Friday, May 31, 2013

People "Relieved of Their Duties"

Every time somebody is caught doing something wrong in government, particularly somebody of high office such as the president, they tell us about the “lower level people” who have “been relieved of their duties” over the scandal. A senator (who shall remain nameless) wrote me a form letter recently in response to mine asking about Benghazi, telling me that “four people have been relieved of their duties” because of the Benghazi scandal. But as usual, he did not name them, nor tell me what they’re doing now, or where they are. I think they’re either fictional or have just been transferred to a different station (I don't think he's knowingly lying, I think he believes this fiction). In any case, I’m sure none of them lost a day of pay.

I don’t know of a single “low-level employee” who was actually FIRED over something like this unless they had already arranged for a “soft landing” in the private sector. This is one of their standard scams when they get in trouble. They tell you all about those who were “relieved of their duties,” hoping we’ll believe they have been punished. Often times they are quietly PROMOTED. Or simply transferred and continue to work for the government Meanwhile, nothing in the letter answered the questions I posed. That’s another scam. Send out an answer (a 50,000 word essay) that does nothing to answer the questions asked and just obfuscates the issue. Then there is the "paid vacation." They keep doing these things, thinking we don't notice. (Just common sense)

Gays Want Infertility Insurance

 Infertility? WHAT infertility? Last I heard, sex between people of the same sex CANNOT produce a child! How STUPID is this? Infertility insurance basically states that if two people (assuming they're of different sexes and CAN procreate) engage in regular sex for at least one year and don’t conceive, they are to be paid money (somebody else has to pay). Gays say insurance companies who deny them such coverage are discriminating against them because of their sex. How STUPID is that? Any judge who would rule FOR this abomination hasn’t any idea of what REALITY is. The reality is, two men or two WOMEN having regular sex with each other CANNOT conceive. That’s BASIC biology. To give them infertility insurance Is to fall for a SWINDLE. They’re NOT refusing them on the basis of their SEX. They’re refusing them on the basis of REALITY that two people of the SAME SEX who have sex with each other CAN’T conceive. It’s science (As we know it today. Science might change that in the future. But not now.). It would be like selling auto liability insurance to someone who does not even OWN a car. Yet gays in California want to have the legislature pass a law forcing insurance companies to offer such a policy. Just like Obama’s health care swindle (now law) that forces insurance companies to sell insurance against PRE-EXISTING maladies. It’s a GUARANTEED pathway to BANKRUPTCY. Of course, liberals don’t care about that as long as they can con somebody out of their money. This bill was offered by a DEMOCRAT--who else?). (Twitchy)

Thursday, May 30, 2013

"Ponied-Up" Evidence

For some reason the Mexicans wanted to make a drug case against an American woman who was traveling in Mexico (or maybe against anybody sitting in that seat). So they stopped the PUBLIC BUS on which she rode, rousted everybody out, searched, and found the drugs that had been previously planted, arresting her for drug smuggling. Which is, of course, STUPID. She can’t be expected, in any way, to know, nor be responsible for, something secreted on a public bus. But arrest her they did, and she’s still in a Mexican jail where she’s probably being raped on a regular basis. What they wish to accomplish by this, I don’t know. But I’d bet they “bit off more than they can chew” by this action. (The Blaze)

"Anti-Gun Senator" Shoots Intruder

Are you surprised? I’m not. I’m used to hypocritical lawmakers making laws to limit what you or I may do while reserving the same rights for themselves. Remember Dianne Feinstein? The former SF mayor, now Senator? The one who scared the hell out of a crowd when she took a semi-automatic weapon and pointed it all around in one of her tirades against guns while trying to hide the bulge of the gun she carries for self defense? Remember the female TV star who gave speeches abut gun control and disparaged ANYBODY who was FOR carrying guns? The one who hired ARMED guards to “protect” her children? These people aren’t trying to keep guns out of the hands of CRIMINALS; they want to make criminals out of ALL of us if WE carry guns for self defense while they carry or hire armed guards who do. This particular Senator is the SECOND anti-gun Senator who shot an intruder. Then there was the anti-gun COLUMNIST who shot an intruder in HIS home. These people are HYPOCRITES; all of them. (Huffington Post)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

It's Not the Damned Guns!

I’m really getting tired of our incompetent politicians, the anti-gun fanatics, and the liberal media taking about banning guns to “stop gun violence.” It won’t work! People bent on doing violence with a gun WILL get their guns, no matter how tight gun laws are. They prove that at every turn. Each and every “successful” instance of gun violence has taken place where the anti-gun laws are tight. Laws against gun ownership only keep HONEST people from having guns for self-defense. They do NOTHING to prevent people bent on violence from getting their guns. They just go out and find somebody in a back alley somewhere and buy the gun out of some guy’s car trunk at inflated prices. The article linked here says that 90% of the people favor tighter gun laws. I don’t buy that for a second. You can make “studies” say anything you want, and I think this one is rigged.

One case involved a drunk with a gun shooting his BROTHER after an argument. I think BOOZE is at much more fault than a gun. Sober people don’t allow a simple argument to escalate into gun violence. But then, our incompetent politicians will twist ANY situation to prove their thesis. The only UNSUCCESSFUL mass shooting lately happened in a GUN STORE, where the would-be killer was made to look like “Swiss cheese” by other people in the store when he shot a clerk. Most would-be killers don’t do their crimes where guns in the hands of their intended victims might be a problem for the killer; and for good reason. (

What's Obama HIding?

