Tuesday, July 31, 2018

"Medicare for All!"

That’s one of the stupidest ideas I’ve ever heard. It’s PURE socialism (collectivism). Who gets to pay for it? The producer of new wealth, of course. Who benefits? Those who produce NO new wealth. The “drones” of society. Medicare for all would cost the government $32 TRILLION dollars, and require taxes so high nobody could pay them and have any money left to pay their own bills—and that’s what socialists want. They want all people DEPENDENT upon the government, so they can “make rules” to CONTROL them. It’s all about CONTROL, using other people’s money. That’s what socialism is all about: using other people’s money to control everybody, INCLUDING those who pay the bills. ESPECIALLY those who pay the bills. Socialism only appeals to those who wish to live at the expense of somebody else, and those who are able and WILLING to earn their own way are the VICTIMS of socialism. Socialism STEALS part of their earnings in the form of high taxes, and GIVES that stolen, unearned, to those who produce NOTHING, in return for a vote to keep the looters in power so they can continue to steal from the producers. Bernie Sanders, to his credit, is an ADMITTED socialist, while a large percentage of Dumocrats are NOT admitted socialists, but are socialists, nonetheless. Never listen to those who try to sell socialism (under any name) to you. They’re trying to victimize you. (National Review)

"Pack the Supreme Court!"

That's what the liberals (Dumocrats) want to do, when, and IF they regain their majority in congress. So that is yet one more reason to REJECT as many Dumocrats as possible, in EVERY election. FDR famously tried to pack the Supreme Court, and failed. They note that 14 out of the last 18 new justices were appointed by Republicans, and discount the fact that almost HALF the Court is still liberal. They want to "correct that imbalance," meaning more liberals on the court. The fact that this will NOT "correct an imbalance" doesn't occur to them. They want a LIBERAL Court. AND, they think SOCIALISM will win! They WANT it to win, so they can LOOT those who EARN their own way for the benefit of those who DON'T earn anything. (Daily Caller)

Forcing Criminality

People In Government, Especially In States Like New York And New Jersey, are forcing honest people to become criminals, in order to defend themselves against those who would use illegally-owned guns against them. In New Jersey, for instance, its anti-gun fool governor wants to raise the cost of BUYING a gun 2400%! And that's not even the cost of the gun, itself. It is the cost of the PERMIT the state requires you to buy before you can even BUY a gun legally. And other permit fees you must pay to get a gun are similarly in his sights. This reinforces the fact that, since politicians know they are constitutionally PROHIBITED from just BANNING guns, they are determined to make them impossible to even BUY, let alone carry and use for self defense, or anything else. They are even trying to get laws passed to treat gun parts and AMMUNITION like guns, themselves, requiring background checks and buying "permits" in order to buy BULLETS. This will inevitably create an even larger black market in not only guns, but gun parts and ammunition, as well. And I am, for one, in favor of that, since that's where most of the "bad guys" get their guns--and we might be FORCED to get the means to defend ourselves from them from the same place. (Daily Caller)

Monday, July 30, 2018

"Thank God for Murder!"

That’s what they’re saying in New York City in the LGBTQ(XYZ) parade. Actually, the signs read, “Thank God for Abortion!” I never thought I’d see a parade float celebrating the MURDER of unborn, defenseless BABIES! But that’s exactly what this is. Liberals accused returning soldiers from Viet Nam of being “baby killers,” when they were NOT. Now they ARE the “baby killers,” and unashamedly so. They’re even CELEBRATING the MURDER of millions of babies! One participant (whose name I will not mention) even had her own float, to celebrate the number of defenseless babies she has MURDERED. This is the kind of thing Germany suffered from during WWII, but that was under Nazi rule. To disagree with the Nazis was to die, themselves, so they HAD TO go along with their holocaust, or DIE. They had no choice. Americans have a choice, and it seems they are choosing MURDER over sensible solutions, such as adoption of the result of unprotected sex. They’d rather MURDER their offspring, rather than use a rubber, or other birth control. They use MURDER as birth control. I don’t like to believe we’ve descended to this level, but we have, and I can’t change the urge to MURDER, instead of using birth control. But it’s not for me. If God sent a big flood to punish sin before, we’d better all invest in snorkel gear. (Mommy Underground)

