Tuesday, January 27, 2015

It's Communism!

I know the very mention of communism makes people's eyes “glaze over” today because the liberals have us convinced that “communism is dead,” in spite of the REALITY that communism is NOT dead—not even in Russia, where it is SUPPOSED to be dead. The same people are in charge there today as before, and their system is SOCIALISM, which is ONE form of collectivism, while communism is another. So the only difference is in what they CALL it. ALL forms of collectivism depend on TAKING from those who EARN and GIVING that stolen to those who DO NOT. And when our president talks about “taxing the rich” to pay for his “giveaway programs,” it IS communism. Don't fall for his stinky brown stuff.

He is working HARD to make this into a SOCIALIST nation, which is almost THE SAME as communism (Russia called their system SOCIALISM). The only difference is in the details. Collectivism (socialism, communism, Fascism, etc.) has NEVER worked. It will LOOK like it is successful for a time, but it will inevitably fail. Russia's communism “failed” because collectivism does not produce NEW WEALTH. It only preys on the existing wealth of producers and profit-makers. Collectivists SAY they “hate profit,” but their entire SYSTEM depends on people MAKING a profit, so they can steal it and GIVE it, unearned, to those who do nothing for it, except vote the looters into office time after time.

In Cuba, where they have had more than 50 years under a communist regime, people (except for top government officials, of course) still drive cars left over from the fifties. And people are mostly starving. When Obama talks about making community college FREE, he's looking for VOTES. He never mentions who is going to PAY for his schemes, but the people who get the bill are the TAXPAYERS; you and I. When he says something must be free, he means “paid for by the taxpayer,” not him. Collectivism is the biggest CON ever to come down the pike because it has fooled many otherwise good people, along with the schemers and con men. Talk about “sharing the wealth” is INSTITUTIONALIZED THEFT. Theft by the GOVERNMENT (looters) for the benefit of the moochers, to buy their votes. (Just common sense)

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