source of friction. God is supposed to be “all powerful” and if HE wanted to, HE could MAKE “creation” happen, couldn't HE? Even so, what the hell difference does it make? Seems to me Islamic terrorism should be something to be upset about, but way too many people “bend over forward” and let themselves be screwed where it hurts by Muslims all over the world. Shouldn't they be upset over that? Our PRESIDENT is spending more of our money than ALL his predecessors COMBINED, leaving our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren owing hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxes before they're born. The point is, there are MANY things we should be getting upset about, but we aren't, since we spend our time worrying about people who believe in CREATIONISM! Sheesh! (Freedom Force)

Monday, January 26, 2015

Twisting the Law

That's what the “child protectors” do. They PRETEND to have “the best interests of the child” at heart, but they'll use ANY EXCUSE to steal people's children from them. They'll twist the law until it screams so they can kidnap children for the “fees” the feds pay them at every juncture while they “hold them hostage.” And if they're able to keep them permanently, and adopt them out, they get yet another “fee” of $4,500 to $6,000 EACH. The $6,000 figure is for “special needs” children. But what child will NOT be “special needs” after being put through their wringer? In the case linked here, they used a “non-government approved FILTER as their excuse. They typically exercise “Gestapo-like control” over families. Their REAL reason for taking these children from their loving family is that they are home-schooled. But since they can't use that as an excuse, due to some recent court decisions, they cite use of a non-government approved filter, which is about as silly an excuse as I've heard, and I've heard some silly ones.. How transparent can they BE? But they don't care. They have their own court systems, with their own judges. And the judges' word is LAW. They flout the Constitution, saying that since their abuses are “civil matters,” so the Constitution does not apply. (Preserve Freedom)

"The Power of the Purse"

Trey Gowdy says, “It's time we used the power of the purse to rein in Obama.” And he certainly needs “reining in.” He has spent more money than ALL the presidents who preceded him COMBINED! And he's still not done spending. His latest idea to get his hands deeper in your pocket is free community college tuition. He says it should be free, but doesn't say who is going to PAY for it. But one thing I know, without being an “economic genius,” and that is, YOU AND I are going to pay for it if he gets it in force, not him. “It should be free!” That's what liberals say about many things. But the inevitable fact is that, whatever it is, it MUST be paid for. If the recipient doesn't pay for it, somebody else must. And who is it that usually is tapped to pay? YOU; and me. The taxpayer is called upon to pay for many things, from which OTHERS are the only ones who benefit. This is SOCIALISM (one form of collectivism, just as is communism). Communism proved in Russia that it did not work, and the reason is that it is BASED on THEFT from the PRODUCER of new wealth while GIVING to the NON-PRODUCER. The “moocher,” who “wants a share” of what industrious people EARN, but without having to WORK and earn it themselves. This is “institutionalized theft,” and it's time we realize it. (Minuteman News)

Obama's "The Enemy"

I guess I'm not the only source to tell the world that Obama is “giving the enemy help and comfort” and hopes it will win. That makes him an “enemy of the United States,” president, or not. Freedom Outpost says, ”He is behaving as a despotic, anti-American enemy within our nation.” He “rules” in favor of the Muslims every chance he gets; he sends them $billions of our taxpayer dollars, DISGUISED as “humanitarian assistance” to what HE describes as “rebels” in Syria, but which are Islamic terrorists. He “runs guns” to them, and he systematically PROVIDES them with more men for their Jihad by releasing bloody murderers from GITMO, to go back and kill again. Now he wants to make ANY criticism of “Jihad” (meaning Islamic terrorism and their murderous activities) a CRIME. There is only ONE REASON he would want to do that, whatever LIE he tells about “protecting us” by keeping “incendiary articles” out of circulation to protect our people.” That is NOT how we operate in the nation that is “ruled” by the Constitution, and its First Amendment, which GUARANTEES freedom of speech. Like most Islamists, he doesn't want his cohorts' murderous activities spoken about in the press because it makes THEM look like what they are: bloody murderers, rapists, and child rapists and beheaders. If he is successful in getting such a law passed, or just does it by FIAT, I will become a criminal, because I will NEVER “shut up” about their depredations. There's only ONE WAY to shut me up, and that's to “take me out of circulation,” one way or the other. (Freedom Outpost)

Sunday, January 25, 2015

"Walking Without A License?"

A Texas woman was ticketed for “driving without a license and was arrested --WHILE WALKING down a road. Sounds like a stretch to me. I guess the cop just needed one more ticket to make his quota—or the city needed a little more money. The cop assaulted the woman (by forcefully grabbing her arm and moving her toward his car) and said “he knows she was driving without a license” even though she was WALKING. Apparently he also SEXUALLY assaulted her while making an ILLEGAL search of her person. Then he said she was “being hostile” and arrested her for “resisting.” She was kept overnight in jail and was not advised of the charges against her until the JUDGE told her the next morning in court, when he advised he that her bail was $500.00. What makes this even more damn foolishness is the fact that she DOES have a driver's license and was NOT driving. The whole thing sounds like a “put-up job” by a police force that is “out of control” and should be investigated by a higher power. (PrisonPlanet)

Cooperating With the Enemy

The FBI KNOWS there are MANY Islamic terrorist training camps, right here in the United States, but they REFUSE to do anything about it. They CLAIM their “hands are tied” by an old training tape. The camps are run by a KNOWN terrorist organization, “Muslims of America,” and there are at least TEN unsolved murders connected to them. I can't believe the way we are COOPERATING with our ENEMIES, right here in America, I'd bet that goes right back to Obama's wish to HELP the Islamic terrorists any way he can. They SAY they can't DO anything about the camps because the U. S. Government has not yet declared their parent organization (“Muslims of America”) to be a terrorist organization. What a LOAD of stinky brown stuff THAT is! No such designation was necessary for them to harass patriotic Americans in the fifties who were marching to support black equality. For some reason, they're STALLING, while the terrorists train and equip more and more Jihadists, WITHIN the United States! What FOOLS they are! (Mad World News)

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

In Canada, a man was JAILED for saying the TRUTH: that Islam is EVIL! Have the Muslim terrorists bored that far into the leadership positions in Canada? Since when does telling the TRUTH merit a jail term? I guess this is further proof that Americans should NEVER go to Canada. The people that run things there are not only STUPID, they're SUICIDAL! Anybody who SUPPORTS Islam is suicidal, including Muslims, themselves. “I guess it’s not just the Islamic terrorists who hate free speech. Apparently, it’s also the governments of free Western nations.”Eric Brazau has long been an opponent of Islam – but he has never committed any physical act of violence against anyone. In fact, he hasn’t ever even suggested that violence be done to anyone else… ever. But the Canadian government recently arrested Brazau for a “hate crime.” What crime did he commit? He was arrested and then denied bail for saying that he hated Islam.” Frankly, I'm not too enthused about that phony “religion,” myself. NO REAL religion has a “Bible (The Koran) that advises its adherents to KILL non-believers. And that's not nearly everything I object to in the Islamic religion. So I guess I'll stay out of Canada—not that I was planning a trip there. If criticizing those sub-human scum ever becomes a “crime” in this country, I will become a CRIMINAL, because I will NEVER stop criticizing this phony, murderous “religion” as long as it doesn't “change its ways.” (Eagle Rising)

