Friday, July 20, 2018

Flailing In Wrong Direction

The anti-gun fools continue to flail around, trying to find SOMETHING they can do to "reduce gun crime," and they're, as usual, looking in all the wrong directions. In California, for instance, they're trying to pass a bill into law requiring vendors to track gun parts, and pay a license fee (It always comes down to more money for the government, doesn't it?). To buy ammunition or any gun parts, you will have to do the same things you have to do to buy a gun, itself. Pass a background check, and buy a special license. Anything to make it harder and more expensive to own a gun and actually USE it. Vendors would be "controlled" through a licensing scheme, and certain gun parts would require tracking. Which, of course, would require serial numbers to be cut into them--something that has already been proven to be almost impossible. As usual, they claim this law will "save lives," without any empirical proof. They say it will "prevent criminals from gaining access." Yeah. The same way anti-gun laws keep guns out of the hands of criminals--who routinely IGNORE their silly laws and victimize those who OBEY them, and are thus UNARMED. (Guns)

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