Wednesday, July 11, 2018

They'll Find A Way

If somebody is contemplating a serious crime, such as murder, and they can't get a gun, they will find a way. In Nashville, KY recently, a man tried to buy a gun and was rebuffed after he failed to pass a background check. So he got an ax and buried it in his intended victim's head, killing him. Which again proves my thesis that it isn't the gun that's at fault, it is the PERSON. "[E]xperts said Micheli displayed textbooks signs of psychosis well before the attack. On his personal Facebook page, Micheli frequently calls himself the "Sun of God." Throughout dozens of long, disjointed posts he also references “killing, a cosmic power and justice." But did anybody take notice and try to give him the help he was pleading for? Not a chance. Such things routinely are ignored by society in general, and people die. Guns are blamed, laws are made that do not work, and more people die. While signs of mental illness are ignored by all and sundry, until that person kills somebody, or a bunch of somebodies. Our suggestions to allow the law-abiding to be armed are rebuffed by those who think they know what's best for us, while they pass more and more laws that do NOTHING to "stem gun violence." And more people die. (News Channel 5)

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