Most Elite Democrats Are Fools

They want to abolish ICE. We might as well abolish the institution of our government. Or get rid of the cops because they shoot black guys who are shooting at everybody. "Black Lives Matter" would like that. Get rid of the agency that keeps criminals in line (mostly). That's why Dumocrats want to get rid of ICE. They want COMPLETELY open borders. They want to allow ANYBODY who wants to, to come in, no matter if they're criminals who will rob and murder us, and rape our women. They don't care. Dumocrats feel an "affinity" with criminals, of all kinds, because most of them are criminals. They are now OPENLY a SOCIALIST promoting party. They have stopped HIDING it. They actually RAN an admitted socialist in the last presidential election. An openly socialist woman won an election recently against a many times elected member of congress. Socialism is a system BASED on the THEFT of money and goods from those who EARN their way, so they can GIVE that stolen to the "drones" of society, who produce no new wealth, produce NOTHING, and EARN nothing. (Just common sense)

Dida Lotta Good

MOMS Against Guns (or something like that) hung a couple of anti-gun signs at a New Jersey school just before a crazed gunman shot the place up. Those signs did a lot of good, didn't they? That's what outfits like MOMS do. All cosmetic. And that includes the laws they promote. It's all cosmetic. Their laws don't work, and they know it. But they keep on pushing them, anyway. Which has convinced me they aren't really interested in safety, they're interested in CONTROL. They want to be able to tell us we CAN'T. It's the same with all those so-called "gun safety" outfits. They just want to be able to pass laws that tell us we CAN'T have a gun for protection, while those laws do NOTHING to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them, because those people just IGNORE them and get their guns illegally. They either buy them out of the trunk of another criminal's car in a back alley somewhere, or they just steal them. (NJ)

Friday, July 27, 2018

That's What They Hate

Judge Cavanaugh, Trump’s appointee to the Supreme court, PLEDGES to go by the Constitution, as they are SUPPOSED to do, rather than let his own opinions and prejudices, or anything else, such as FOREIGN law, guide his decisions. And liberals HATE that. They want to put one of their own in the Court, so they can depend on the Court to make decisions in their favor, no matter WHAT the Constitution says. So the liberal (Dumocrat) rejection of this good judge begins, futile as it mat be—unless sufficient REPUBLICANS show their hidden liberal leanings, by not voting for him. The Supreme Court was CREATED for one purpose. To make sure that the lawmakers in this country FOLLOW the Constitution in the laws they make. Liberal Justices have PROVEN themselves NOT to be true to this job. Conservative Justices have. So liberals rant and rave, lay down and stomp their feet on the ground in their tantrums, and talk about all the decisions he has made that they don’t like, but we do. And that is the best reason why he SHOULD be confirmed, to make the supreme Court what it was MEANT to be, the GUARDIAN of the Constitution. (Bloomberg)

The "Right" to Murder Babies

Senator Diane Feinstein, in "interrogating" a Supreme Court nominee, asked her about the "dogma" of the Catholic church against abortion. Frankly, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a high-ranking SENATOR would openly SUPPORT MURDER, right out in the open. But that's what DiFi did. She SUPPORTED the murder of millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES who are being murdered, every day--with the APPROVAL of the law, after a misguided (by liberals) Court decided that the Constitution mandated those murders. The specter of the court reversing that erroneous decision is making liberals crazy. Why? Because they KNOW they are wrong, but they want to continue to be wrong, and they know that more intelligent people are now in charge, and will ultimately CORRECT that error. They hate that. They see their "hard work" being done away with, and it's making them crazy. They see themselves no longer being able to KILL BABIES, and they hate that. This is our "holocaust," and the American people now realize that, something the Germans never did, until Nazism was defeated. (Los Angeles Times)

It Happened Again

I really get tired of saying this, but I'll say it again. Again, the anti-gun fools were wrong. They say legally armed citizens NEVER stop a mass shooter, but it happens every day. The liberal media, which is in cahoots with the anti-gun fools doesn't run it to a national audience, always keeping it a "local story" when an armed citizen stops a thug from shooting everybody in sight. Same here. David George, an EMT with the local fire department was shopping at Wal-Mart with his family when Tim Day started shooting in the store. Worried about his family, he stalked the shooter when he went by him shooting others. Still reluctant to pull his own gun, he did so and shot the guy when he shot the driver of a car he was trying to carjack. Another armed citizen was also there and he told him to watch the injured shooter while he, as an EMT, went to tend to the driver who was shot. So this man not only saved lives by stopping the shooter, he also probably saved the life of the driver who was shot. But I doubt you'll read much about this in the national media. (KOMO News)

