Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Are We Stupid, Or What?

I've already let it be known how STUPID I think it is for the “authorities” to ALLOW Muslims their “No-Go Zones” where the cops don't go, and which are controlled by Muslims and Sharia Law, as they do in France. This is tantamount to SURRENDERING to them. Do we allow such things for anybody else? Not EVEN! So why should we “bend over forward” and let them screw us where it hurts? We're “coddling” this phony “religion” way too much. If we keep doing it, soon our courts will be FORCING Christians to “convert” to Islam. Why do we CODDLE the ENEMY? Do we really BELIEVE Islam is a REAL” religion? Have we “bought” their bullderm? Where are our BRAINS? Would we have allowed the Nazis to “walk all over us” during the Second World War like some of us do Muslims? Damn! We sure have some STUPID people running things in this country! And if the Muslims win this war, THEY will be responsible. Muslims will not have won, we will have GIVEN it away! (News Max)

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