Why have we been unable to talk to survivors of the Benghazi killings? There must be a cover-up going on, but why? Was Obama COMPLICIT in the terrorist attack on our embassy property there that resulted in the deaths of four of our embassy personnel, including an ambassador? Many people still think it was INCOMPETENCE that resulted in these deaths, but I’m now coming to believe there was SOMETHING there that Obama was willing to KILL to keep quiet. And the resulting “stonewalling” of the CAUSE of the attack, the LYING about the cause, and keeping the survivors AWAY from the media and thence unable to answer ANY questions about it. IS Obama guilty of TREASON in this case? He’s guilty of treason on so many other areas, about which NOBODY has the gonads to do anything about. Is this the WORST? And, if the truth is found, will it SINK him? (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

U. S. Sends $250 Million to Syrian Rebels

In the early days of their revolution I might have even approved of helping them win; that was before the Islamic terrorists took over the revolution. But to help them now? When the revolution is being run by Islamic terrorists? That is the heights of STUPIDITY and Obama and John Kerry (Sec of State) are all for it, surprise, surprise! It helps the Islamic terrorists, so Obama’s all for it. And the Syrian rebels want MORE! He is getting more and more brazen in his SUPPORT of Islamic terrorists under one guise or another. Everything he does concerning them is in their favor. When are we going to charge this traitor with his traitorous acts? (Fox News) You know, that outfit that’s under “criminal investigation”

I Predicted It!

 Many years ago when the Supreme Court made the wanton MURDER of unborn infants legal (at least in the first trimester). That we were in a “sliding slope” that would inevitably result in making murder of LIVING INFANTS that SURVIVED botched abortion attempts legal, too. People told me I was crazy; that it would never happen. Well, people, it IS happening, and Planned Parenthood (The biggest baby murderers in this country) is now wishing to make the MURDER of a living, breathing baby lying on a table in the operating room LEGAL. How have we slipped so LOW as to allow the MURDER of a newborn child? Liberalism has made it inevitable. I have to ask the inevitable question again: what if YOUR parents had aborted You? We just convicted a doctor of murder who thought he was doing good when he MURDERED many infants who survived his inept abortion attempts. The fact remains abortion is NOT about a woman's right to choose what happens to her own body when to do so KILLS a defenseless infant. What about that infant's right to LIVE? Abortion is MURDER when it strops a beating heart. Nobody should EVER use baby MURDER in place of a rubber. (The Blaze)

Monday, May 27, 2013

"Confidence in Our Government"

 They talk a lot about “restoring confidence in our government,” but that’s a misnomer. Since Reagan went home, I have had NO CONFIDENCE in our government. We haven’t had a COMPETENT president since Reagan went back to California, leaving the presidency to Bush (the elder) who was CONNED into breaking his pledge not to raise taxes and was “fired” as a result. Jimmy Carter (before him) was a COMPLETE INCOMPETENT and so was Bill Clinton. Ford was what liberals CALLED Reagan: an “amiable dunce” who couldn’t seem to keep from hurting himself and others through his clumsiness. Bush (the younger) was a little better, but made some fool mistakes. One of which was Social Security Part D with its “donut hole” and FINING people for not “signing up” for it; plus his opposition to “stem cell research,” which could save many lives. But all in all, he wasn’t a BAD president (I'll get a lot of mail out of that). Not nearly as bad as Obama paints him. Obama is the worst, most INCOMPETENT president we’ve had in recent years and REFUSES to admit his own mistakes, always blaming them on others (mostly Bush the younger). He makes Jimmy Carter look good by comparison. He is a DEDICATED SOCIALIST and is DETERMINED to make this into a SOCIALIST nation with himself at its head. Confidence? Not a bit of it. Not as long as we (not me) elect such fools as we have in recent years. We need an INTELLIGENCE TEST for ALL elected officials. (Just common sense)

"End the Perpetual War"

Obama talks about the “perpetual war” against Islamic terrorism and how he wants to end it. But he’s going about it the wrong way (as most liberals always do. They talk about the “gun violence” and spend all their time taking guns out of the hands of honest people so they can’t defend themselves. They talk about ”the nuclear danger” then make more efforts to reduce OUR nuclear arsenal than make efforts to deter other nations (with not-so-responsible governments) from ever getting nuclear weapons. Now to “end the perpetual war on terrorism,” he wants to do things that are interpreted by Islamics as SURRENDER. Anybody can surrender. Just stop fighting and let the enemy kill you. And it looks very much as if Obama is doing just that with his “draw-downs” in Iraq and Afghanistan while Islamic terrorists continue to harass and murder the populace; with his constant reductions in the budgets of our own military while the Muslim terrorists devote more and more money and energy to killing those who do not believe EXACTLY the same way THEY do. Now Obama's people want to repeal the law that ALLOWED the "war on terror" in the first place. (New York Times)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Perfect Stupidity

If Obama really thinks we will buy his LIE that all the “scandals” that are plaguing his administration are MANUFACTURED "out of thin air" by the GOP he’s more of a FOOL than I thought he was. That will be surprising to the three IRS employees who are on a forced paid vacation or have been forced to resign; or the four dead people who USED TO work for the United States Diplomatic Corps in Benghaz , Libya and their families before they were MURDERED by terrorists that the incompetent (and sleepy) Obama insists do not exist. It may also surprise James Rosen of Fox News, or the several other reporters who have had their phone and e-mail records seized (claiming they committed CRIMES by doing their jobs). Damn! I’m running out of expletives to describe Obama’s ignorance and stupidity. Every time I think he’s done his worst, he goes me one better! And I can’t think of words adequate to describe his latest outrage. That’s the biggest weakness in our system. There’s no assurance Americans will not elect and re-elect a damned fool to the White House or some other key post where incompetence can hurt us. We have clearly done that very thing with Obama and his “gang of thieves.”  We need an "intelligence test" for ALL elected officials.(Cowboy Byte)

Prosecute All Illegal Aliens When You Find Them

One of the problems with illegal aliens is that there are so many of them (from the government ignoring their crime) it would be a monumental task to find, and deport all of them. It gets even harder when the feds IGNORE the problem with their “catch and release” policy that tells others they can come here illegally with impunity. The answer is to change the federal government policy of IGNORING  the problem and start PROSECUTING illegal aliens as you find them, and put them in PRISON for a few years, as Mexico does. THEN deport them immediately after they serve their sentence. That would send a message to others that they CAN’T illegally come here with impunity. Maybe that wouldn’t SOLVE the problem right away, but it will make it BETTER and stop it from getting worse. (Just common sense)

Friday, May 24, 2013

Was It A Setup?