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Promoting Racism

It started with Obama promising that if we elected him, we would forever END racism in our time. And then he called every disagreement with his policies racism. Soon, his accomplices were taking a page out of his book and calling every disagreement with liberal thought racism. The word racism has become a favorite epithet with liberals (Dumocrats). Racist pig Maxine Waters calls the whole world (except her supporters) racist. Now they’re promoting racism against WHITES and are TEACHING that racism in our colleges, so that our impressionable young, who don’t know any better, believe it. They’re not taught true racial history in schools, so they don’t know about the Dumocrat-created Ku Klux Klan (KKK), who rode at night, behind masks, and included many Dumocrats in their ranks, killing, and hanging black people. After being taught, in college, that this country is INHERENTLY racist, and that it was all caused by “white privilege” that is still going on, they BELIEVE that rap, and will not be dissuaded. Today’s KKK is that ubiquitous Antifa outfit that goes around ATTACKING conservatives at their peaceful gatherings, while the liberal news media falsely reports that the gatherings were “rival protesters.” If liberals get what they wish, there will soon be two drinking fountains, one for blacks and one for whites, but this time the black people will be taught that the better one is theirs. Some black college students (joined by some whites) are even now insisting on black-only student housing in colleges, and colleges are “knuckling under,” since they agree. (Newsweak)

They Found No Bias

That's what the recent IG Report said. What does it take to dent the thick skulls of the "swamp's" bureaucrats? When an FBI agent sends an e-mail to another FBI agent saying, "Trump should never be president," while "investigating" him, and later another saying, "We will stop him," how is that NOT bias? Frankly, I think the bias is in the IG office. The IG appears to be PART of the swamp. Apparently, he believes that if he tells a lie, we will believe it, and he can "do his job" for the rest of the swamp, "clearing" other "swamp members." The Inspector General is supposed to be unassailably honest. But apparently, this one isn't, and his action casts a shadow on all other inspectors general, in other bureaucracies. Just as James Comey "cleared" Hillary of any wrongdoing before the "investigation" ended, so she could become president (didn't work), the IG "cleared" Comey and others of bias charges they so clearly earned. The problem is, other swamp members accept the IG Report, so they can "put this behind them," hopefully. But it ain't agonna work this time, fellas. We're onto you, and now the IG is "thrown in" with the rest of the swamp, that nobody believes. (Just common sense)

Hogg Has Armed Security

Teenage anti-gun fool big mouth David Hogg realizes what we all realize, and that having armed security (either yourself, or paid thugs) is a good thing, with all the ILLEGAL guns out there in the hands of criminals. So when he walks around, it is with a bunch of gun-toting thugs surrounding him, as it is with most anti-gun fools. And. like most anti-gun fools, he has no idea of the contradiction that entails. He just wants to be safe, while denying that right to the rest of us. He will probably end up a politician, because he is good at that kind of blather and double-dealing. Nobody seems to notice when anti-gun fools such as Sen. Feinstein not only hire armed security, but carry their own guns, as well, while working HARD to deny the rest of us the same right. The question in my mind is, who is PAYING for his gun-toting thugs? The anti-gun fools who are using him for their own purposes? How many teenagers do you know who can afford to pay for their own armed security? (Twitter)

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Run Hillary, Run!

There’s talk of Hillary Clinton running again for president in 2020. I LOVE it! She’s apparently a glutton for punishment, and I can think of nothing else worse than suffering a THIRD time this country telling her she’s not wanted. What she doesn’t know, or won’t admit to herself is that her candidacy is probably the best thing Trump could hope for in the next election. It will GUARANTEE him another win, this time in a landslide. Furthermore, all the dithering and hate-filled violence engaged in by the Dumocrats and their accomplices helps Republicans, even more. The more Dumocrats display their irrational hatred of Trump, the more they reveal themselves as “the swamp” Trump describes. So keep it up, fools! You’re going to guarantee Trump his next victory, and your demise. I hear about all manner of fools thinking they can unseat Trump by running for president, themselves. Eric Holder is one of the most recent. Fact is, not a single one of them has a snowball’s chance in hell. But you’ll never convince them of that, no more than you’ll ever convince the anti-gun fools that their laws NEVER work. (Newsweak)

