Thursday, July 12, 2018

All I Need to Know

As I watch the televising of the interrogation of Peter Strzok, I see nothing but an arrogant, sneering, smirking fool, determined to “squirm out” of any responsibility for his actions and pronouncements. He declares that his personal biases have had nothing to do with his actions as an FBI agent, but he is LYING. The facts prove it. His eye-rolling, smirking expressions speak volumes to me, as he tells the senators of his resentment of their accusations and how they “offend” him. It’s really too bad he is offended by these proceedings—I really feel sorry for him—but I can’t seem to reach him. His very facial expressions offend me, and it appears, many of the senators assembled. His arrogance is on full display as he attempts to “shout them down.” Peter Strzok is a perfect example of someone who should NEVER be allowed to wield the power given to someone that has been in his positions. He lies repeatedly on things that cannot be PROVEN to be a lie, and he smirks all the while a senator is forming his questions. (Liberty Bugle)

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