A Code Pink woman interrupted an Obama speech the other day, griping about all the prisoners in GITMO, something Obama himself is crying about. After letting her spew for a long time, the cops finally “dragged” her out of there while Obama said, “What this woman said needed saying.” Who let her in; who delayed removing her until she had FINISHED what she was braying about? Why wasn’t she “rushed” by the Secret Service as most such fools usually are? I think she was there ON ASSIGNMENT, working FOR Obama and we’ve  been “played” once again. This has Obama's "fingerprints" all over it. He PRETENDS to hate what's going on while it is HIS ORDERS that made it happen (Like all the closures because of the "sequester"). HE wants to close GITMO for whatever reasons, and has one of his supporters "do her thing" as if she were an opponent so he could CLAIM he was. (NBC Politics)

Was Bush All That Bad?

Even some conservatives say Bush was worse than Obama. How STUPID are they? Here is a statement from Bush himself: “I made some mistakes for sure like spending too much of your money on government programs that don't work like prescription drugs for seniors [he’s “right on” in that –RT]. But one thing I NEVER did was raise taxes on ANY American EVER and in fact I cut ALL Americans taxes twice, leading to the creation of millions of new jobs. And I protected you from ANY further terror attacks on US soil for 7 years after 9/11 even though the experts said it couldn't be done. I also LOVE America very much and would NEVER apologize for her greatness. I also support our friends in Israel instead of attack them as the current President does.” I expect I’ll get a lot of mail for this, but maybe somebody could tell me WHY they think Bush was so bad, aside from the bullsh-t liberals have spouted about him. Anybody who thinks he has proof Bush was worse than Obama needs to send me PROOF of this; not just name-calling and differences of opinion. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Pitiful American Voter

According to a CNN poll, the three main scandals that were revealed this week have only cost Obama ONE PERCENT at the polls. That reminds me of the time I talked to a “died-in-the-wool Democrat” shortly after Senator Teddy Kennedy swam away and left his pregnant girlfriend to die in Chappaquiddick. He was ecstatic that killing that girl had only cost Kennedy ONE PERCENT in the polls. Which shows that Democrats have not gotten any smarter in the years since. It’s voters like these who will be responsible when we become a “socialist paradise” under King Obama. (The Blaze)

No Bank Account Is Safe

The Finance Minister in the Europe Union says we should STEAL people’s money to reverse the INCOMPETENCE of the people running things, not only in the government, but in the bank itself. He/she says we need to do what they did in Cyprus to get the money to cure the ills caused by INCOMPETENCE in government and banking. The fact that this person would even SAY such a thing shows me HIS incompetence to be anywhere near anybody else’s money! This does not pass the SMELL test. When ANY government institution depends upon STEALING people’s money to survive, it has no RIGHT to survive. What the hell are these people THINKING? Why is it right to STEAL other people’s money to make up for their own INCOMPETENCE? This goes to the very BASIS of our governments’ right to exist. (Huffington Post)

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

It Finally Happened!

We’ve been predicting it for a long time, and now it’s happened: THOUSANDS of wealthy taxpayers in France (a "socialist paradise") have been taxed MORE THAN THEY EARNED. And if we don’t put a stop to Obama and his crowd, it will inevitably happen HERE. Obama has people working 24 hours a day figuring out new and better ways to suck more and more money out of the American taxpayer. I’m sure it won’t be long until America taxes somebody MORE than they earn. When are the American people going to start PAYING ATTENTION to what Obama is doing to them? It just gets worse and worse, and they keep finding ways NOT to blame him. I guess constant campaigning pays off. People should do an audit to find out the many different ways they are being taxed multiple times on the SAME MONEY snce "King Obama" was "crowned." (The Blaze)

Murder At the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court MURDERS countless people every day. Chiefly unborn infants who never get a chance at life. How many potential Einsteins were murdered while still in the womb? How many potential GENIUSES will never get a chance to make our lives better? What if Bill Gates had been aborted? I know; many people think that would be a good thing, but that’s just jealousy. Maybe he didn’t INVENT the Internet, but he brought it all together and made it work. What if your mother had aborted YOU?  People say abortion is about “woman’s right to choose what is done with her own body.” Why then, do we not legalize prostitution? That IS about a woman’s right to sell her body if she wishes. Abortion is about ENDING A LIFE. The LIFE of her baby. Where is there concern for that BABY’S rights? The concern for a woman’s rights END when she wants to MURDER her progeny rather than use a rubber when she has sex. Yes, I realize there ARE sometimes reasons where abortion is best to save a life. But it should NEVER be used in place of contraception. There are too many better answers that don’t involve MURDER. A baby is alive as soon as his/her heart starts beating. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Telling Mexico the Lie

He even BRAGGED about it to the Mexicans during his stupid speech given in Mexico. But he didn’t say, in so many words, that most of them were sold at the ORDERS of the U. S. government (meaning himself) just so he could say that. What kind of a FOOL is this guy? Does he really think he can violate the law with impunity? I guess he does, since he violates the law daily and BRAGS about it. He tells gun dealers in Arizona to sell guns destined for the Mexican drug cartels to make the “drug wars” deadlier, then tells the world “most of the guns in Mexico came from the U. S.,” not mentioning the fact that HE ordered them sold so he could now back up the FICTION. (Cowboy Byte)

Replace Your Car With Public Transportation

That’s what Obama wants. That’s what liberals want. They hate anything that speaks of individuality and individual rights. They also want you to replace your house with an apartment, and live  “cheek and jowl” to a lot of other people. Never mind that having your own car and your own house lowers the incidence of robberies and other violent crimes while reducing the cost and time required to get where you want to be. I’m 74 and have never been violently attacked because I don’t use buses or subways. So when the “bad guys” look for victims on pubic transportation, I’m not there. Obama can “go to hell.” I’m not ever going to use public transportation except maybe for a short time while my car might be being fixed. It’ll never happen; not even if Obama BANS private cars in favor of public transportation. I’ll keep driving my private car until they imprison me for it. (Just common sense)

