Saturday, May 11, 2013

What's Happened to he Media?

The day after the Benghazi survivors gave DAMNING testimony about what happened during the Benghazi attack, they IGNORED the content of that testimony (which showed that Obama and ALL his accomplices, INCLUDING Hillary, REFUSED to send help that WAS close enough, condemning them to DEATH) and merely reported that the testimony “caused more controversy” For me, and I’m sure for ANYBODY who is “paying attention,” the media today has lost ALL credibility. What’s WRONG with these people? They think Obama’s sh-t doesn’t stink. The stench is right there before them and they can’t smell it. This is how Germany got Hitler and the Nazis and how Russia got Lenin and communism. It’s the SAME system at work and the same kind of people allowing it. Is Obama the next big collectivist dictator in waiting? (Sweetness and Light)

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