Friday, July 20, 2018

Guy Thinks He's A Girl

Enters a high-stakes physical contest for women—and WINS. How is that possible? Think about it. If your daughter works hard for five or six years, and finally makes it to statewide competition, then has to compete with a MAN in women’s clothing. I’d be ashamed to accept such a title. How do you feel? How the hell do liberals convince people this kind of thing is legal? A good example is Whoopi Goldberg’s “meltdown” on “The View” when “Judge Janine” Piro didn’t agree with her that Trump was an ass. They ATTACK you if you don’t agree with them. And, with the growth of Antifa, it’s only a matter of time until those attacks stop being verbal and become physical—and maybe even DEADLY. Liberals today are saying there are way more than two sexes—and making it stick, by ATTACKING anybody who doesn’t agree with that, in spite of the actual EVIDENCE it is NOT SO. And by so doing, they are allowing MEN into women’s restrooms and changing rooms, so they can ogle your teenage daughters, who are often NAKED in there. It amazes me the stupid and zany things liberals try and impose on the rest of us. They impose them, not by intelligent arguing on the facts, but by ATTACKING anybody who disagrees with their stupid ideas, as Whoopi did. (Daily Caller)

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