Monday, May 20, 2013

Obama Making It Easy for Terrorists

Aside from sabotaging border security at every turn by not only refusing to enforce it, which allows not only Mexicans to come in at will, it also allows Muslim terrorists to come in at will, too, and when they’re caught and imprisoned, he lets them out, gives them new names, and doesn’t put those names on the “no fly” list (or any other list). Now he knows not where about 2,000 of them are. Some of which are no doubt back home, killing people; while others are living quietly here, plotting their killings. Killings such as two Muslim terrorists carried out in Boston recently. One of the killers was a citizen (recently made) from a Muslim country while the other was not. Both were former visa holders who had never showed up at their schools while nobody noticed. Their MOTHER Was well known to be a terrorist sympathizer. Why is Obama doing this? I think he is part of a plot to allow Muslim terrorists to “take over” in the U. S. I think he is a Muslim terrorist, himself, who “came out of nowhere” and conned his way into the presidency (every facet of his background has proven to be false) so as to sabotage efforts to stop terrorism (Who is pulling his strings, I don’t know. George Soros, maybe?). Of course, nobody is going to believe me, so they’ll just keep right on with their plot while calling me a racist and a fool (the usual). A “conspiracy theorist fool;” which makes me glad I won’t be around for most of it, though my children and their children will. I feel sorry for them. I’m simply watching what he DOES, and drawing natural conclusions from it. (Washington Post)

Misplaced Priorities

One of the facets of incompetent governing is spending a lot of time and money on UNIMPORTANT things while other, more important things wait. This is what our government and thus, most of our people are doing: fighting about whether or not gays should get to use the word “marriage” to describe their contractual arrangements to make each other a “spouse” able to take advantage of the same rights and privileges as married couples. They LEGALIZE what used to be ILLEGAL rather than DOING SOMETHING about the incompetence in our government. Incompetence whose name is OBAMA. Obama is spending more money than there IS and gaily printing more every month, using that (Monopoly® money) printed to buy government bonds to make the stock market LOOK like it is going “great guns” to hide it. And there are many other important things we need to do something about rather than legalizing gay sex. I have nothing against gay sex. That’s THEIR business and I don’t need to get involved. I’m sure the question is very important to THEM. But the existence and financial survival of my government is more important to me. (N Y Times)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Fool Actors Want to Get Rid of Guns

They haven’t a clue about reality. They live in a world of make believe. They actually think it’s possible to “get rid of guns.” It is NOT. How will you accomplish it? Point guns at gun owners and demand they give you their guns? That’s not going to work because what do you do with the guns that you pointed at them after they give theirs up? What about the guns owned by criminals illegally? How about those owned by foreign governments? Get them to agree to give up their guns? Ain’t agonna happen. You don’t defend yourself by disarming yourself. Only fool politicians and actors think that. Say you DO manage to collect all legal guns in the world. How do you keep people from making more? How do you keep CRIMINALS from getting them illegally? I’d say somebody needs to fill these actors in on that if I thought they’d listen. But they won’t. they are fixed in their fool opinions and don’t listen to anything else. Like ALL anti-gun freaks who want to use THEIR guns to take away OUR guns. (The Blaze)

Cyprus To Steal People's Money?

What would you call it if your neighbor found a way to reach into your bank account and withdraw 40% of the money there to use for his own purposes? THIEF? Criminal? How about when the bank itself, backed by the GOVERNMENT did it to pay their own bills? Tax? THIEVERY? That’s right. They’re THIEVES. And they were REQUIRED to do it by the European Union in order for them to “bail them out” from their own FINANCIAL INCOMPETENCE. I’m sure Obama is keeping close track of this  financial trick and plans to use it in the future in America to “bail us out” from HIS FINANCIAL INCOMPETENCE. If people are smart, they’ll put their money where Obama can’t reach out and STEAL it, for I’m sure he is going to do so. (Legal Insurrection)

Saturday, May 18, 2013

More Reasons to Shut Down UN

Iran has been named to run the UN Conference on DISARMAMENT! The worst violator of human rights AND disarmament! Running the UN Committee ON Disarmament. That’s like naming the FOX to the committee running the HENHOUSE. Most of the things the UN does convinces me they not only don’t care what we think, they spend all their time trying to figure out ways to piss us off. They CAN’T be stupid enough to really think Iran wants to really do anything about nuclear proliferation (Well, maybe they are). (The Blaze)

Fox Refuses to Cover Obama Crimes

We thought we had a news source that was honest and which we could depend on to tell us what the liberal media ignored. Now we hear that they have categorically REFUSED to cover the story about Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s PROVING Obama has committed many instances of identity theft and identity fraud: “While interviewing the fearless Pastor James David Manning on the Tea Party Power Hour, host Mark Gillar made this astonishing statement: ‘There was someone within Fox News...who actually went to Sheriff Arpaio and Mike Zullo [the leader of Arpaio's Cold Case Posse team investigating Obama's phony birth certificate, strange Connecticut-issued Social Security number] and said: "I am very sorry. I have tried to get Fox News to tell the truth on this. I have looked at your evidence that you presented at your press conferences. I know you have the goods on President Obama. I know that he has multiple cases of document fraud that can be proven in a court of law. I wanted Fox to run a story on that, and they said 'Absolutely no way.' So I am here to apologize to you because my network will not tell the truth." As long as NOT ONE media outlet will cover this story, Obama can get away with "calling us names" and ignoring the story until his terms are over. (Fellowship of the Minds)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Don't Throw Victim In Closet With His Guns

A thug broke into a man’s house, roughed him up, and threw him in a closet. BIG mistake; that was where he keeps his guns. Next thing they knew, he came out of the closet shooting. He wounded one and the others are still running for the “tall timber.” The neighborhood had suffered several break-ins recently, and they thought it would be a good idea to get armed and keep a close lookout on their neighbors. It worked; as it always will. Bad guys take notice: your victim might be armed and WILL kill you! (Houston Chronicle)

"Anti-Muslim Sentiment In America"