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Imprisoned for Defending His Troops

Lt. Clint Lorance ordered his troops to open fire on three men on motorcycles riding toward them at a fast pace, thinking they might have bombs and be “suicide bombers.” It is my understanding that Obama's “rules of engagement” say you can't fire on somebody who has not opened fire on you (which does not take this situation into consideration). But what do you do in this case? Wait until they blow themselves up amongst you, and you along with them? Those “rules of engagement” MUST be subjective enough to allow a commander to take action if he thinks his life, or the lives of his people are at risk. Apparently they're not, under the abysmal FOOL we now have in the White House. Those motorcyclists were later SHOWN to be terrorists, but that information was WITHHELD from his defense attorneys at his courts martial and he was convicted of MURDER, and sentenced to 19 years in prison. A petition to have Obama pardon him has gotten more than the 100,000 signatures required to REQUIRE Obama to act, but so far, Obama has ignored it. The new president, if a Republican is elected in 2016, MIGHT pardon him, but only after he has spent YEARS in prison for defending his country and his troops, who turned against him at trial. This man is a HERO and should be given a MEDAL for his act. Not imprisoned for 19 years.(Freedom Outpost)

Soros Behind It

Everything that happens in this country aimed at destabilizing things can be traced back to George Soros. That people who can DO something about it do nothing is a mystery. I guess he's got most of them paid off. Soros pumped MILLIONS into the Ferguson “protests” to keep things going. And I'd bet he's still pumping money into it, with the hope of getting that brave cop prosecuted for murder for defending himself from a giant thug who was trying to get his gun. We need to investigate ALL oif Soros' actions and see what is patently criminal act so we can properly prosecute him. He'll probably buy his way out of any charges, but maybe we can “tie him up' long enough to slow him down a bit. And we need to at least slow him down before he destroys our economy as he has done before in other countries while profiting handsomely. (Washington Times)

The Answer's A Bullet

Liberals don't want to admit it, but the answer to the CANCER that is Islamic terrorism is a bullet where it will do the most damage to an Islamist terrorist. Not imprisonment in GITMO or elsewhere so they can kidnap people and demand the release of terrorists in GIUTMO. NO trials, no “good time” in prison. NO “letting them out” to kill again, just KILL them when caught in the act, as they would do us. Allowing them to be “judged” by a court and imprisoning them for a time just makes them madder and when they get out, they'll just kill more innocent people. The answer is, “make them dead.” It's what they profess to want, so make martyrs out of as many as we can, as fast as we can. That's what Ted Nugent thinks, and that has made enemies of most liberals for him. But I agree wholeheartedly. I'll probably never get a chance to kill any of them because I'm too old and feeble. But I say, “good on ya!” to Nugent, and others who feel the same way and are willing to kill as many Islamic terrorists as possible. They are a festering pimple on the butt of the world, and need to be “popped.” (World Net Daily)

Friday, January 23, 2015

Islamic Tewrrorist War Is Over

It doesn't exist, but it's over now. That's what Obama says, in spite of the advances made in Iraq by ISIS since he told his troops to “cut and run” from Iraq, leaving the Iraqis to their own defenses, which apparently are not enough. Islamic terrorists are murdering people, even beheading CHILDREN and raping their mothers AND the kids all over the world. Even misfit American CITIZENS are going to the Middle East for Islamic terrorist TRAINING and coming back home to kill people and he still thinks the Islamic terrorist war is OVER. He won't even CALL IT what it is, or admit it IS “Islamic terrorism.” It's really too bad the Islamic terrorists have their own traitor in the White House where he can give orders that make SURE they will win, because his people are ordered NOT to fight effectively. Why doesn't somebody who can DO something about him realize that he is a TRAITOR to this country and DO something about him? Impeachment is not enough. U. S. Marshals need to go into the Oval Office and “perp walk” him out in handcuffs. That's how we handle traitors, no matter who they are. (Just common sense)

Government Controlled Internet?

That's what they have in communist China and communist Korea. That's what Obama wants here. He wants to be able to control what people say about him on the Internet the same way he does on broadcast media: the power to LICENSE. With the power to license, goes the power to say, “NO.” With the power to say no comes the power to totally control what is said. And that's Obama's motivation. He's about as “thin-skinned” as there is, and he doesn't like it when people say “negative things” (truth) about him, so he wants to be able to put a stop to it. For my part, if he ever gains this power, I will become a criminal, because the only way to shut me up is to put me in prison or kill me. And he's quite willing to do either, or both. (National Journal)

"Causing More Violence"

Islamics are now saying that the new Charlie Hebdo cover has incensed not only Islamic terrorists, but “other Muslims,” as well. “Abbas Shumann, deputy to the Grand Sheik of Cairo's influential Al-Azhar mosque, said the new image was 'a blatant challenge to the feelings of Muslims who had sympathized with this newspaper'." He thinks they will mount yet another attack on the Charlie Hebdo offices. I hope they do. They won't find it so easy this time, and what will happen is that more terrorists will die TRYING. Not only that, their potential victims elsewhere will also have hardened security and more terrorists will lose their lives. The more innocent people they murder, the more backbone the survivors will show. Soon, ANYBODY seen wearing terrorist gear (black clothing, and head covering, carrying guns) will be “fair game” to be “shot on sight” by ANYBODY who sees them, including soldiers and cops. No longer will people cower when they see them. They'll just shoot them on sight—and that's a GOOD thing. (Mail News)

Thursday, January 22, 2015

New Toy for Obama

“Obama many times has boasted that “All I need to make laws is a pen and a phone.” Now Congress, even one run by Republicans, is being asked to give him a “rubber stamp” called “The Congress.” “Buried in his State of the Union address, Obama said he will ask Congress to give him 'trade promotion authority.' He didn’t say what trade promotion authority would do. But critics charge that it would cede the Republican majority’s control of the congressional agenda to Obama and strip Congress of its ability to vet and amend international agreements.” This is how it's done; call it something nobody knows is bad, and get in enacted before anybody knows what it is, then you have ALL the power. That's how Hitler did it, and how DICTATORS all over the world “wormed” their way into total power. Little by little. (World Net Daily)

We Need More Like That

We need more politicians like Mayor Ahmed Aboutaleb of Rotterdam, The Netherlands. He has told complaining Islamics that if you don't like the way we live, “screw off!” (He used slightly different words) There are way too few politicians in this world, and especially in this country, who don't have the GONADS to do that. We talk about letting them establish their “no go zones” here, and out PRESIDENT constantly “rules” in FAVOR of the Muslim position every time an issue comes before him that he is asked to “rule” on. We're destined to LOSE to the Islamic terrorists; not because we can't fight them, but because our politicians (led by Obama) won't LET us fight. Have they HYPNOTIZED our politicians? I can't think of any other idea to explain their STUPID actions except that, or that they're “in collusion” with them. (Eagle Rising)

We're Giving It Away!

