Friday, July 27, 2018

The "Right" to Murder Babies

Senator Diane Feinstein, in "interrogating" a Supreme Court nominee, asked her about the "dogma" of the Catholic church against abortion. Frankly, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that a high-ranking SENATOR would openly SUPPORT MURDER, right out in the open. But that's what DiFi did. She SUPPORTED the murder of millions of innocent, defenseless BABIES who are being murdered, every day--with the APPROVAL of the law, after a misguided (by liberals) Court decided that the Constitution mandated those murders. The specter of the court reversing that erroneous decision is making liberals crazy. Why? Because they KNOW they are wrong, but they want to continue to be wrong, and they know that more intelligent people are now in charge, and will ultimately CORRECT that error. They hate that. They see their "hard work" being done away with, and it's making them crazy. They see themselves no longer being able to KILL BABIES, and they hate that. This is our "holocaust," and the American people now realize that, something the Germans never did, until Nazism was defeated. (Los Angeles Times)

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