The Liberals Are Losing

So now they're pulling out all the stops in their efforts to intimidate us. The people they call "anti-Fascists" (Antifa) are now using the same tactics that were used by the Fascists and Nazis during WWII. They're now physically attacking religious prayer groups who were legally meeting, and had a permit to gather (as if they needed one) with clubs and other weapons. It happened in Portland, Washington, but they weren't very good at it. They were "run off" by members of the prayer group who knew how to take care of themselves (those they didn’t have to carry off). the liberal news med predictably covered up the fact that the group was legally and peacefully assembling, while the other group (Antifa) were NOT. They talked about "the groups "starting to fight" without mentioning it was the "Antifas" who attacked the peaceful group without cause or warning and were repulsed by someone who was better at it than they were. If they're going to BE "Brown Shirts," maybe they'd better get better at it. These attackers were called "progressives," (an alias meaning liberals) when they were ANYTHING but "progressive." (Conservative Tribune)

Targeting Legal Gun Buyers

The anti-gun fools have given up even PRETENDING to be trying to "keep guns out of the hands of criminals," and are now targeting LEGAL gun owners, who mostly aren't criminals. New Jersey's new governor, Phil Murphy, wants to "make it a lot more expensive to own a gun." The current "fee" for getting a PERMIT to buy a gun is only $2.00. Murphy doesn't like that, and wants to hike it a LOT (It's always about money, isn't it?). The current plan is to raise the "fee" from $2.00 to $50.00. Which is much higher than would be required by inflation. Of course, this will drive would be gun owners to buy their guns illegally because they’re now too expensive to buy legally. It's much worst than when Colorado Governor Hickenpooper DOUBLED the license plate fee in Colorado. DOUBLED it! This guy went for an increase of 25 times! All to make it harder to LEGALLY own a gun! Forget about getting a gun ILLEGALLY. This does NOTHING in that direction, and is just a "money-grubbing" action, using guns as an excuse. Of course, this has the effect of denying that constitutional right to those earning less money. People Dumocrats CLAIM to "love" and want to help increase their lot in life. But not their right to stay alive. The fact that you should not have to pay for a PERMIT to exercise a constitutional right doesn't seem to bother such fools as Murphy, of course. (New Jersey)

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Government "Blowing Smoke"

What does the government, at all levels do, when their “solutions” to problems predictably FAIL? Why, they “double down” on them, of course. In Broward County, Florida, law enforcement failed on many levels that could have prevented the mass shooting in that school. So the sheriff, whose officer was STATIONED at that school and cowered behind his car while the killer killed, blames the NRA and then trots out a new squad car design, asking the public if they like it. As a result of mass shootings, the government is adding yet ANOTHER database to the NICS system, saying they “needed more information.” Never mind that in Sutherland Springs, Texas, the killer passed a background check because the Air Force FAILED to add his felonies to their database. In Chicago, gun violence continues, unabated, in spite of all their tight gun laws. What’s heir response? More of them. What this boils down to is INCOMPETENCE in government. They have no idea what to do, so they “blow smoke,” hoping we won’t notice. San Francisco, for instance, is banning plastic straws, hoping we won’t notice all the sh-t in the streets. (San Francisco Chronicle)

It's All A Big Load

The whole fiasco about "separating parents from their children" is a big load of stinky brown stuff--and you know what that is. It's a MANUFACTURED issue the Dumocrats hope to ride to victory in the next election, and it's not going to work. Tell me. When is the last time a PRISONER was allowed to bring his family to prison with him? When is the last time it was even SUGGESTED in any case but with illegal aliens? The fact is CRIMINALS normally don't even THINK about NOT being separated from their families when they commit a crime and get caught--unless they're illegal aliens committing THAT crime. They think they can use the compassion of Americans against them when they set out to commit that crime. They're all about "gaming the system" every way they can, and liberals go right along with them if they think it will buy them votes. The real truth of the matter is that MOST of the children that end up in our system that way were separated from their parents when they STARTED their trip to the United States.