Muslim terrorists are running terrorist training camps right here in the middle of the country they have declared is their ENEMY. We know about it, but this government does NOTHING! They OPENLY hold mass meetings where they are told how to best kill “Infidels,” which means ALL people who do not believe in their perverted “religion.” And this government does NOTHING! They have “secret cells” all over the country, most of which this government KNOWS about, but it STILL does nothing. Do they WANT the Islamic terrorists to win? Obama does. He wants there to be a Muslim Caliphate with himself as the Caliph. His very ACTIONS toward Muslim terrorists plainly show it. But nobody will see it. I'm glad I'm as old as I am, which means I won't be around to see it when we inevitably LOSE because we WON'T FIGHT. (World Net Daily)

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Obama: We're Responsible

This fool says “we're responsible for the depredations of the Islamic terrorists.” And he actually thinks we're stupid enough to BELIEVE them when they say that they only got into this Jihad after they heard about GITMO. “Which came first? The chicken, or the egg? GITMO was established to hold Islamic terrorists when we manage to catch them alive in the act of killing innocent people (we ought to just SHOOT them). Islamic terrorism has been going on for HUNDREDS of years. GITMO was only established recently. So which came first? It was Islamic terrorists who were responsible for the line in the Marine hymn, “from the halls of Montezuma to the shores of Tripoli.” It refers to the Marines being sent to deal with the “Barbary Pirates,” who WERE Islamic terrorists. They still are. So the very IDEA that today's Islamic terrorists were “inspired” by GITMO is absurd! So is Obama. I'm not surprised that Obama is falling right in line with that Islamic bullcrap, since he is a Muslim, himself, and anybody with INTELLIGENCE knows he is. (Rush Limbaugh)

Are We Stupid, Or What?

I've already let it be known how STUPID I think it is for the “authorities” to ALLOW Muslims their “No-Go Zones” where the cops don't go, and which are controlled by Muslims and Sharia Law, as they do in France. This is tantamount to SURRENDERING to them. Do we allow such things for anybody else? Not EVEN! So why should we “bend over forward” and let them screw us where it hurts? We're “coddling” this phony “religion” way too much. If we keep doing it, soon our courts will be FORCING Christians to “convert” to Islam. Why do we CODDLE the ENEMY? Do we really BELIEVE Islam is a REAL” religion? Have we “bought” their bullderm? Where are our BRAINS? Would we have allowed the Nazis to “walk all over us” during the Second World War like some of us do Muslims? Damn! We sure have some STUPID people running things in this country! And if the Muslims win this war, THEY will be responsible. Muslims will not have won, we will have GIVEN it away! (News Max)

Putting Bloggers Down

Politicians—even actors, like to put bloggers down with the image of a “Momma's boy” living in his Mom's basement, in his underwear, typing on a computer. As if that changed what is TRUTH. Truth is truth, whether it comes from a guy wearing a suit, getting paid big bucks for his ignorance (as most of today's "reporters" do), or somebody who doesn't get paid, but does it for the LOVE of truth. My blogs, for instance, are written by a 77-year-old man who can barely walk, but who can still THINK, and pay ATTENTION to what our incompetent politicians and other fools are doing to us, whether or not I get paid for it. Yes, I have to be my own editor. But what says somebody else as editor will make it any more true? Sometimes editors just get in the WAY of truth. I've spent my life watching what incompetent politicians do to us, and now I'm spending ALL my time pointing it out, and it matters NOT whether or not I get paid for it. Some think I should be senile by now. But keeping track of truth and writing about it has kept my mind fresh, even if my body is failing me in some ways. My brain remains sharp (Just common sense)

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Boehner Showing His True Colors

His very FIRST Congress session in which HE is the “leader of the Senate featured a MUSLIM “cleric” offering a MUSLIM “blessing” of Allah. This, in a country that BEGAN as a “Christian country,” has been RUN as a “Christian country” and has NO wish for Islam to be included in our highest lawmaking body. “With all that is happening around the globe in the name of Islam and Allah, you would think there is plenty of reason for the U.S. Congress to avoid an Islam based controversy. Unfortunately, Boehner's Congress is rolling out the red carpet for Islam and he's doing it in front of the world. In fact, Boehner decided to have a Muslim cleric open the session with a Muslim prayer praising Allah.” Boehner is bucking for DEFEAT in the next election, and I think he's going to get it, if he keeps up his STUPID decisions. (Patriot Action Network)

Is The Economy Better?

The Stock Market numbers make it look like it, but those numbers can be “fiddled” easily. But reality sneaks in and proves it wrong. Macy's, for instance, is closing 34 of its stores and laying off the employees; J. C. Penney is closing 39 stores and laying off 2,250 employees. And that's just the beginning. In a “Domino effect,” businesses dealing with them will also be closing and laying off workers. Not only that. MILLIONS of people are STILL unemployed, many of them for so long that they have “given up” on ever finding work, so Obama is no longer counting them, which explains his “better unemployment numbers.” After 122 years, Sears is closing 235 stores. Sears Holding (different from Sears, itself) is also closing 1,830 other Sears, AND K-Mart stores. Sears and K-Mart together lost $296 million dollars in 2014. Many other companies are closing stores by the hundreds. And Obama claims things are getting better? I don't THINK so. As usual,. Obama is “blowing smoke you know where.” (World Net Daily)

Muslims Beat Up Christians

Liberals worry about “Muslim backlash” I wonder why. Maybe it's because Muslim gangs beat the hell out of Christian couples? It happened in Copenhagen, Denmark. They beat a Christian couple on Christmas Eve. First it was one attacker, who appeared to be Muslim. Then several more men, Black, of all things, wielding heavy chains joined the action, beating both unmercifully. Then they ran off. The questions the original attacker asked indicated he was Muslim, and the black men were assumed to be also. There have been several instances of Muslims targeting and beating innocent people in America, too. And they whine about “Muslim backlash.” Maybe Americans need to start beating up on Muslims, too. But liberals say that would “bring us down to their level. Too bad. Sometimes the only way to beat somebody is to lower yourself to their level. Muslim terrorists seem to think they can get away with just about anything without retaliation, simply by hollering something like “Muslim backlash” or “religious intolerance.” But they're wrong. That ploy is wearing very thin. (Eagle Rising)

Monday, January 19, 2015

The World Is Going Stupid!