“Just what the world needs, ANOTHER investigation of anti-Muslim sentiment in America, sponsored by one of the main catalysts for anti-Muslim sentiment – Muslim Brotherhood proxy CAIR. The result?  ’Islamophobes’ are actually ‘racists’ because there is no rational reason for anyone to hate Muslims.” Of COURSE not; never mind that Muslim terrorists all over the world are MURDERING innocent people every day. That the Muslims are “cutting back” on beheadings because there aren’t as many swordsmen left out there and there’s also a shortage of dull, rusty knives. Never mind Muslims not only kill NON-Muslim innocents, they ALSO kill their own if they don’t obey implicitly the stupid :orders” of their Imams, who make it a DEATH SENTENCE for a Muslim to move to another religion, or for ANYBODY to try and recruit ANYBODY from Islam to another religion. It's also a DEATH SENTENCE for a Muslim woman to marry outside of Islam. Never mind that Muslim terrorists have infiltrated us, right into our very GOVERNMENT, since our PRESIDENT is ON THEIR SIDE.  Never mind that Muslim extremists are trying their very best to undermine our very way of living, not to mention our Christian religions. (Bare Naked Islam)

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Telling Mexico the Lie

He even BRAGGED about it to the Mexicans during his stupid speech given in Mexico. But he didn’t say, in so many words, that most of them were sold at the ORDERS of the U. S. government (meaning himself) just so he could say that. What kind of a FOOL is this guy? Does he really think he can violate the law with impunity? I guess he does, since he violates the law daily and BRAGS about it. He tells gun dealers in Arizona to sell guns destined for the Mexican drug cartels to make the “drug wars” deadlier, then tells the world “most of the guns in Mexico came from the U. S., not mentioning the fact that HE ordered them sold so he could now back up the FICTION. (Cowboy Byte)

This Is How Muslims Operate

This is not the only time this has happened. It has happened just about every time a woman is raped in a Muslim-run country. She was gang-raped by three of her COLLEAGUES at the hotel where she worked and when she went to the hospital she was arrested for “sex outside of marriage” and did eight months in a Dubai prison where she was probably raped again but was afraid to report it because she didn’t want to be jailed and raped again. She wanted to get out of there as soon as she could, back to where justice is mainly to punish the CRIMINALS, not the VICTIMS if the victim is a woman. This is the kind of “justice” a woman can expect in a Muslim-run country. She learned the hard way that she should have stayed home. (The Blaze)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

I'm NOT "Anti-Cop"

I AM “anti-cops out of control” as in this case. The cops went in and STOLE the cell phones that took the pictures of nine (count’ em) NINE cops beating an unprotesting man to death on the street (Who had long since stopped resisting, if he was at all. That’s a cop’s “knee-jerk” response in cases like this. “He was protesting! So we had to beat him to death!”). Why were they allowed to do this? Taking these phones from their owners WITHOUT a warrant is tantamount to thugs taking evidence of a crime away from witnesses. Cops from the agency where the murders worked should have NOTHING to do with the “investigation” of the incident. It’s too easy for them to destroy evidence in that CRIME, committed by the cops themselves. Those “detectives” (thugs) who came to take the phones should be charged in any crime that is found from this incident. (The Blaze)

Are You Republican or Democrat?

I get asked that all the time by people who should know the answer. I’m NEITHER. I can’t be a Democrat because Democrats today are mostly SOCIALISTS, and I want nothing to do with socialists. I can’t be a Republican because, although I believe many of the same things as do Republicans, I am NOT a “religious fanatic,” and many (not all) Republicans ARE. But enough to keep me from being a “registered Republican.” My question is this: MUST I be one or the other? Can’t I be something else? I could NOT ever vote for a Democrat, but I COULD vote for certain Republicans. But I could NOT vote for other Republicans. That makes me a NON-Republican. But when I vote, I MUST register as one or the other. Why? Why can’t I register as an Independent because I believe differently from BOTH parties? Rush Limbaugh says “Independents (‘middle-of-the-roaders”) are likely to be “road kill” since they can’t make up their minds which side to be on.”

That’s WRONG. There should be a THIRD choice; or even a fourth, or fifth choice, or even more. Why do we have to be either a Democrat or a Republican? I’m a “rational individualist.” I make up MY OWN MIND on EVERY issue. I don’t blindly follow ANY “party line.” Yes, I’m in the minority; but I’m used to that. That’s what happens when your thinking is different from the rest of the world. But what makes one or more of the two parties (whatever their names) right on all issues? Other countries have multiple parties, and their governments work (sometimes), even if some of them ARE socialist in nature. Coalitions are the “name of the game” there, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Way too many people brand me as a Republican because my opinions mostly are the same as are those of most Republicans. But that’s WRONG. I’m NOT a Republican, though I AM more “Republican-friendly” than I am “Democrat-friendly.” There ARE one or two Democrats with whom I agree on many things, but not enough for ANYBODY to think I’m a Democrat. (Just common sense)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Surprise! Detroit's Broke!

I’ve known that for years; but they didn’t know it until now. And who runs Detroit? Surprise, surprise! Democrats! The mayor is about to run for re-election in spite of his obvious incompetence, while the head of the city council is hoping the governor won’t let Detroit go broke; he says if it does, it’s the governor’s fault. Just like Obama, he blames others. One of the mayor’s opponents says, “Dave Bing is a political dead man walking.” I had to search hard to find out for sure Bing was a Democrat. Apparently, they’re not too proud of that. Bing was originally appointed mayor after his predecessor, Kwame Kilpatrick, was sent to prison. Oh, yeah; Kilpatrick is a Democrat, too. If you look all over the world at bankrupt municipalities, you’ll find Democrats or, simply, socialists in charge. People who believe in giving things STOLEN from those who PRODUCE to those who DON’T. Which, of course, creates NO new wealth and dooms such administrations to eventual failure. It is doing that now in Detroit, and will continue as long as Democrats (socialists) run the place. (7 Action News)

Gay "Marriage" Simplified

The question of whether or not people ought to be able to “get married” even if the participants are of the same sex is a contentious one. All over the use of ONE WORD: “marriage.” I think if two men or two women want to “make a contract” between them that is EXACTLY the same as marriage and conveys upon both parties the SAME RIGHTS as those enjoyed by married people, they SHOULD be able to do so. But NOT under the name MARRIAGE. Gays continue to argue this question as if it were one of “should gays be able to do it,” and they have been offered these rights many times, but they refuse because they don’t get the WORD “marriage.” That’s it, simplified: give them everything they want, EXCEPT the word “marriage.” If they don’t want it, forget it. Call it something else or it’s a “deal-killer.” If they don’t like it, they’ll NEVER be able to have a “contractual arrangement” similar to marriage until they realize they are NEVER going to get the use of the WORD “marriage.” Once they realize that, they’ll get what they REALLY want: the RIGHTS of marriage without desecrating the WORD “marriage.” Or do they just want the WORD? (Just common sense)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Obama: "No There There"