They were SENT AHEAD, on their own, on that perilous journey. And then when we kept them separated because we don't like to punish CHILDREN for the crimes of their parents, we keep them separate until their court dates--which they will never show up for if they are freed, they whine and scream, and liberals listen, and make IMPOSSIBLE DEMANDS. When that happens gullible liberal "hangers on" take up the whining and screaming and make it sound like all America is "concerned." If these people would just STAY HOME, there wouldn't be a problem. Failing that, if they'd just SHOW UP for their court dates, we wouldn't have to hold them, and thus hold their children separately in better conditions. They keep calling it "Trump immigration policy," but it is NOT. Trump is merely enforcing the LAW as written, which other presidents FAILED to do. (The Mail News)

Hogg Needs Comeuppance

Seventeen-year-old anti-gun fool David Hogg thinks he's a "rock star" because the liberal media and his anti-gun fool "handlers" are treating him like one. Everywhere he goes, he seems to be surrounded by microphones shoved into his face to record his every utterance--as if this ignorant kid knew something important to say. He doesn't. He has seized upon his position as (maybe) a Parkland School "survivor" to get his "fifteen minutes of fame." His first attempt at getting Laura Ingraham's sponsors to stop sponsoring her failed, big time, so like most liberals, he's doing the same thing again, and expecting a different outcome. Which is the very DEFINITION of insanity. Somebody needs to clue this damned fool that what he is supporting is USELESS in stopping "gun violence," and only makes it worse, by DISARMING the law-abiding, while ignoring the fact that criminals don't OBEY laws and, are thus, not affected by them, except for the better (The Blaze)

Monday, July 23, 2018

I'm A Trump Supporter!

I wasn’t always a Trump supporter, but I am, now. I looked at Trump’s running for president as a novelty. I didn’t think there was a chance in hell of him winning, and I dreaded what was going to happen to this country if we got another four to eight years of what we suffered under Obama if Hillary got elected, with only a “novelty candidate” on the Republican side. But, as Trump continued to keep his promises and “drain the swamp,” I began to see him as maybe a “savior.” Then he began to not only reverse what Obama did, and doing his own things that made this country into a “boom town” with the lowest unemployment figures in history, while the stock market rose to MORE record levels—and kept on rising, as corporations (you know, those wascally old big corporations who only TAKE from all people) started giving bonuses and raises to their people in anticipation of the money they would get from Trump’s tax cuts.

Then companies that had moved overseas under Obama began coming back, bringing their jobs with them. I became more and more convinced that, far from being a “novelty president,” Trump was the ANSWER to all our problems—problems brought to us by Dumocrats, and now I am a firm supporter of President Trump. But I won’t be going around wearing a “MAGA” hat, because the Dumocrats (liberals) are so hateful of Trump and anybody supporting him that I, as an old man, do not want to suffer an attack from some stupid fool who knows no better and thinks his opposition to Trump gives him the right to assault anybody who doesn’t agree with him. They’re trying to get Trump’s approval numbers down, and are FAILING, big time, because Trump doesn’t depend on the liberal media to tell us what he is doing. He “bypasses them” and tells us, himself, which enrages them further. They hate it that this “buffoon” runs rings around them at all points. (Just common sense)

Mueller's Conflicts of Interest

Mueller's "team" consists of people with many conflicts of interest, including attending Hillary's "victory" party on election night when they still thought she would win, and giving thousands of dollars to Hillary and other Dumocrats. And these are the people who are there for only one reason: "get" President Trump before he can finish "draining the swamp" with them in it. These "13 angry Dumocrats" are among the people Trump will "drain" and they know it. So they're going to work as hard as they can to come up with something, ANYTHING they can use to "dump Trump," true or not. The entire Mueller "investigation" is a string of conflicts of interest, and everybody knows it. But do nothing about it. And if Trump does anything, he can be criticized for "blocking the investigation" into his "wrongdoing." That the wrongdoing does not exist means nothing to them. It is a fight for survival between the swamp and the president, and neither side is going to surrender. The winner of this war is very important, because it makes the difference between the very SURVIVAL of this country as a free nation. (American Patriot Daily)

