Saturday, January 24, 2015

Imprisoned for Defending His Troops

Lt. Clint Lorance ordered his troops to open fire on three men on motorcycles riding toward them at a fast pace, thinking they might have bombs and be “suicide bombers.” It is my understanding that Obama's “rules of engagement” say you can't fire on somebody who has not opened fire on you (which does not take this situation into consideration). But what do you do in this case? Wait until they blow themselves up amongst you, and you along with them? Those “rules of engagement” MUST be subjective enough to allow a commander to take action if he thinks his life, or the lives of his people are at risk. Apparently they're not, under the abysmal FOOL we now have in the White House. Those motorcyclists were later SHOWN to be terrorists, but that information was WITHHELD from his defense attorneys at his courts martial and he was convicted of MURDER, and sentenced to 19 years in prison. A petition to have Obama pardon him has gotten more than the 100,000 signatures required to REQUIRE Obama to act, but so far, Obama has ignored it. The new president, if a Republican is elected in 2016, MIGHT pardon him, but only after he has spent YEARS in prison for defending his country and his troops, who turned against him at trial. This man is a HERO and should be given a MEDAL for his act. Not imprisoned for 19 years.(Freedom Outpost)

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