Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Hunting Racism

If you spend all your time hunting racism under every bed, you’ll probably find some (whether or not it exists). To call this racism assumes ONLY black guys wear hoodies. I wear a hoodie in winter. When it gets cold enough or windy enough, the hood is UP. And I’m not black. Neither am I a thug, preying on honest people, as are many of those (black and white) who wear them. Damn, some people don’t know how to do ANYTHING except hunt for racism, everywhere they look! Why people take them seriously, I can’t fathom. Yes, a lot of black guys wear hoodies. Many of them do it to hide their identity when they commit a crime. But white guys wear them too. For the same reason. But many (me included) wear them because they’re comfortable in winter. Wearing hoodies has NOTHING to do with race, except TO racists. All this is made worse by “race whores” like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who make a nice living (even get rich) from hunting racism since smart companies pay them to “leave them alone.” (Patriots and Politics)

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