That’s what Obama says about the hooraw over UN Ambassador Rice’s “lie-fest” on five—FIVE (!) talk shows where she lied through her teeth about the cause of the murders in Benghazi, Libya. He says he has been “very clear” about the fact that they were “unable” to protect their diplomats. In that, he’s right—AFTER the fact. AFTER it was PROVEN that his original lies were, in fact, LIES. But he hasn’t told the truth about anything else. He still denies the fact that we’re in a war with certain Muslims who want to KILL us because we don’t believe the exact same way they do. He has even gone so far as to HELP those extremist Muslims kill us by sending BILLIONS of dollar’s worth of guns and other military goods to Egypt, which is now run by the same extremist Muslims and guarantees those guns and other military equipment will end up in the hands of the terrorists. But he doesn’t talk about that. (CBS News)

Liberal Teacher Disrespects Christ

In a Florida school, Ryan Rotella, a senior at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, was told to “write Jesus on a piece of paper, then drop it on the floor and stomp on it” by the professor teaching a class on “Intercultural Communications,” fergawdsake! The teacher, one Dr. Deandre Poole, is also a member of the local Democrat Party; a LIBERAL political party. Put this in perspective: replace “Jesus” with “Mohammed” and watch Muslims holler. How do Democrats think they can get away with disrespecting Christ while SUPPORTING Muslim efforts to BAN anyone from disrespecting Mohammed? Damn, are we being “run” by a bunch of FOOLS! Rotella refused to do it and was SUSPENDED by the school "officials." The same kind of "officials" who suspended a FIVE-YEAR-OLD for chewing a Pop-Tart into the SHAPE of a gun!

Being “ordered” to do this despicable act was APPROVED by the school “authorities” when they suspended him for that. This “professor” should be FIRED for demanding a Christian American to do such a thing. I wouldn't do it to Mohammed even though I believe Islam is NOT a religion, but is a political system MASQUERADING as a religion to get a "leg up" in their war against everybody who is NOT a Muslim (and even some who ARE, but are a different kind). Muslims are watching us and what we do. Remember, showing someone the bottom of your foot is one of the WORST insults you can give somebody, according to Muslims. Frankly, if I were in that class and the teacher told me to do that, I'd "slap him(her) silly" for stupidity and for insulting my intelligence (but then I'm a "growed man"). And they wouldn't have to suspend me. I'd walk out and never be seen again in that school. (The Commentator)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

What's Happened to the Media?

The day after the Benghazi survivors gave DAMNING testimony about what happened during the Benghazi attack, they IGNORED the content of that testimony (which showed that Obama and ALL his accomplices, INCLUDING Hillary, REFUSED to send help that WAS close enough, condemning them to DEATH) and merely reported that the testimony “caused more controversy” For me, and I’m sure for ANYBODY who is “paying attention,” the media today has lost ALL credibility. What’s WRONG with these people? They think Obama’s sh-t doesn’t stink. The stench is right there before them and they can’t smell it. This is how Germany got Hitler and the Nazis and how Russia got Lenin and communism. It’s the SAME system at work and the same kind of people allowing it. Is Obama the next big collectivist dictator in waiting? (Sweetness and Light)

Why Are WE Giving Terrorists Money?

Obama is getting very open about his siding with our enemies. He can’t afford the “piffling amount” of money required to keep the White House open to tours, but he sent the TERRORISTS $265 BILLION dollars to help them buy bombs to use in MURDERING Americans, and others. WTF? Would we have sent the NAZIS a big bundle of money while we were at WAR with them? How STUPID is this man? Does he think we won’t NOTICE his squandering our tax money and supporting Islamic terrorists while they MURDER innocents? We need to GET RID of this FOOL before he gives away the entire COUNTRY! will SOMEBODY answer this question and quit ignoring it? (Barracuda Brigade)

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Happened to he Media?

The day after the Benghazi survivors gave DAMNING testimony about what happened during the Benghazi attack, they IGNORED the content of that testimony (which showed that Obama and ALL his accomplices, INCLUDING Hillary, REFUSED to send help that WAS close enough, condemning them to DEATH) and merely reported that the testimony “caused more controversy” For me, and I’m sure for ANYBODY who is “paying attention,” the media today has lost ALL credibility. What’s WRONG with these people? They think Obama’s sh-t doesn’t stink. The stench is right there before them and they can’t smell it. This is how Germany got Hitler and the Nazis and how Russia got Lenin and communism. It’s the SAME system at work and the same kind of people allowing it. Is Obama the next big collectivist dictator in waiting? (Sweetness and Light)

Trying to Scare Us to Death

Obama is making all kinds of budget cuts on unimportant things; things that will HURT. That are PLANNED to hurt, and blaming them on the “Sequester,” when they have noting to do with the Sequester. The closing of the White House tours, for instance. That’s such a tiny part of the budget (if we had one) that it shouldn’t even be considered when we talk about the massive amount of spending otherwise on silly things. Then there’s the White House Easter Egg Hunt, which he has threatened to cancel “due to funding questions.” This notwithstanding that this event is financed by private money that has nothing to do with regular funding. His efforts to frighten us about the Sequester is becoming so transparent, NOBODY believes him any more. (Just common sense)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Learning A Lesson

This guy learned a hard lesson in a few seconds when he tried to shoot a cop in the back while he was questioning a suspect. Of course, the lesson won’t help him much because he died learning it. He tried to kill three cops from behind with the usual illegally-gotten gun. He shot them but didn’t do them much damage because of his lack of skill with that gun. The cops were better and, though one was slightly wounded, their shots were right on target and he was killed. Which reinforces my opinion that most criminals, even if armed, aren’t very good with their guns. This situation also proves that it’s not a good idea to shoot at cops. I remember, many years ago, another guy made the same mistake while standing next to my car. He ended up dead with his hand leaning on my car. Fortunately, I was at home a few doors away. The cops had chased him for three miles before he crashed his car and aimed his gun at them. (The Blaze)

Did Trump Say This?

