Friday, January 30, 2015

"Hijab Day"

This is a way of teaching tolerance and understanding of others.” That's what the “authorities” of a taxpayer funded charter school in Sacramento say about the reason for their “Hijab Day.” Never mind the fact that Muslims are the most INTOLERANT bunch there is, and are commanded by their “Bible,” the Koran (however they spell it today), to KILL those who do not believe in their phony “religion. The very EXISTENCE of the hijab and its purpose is a TESTAMENT to the intolerance and subjugation of women. This event is illustrative of the STUPIDITY of most liberals. It amazes me that supposedly otherwise intelligent people don't see the deadly threat represented by Islamic terrorism, that they are the ENEMY, and that they work so hard to “legitimize” a cult like Islam. It's instructive that it's ONLY the FEMALE students who are “encouraged” to wear a hijab, while males are NOT. It's also instructive to note that the “school authorities” want to stay as far away from this event as they can, saying it was “The students' idea, which we neither required, nor prevented.” Right! Intelligent people know that if they didn't APPROVE, it would never have happened. (Daily Caller)

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