Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Is The Economy Better?

The Stock Market numbers make it look like it, but those numbers can be “fiddled” easily. But reality sneaks in and proves it wrong. Macy's, for instance, is closing 34 of its stores and laying off the employees; J. C. Penney is closing 39 stores and laying off 2,250 employees. And that's just the beginning. In a “Domino effect,” businesses dealing with them will also be closing and laying off workers. Not only that. MILLIONS of people are STILL unemployed, many of them for so long that they have “given up” on ever finding work, so Obama is no longer counting them, which explains his “better unemployment numbers.” After 122 years, Sears is closing 235 stores. Sears Holding (different from Sears, itself) is also closing 1,830 other Sears, AND K-Mart stores. Sears and K-Mart together lost $296 million dollars in 2014. Many other companies are closing stores by the hundreds. And Obama claims things are getting better? I don't THINK so. As usual,. Obama is “blowing smoke you know where.” (World Net Daily)

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