“Let me get this straight... We're going to be 'gifted' with a health care plan we are forced to purchase, and fined if we don’t, which purportedly covers at least ten million more people, without adding a single new doctor, but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents, written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a dumbo president who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, for which we'll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's broke!" There is a question as to whether Trump said this or it’s something some “wag” came up with and it has been circulation on the web for a long time. I don’t care of trump said it or not: it’s a perfect description of Obama’s health care swindle and reflects a basic truth. (Just common sense)

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Obama: "Reject Those Voices!"

Sure; don’t Pay attention to the people who are trying to warn you that Obama and people like him want to CONTROL your life, absolutely, right up to, and including telling you how much money you “NEED” and STEAL the rest for themselves to use in buying votes to stay “in power.” That’s what he told new graduates at his latest speech to a graduating class at Ohio University the other day. They want to make this country into a “collectivist paradise” in which the GOVERNMENT is KING (like it used to be in Soviet Russia, before the communist {collectivist} government there predictably COLLAPSED when they ran out of money to steal), running everybody’s life and TAKING all the money in excess of what THEY think you need. He wants you to “reject those voices” so he and his accomplices can more easily con you out of your socks, using the money for their own purposes. Yeah; keep on ignoring those voices while he sticks his hand in your pocket and makes you broke and DEPENDENT on him and his government so he can RUN your life. (The Blaze)

Evidence of Incompetence

Obama (our most incompetent president) is going around saying the only way to solve the “oil problem” is to “wean our cars OFF oil.” How incompetent do you have to be to even THINK such a thing? What the hell does he think will provide LUBRICATION for our cars when oil is gone? Yes, there MIGHT be one day discovered a means to power our cars without oil. But they will STILL need lubrication, and that means OIL. In reality (something Obama doesn’t understand), the best way to “solve the oil problem” is to ALLOW DRILLING IN AMERICA, which he steadfastly BANS. So what if oil drilling might add a little to the environmental problems (which are NOT as bad as liberals want you to think). There ARE other ways to solve that problem without hamstringing the American motorist. But he’s too dumb to realize that. He has his mind made up and NO amount of FACTS are going to change it. He’ll just deny them and ridicule the person who suggests it. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NRA Speaker Freaks Left

The news media points out the advice given by one speaker at the NRA Convention that “freaked out” the left. But actually, it was the entire NRA Convention that “freaked out” the left. The NRA itself “freaks out” the left because the left is “freaked out” by GUNS and the NRA promotes the ownership of guns for self defense and other uses. The NRA promotes the right to SELF-DEFENSE and to own and carry the means to that self-defense, a gun. A knife won’t do it in most cases, because criminals mostly use their illegally-obtained guns to menace them. Liberals will never understand that laws against gun ownership will NEVER stop criminals and crazies who want to kill innocent people because such people don’t OBEY gun laws, or ANY laws. All they do, as now constituted, is guarantee criminals and crazies an unending supply of UNARMED VICTIMS. Our current crop of politicos just can't understand that.

So the NRA is a NEEDED organization to curb the actions of the left in limiting our constitutional tight to be armed for self-defense, even against the GOVERNMENT, if necessary. Without it, or one like it, the “anti-gun freaks” would “run free” and make it illegal for honest people to own and use guns for self-defense while doing NOTHING to limit the possession of guns by criminals. Criminals, in fact, LIKE gun laws that limit the ownership of guns by their intended victims. Guns are NOT solely for hunting and sports, as the left continues to insist, to make gun ownership less important in our lives. They are for SELF-DEFENSE. The sooner people realize that, the better off we’ll be. But they never will, so the NRA will always be needed, to ward off the fools. (The Blaze)

Why Are Politicians So Stupid?

I don’t know. Maybe it’s something in the air that only affects politicians. Unfortunately, it affects people like Michael Moore, too. People who want to make money on the STUPIDITY of certain people. It makes them think CRIMINALS, who break laws for a LIVING, would OBEY a law that says they can’t be armed. It causes those politicians to make laws that only disarm responsible and HONEST people and provide an unending stream of defenseless, UNARMED people for them to victimize. Their laws only apply to HONEST people, not to CRIMINALS, who don’t OBEY laws. They need to pass laws that give criminals stiffer sentences for USING a gun in the commission of a crime; laws that PREVENT cops from using those charges as “throwaways” to obtain a conviction in other crimes. They should be ADDED to the violent crime statutes in such a way that they CANNOT be discarded to obtain a conviction in other crimes. But if you suggest this to our INCOMPETENT politicians, they’ll laugh at you and continue on their INCOMPETENT ways, making laws to DISARM the populace. (Coloradoan)

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Obama: "Reject Those Voices!"

Sure; don’t Pay attention to the people who are trying to warn you that Obama and people like him want to CONTROL your life, absolutely, right up to, and including telling you how much money you “NEED” and STEAL the rest for themselves to use in buying votes to stay “in power.” That’s what he told new graduates at his latest speech to a graduating class at Ohio University the other day. They want to make this country into a “collectivist paradise” in which the GOVERNMENT is KING (like it used to be in Soviet Russia, before the communist {collectivist} government there predictably COLLAPSED when they ran out of money to steal), running everybody’s life and TAKING all the money in excess of what THEY think you need. He wants you to “reject those voices” so he and his accomplices can more easily con you out of your socks, using the money for their own purposes. Yeah; keep on ignoring those voices while he sticks his hand in your pocket and makes you broke and DEPENDENT on him and his government so he can RUN your life. (The Blaze)

Obama: "Stand own!"

What would possess a president to give such an order in the face of the DEADLY attack that was GOING ON in Benghazi, Libya? There are only two answers: One, he WANTED those people killed; and two, he’s INCOMPETENT and didn’t know such an order would mean DEATH for those under attack. In either case, this order should END Obama as president BECAUSE of his incompetence. He is not qualified to BE president; not because he was not born in the United States, but because he has NO IDEA what he’s doing. All he knows how to do is CON people out of their socks—and he’s good at that. Being president? Not so much. He conned his way into the presidency, but isn’t CAPABLE of governing. (The Blaze)

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Surprise! The Sun will Rise Tomorrow!