Islamic terrorists are murdering innocents all over the world and their potential victims are HELPING them. The media is refusing to run true stories about their depredations because they're AFRAID. Municipalities are making ordinances that punish people for SAYING anything that “offends” Muslims, forgetting entirely how easily Muslims are “offended” at things we do that we have done for years without “offending” anyone. Furthermore, it's not their BUSINESS to criticize how we live, or what we do. Our PRESIDENT refuses to even CALL it Islamic terrorism, which it PLAINLY (to everyone but him) is. Every time a question comes up regarding Muslims, he “rules” in FAVOR of the Muslims. He thinks “The prettiest sound in the world is the Muslim call to prayer,” which is an anathema to Christians, everywhere. He wants to make it ILLEGAL in this country to speak ill of the true EVIL of Islamic terrorism, though to do so is to speak the truth. Other liberals react the same way, ignoring the fact that THEY will be the first to die if the Islamic terrorists ever “take over” here, something they plainly SUPPORT.

Elsewhere, this president STOPS oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, where there resides YEARS of supplies of oil to fuel our civilization for a long time, and which will help make us “oil independent” and stop us from needing to buy oil from people who hate our guts on the feeble EXCUSE that it "hurts the environment." Likewise, he has PLEDGED to ”bankrupt the coal industry” while coal keeps our entire energy industry going, with NOTHING in the offing to replace it. He hates “fracking” on (again) the spurious notion that it is bad for the environment, which it is NOT. He tries his best to put as many roadblocks in the way of fracking operations as he can. He BELIEVES in AlGore's “religion” of global warming, when it has been proved WRONG so many times, in so many ways, that only a FOOL believes in it. But he persists, because it gives him yet another way to raise taxes and put in “controls” that would not have been possible without this fantasy. He releases bloody murderers from GITMO to go back and kill more innocent people. What really frustrates me is the number of otherwise intelligent people who HELP him in his foolish endeavors. (Just common sense)

Muslims Can Pray In School

Christians can NOT! It's illegal in most school systems for Christians to pray because that would violate that IMAGINARY “separation of church and state” that they want us to believe is built into the Constitution, but which is NOT. Meanwhile, the Michigan School Board allows MUSLIMS to pray in school. This is something Christians are NOT allowed to do in a CHRISTIAN country. How is this POSSIBLE? What kind of damned FOOLS are running things in Michigan? How did Muslims gain so much power in this country as to be allowed this when the religion that is the LARGEST in this country is NOT? I can't believe we have such STUPID people actually running a school system. If you're not going to let Christians pray in school, how the HELL can you justify letting MUSLIMS? We're LOSING, folks! We're GIVING it away! (Last Resistance)

Wake Obama Up!

Former UN Ambassador John Bolton is one of the few people in DC who recognizes the truth. Barack Hussein Obama will not even say we're at WAR with Islamic terrorism. He won't even use the WORDS “Islamic terrorism. “ Bolton says we're LOST unless he does, and acts accordingly. That means no “insipid response,” and “boots on the ground” to STRANGLE the terrorists, wherever they are, and under whatever name they're using at the time. We need a MAXIMUM RESPONSE, not the “limited response” crap Obama has “authorized.” A couple of bombing runs that kill a few isolated pickup trucks or blow up a few outbuildings, but ignores the locations of major terrorist figures while RELEASING terrorists, “willy-nilly,” to go back and “swell the ranks” of terrorists in battle ain't agonna do it. I know he WANTS the terrorists to win, but SOMEBODY (besides Bolton) needs to recognize that and put a STOP to it. (World Net Daily)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Why Should I "Carry?"

The gun grabbers say there is no reason for the average “man on the street” to be able to carry a concealed weapon, but that's a LIE. There are many good reasons to carry a gun. First, CRIMINALS just about ALL carry ILLEGAL guns and the only real answer is to carry our own so we will not be defenseless. In one instance recently, two men broke into a home and put a gun to the head of a girl, figuring she'd be an “easy target.” She wasn't. Her boyfriend, who had grabbed his gun when he heard the commotion, shot one to death, and the other one is probably still running. Criminals today think they're the only ones armed, since ignorant politicians have seen to it that most honest people will NOT be armed. Criminals need to be UNSURE that their intended victims will not be armed. Second, more and more Islamic terrorists are coming here, determined to KILL us if we don't “convert” to their phony religion. And there are many malcontents already here who will join them. The "Israeli problem is coming here! We NEED to have our own guns, with which to STAY ALIVE, as people do in Israel. My favorite scene is the Jewish woman, standing over a fallen Islamic terrorist (Palestinian), pumping bullets into his face. The Japanese refused to invade the American mainland for a simple reason, They said, “There will be a gun behind every blade of grass.” We need to instill the same fear in Islamic terrorists, and make them think twice before attacking us. (Just common sense)

French Tired of It

The French are getting tired of Muslim bulldung. They're starting to retaliate. Non longer can Muslim terrorists kill people and blow up things without retaliation. They're going to learn what the Palestinians are learning: you can't attack people forever without them returning the favor. In France, people attacked Muslim mosques in several places and even blew up a Muslim-owned kebab shop. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to tell the difference (I don't think there is any) between militant Muslims and non-militant Muslims they're starting to target ALL Muslims. Yes, some “innocent Muslims” will suffer, but SOMETHING needs to be done to make Muslim terrorists think at least twice before killing and maiming non-Muslims. (Other innocent non-Muslims are suffering, so why not make some “innocent” MUSLIMS suffer? Turnabout is fair play. (Clash Daily)

How Do They Do It?

They send KNOWN terrorist killers to speak before Muslim gatherings to foment more violence, and do it openly. At the same time our president supplies Islamic terrorists with OUR arms, which they use to kill Americans, as well as others, for not believing the way they DICTATE. And we (not me) let them DO it! Do we have a “death wish?” NO; we have a Muslim PRESIDENT who WANTS them to win! And who does everything he can to help them accomplish it! And we LET him DO it! What the HELL is wrong with the people running this country? I know they're incompetent. But STUPID? They'd have to be stupid (or on their side) to allow the ENEMY to do the things they allow! Meanwhile the enemy conducts MULTIPLE attacks in Paris while PROMISING to bring that sort of thing here--and we do NOTHING! Damn, I'm glad I won't be alive to see the result of their stupidity! (Minuteman News)

