Thursday, January 15, 2015

Creating Racism

Part of Obama’s scheme to create a race war for his own purposes is CREATING racism where none exists. And other liberals are helping him out. The current “crisis” over using WHITE girls as models to portray “Annie” in ads while the CURRENT actress portraying her is black is a good example. “Annie” was ORIGINALLY white. She has ALWAYS been white, and a redhead to boot. To force the production company to use a black actress this time for “political correctness” is a typical example of liberal STUPIDITY and is racism at its worst. More proof is them whining to get a black actor to portray James Bond. Bond was WRITTEN as a while man and has ALWAYS been a white man. To have a black actor portray him is about as STUPID a thing as I can think of and is ALSO racist. (Yahoo Finance)

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