Kids Gang Up on Dad

This mother had a restraining order out against her estranged husband, because he had been violent toward her. Which, of course, did NOTHING to stop him from attacking her again. Much like gun laws do nothing to stop bad guys from getting guns. But in this case, he didn't count on their kids. When he began beating their mom again, they stood up for her. The 8-year-old daughter actually jumped up and hit him in the face, which would have earned her her own beating, if not for the boy, 5, who brought his mother a gun, which she used to strop his attack. Now some liberals would lose it over this child knowing where the gun was. They would like kids to be unaware guns even exist. But if you show them where, and teach them about guns, while telling them to not touch them to play with them, they'd be less likely to do so. In this case, the boy not only knew where it was, he actually brought it to her when she most needed it. she used it on her husband (not fatally), and stopped his attack, most likely saving her own life in the process. All because her kids know about the gun, and how and when to use it. (Bearing Arms)

Friday, July 20, 2018

Guy Thinks He's A Girl

Enters a high-stakes physical contest for women—and WINS. How is that possible? Think about it. If your daughter works hard for five or six years, and finally makes it to statewide competition, then has to compete with a MAN in women’s clothing. I’d be ashamed to accept such a title. How do you feel? How the hell do liberals convince people this kind of thing is legal? A good example is Whoopi Goldberg’s “meltdown” on “The View” when “Judge Janine” Piro didn’t agree with her that Trump was an ass. They ATTACK you if you don’t agree with them. And, with the growth of Antifa, it’s only a matter of time until those attacks stop being verbal and become physical—and maybe even DEADLY. Liberals today are saying there are way more than two sexes—and making it stick, by ATTACKING anybody who doesn’t agree with that, in spite of the actual EVIDENCE it is NOT SO. And by so doing, they are allowing MEN into women’s restrooms and changing rooms, so they can ogle your teenage daughters, who are often NAKED in there. It amazes me the stupid and zany things liberals try and impose on the rest of us. They impose them, not by intelligent arguing on the facts, but by ATTACKING anybody who disagrees with their stupid ideas, as Whoopi did. (Daily Caller)

Is It Trump's Fault?

One Annapolis, MD victim (one left alive) is now blaming Trump for his injuries because of Trump's exhortation that the media is "the enemy." Really? Is it Trump's fault that a misguided individual with a grudge against a local newspaper came in and killed a bunch of people? That's a fool claim, born of frustration and previous bias. That fool didn't shoot up that newspaper office because of anything Trump might have said, true or false. He did it because of a PERSONAL GRUDGE against THAT newspaper, and nothing Trump said had anything to do with it. to think so is the thinking of a fool. It's a cheap shot from someone we will later find out is a "dedicated Trump hater" from the beginning. If he's a writer, look back at his writings, for proof of that. Trump haters will jump on ANYTHING they can find that they think they can use to make Trump look bad. But I've got a clue for ya, folks--gratuitous blame and insults don't work on Trump. The intelligent people who support him aren't swayed by such ignorance. People who do such things don't care what anybody says, about anything. (Liberty Headlines)

Flailing In Wrong Direction

The anti-gun fools continue to flail around, trying to find SOMETHING they can do to "reduce gun crime," and they're, as usual, looking in all the wrong directions. In California, for instance, they're trying to pass a bill into law requiring vendors to track gun parts, and pay a license fee (It always comes down to more money for the government, doesn't it?). To buy ammunition or any gun parts, you will have to do the same things you have to do to buy a gun, itself. Pass a background check, and buy a special license. Anything to make it harder and more expensive to own a gun and actually USE it. Vendors would be "controlled" through a licensing scheme, and certain gun parts would require tracking. Which, of course, would require serial numbers to be cut into them--something that has already been proven to be almost impossible. As usual, they claim this law will "save lives," without any empirical proof. They say it will "prevent criminals from gaining access." Yeah. The same way anti-gun laws keep guns out of the hands of criminals--who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and victimize those who OBEY them, and are thus UNARMED. (Guns)