Friday, January 16, 2015

Stopping Anti-Jihad Speech

Obama is getting very open about his “siding with” the cancer that is Islamic terrorism. Now he wants a LAW to stop “anti-jihad” speech. As if that were a CRIME to reveal their evil. He wants to MAKE it a crime, in spite of the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. He wants to take away our right to criticize the rapists, murders, and child beheaders because they CLAIM to be some kind of a “religion.” Obama is PLAINLY on the side of the terrorists, and he proves it every day. He obviously wants an Islamic Caliphate with himself as the Caliph. That's his answer to not being able to stay as president. It matters not to him that they daily MURDER thousands of innocent people. He does that, himself. Only he does it by proxy, through his POLICIES. If we lose the ability to criticize Islamic terrorism (what he calls “Jihad”), we're LOST. But that's what he wants. Obama is showing his subversion every day, but nobody is doing anything about it. (Freedom Outpost)

Peelosi Bribes Catholic Church

She wanted to have herself proclaimed a “:saint” before a Catholic audience. She offered a $10,000.00 bribe so they agreed. When the time came, they said this: “The Cardinal went on to explain to the congregation, 'While Congresswoman Pelosi's presence is probably an honor to some, the woman is not numbered among my personal favorite personages. Some of her views are contrary to tenets of the Church, and she tends to flip-flop on many other issues. Nancy Pelosi is a petty, self-absorbed hypocrite and a nit-wit. Nancy Pelosi is also a serial liar, a cheat, and a thief. I must say, Nancy Pelosi is the worst example of a Catholic I have ever personally witnessed. She married for money and is using her wealth to lie to the American people. She also has a reputation for shirking her Representative obligations both In Washington and in California . The woman is simply not to be trusted." The Cardinal concluded, "But, when compared with President Obama, Pelosi is a saint." This did what they agreed to do, without rally making her a saint. Of course, one Cardinal cannot MAKE an “official saint” in the Catholic church. There is a prescribed process they MUST follow and one Cardinal cannot contravene it. But this is a good example of how Peelosi operates. Even if this story is a parody of the truth and a joke on all of us (I got this from “Eagle Eye,” on One Apolitical Plaza and can't guarantee its authenticity).

No Wonder We're Losing!

It seems like every time we do anything to oppose Islamic terrorism, we lose. Mostly because our own supposed allies “:rule” against us. Now I find out they have big meetings where an unindicted co-conspirator (whatever THAT means) in the first World Trade bombing is scheduled to speak. And not even a HINT of cops going there to arrest him for mass murder. Did we allow German Nazis to speak OPENLY before open groups of Nazis in America during the Second World War? No; we were smarter then. Today we have a PRESIDENT who will not call Islamic terrorism Islamic terrorism. He calls it everything BUT what it is; and other liberals “follow his lead.” This is thew kind of damned foolishness that will get us all dead. What the hell is WRONG with people in this country? Do they WANT an Islamic Caliphate? That's what they're going to get if they don't “wise up.” Letting Muslim conspirators who are KNOWN terrorists speak OPENLY to groups of other co-conspirators within our very borders is so STUPID I can't even CONTEMPLATE it! Yet they're doing it, right out on the open, and they don't even give a damn if we know it. How STUPID are we to ALLOW it? (Allen West)

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Unnecessary Travel

Obama flew from DC to Detroit, then to Arizona. From there to Tennessee. And from there, MAYBE back to DC. Isn’t there ANYBODY in DC who can better schedule these trips so as not to have so many miles between stops? Or maybe even teleconference for communication purposes so it doesn’t cost us so much to ferry this “globetrotting fool” around? It’s like he has no concept of distance or the cost of unnecessary travel. Or maybe he just doesn’t give a damn. He uses this jet, his crew, and his entourage like it was his own and nobody has to pay any bills for either fuel, maintenance, security, airport parking privileges, etc. The same is true of his numerous “vacations,” SOME of which he (supposedly) repays, but most of which is paid for by the taxpayers. The way he uses this airplane tells me he DOESN’T care. (Just common sense)

Creating Racism

Part of Obama’s scheme to create a race war for his own purposes is CREATING racism where none exists. And other liberals are helping him out. The current “crisis” over using WHITE girls as models to portray “Annie” in ads while the CURRENT actress portraying her is black is a good example. “Annie” was ORIGINALLY white. She has ALWAYS been white, and a redhead to boot. To force the production company to use a black actress this time for “political correctness” is a typical example of liberal STUPIDITY and is racism at its worst. More proof is them whining to get a black actor to portray James Bond. Bond was WRITTEN as a while man and has ALWAYS been a white man. To have a black actor portray him is about as STUPID a thing as I can think of and is ALSO racist. (Yahoo Finance)

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Creating A Monster

That's what the Islamic terrorists have done, according to their lights. Before gunmen came in and murdered eleven staffers, Charlie Hebdo was a little-known LOCAL publication nobody but a few Parisians knew anything about. It had about 60,000 circulation, in Paris. After the murders, the latest issue of the satire magazine went on sale with a press run of 3 MILLION all over the world, and the terrorists are PISSED. They wanted to DESTROY it, but what they succeeded in doing was to HELP it. Parisians MOBBED newsstands to buy copies of the new issue, which featured yet another lampooning depiction of “the prophet” (that some swear resembles male genitalia) and it was reprinted all over Europe in a gesture of solidarity, and in the United States as news. Instead of frightening Charlie staffers left, it stiffened their backbones, along with the backbones of many others. All in
all, it was a “waste of time” for the terrorists, and did nothing except get a few of them killed, while earning the HATRED of France, who will henceforth STOP “bending over forward” to be screwed by Islam. ALL Muslims will be hard put to live there, whether they are terrorists, or not. Muslim terrorists say, “It's a renewed insult to the prophet.” Tough. They should have kept their guns in their pockets or shoved in their anal pores. (Mail News)

Hunting Racism

If you spend all your time hunting racism under every bed, you’ll probably find some (whether or not it exists). To call this racism assumes ONLY black guys wear hoodies. I wear a hoodie in winter. When it gets cold enough or windy enough, the hood is UP. And I’m not black. Neither am I a thug, preying on honest people, as are many of those (black and white) who wear them. Damn, some people don’t know how to do ANYTHING except hunt for racism, everywhere they look! Why people take them seriously, I can’t fathom. Yes, a lot of black guys wear hoodies. Many of them do it to hide their identity when they commit a crime. But white guys wear them too. For the same reason. But many (me included) wear them because they’re comfortable in winter. Wearing hoodies has NOTHING to do with race, except TO racists. All this is made worse by “race whores” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who make a nice living (even get rich) from hunting racism since smart companies pay them to “leave them alone.” (Patriots and Politics)

