Monday, January 26, 2015

Obama's "The Enemy"

I guess I'm not the only source to tell the world that Obama is “giving the enemy help and comfort” and hopes it will win. That makes him an “enemy of the United States,” president, or not. Freedom Outpost says, ”He is behaving as a despotic, anti-American enemy within our nation.” He “rules” in favor of the Muslims every chance he gets; he sends them $billions of our taxpayer dollars, DISGUISED as “humanitarian assistance” to what HE describes as “rebels” in Syria, but which are Islamic terrorists. He “runs guns” to them, and he systematically PROVIDES them with more men for their Jihad by releasing bloody murderers from GITMO, to go back and kill again. Now he wants to make ANY criticism of “Jihad” (meaning Islamic terrorism and their murderous activities) a CRIME. There is only ONE REASON he would want to do that, whatever LIE he tells about “protecting us” by keeping “incendiary articles” out of circulation to protect our people.” That is NOT how we operate in the nation that is “ruled” by the Constitution, and its First Amendment, which GUARANTEES freedom of speech. Like most Islamists, he doesn't want his cohorts' murderous activities spoken about in the press because it makes THEM look like what they are: bloody murderers, rapists, and child rapists and beheaders. If he is successful in getting such a law passed, or just does it by FIAT, I will become a criminal, because I will NEVER “shut up” about their depredations. There's only ONE WAY to shut me up, and that's to “take me out of circulation,” one way or the other. (Freedom Outpost)

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