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Liberals Wrong Again

Every time there is a reduction in the tax rate, they tell us it is going to INCREASE the national debt, because they’re not going to be able to take in as much money. And again, they’re WRONG. They predicted that Reagan’s lowering of the tax rate would ruin us, and it almost DOUBLED the “tax take.” Now again, when Trump lowered taxes, they AGAIN predicted that their ‘tax take” would be reduced—which was a “horrible thing.” Again, they’re WRONG. The “tax take” this year, so far, has INCREASED 9%. Of course, they’ll say that’s because of THEIR tax policies under Obama, but that will be their usual LIE. They keep telling us the same wrong things, over and over, and their liberal cronies buy it. Those of us who are INTELLIGENT, don’t. And everybody—including the liberals—benefit. But they just can’t let us be right. They will come up with SOME EXCUSE as to how this all began with Obama’s policies, and we’re just seeing it, now. Which, to intelligent people, is a LIE. As usual. The difference is $76 BILLION in “unexpected (by liberals) revenue. The Congressional Budget Office, which refuses to predict, based on DYNAMIC occurrences, predicted an INCREASE in the national debt of $139 billion. Now that number will have to be cut in half—so far. Don’t expect to see much about this in the liberal media. (Western Journal)

Another Stupid Idea

The Dumocrats are KNOWN for the stupid ideas they promote. Such as allowing MEN to enter women's restrooms and changing rooms if they feel like they are a woman that day. Never mind the unalterable FACT that if he has a penis, he is a MAN. That's NOT the "sex assigned to him at birth," it is an unalterable fact of nature. But not to Dumocrats and other liberals. To them there is "more than one sex." Made so by what people FEEL. Now they want to eliminate ICE, that agency that works HARD to stem the flow of illegal aliens and bloody murderous gang members who murder our citizens. This is yet another STUPID idea liberals (Dumocrats) try to force upon us by conning other liberals into "demonstrating" to get it done, through PRESSURE. The liberals want us to believe that the sky is not blue, and that the water is not wet. They can come up with what they think is a plausible way of "proving" it. To a liberal it is "freedom" to FORCE somebody to pay money to a third party (a union) to keep a job, and that a baker MUST bake cakes for people whose very lifestyle is against their religious beliefs. They want to make disagreeing with them a CRIME that is punishable. They can't plausibly argue against our points, so they call us names and want to make disagreeing with them a crime. Getting rid of ICE would be a disaster of unknown proportions. But they're too STUPID to know that. (The Hill)

They Won't Run It

There was an (almost) mass shooting in a Washington state Wal-Mart the other day. I say "almost, because it didn't come off quite the way the shooter intended, because there was a legally-armed citizen there who shot him to death, ending his intended shooting spree and all his other goals. The liberal media might make a "lick and a promise" coverage of this incident, because they want to promote the narrative that this never happens. The interesting thing is, the guy who killed this gunman wasn't violating the law, but he WAS violating the Wal-Mart policy that its property is a "gun-free zone." If he had dutifully left his gun at home, many more people would have been injured or killed by this shooter. Luckily, the citizen also ignored that "policy," and was able to save many lives. Wal-Mart is a dangerous place to go for that reason. I get my groceries from Wal-Mart, but I stay very alert when I'm on their property. I've lived a long time, and I don't want to die because of a stupid store policy. That's what it is, and it gets people killed, by keeping them DISARMED on their property. (Washington Post)

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

The Face of Democrats

Socialism has become “the face of the Dumocrat PARTY.” For many years, they hid the fact that their base was socialist because they figured that was a LOSING thing. And they were right. Socialism, in the United States, IS a “losing proposition,” until, or unless the Dumocrat dupes become a majority. If and when that happens, we are LOST. Socialism was THE way to govern in most countries since the dawn of history. Mostly because socialists were better at SELLING socialism than they were at actually GOVERNING under socialism, not because socialism is better. It is NOT. The fact is, socialism is BASED on stealing the fruits of the production of new wealth FROM the producers, and GIVING that stolen, unearned, to those who produce NOTHING. They always present a pretty picture, telling people that socialism is “so good for everybody.” But they never tell you WHERE the money to pay for things will come from. Or if they do, they just talk about “small tax increases,” which is another way to say, “we'll take money from those who earn it and give it to those who do NOT.” Don’t take my word for it. Just look at the things they support. Such as “universal health care” for everybody (paid for by screwing the EARNERS to pay for those who do NOT earn). And they want the government (YOU) to pay the college tuition for ALL students. They talk seriously about “universal basic income,” again for ALL. Again not mentioning who pays for it. Chicago, a liberal (Dumocrat) run city, is looking seriously at such a plan for Chicagoans—this in spite of the fact that Chicago is already BROKE after years of liberal “rule.” Elect Dumocrats, and you WILL soon have socialism. Believe it. (Just common sense)