Hillary Flunks Economics

“Liberals have this terrible and annoying habit of congratulating themselves for their intellectual heft merely because they hold liberal views. Once this arrogant notion reigns, it’s tough for liberals to acknowledge when one of their own says something so remarkably unfactual and stupid that it makes you wonder just how ignorant the liberal really is.” Of course, you don’t really have to wonder with Hillary. You already know it, from her previous statements, such as, “We can’t afford to have that money go to the private sector. The money has to go to the federal government because the federal government will spend that money better than the private sector will spend it.” (First Lady Hillary Clinton, in 1993.) Now she is saying that “Corporations and businesses don’t create jobs.” Who the hell does she think DOES? The government? Trace back ALL the money that ALLOWS the government to OPERATE and “create” ANY jobs, all of them WITH the government, and you’ll find that they conned it out of businesses and corporations, which ARE people—another truth she just can’t understand. And THIS is the woman the Democrats consider a “front-runner in the next presidential election? That pretty much demonstrates THEIR stupidity too, doesn’t it? (Media Research Center)

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Another Day Lost

Well, I spent most of yesterday at the “computer hospital” while the tech deleted all the garbage that was making it act so stupid, doing everything BUT what I was telling it to do. When I'd tell it something to do, I couldn't depend on it doing what I said. Instead, it often did six OTHER things and really sent my blood pressure sky high. It's not perfect, even now. But mostly it is doing what I tell it to do and any minor problems, I can work around. Unfortunately, by the time he finished, and I got home, it was again too late for this old body to stay awake long enough to post. Most of the problems are over for now (I hope)..

The REAL "Party of the Rich"

Democrats try and paint the Republicans as “the party of the rich,” but in reality it is the DEMOCRATS who are the party of the rich.” They “hob-nob” with the rich, and the rich give more money to the Democrat Party and Democrat politicians than they have ever given to the Republicans. One glaring fact they don’t want us to know is that “income inequality” is much more prevalent in Democrat-run districts than in Republican-run districts. They “talk a good game,” but an examination of how they OPERATE puts the LIE to what they claim. Meanwhile, the DEMOCRATS are the biggest promoters of SOCIALISM, because under socialism, ownership of the money doesn’t count; it’s who CONTROLS how it is spent, and on WHAT. Citibank, who was Hillary Clinton's biggest donor while she was in the Senate, made billions on sub-prime loans to poor households in the run up to the recession, then received billions in taxpayer bailouts when those loans went bad.” Now, Obama is again pushing banks and other loan organizations to loan even more money to people who can never pay it back, with the promise of even more “ bailouts” when the loans (predictably) go bad and create yet another economic crisis he can use for his own purposes. (Town Hall)

Governed By Fools

Who think we’re all a bunch of fools, too. And they’re right, for the most part, the evidence is that Obama got elected, TWICE. And many other fools got elected, too. Mostly by people who make it a practice of “not paying attention to politics,” yet they still vote. People like me, who DO “pay attention, can clearly see the incompetence and criminality in the people running our government. Those people are very clever at getting elected, although they’re incompetent at governing. The first incompetence of those running our government today is their fervent belief in SOCIALISM. You listen to what they spout and you can’t mistake it. They talk about “redistribution of wealth,” “taxing the rich,” “income disparity,” and “raising the minimum wage,” etc. We need to make some changes in how we elect our leaders.” We need to have some sort of “intelligence test” to determine their RIGHT to vote. They’ll call that “racism,” ASSUMING black people aren’t smart enough to pass such a test. Now they’re telling us that increased government spending helps the economy. And the New York Times, the Democrat Party Newsletter, has “bought it,” as illustrated by the article linked here. And they thhinbk we're ALL too dumb to know they'rwe LYING. (Town Hall)

Mass Killer Dies

Good riddance! The guy who helped plan the American embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1988 that killed 244 and wounded thousands was arrested by the “Delta Force” after he parked his car in Libya, and was taken to a New York jail, What I want to know is why he was allowed to DRIVE his car in Libya? He was soon taken to the hospital, where he died of complications from Hepatitis C. His wife said, "I accuse the American government of kidnapping, mistreating, and killing an innocent man. He did nothing," Um Abdullah said. In a federal court filing Saturday, "U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said al-Libi died after being taken from New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center to a local hospital.” I’d like to know what her definition of ”nothing” is, after his actions killed 244 people. He should not have been allowed free at all, let alone be allowed to drive a car, anywhere. He should have been IN jail until his trial. But NO! Sounds like he was allowed his freedom in Libya, which would have allowed him to run, if he had not been deathly ill, which served him right. We treat terrorist murderers way too well. Some people say it’s bad for terrorists to be “scooped up” in places like Libya without “proper legal action,” but when the local government protects them, it’s sometimes the only way to get them. (Mail News)

Monday, January 12, 2015

Bear With Me

This new machine sometimes works and other times does six OTHER things than what I tell it to do. So I have to go through all the bother of setting up yet ANOTHER computer. This is getting very annoying. I'd like to get a NEW one, but I can't afford it. Fortunately I have a supplier who will work with me. If I can get it set up, I'll try to post this afternoon.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Even More Computer Problems

I TRIED to work with the old computer but it didn't work. So I sorrowfully told my computer guy to use it as a doorstop and got another one. Now I'm fighting the usual battle to get this new computer to work properly. I'm able to post today, but I won't know about tomorrow until tomorrow (I was able yesterday to open Yahoo and even send an e-mail. Then this morning it wouldn't recognize my password. Same with Blogger. I had to change my password with both and it SEEMS to be working now. But so far, this computer seems to be coming in and out in operating. I'll have to have it checked tomorrow if I don't get snowed in. Thanks for your patience (if you're still here).

French Tired of It

The French are getting tired of Muslim bulldung. They're starting to retaliate. No longer can Muslim terrorists kill people and blow up things without retaliation. They're going to learn what the Palestinians are learning: you can't attack people forever without them returning the favor. In France, people attacked Muslim mosques in several places and even blew up a Muslim-owned kebab shop. Since there doesn't seem to be any way to tell the difference (I don't think there is any) between militant Muslims and non-militant Muslims they're starting to target ALL Muslims. Yes, some “innocent Muslims” will suffer, but SOMETHING needs to be done to make Muslim terrorists think at least twice before killing and maiming non-Muslims. (Other innocent non-Muslims are suffering, so why not make some “innocent” MUSLIMS suffer, too? Turnabout is fair play.(ClashDaily)

Targeting Gun Owners?

