Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Mass Killer Dies

Good riddance! The guy who helped plan the American embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania in 1988 that killed 244 and wounded thousands was arrested by the “Delta Force” after he parked his car in Libya, and was taken to a New York jail, What I want to know is why he was allowed to DRIVE his car in Libya? He was soon taken to the hospital, where he died of complications from Hepatitis C. His wife said, "I accuse the American government of kidnapping, mistreating, and killing an innocent man. He did nothing," Um Abdullah said. In a federal court filing Saturday, "U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said al-Libi died after being taken from New York's Metropolitan Correctional Center to a local hospital.” I’d like to know what her definition of ”nothing” is, after his actions killed 244 people. He should not have been allowed free at all, let alone be allowed to drive a car, anywhere. He should have been IN jail until his trial. But NO! Sounds like he was allowed his freedom in Libya, which would have allowed him to run, if he had not been deathly ill, which served him right. We treat terrorist murderers way too well. Some people say it’s bad for terrorists to be “scooped up” in places like Libya without “proper legal action,” but when the local government protects them, it’s sometimes the only way to get them. (Mail News)

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