The reports on the NRA convention, noting that the new president (James Porter, attorney and son of a former NRA president) “came out swinging” and “fanned the flames of an emotionally combustible debate.” The article says that, “The NRA finds itself in a national fight over gun control in Washington, DC.” Oh, Really? Isn’t that something they have been in the middle of for years? Isn’t that their JOB? The article reports that, “Porter has called Obama a ‘fake president” and AG Holder as ‘un-American’.” As if he were wrong. Clue, people: he’s RIGHT. Yes, he also calls the Revolutionary War “the war of northern aggression,” which shows he’s a “southerner.” So what? You can’t be right on everything, but two out of three isn’t bad. He called for training every American in the use of standard military firearms so they could defend themselves, even against an “out-of-control government,” which we are rapidly gaining. I’m happy to see the NRA realizing that the right to own guns is NOT just about hunting and shooting sports. It’s MOSTLY about SELF-DEFENSE, even from the GOVERNMENT, if necessary.

That’s not a radical position; it’s merely COMMON SENSE. It’s only radical to liberal FOOLS who think we can achieve self-defense by DISARMING ourselves in the face of an ARMED enemy. Josh Horwiz, a top “anti-gun freak,” says, “Porter as president pulls the NRA further into the extremist camp and they have gone full crazy.” This from Horwitz is a high compliment (he didn't intend it that way). It shows how much Porter frightens him and other anti-gun Nazis. I’d say Porter is a good choice. People thought Keene was a weak president. They are right, and his policies caused me to move AWAY from the NRA. Now, maybe I can support the NRA again if Porter's policies live up to the billings.  (

Typical Incompetent Government

Now they say they spend $900,000 per inmate, per inmate, per year at GITMO. Sounds like they’re “making a case” for closing it. But what they ARE doing is pointing out their own INCOMPETENCE. Spending that much to keep a single inmate incarcerated shows an amazing amount of stupidity AND incompetence. Each inmate must have his own furnished apartment, complete with wall-mounted large-screen TV and a private shower—maybe even a tub for that amount of money. They must get caviar at dinner, too. They don’t spend NEARLY that amount on a prisoner in the Justice System, why do they spend that much here? Obviously it’s because they want something to use in their campaign to CLOSE GITMO. It’s a typical Obama con. (Cowboy Byte)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Sorry About That

My computer went down last Thursday and the loaner they gave me didn’t have an operating system on it, which cost me yet another day. Then I had trouble getting on my blog dashboards, which cost me yet another day. I finally got everything to work (somewhat) so I can post again.

We Can't Close GITMO!

That’s Obama’s problem. There are too many murderers held there. He can’t send them to prisons in America. He’s tried that and has run into a “brick wall” (Those “powerful interests” he talks about keeping him from action). We can't just let them go to return home and continue murdering innocent people. I have a solution: shoot them. Line them up and give them an easier death than they’d give us if it were the other way around. Yes, I know that’s against the Constitution. But Obama violates the Constitution every day and nobody does anything about it. Every one of these prisoners has murdered many innocent people (Every one was caught on the field of battle. You can forget that "I was going to the barbershop” jazz (That's a lie.) and that would not be “cruel and unusual punishment.” Their deaths would be a lot easier than was that of their victims, many of whom were beheaded slowly and painfully with a rusty knife. I watched one on video. (Just common sense)

Obama: "No Debt Crisis"

Some of the fools in Washington (principally Nancy Peelosi) now say “we don’t have a spending problem,” and that’s stupid. Now President Obama says “we don’t have a debt problem.” Which is like a tot with chocolate all over his mouth insisting that he did NOT get into the chocolate. It’s a LIE, and nobody believes it. Not with a FOUR TRILLION DOLLAR debt, built up in four years due to Obama’s prolific spending habits. We will not be able to pay off this debt in my lifetime, or the lifetime of my grandchildren or even their grandchildren. Every child born today (or many years ago) already owes more than $100,000.00 the day he/she is born. And they say we don’t have a spending problem? Or a debt problem? What amazing INCOMPETENCE this shows! First, to BUILD such a debt, and second, to DENY it and expect people of even AVERAGE intelligence to believe it. Their incompetence to govern is breath-taking. Yet nobody will admit it, even their enemies. Further evidence of their incompetence is the “panic every day” we suffer; which is their scam to con us into accepting more and more limits on our rights and higher taxes that we ordinarily would not accept without this “panic atmosphere.” People will criticize me for writing this; but that merely tells me they are as stupid as are our politicians. (Just common sense)

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Backing Up Your Threat (Promise)

Every parent knows (though some ignore it) that when you threaten (promise) to do something if your children act up, you need to DO IT. Not to do what you promised tells them they can get away with ANYTHING because you don't have the guts do what you promised. The same applies to PROMISES you make if they do something good. If you don’t keep your promises, your credibility disappears. The same applies when a president promises to do something if another COUNTRY “crosses a red line.” If he then “backs away” from that promise as Obama is now doing concerning use of “chemical weapons” in Syria. Assad now knows he can continue to use them to kill his people with impunity if he keeps their use “questionable.” Obama will do nothing. (LA Times)

"One Bullet At A Tme"

 An 81-year-old man was confronted by an armed robber (or at least a man who wanted him to THINK he had a gun) who told him, “I want everything you’ve got.” So the old man gave him a couple of bullets, one at a time. A neighbor thought the robber was dead and called 911. They “saved” him and sent him to the hospital, where he is now recovering. I hope this man has learned his lesson, that he should not assume his intended victim is unarmed. If he comes after this man for shooting him, he might not survive the next time ha is shot. This again proves my thesis that an armed man, even an 81-year-old man, can stop a crime if he is armed. The news item doesn’t say if this man is LEGALLY armed, but being in Florida, I’d guess he was. In  any case, according to the cops, no charges have been filed against this man for defending himself, at least for now. (The Blaze)