Maryland cops stopped a man and his family and treated them like criminals, separating them in different police cars, while they conducted an ILLEGAL search of their car, looking for the gun they KNEW he owned. Unfortunately for them, he had left it at home, knowing that Maryland does not recognize the gun rights of other states. An “internal review” concluded that the stop was completely legal (in spite of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States) and did not violate police protocols. How stupid ARE these people? What kind of fool “protocols” do they have that allows them to openly violate several constitutional provisions in their effort to find this gun? How did they know he OWNED a gun, anyway? Were they warned in advance and did they “target” him as he passed through the state? This whole thing is VERY suspicious. Evidence (seen in other stops involving the same cop) shows that Maryland “targets” Florida drivers for extensive illegal searches, hunting for the guns they LAWFULLY own in Florida so they can “confiscate” (steal) them if they find them. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

Friday, January 9, 2015

French Overdo It

After UNDER-doing it while six employees of a Paris newspaper and one UNARMED cop are murdered, NOW they go out and kill THREE terrorists and THREE innocent hostages in retaliation. They go from being unalterable wimps to overbearing KILLERS of innocent people, right along with the terrorists. It’s no wonder the French always lose whenever they get in a war. Their leadership is INCOMPETENT. If they’re not UNDER-reacting, they’re OVER-reacting. I see so much incompetence in government lately, I’m wondering if there are ANY politicians left who are capable of running this, or any other country competently who haven’t been DISCREDITED by the incompetent leaders who have conned their way into office. (Sacramento Bee)

They'll Call It Racism

But it’s TRUTH. Apparently today, if ANYBODY (ESPECIALLY Rush Limbaugh) tells the truth and blacks don’t like it (liberals, too, because it helps them push racism), they call it racism. Rush is now saying that a black actor playing James Bond is as stupid as George Clooney playing Barack Hussein Obama, and it’s TRUE. But it doesn’t go along with their campaign to FORCE black actors into white roles, in their insane attempt tom push the racism factor as a viable thing. Obama WANTS a “race war” as a means of getting the power to make more and more restrictive laws and regulations, while sucking the money to finance it out of us. The push to FORCE Hollywood to replace white actors with blacks in traditional white actor roles is all part of it. It’s a “transparent ploy,” but they insist it is NOT a ploy. (News Max)

"Targeting" Gun Owners?"

Maryland cops stopped a man and his family and treated them like criminals, separating them in different police cars, while they conducted an ILLEGAL search of their car, looking for the gun they KNEW he owned. Unfortunately for them, he had left it at home, knowing that Maryland does not recognize the gun rights of other states. An “internal review” concluded that the stop was completely legal (in spite of the Fourth Amendment to the constitution of the United States) and did not violate police protocols. How stupid ARE these people? What kind of fool “protocols” do they have that allows them to openly violate several constitutional provisions in their effort to find this gun? How did they know he OWNED a gun, anyway? Were they warned in advance and did they “target” him as he passed through the state? This whole thing is VERY suspicious. Evidence (seen in other stops involving the same cop) shows that Maryland “targets” Florida drivers for extensive illegal searches, hunting for the guns they LAWFULLY own in Florida so they can “confiscate” (steal) them if they find them, then put them in jail. (Guns ‘n’ Freedom)

Thursday, January 8, 2015

De Blasio "Disrespected?"

New York Mayor De Blasio says he was “disrespected” when cops turned their backs on him. Ya THINK? Somehow I think that’s what they intended when they did it. And nobody deserves to be “disrespected” more than he does because he “disrespected” THEM in his previous remarks, many times. Especially when he told his son to be “afraid” of the cops assigned to PROTECT him because he was of “mixed race,” and all cops were racist, then told the world what he told him. And disrespected his cops even MORE. I’ve seen some lousy mayors in my time--and that’s a LONG time. But I’ve never seen one this bad. “Disrespected?” Yep. To stop BEING disrespected, maybe he should show his COPS some respect. (Addicting Info)

Muslim Stabs Jews At Market

Anybody who argues that somebody with a gun in the crowd cannot stop somebody who is insane from killing people need to see this. In Israel, where you can easily find Jews to kill, a Palestinian teen went, specifically to kill Jews. He went into a market and commenced stabbing people. Then a member of the security staff for Benjamin Netanyahu, who was off duty, shot him and ended his attack before he could kill anybody. Nobody was killed, even though this fool should have been. This is an indictment of those who say we should let Muslims come into our country “willy-nilly.” Because they go where their “enemies” are to kill them. And their “enemies” are ANYBODY who does not believe the way they dictate. There is really no way to tell which Muslims are “peaceful” and just want to live their lives, and those who are just waiting for a chance to kill as many “unbelievers” as possible. Better to just keep them away from civilized people. I'd bet the farm Obama would call this "random violence," and NOT terrorism.. (Tea Party Politics)

Enforcing Non-Existent Law

This N. Carolina cop used a broken tail light as a pretext to stop a car (he probably broke it, himself). In that state, only ONE working tail light is necessary to make a car “street legal,” so he had no legal cause to stop the car. When he found drugs in the car, that could not be used as evidence because his original CAUSE to stop the car was bogus. But the judge allowed it, anyway, And his ruling effectively told the cops they could enforce NON-EXISTENT’ laws with no punishment for them as a matter of law. Fortunately, a higher court reversed it, saying that, if ignorance of the law applies to citizens, it should also apply to the government, and this search DID violate the Fourth Amendment and the “evidence” should be thrown out. (Personal Liberty)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Computer Down Again! (Still)

My computer went down AGAIN Wednesday, and had to be “fixed” AGAIN. When it was done. It was too late for an old man to stay up and update blogs. Just so you know, the computer is showing signs of not being “fixed” yet. I’ll stay with it as long as I can, and if it gets worse, it’s “replacement time.” Remember, this is NOT a large, and multi-peopled organization. It’s just one guy: me, and all expenses come out of my not very deep pockets. Now my television is out of whack, TOO. Good thing I get my news elsewhere.

What FOOLS These Liberals Be!

They were called “Tories” when we were fighting for our independence from Great Britain. Today they’re called “liberals” and they’re subverting the fight against Islamic terrorism. "While Americans are lured into a complacent sleep by the constant drum beat of social justice, minority rights, inequality, the need for fairness and tolerance and diversity and to be non-judgmental of others or their views, forces are at work (liberals) to exploit that sentiment. While the world is filled with the news of Islamic terror other Islamists are at work to silence the critics by holding informational conferences and conducting public outreach." A good example of that is in Texas, where liberals are holding a meeting titled, “Stand with the Prophet in Honor and Respect” that proclaims the need to be “Ready to defeat Islamophobia.” That would be like holding a conference during World War II titled, “Understanding and Befriending Nazis.” They’re trying to get us to look at Islam as “our friend and benefactor.” It is a direct result of the Muslims trying to “gloss over” the actions of other Muslims to MURDER all non-Muslims (and even some Muslims who believe in a slightly different version of Islam. These people are our ENEMIES! Instead of “understanding them” we need to be KILLING them, before they kill US! The sorry thing is that many people who do not pay attention to politics will be “taken in” by this tomfoolery. And they VOTE! (Eagle Rising)

Closing GITMO

Why? Why is Obama so bent on closing down the ONLY prison we have to keep murderers and rapists off the battlefield? Liberals say GITMO is a “blight on America.” Why? It is a KNOWN FACT that those released from GITMO return to the fight, and by releasing prisoners, we “swell the ranks” of terrorists and get more Americans (and others) killed. Obama and his henchmen insist that “only a small number” of released terrorists return to the fight. But the number is more like 100%. But he doesn't want you to know that. If we close GITMO, where do we keep the killers, beheaders, rapists, and baby killwea we capture on the field of battle? I don’t think he wants us to just “take no prisoners” and KILL them where we catch them. He’s too much of a wimp to entertain something like that (Personally, I think that’s what we SHOULD do). Frankly, I think Obama is in collusion with the terrorists. Releasing prisoners we have lost lives to catch is his way of helping them while maintaining “plausible deniability.” An overall look at ALL his actions toward the Islamic terrorists will tell you what I’m saying is true, whether or not those “in charge” want to believe it. Face it: we have a CRIMINAL in charge of our country. An obvious Muslim who wants to help them establish a Muslim Caliphate in America, with HIM as the Caliph. (Just common sense)

Fonda Building A Shrine

No, not to the service people she hurt by her actions in going to Viet Nam DURING THE WAR, and posing in an artillery gun, pretending to be shooting down US planes, denying the torture they were inflicting on prisoners, and turning notes given her by prisoners over to the Vietnamese so they could punish them for writing them. She feels she hasn’t been “worshipped” enough, so she’s building a “shrine” to herself. One wag suggested it be a public toilet so people could pee on her every day. I’d be sure to go there, since I pee a lot (Oops! I shouldn't let that cat out of the bag, should I?). One would THINK she would be cognizant of her “sins” in GOING to the enemy during a war and helping out in their war effort. She SAYS she wanted to end the war, but if that’s what she was doing, it shows a level of stupidity that is breathtaking. (Down Trend)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Sorry About Yesterday

I’m 77, and some days aren’t as good as others. Well, you did get an extra day’s posts on New Year’s Eve, since I couldn’t stop. I was like a truck being cut off by a car and running over it. I’m thinking about taking Sunday off, anyway. I’ll let you know.

McConnell Betrays Us

He wins big, then betrays His political base. What a way to become politically UNIMPORTANT! If he wins in his effort to become the Majority Leader in the Senate, it’ll be a wonder, and a display of Republican STUPIDITY that is unbelievable. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about how he planned to abandon his base and run things as a liberal, but I had a hard time believing it. Then I heard him say “The American people want us to govern from the center.” Which is code meaning, “from the LEFT.” There IS no “middle” in politics if you’re INTELLIGENT. There’s one side or the other; and the Republicans are supposed to be ANTI-socialist. Democrats are PRO socialism. Apparently some Republicans are not. So I guess as long as McConnell is still running things, nothing will change much. (CNS News)

Jailed for Filming A Cop

But he must have found an intelligent judge (who is not a liberal), because he SUED, and COLLECTED. It’s a “worrying trend” that is spreading across this formerly free country: BANNING the filming of cops while they do their duty. The only cops who should object are those who are exceeding their authority, and KNOW it. And it is a “blatant attack” on the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States. An Orlando, FL man was arrested, and his cell phone “confiscated” (stolen) by cops when he refused to stop filming them at work. But he got his revenge, when the court awarded him $15,000.00 AND got his phone back. The cop involved was well known for exceeding his authority. He has been cited for it many times before. He must be kin to Obama. Or at least taking a clue from him. The article doesn’t mention any punishment meted out to this cop, but he SHOULD have been punished, or even FIRED because of his HISTORY of exceeding his authority, (FreedomForce)

Coddling Muslims

A Houston schoolteacher lost her job for criticizing Muslims. I wonder if she would have suffered a similar fate if she criticized gay marriage—or the “anti-gun” fools. Or criticized the “king of fools,” Barack Hussein Obama. Seems like the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States means nothing, any more. They called her a “racist,” which is the “fallback position” they use when they have nothing else. Yes, what she said was “nasty,” but not something I wouldn’t wish to say, myself. But she should have the right to her own opinion under the Constitution. Apparently, in today’s world, she does NOT. Today, “political correctness” seems to “rule” in many cases that should have been ruled by the Constitution. And it’s NOT “racism,” in ANY case. Muslim is NOT a “race.” It’s a bunch of people stupid enough to accept a silly political system DISGUISED as a religion. And we bend over FORWARD way too much to accommodate them. (Patriots & Politics)

Saturday, January 3, 2015

One Million Babies Murdered

They wrongfully accused returning heroes from Vietnam of being “baby killers,” but now we have some REAL “baby killers,” working hard at it every day in their “Planned Parenthood” centers, nationwide,. Having murdered almost ONE MILLION BABIES in the last three years, alone. They’ve cut back severely on some of their “other services,” such as adoption referrals, cancer prevention, prenatal care, etc., but haven’t reduced their most lucrative “service,” killing babies, in the slightest. They murdered 327,633 babies in 2013, up from the 327,166 they murdered in 2012. The Supreme Court justices who decreed killing babies in the womb was constitutional need to be strung up by their toes and left there (IF they're still alive). They are the most awful MASS MURDERERS in history. They CREATED the most recent holocaust. Not just babies, but mostly BLACK babies.  And this is by their own figures. (Town Hall)

World War III Is Here!

But Obama refuses to realize it. Mostly because he is IN FAVOR of the Muslim designs because he is one of them. He was born a Muslim, to Muslim parents, and raised in a Muslim country BY Muslims, inculcated, as are ALL Muslims, in American hatred. Muslim terrorists are at work, killing people all over the world, INCLUDING in America; but Obama will not recognize it. He sends a few troops and sponsors a few insignificant air strikes so he can maintain the FICTION that he is against Islamic expansionism. In fact, he WANTS a Muslim Caliphate in America, with himself as the Calif. He feels “too limited” as JUST a president. We need to make a MAXIMUM EFFORT wherever Islamic terrorists pop up, using everything we have at our command to “put them down,” not “withdrawing” (cutting and RUNNING) from the places they are the STRONGEST.

We need to do more ”shooting on sight” and “taking no prisoners” when we catch them in the act of killing innocent civilians, which they do every day. No more taking them to GITMO and “coddling” them, giving them flat-screen TELEVISIONS and video games IN THEIR CELLS. While putting them all together so they can make their evil plans and smuggle “orders” out, while awaiting their inevitable release, at Obama’s orders, on weak excuses. We need to eradicate this scum from the Earth, and as soon as possible. But we won’t, not as long as wimpy liberals are in power in most important positions in our government. It makes NO DIFFERENCE who is president, so long as so many liberals are in positions of power in our government. And that doesn’t even speak about all the MUSLIMS who are in powerful positions in our government, and have security clearances high enough to allow them to know what we are going to do next. We’d better WAKE UP, before they DO “take us over.” (Just common sense)